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By Johnny Young cousins continue their sexual exploring with each other.

The next morning I woke up to the feel of my dick being stroked. Opening my eyes, Sammy was standing beside my bed with her hand wrapped around my cock. Since she was also naked, I was able to reach between her legs and rub her pussy. She was as turned on wet as I was turned on hard! As we played with each other, Sammy bent down and locked her lips onto mine. Soon our tongues were dueling with each other. Wow, what a way to wake up and start the day. But just as our sexual excitement was about to peak, we heard mom yell up to us.

“Hey, you two sleepyheads, time to get up. Breakfast is about ready.”

“Okay, mom, we’ll be down in a minute,” I shouted back.

Sammy just smiled and winked at me before running into her bedroom to get dressed. And there I was, lying in bed with an erection pointing to the ceiling! All I could do was lay on the bed until my dick get soft, which fortunately, didn’t take too long. Once we were dressed, we went downstairs to enjoy breakfast with mom. (Dad was gone for the weekend on a fishing trip.) After eating and helping mom clean up the kitchen, Sammy and I went outside to play. And play we did! We were both still horny from our morning petting session. Once outside in the backyard, we went up into the tree house that dad had built for us to play in. We knew we would be alone and could have some fun.

Sammy was wearing a summer dress and I had on shorts and a t-shirt. When we climbed up into the tree house, we immediately started hugging and kissing, our hand exploring each other’s young body. It sure felt nice when Sammy rubbed her hand down the front of my pants and I could feel my cock growing stiff. I wasted so time is running my hand down her body, stopping long enough to rub her little nipples, which became hard little points and then reaching under her dress to finger her pussy. To my surprise (but I probably shouldn’t have been) Sammy didn’t have panties on. My hand found her naked pussy, already wet, and I fingered her pussy hole and then rubbed her little clit. Sammy was really enjoying it as I could hear soft whimpers of pleasure from her. I lowered the straps to her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the tree house floor and I guided her to one of the cushions we had and sat her down. Spreading her legs and crawling between them, I began to kiss her pussy mound and then lick my way down her slit. Finding her pussy hole, I circled my tongue around it and then licked back up to her clit. Kissing and sucking her clit, I could tell Sammy was ready to cum. She grabbed my head and held me tight to her pussy while she climaxed. Soon, she went limp, lying back on the cushion catching her breath.

“Johnny, that was so good. I think that’s the best cum I’ve ever had,” she told me, “but now it’s your turn. Take your clothes off and lie down here on the cushion and let me suck your dick.”

My clothes were off in a flash, my cock already hard as a rock. Lying down on the cushion, Sammy was between my legs, now, holding my cock while she licked it from tip to my balls and back up again. God, her tongue felt so good, especially when she ran you tongue around my cock head and then put it into her mouth. Her warm mouth felt so good as she slowly began to swallow my entire length. In no time she was bobbing up and down on my cock and it didn’t take long before I knew I was going to cum. When I told her I was about to cum, Sammy took my cock deep in her throat and held it there while I shot streams of my white stuff. After she had swallowed my load, she crawled up and we lay hugging each other.

“That felt so good, Sammy, being so deep in your mouth. It made me shot a lot of cum.”

We spent the next several minutes recuperating from our orgasms we just had, hugging, kissing and rubbing our hands all over each other’s body. After we rested for a while, we got dressed and went back into the house, thinking we would play some games. At noon, mom had lunch ready and as we ate she told us that grandma needed some help that afternoon, and since dad was gone, she was going to go help her. She asked if we’d like to go, but we both really wanted to stay home. After all, that would mean we’d be all alone in the house for the afternoon. Mom said that’d be okay, but for us to stay in the house and watch TV or play games.

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When lunch was over, mom told us good-bye and she’s be home about suppertime. We watched and as soon as she drove off, we raced up the stairs to Sammy’s bedroom. In no time we were both naked, hugging and kissing. Sammy laid down on her bed and told me to straddle her head so we could 69 with each other. It was always so hot when Sammy was sucking my cock while I was eating her pussy. After we ate and sucked each other for a while, Sammy told me to come lie down beside her. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind for us to do next, after all we had the whole afternoon to ourselves.

“I really love it when you lick my pussy, Johnny,” she began telling me, especially when you make me cum. And I do like sucking your cock, and love swallowing your cum when you shoot off in my mouth. But have you been curious about other things we’ve seen?”

I told Sammy, of course I was curious! We had seen our parents having sex with one another and we both always got really turned on when we watched them.

Rolling over onto her side, facing me, and then giving me a passionate kiss, she asked, “Johnny, will you fuck me? I want to feel your cock inside my pussy, just like we’ve seen our parents doing.”

It was a big step for us, sexually speaking, but I’d been wanting to put my cock in Sammy’s pussy ever since we’d first seen adults fucking. I think being so young, maybe we were a little afraid to try it, but now both of us wanted to do it and we had the house all to ourselves.

“Yes, Sammy,” I whispered to her, “I want to fuck you. I want us to have sex.”

Sammy rolled over onto her back and I knelt between her spread eagle legs. I lowered my head to her pussy, licking her slit and and rubbing her clit. I could tell she was getting really wet. Kissing my way up her body, I was soon on top of her. Sammy reached between up and taking my cock, she guided it to her pussy hole and put the tip of my cock in. Raising her legs and hugging me tight, she told me to push my cock into her. I only got a little ways in when I could feel her cherry. We both knew that it would hurt her the first time my cock penetrated her virginity, but I was a little reluctant to push any further.

“It’s okay,” Sammy assured me, “I know it will hurt, but only for a little bit. Go ahead, push your cock into my pussy. I want to feel you buried all they way inside me.”

With her encouraging me, I push hard into her pussy, feeling her cherry break. Sammy let’s out a small cry. I hold my cock deep inside her while we both get used to the feeling of being sexually joined together. We are no longer virgins, and I wouldn’t have wanted to lose my virginity to any one else but my loving cousin! Soon I begin to withdraw my cock and then pump it back in. We go slow at first, but as we fuck, Sammy’s pussy gets wetter and it’s easier the pump in and out of her pussy. Wrapping her legs around my waist, I thrust in and out and Sammy bucks up to meet my every thrust. The feeling of her pussy gripping my cock was unbelievable and I could feel that I was going to cum soon.

“Sammy, I’m going to cum,” I warned her.

“Yes, I want to feel you cumming in my pussy. I want to feel it shooting deep inside me!” She begged.

Ramming one last time, I held my cock balls deep in her pussy while I shot the biggest load of cum ever. Collapsing on top her, we just laid together, holding each other in our arms. We were no longer virgins and we both knew that our sexual adventure was only just beginning. Sammy was going to be with us the rest of the weekend and we still did have the rest of the afternoon to be alone with each other!

To be continued?? Comments always welcome.

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By Johnny #Incest #PreTeen #Virgin