My Sex Experience With Madam – Part II

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Dear reader this is Mahesh from Mumbai academy of Technocrats Mumbai, this is my 2nd part of the story. That was the first story written by my self so I did not express properly what exactly happen at that night which I mentioned in first part with Shan madam of academy of technocrats.
After some time she come from room with semi nude with bra only to front room as she forget that I am at her home as she is in half sleep. By seein me in that situation she has no answer and she is in blank gone in to the room. As I like to see her in this way and I thought that it is the good time to enjoy so I also went with out not wasting time.
When I entered the rooming she is taking some nighty from shelf for wearing and I went to beside her hold my hand on her pussy as she is not wearing panty I can fell the touch of hair on pussy which look like small garden on black soil. She bends towards me and she covers her face with two hands because she feeling shy. She asks me to leave the room.
I said her that I don’t want to waste this situation because no one there in house. I said that I like her boobs touch in the jaintwheel and bike riding. She try to explain me that what I am doing is not correct because she is not married and sex before marriage is not correct. By hearing this I told that we will only once today never in the future and I kick her on bed.
Then I saw her on bra which is jockey brand and size is 32 and the boobs are looking like push up and by which I can see her good structure of boobs from bra and it is blouse shape bra. Slowly I unhook her bra oh god what a good there is a black mole on the left of boobs which is the size of 25 paise coin if you see from distance you can imagine that there are two nipples are there.
Shape color is like white and nipple color is light pink which is like small mushroom and I can say one thing that before this no one should touch her boobs and pussy. I am the lucky one to do sex with her for 1st time in her life. She is totally feared and tears are coming from her eye because it is the 1st time to enjoy sex in her life. She took long breath by which her boobs are also shivering.
She asks to switch off the light and she want to cover her body with bed sheet because she fell shy to stay necked in front of me. Then I convinced that this is the 1st time sex encounter so enjoy this moment with light. Then slowly I pushed her round and width boobs which are tight and straight. Tight because no one before me touched and pressed her boobs.
She enjoing my touch and sitting on the bed with necked body. Then I played with boobs after some time I suck her boobs now she is mourning with pain and she tightly hold my hair and told me that suck more and press her nipple tightly and she want to inc her boobs size from 32 to 34.
She told me that most of friend are having good breast size as compared with them her size is very small and she want big boobs so that any man can see her boobs size. Slowly I moved towards her stomach I kissed on the stomach and her stomach is totally flat by which her boobs are visible at good shape. Then I put my hand on pussy slowly started fingering.
Here I can say one thing that her pussy is so tight that I can’t put my 2 fingers at a time. She mourns with pain and ask me don’t do this. As she is never do any sex before so she doesn’t know what to do and how to do. I advice her to suck my man hood first she is not ready for that after convincing me she put my manhood on her mouth and suck she enjoy the taste very much that she suck it nearly for 10 mins.
After that I fucked her missionary position then some blood is coming from her pussy due to virgin. She likes my stroke. After that she tightly hug me and hold me. By that moment the time is 4:00 am so we sleep with holding each other in tight. When in the morning I got up she is in the washroom taking shower. After 5 mins she comes from bath room red color night.
The cutting of the night is tight in the breast portion an in waist portion also and her hair is wet and open. By seeing her I pushed towards the bed kissed on her lips for 5 mins. After that she offered me coffe, after 1st sip of coffee I told her that some thing is missing in coffee she ask what at that time she is sitting on chair slowly I went near to her ask to sleep on the bed
She went to bed and sleep slowly I opened her nightly pour cold coffee on her boobs suck told that now its perfect taste because milk is missing. She laughs and told me that her boobs are empty and there is no milk how you get the taste. After this I went home. After 1 week she asks me to book 2 rooms at Gopalpur beach near to bam.
1 st she will go to hotel and took the room after one hour I took another room because due to strict rule of police the hotel are not provide room to bachelore. So I followed her instruction and we went on one fine Tuesday at 12 after noon. And enjoyed bathing at beach. Because at 12 0’ clock no one is there in the beach so we can easily enjoy each other.
After bath at beach we went to room have sex. This time she brings some honey and chocolate paste. And ask me to pour honey on her boobs pussy and stomach and suck that area. Really I don’t have this type of imagination in my life before. She told me that some of her friend’s advice to do sex with honey so she followed aqnd we have good sex nearly 6 months after this. Proudly I can say one thing that her boobs size from 32 to 34 C size
Her size after six months is 34 24 32. She looks preety sexy on saree and salwar kammez because of her sex stracture. After this when ever she teaches in college she like to wear only big neck dress so that any one can have look of her cleavegs and never to forget cover with chudidar which is like transplant so how was the story so let me known and any desparate ladies can command me at