My Sensitive Son Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooMy Sensitive Son Ch. 04

Total Fiction!
Sorry for my English!
So we have had so many hot passionate sexes during the last week. Honestly, I was counting the whole time! We had 23 hardcore sex, and I ate 37 loads over the previous ten days!
Last month when I swallowed his cum for the first time, I thought my son has thick and enormous sperm. But now I know that I was wrong about the thickness- His sperm was completely watery compare to what I receive these days! Oh man, his cum is really heavy and thick, and it feels like I'm eating and chewing some food instead of drinking a fluid!
Our relationship has changed from a pure mom-son connection to a romantic husband-wife bond! We sleep together, wake up in bed, start the day with a gentle kiss, and leave the house for work. In the evenings, we talk about our day, kiss each other a lot, and hang out.
I have bought lots of new items. Now I have lots of sexy weapons in the house! I spend thousands of dollars on clothes, beauty salons, makeup tools, and of course, sex toys. I have never had this stuff in my life- I guess LOVE is a strange thing after all.
Yesterday was a Wednesday, and I got home before Lu. I had an hour before my son returned, and I wanted to use it properly. I went to the shower and took a calming bath. I shaved my legs and body, but not my pubic hairs. I had used some waxing stuff, and I should be good for at least a few weeks. Lu loves the new look on my pussy! It looks better and whiter now.
I left the shower and grabbed a towel. I stood in front of the mirror and started to dry my hair. I had a new hairstyle, and now my long blonde hair has some kind of Full-bang look. My eyebrows are thicker, thanks to the beauty salon! Lu tells me that I look younger now, and that's all I care about right now. I live to be young for my new lover, the man of the house, my handsome, sensitive son!
I put on my new V neck sleeveless tank top. It's a tight yellow tank top that barely covers my breasts, and you can easily see my belly button. It is tight, so my big breasts show themselves in proud and lots of cleavages are shown!
I put on a short stretch jean, which makes my ass bigger than it is. I wore a pair of white sneakers- believe it or not, Lu loves them so much, maybe even more than my sexy high heels! I don't know why, but it makes him horny because he asked me a couple of times to keep my sneakers during sex.
I used a green eyeshadow for my brown eyes and put on pink lipstick. Now I use lipstick somehow to make my lips bigger. I found out that men love bold lips. I put some other makeup stuff on my face, so I got a little blush on my face!
I applied a little perfume and looked at myself in the mirror for the last time. I am a sexy small MILF- Lu always calls me with this word. I am his Pocket-sized Milf!
I went to the kitchen to make some tea. I prepared tea and cookie and waited for my masculine son. After about 10 minutes, I heard the doorbell. Lu always rings on Wednesdays; he knows I expect him!
"Hi, sweetie!" I opened the door and smiled at my son.
"Hi, Mona!" He reached his hand to shake mine, as usual.
I grabbed his hand, pulled him to myself, and closed the door behind him. I jumped to his vast arms and kissed him passionately.
He grabbed my waist, and I put my arms around his neck.
"I miss you, Lu!" I kissed him gently.
"It's a little odd" He broke the kiss, "I kissed these lips in the morning, but I missed them already!"
I smiled at him, and we returned to our makeout session. We kissed like old lovers. Lu rubbed my ass between his kisses. My pants became wet… so soon, with just a few kisses!
"Let's drink some tea, honey," I told him as we broke the kiss. "Go and change; I'm free tonight; we can hang out if you want."
Lu kissed me one more time and went to his room. I poured two cups of tea and went to the hall. Lu joined me after a couple of minutes, and we started to watch TV.
"You look gorgeous today, Mom" Lu begins the chat. "I love your new clothes."
"I'm happy, sweetheart." I interrupted him with a giggle.
"I don't know how, but you look younger and younger every day." He continued, "You have always been sexy, but now you are sexier than yesterday, true story!"
"Don't be such a mellow boy; I will have to eat you with my tea!"
We chatted a little more, watched some TV. It was 7 P.M, and we were on separate sofas. Lu stood up and sat next to me on my couch.
"Can I ask you something, mom?"
"Sure, anything you want, handsome."
"Put your hand on my chest, on the left side." He grabbed my palm and put it there. I smiled at him and got curious a little bit.
"Now put your ear on it," He asked me again.
I did as he told me. I listened to his heartbeat, beautiful and calm, exactly like his face.
Then he pulled me up, looked into my eyes, and without saying a word, kissed my lips. He began with a gentle kiss but opened his mouth and continued in a French way.
"Now listen again," He broke the kiss after a few seconds.
I put my ears again. It was fascinating! His heartbeat was super-fast!
"You have this effect on me," He continued. "One kiss, one touch of your delicious lips, one contact with your face makes me this way."
I got emotional and wet simultaneously! I jumped on my son again and positioned my hips on top of him. I attacked his face and started to kiss him repeatedly. One, two, three, four. I kissed his cheeks and chin a hundred times and then returned to his tasty lips. I opened my mouth and shoved my tongue into his big mouth. He opened his beautiful lips, and we started to make out, challenging, and passionate.
Our breath was heavy, and I could feel his huge bulge pushing to my wet pants. I grabbed his head and pulled him to me even more. I was really horny, and his romantic gesture made me thoroughly drenched. I wanted to fuck him; I wanted to suck him, I wanted to put his cock between my tits, I wanted to give him a deep blowjob, I wanted all of them, right there!
"I love you so much, Lu," I broke the kiss and stood up. "You have no idea how much I love you. Look…"
I grabbed his hand and put it beneath my jeans.
"See?" I whispered into his ears. "You make me this way!"
He rubbed my cunt a little, then pulled his fingers to his mouth and, without saying any word, started to lick it!
"Oh, my sexy man!" I shouted at him.
I attacked him once more and kissed his lips and fingers. I lick his lips and fingers; it tasted like my cunt! I hate my juice, but I eat anything off my son's hand!
I rereleased his head and knelt in front of him. I pulled his shorts with so much power and made his cock free. It was erect as hell, and I could see the precum on the head. I couldn't help myself; I didn't understand when the head was disappeared in my mouth!
I started to moan with joy. I was thrilled. I smiled as I grabbed his cockhead. I controlled myself, kissed his cock, and released it.
"Do you like mommy's mouth, or you want another hole?" I said in a sexy tone!
"Oh, Mona!" My son was super-horny; I could tell by looking into his eyes.
I opened my mouth again and started to lick his shaft. I used my tongue on his enormous cock, up and down. I licked his balls a few times, but he protested with his moaning!
"They are too sensitive, mom. Leave them, please!"
I kissed his balls one more time and winked at him. He smiled and put his hands on my head. I was sure that he wants to ejaculate in my mouth, but I wanted him to make a move; I wanted him to ask somehow!
I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock. I practice with a big dildo I recently bought. I chose a 10-inch white dildo and practice with it every day. I was really good at deepthroating, and my son really enjoyed it, but I became better with these practices. Now I gag less often, and I can keep eye contact with my son the whole time. My makeup won't ruin, because I keep myself from gagging!
I shoved his gigantic cock in my tiny mouth and winked at him again. He moaned in pleasure and smiled at me. I released his cock and gasp for air, then repeated my job. Oh my god! My son's cock is HUGE!
I swallowed his penis so deep that my nose reached his belly! I pulled my tongue out and continued my deepthroating. I gagged just one time, but my eye makeup remained thoroughly! I was getting professional, and that made me happy- I am going to be a Pornstar for my son!
I kept licking and sucking his penis for a few minutes. I was looking into his eyes; it was apparent that he was fighting himself! He didn't want to cum at all; he was just watching my face, especially my eyes and my mouth. I knew that he need some motivation!
"Feed your mother, Lu. Mommy is thirsty!" I moaned at him.
"Oh my god! Your face is amazing, mom; I want to cum on it!"
I put my hands on his balls and rubbed them a little bit. It was big and red!
"You are full of sperm, sweety," I whispered, "Let me finish you in my mouth for the first load."
He didn't say anything, and I wasn't sure if he was listening!
"You can have my face after that, big guy!"
I didn't say anything else. I just put his cockhead in my mouth and kept sucking. I had watched many porn videos in the past few weeks, and I was using some of their moves. I was so happy that I could extract my son's juice in less than 3 minutes! It means that I still got it.
I started to suck his cockhead harder and harder and rubbed his balls with my right hand. My left hand was busy with his shaft, so I was ready for another treat: My son's balls in one hand, his cock in another, and his massive cockhead between my lips!
Lu's breath got heavier and faster, and I was sure that my Milkshake is ready. You can't believe how much I love his cum; I really enjoy the taste and texture. I know that most women hate sperm, but I can't stop dreaming of my son's juice!
"Oh, Mom!" Lu put his hand on my hair and grabbed my head like a doll!
I didn't say anything; I just focused on my job. I was supposed to drain my son's ball!
I released his cock and put both my hands on his balls. I started to rub them gently and closed my eyes. I was sure that Lu loves my closed eyes! He had told me that my eyeshadow is his fantasy!
"Get this…" Lu shouted and came hard in my mouth.
I kept my eyes closed and began to swallow cum immediately. I knew that it is his first load, and I was sure that there would be lots of cum. In this situation, if you don't eat immediately, you will be drowned in juice, and you will miss lots of drops on your clothes!
I started to swallow hard, like a thirsty cat receiving milk. I kept sucking his cockhead as my son started to moan hard. He wanted to push his cock in my throat, but I had told him not to- Lu knows that his mother loves to feel his sperm in her mouth before drinks them all.
Believe it or not, Lu came about 15 seconds, nonstop and hard. I swallowed his cum like a good whore, and I was really proud because of the cleanliness! Even the best pornstars can't eat huge loads like this one!
I released his cock and his balls; he released my hair. We were in perfect harmony: The Exact Harmony of Love!
"Thanks a lot, Lu," I swallowed one last time and licked my lips. "It's getting sweet and delightful; I think the diet is working!"
Lu smiled at me and nodded with his happy face. We were using a new diet based on vegetables and fruits. They say that vegetables and fruits can change your fluids, even your urine, and sperm.
"I want you to taste yourself, boy!" I told him mischievously.
I stood up and grabbed his face with both my hands. I kissed his lips and opened mine. I spitted
Into his mouth, released mine, and put my hands on his lips. I closed them hard!
"Swallow, baby!" I whispered into his ears.
He smiled at me and swallowed my spit reluctantly.
"So?!" I asked my son about his own cum!
"I still hate it, mom!" He told me with a smile. "It's better than the first time you gave me, but it is still unpleasant. It is mixed with your sweet saliva, but you can still feel the unpleasant taste. How do you like this?!"
"Unfortunately, you have no taste in this topic" I kissed his mouth one more time.
"I only have great taste in women," his improvisation was really remarkable. "Especially in the MILF category!"
I laughed with him and continued the kiss. His mellifluousness was driving me crazy, and I was so hot. I kissed my son on the lips, opened my mouth, and shared a long wild kiss. I knew he doesn't like my lips after swallowing his cum, by I couldn't control myself. My Little-Mona (my pussy nickname, which was named by my son) was super wet, and I needed to come soon.
"Easy, mom!" He broke the kiss. "I love your passion, but you should leave me some lips for future kissing! You are going to peel them!"
I was too horny to answer my son, so I started to kiss him harder!
"Oh, God!" Lu broke the kiss one more time. "Let me serve my gorgeous Little-Mona!"
"NO!" I yelled at my son! He was surprised a little bit.
"I can't wait for more. I have been dreaming about a hardcore fuck all day!"
Lu sat on the couch and pulled my pants down. My pussy was totally naked, but I had fully clothed! He started to position my pussy on his cock, but I didn't want to fuck him!
"No, not in this position, baby," I grabbed his hand quickly. "Let's go to our bed; I have to get crushed under your sturdy body!"
Lu was a little surprised by my concupiscence! I knew that I would have my menstruation in a few days, and most of the time, my hormones reach a high level of the month.
After a few seconds, we were on our bed, and Lu was totally on me! I lied on the bed, belly down, and my face was on a pillow, and my son lay on my white ass.
"FUCK me with that horse cock of yours!" I ran out of patience!
Lu put his cock on my entrance and kissed my neck. He kissed me a few times but held his cock there.
"LUUUUUU" I shouted at him! "I need your thick cock, right now!"
Lu started to smile, and I could hear his giggles in my ears. He licked my ear lobe and grabbed my tits. But there was no penetrating at all!
"Oh, GOD! Don't annoy your old mother. Please fuck me!"
Lu kept kissing and licking my ear and neck.
"You can have my ear, my neck, even my ass!" I was not myself! "But now, please just stick that cock in me!"
His kisses were continued! My son wasn't listening to me; it was really odd for me.
"You can even cum inside!" I told my son, desperately.
Lu giggled one more time and pushed his cock a little further.
"Repeat it, Mona!' Lu held his cockhead in my wet pussy.
"I want to release myself in you!"
"Oh, you filthy boy!" I smiled under him. "You can finish in my cunt; you can finish everywhere you want, baby, just FUCK me!"
This was the last sentence we exchanged. Lu started to fuck his mother in complete silence. It was just sweat, moan, and smacking sound. He shoved his huge cock in one motion and licked my face, grasped my boobs, and again. He pulled his cock out and inserted it again. I was fully clothed, and I still had my snickers on.
I was buried under my son, and he was utterly controlling me. I was his tiny doll, and he pleased himself on top of me. I was suffocating under his masculine body. I could feel his cock pushing my cervix, and I had lots of pain, but that was exactly what I wanted! I wanted to be my son's toy, and his dominance made me feel young and attractive!
Just 4 minutes of fucking in that position were enough for me. I reached my climax, and my body started to shake. I was thrilled, and I began to cry! Some tears ran out of my eyes, and Lu stopped for a moment. He wanted to pull his cock out cause he thought he damaged me somehow! He was really sensitive; even with his huge cock in a woman pussy, he was still a gentleman!
I didn't have the energy to talk; I just wanted him to cum. I had a little pain in my cunt, and there was a river down there! I put my hand on his butt and pulled him to my pussy. I started to move with our previous rhythm. I knew that Lu was close. Even with a massive load in my mouth, I knew that he couldn't last this crazy penetration. He had fucked his mother with full power for 5 minutes, and that was beyond his ability, even for the second round!
I didn't have enough energy to talk. So I started to whisper.
"Finish in me…" I whispered and moaned heavily.
Lu grabbed me more challenging and pressed his cock even harder in my cunt. I was a little numb after my climax, but I was still experiencing pain. The pain because of his erect cock, strong hands around my tits, and heavyweight on me.
I still had a good time, and I was happy because this was by far the most brutal sex of my life. I was sure that I could repeat this kind of sex and enjoy it as much as regular romantic lovemaking.
After a few seconds, I felt the change in my son's breath. He released my boobs and put his hands around my head. He turned my head around and fixed his lips on me. We locked our lips together, and I closed my eyes. I was going to faint under my son, but he was groaning.
Lu kept kissing my mouth and fucked me for another 10 seconds, and that was it. He came inside his mother! His powerful spurts landed on my cervix and pussy walls, and I could feel it on my humid cunt. I started to count his load, it was six powerful spurts inside me, and he kept pushing more.
After 10 seconds of cumming, he released my mouth, stopped his movement, and released his body on me.
I feel suffocated because he had no control over his body. He fell on me, and I was not sure if he was awake, I was not sure if I was awake!
My son fucked his mother and ejaculate himself in her like there is no GOD!
To be continued…

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