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By Johnny Two curious ten year olds hear voices coming from the bedroom…

As we peeked through the window, Sammy and I was shocked at what we saw. We could only stand there amazed as we saw her mom and my dad, both naked, kissing. Not that it should be unusual to see two adults kissing, but they are brother and sister! We were mesmerized by what we we seeing. Our eyes were glued to what was happening

As we watched, Sammy’s mom kissed her way down dad’s body until she was kneeling in front of him. We couldn’t believe it when she was licking his cock shaft from the tip to his balls. Soon she put his cock head in her mouth and dad began t push it deeper into her mouth until he was balls deep down her throat. Cupping dad’s balls my aunt began to bob up and down, sucking his dick. Holding her head, by dad was fucking his sister’s face!

Next, reaching down, dad lifted his sister up and they both got onto the bed. With Sammy’s mom on her back and legs spread wide open we got a perfect view of her pussy. We couldn’t believe how wet it looked. We watched, like we were hypnotized, as dad knelt between his sister’s legs and lowering his face to her slit began to kiss and lick up and down her pussy. My aunt was moaning and holding her brother’s head tight against her crotch. When dad started licking and sucking her clit, Sammy’s mom clamped her legs around dad’s head. We could hear her telling her brother,

“Yes, baby, eat my pussy, make your big sister cum!” And cum she did, with loud moans and her entire body shaking and quivering, we watched as she climaxed.

As she let dad’s head free from the vise like grip she’d had, he kissed his way up her body, stopping long enough to suck in her large, hard nipples, then continuing to kiss his way up her body until they were locked in a deep passionate kiss. As they were kissing, my aunt reached between them and guided her baby brother’s cock to her pussy entrance. As soon as dad felt the tip of his dick in her hole, with one quick thrust he buried himself balls deep inside his sister’s snatch! Sammy and I could only watch wide eyed as we saw her mom and my dad–brother and sister–sexually joined with dad’s big cock in his sister’s pussy. Soon my aunt hooked her ankles over dad’s waist and each time he rammed into her, she would buck up to meet his thrust. As they fucked, dad began pounding her pussy harder and faster.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder. Make me cum,” my aunt was loudly moaning to my dad, “make me cum, fill my pussy with your hot cum!” We could tell they were both close to having an orgasm. Dad was pistoning in and out of her twat and it was like my aunt’s body was spasming all over. “Oh, baby, I’m cumming,” she cried out. With one last hard ram into her pussy, her brother held his cock deep in her and unloaded his jism. Dad collapsed on top of his sister as they both took some time to come down for their intense orgasms. When dad rolled off Sammy’s mom, we could see his cum leaking our her pussy and running down her crack and onto the bed.

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Sammy and I quietly snuck away from the window, still not believing what we had just seen and heard. Once we were alone, Sammy asked,

“Can you believe that? My mom-your aunt and your dad-my uncle are fucking each other!”

“I’m as shocked as you are,” I replied, “who would have ever guessed they were doing that? I wonder if anybody knows what they’re doing?”

“Well, maybe some of our other family members are doing the same things. There’s more than one bedroom in our house, you know,” she commented.

Now our curiosity was running wild. If her mom and my dad were having sex, were other’s in the family also? As I mentioned earlier, our family loved to get together often and now maybe Sammy and I were finding out why? After what we had just seen, both Sammy and I were pretty turned on. As we were talking, she had reached over and was rubbing my cock while I had been petting between her legs. Since we were along and by ourselves, we both got naked so we could play with each other. My dick was incredibly hard and when I felt Sammy’ pussy I don’t think it had ever been that wet. And like we had been doing for some time, she was stroking my cock while I ran my finger up and down her slit and teased her pussy hole with a finger, also. But tonight was different. We had seen our parents doing things we never knew we could be doing. My sexual curiosity had certainly be piqued and so was Sammy’s. I really wanted to know what it felt like to have my cock in her mouth and also what did her pussy taste like. I’m sure Sammy was wondering about how it felt to have a cock in her mouth, sucking on it, and, of course how did it feel to have someone lick her pussy.

As we were feeling each other as we had been doing, Sammy told me to stand up. When I did, she knelt in front of me and started to lick my cock like she had seen her mom doing and, like her mom, she soon had my cock in her mouth, bobbing up and down. It felt so wet and warm in her mouth and I loved how she sucked on it. But I also wanted to know how her pussy tasted, so I sat back down on the grass with her, pushing back so she was lying down. Spreading her legs, I knelt between them, like I had seen dad do with his sister, and leaned in and gave her pussy a kiss. Sammy’s pussy smelled so good! I ran my tongue up and down her pussy slit and the more I licked, the wetter she got. I could taste her pussy juice and on my tongue and I liked it! This was the beginning of a new sexual experience for us and although we had enjoyed petting each other, it was so much more fun and exciting to be using our mouths on each other. Our sexual journey was getting more exciting.

Sammy and I got dressed after we had experimented orally with each other and went into the house. It was about time that everyone was getting ready to go home. When we went inside we found out that everyone was getting together again next weekend. Sammy and I looked at each other, with smiles on our faces, knowing we’d be sure peek in the bedroom window again, hoping we’d see something exciting!

To be continued, and appreciate any comments!

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By Johnny #Incest #Mature #PreTeen #Voyeur