My sexy bhabhi

Hi Everybody , I am a regular viewer of ISS Stories. I really impressed very much great stories. Actually this made me to put my story.

Let me begin with introducing myself. I am Rahul from Bangalore. I am working in a mnc company. I am 26 5’4 good looking guy. Coming to the fact ( I can’t tell it a story , bcoz it is a fact). I have a sexy bhabhi named Sadhana (name changed) . She have good figure of 36-24-36. She looks gorgeous. Bhabhi’s breasts were eye catching and fleshy. She had a firm breast and full of milk melons. They are well shaped., her chest is broad enough to look well. She has firm hips with lot of fleshy.

My brother got married 2 yrs back. But from that day I used to dreamt of having sex with my bhabhi. She is open minded and more frank with me. She treats me as a man who is innocent. But I am not (in sex matters ). That she don’t know. I used to go to their place whenever I get holidays. My brother is a lecture in a college. He leaves the home by 7:30 in the morning. Me and my bhabhi talks a lot on different matters. We will chat open minded. She is also open minded. When every we go to shopping I use to look at beautiful ladies who walk on the way I used to stare them. My bhabhi asks about what I am doing. I will tell that what a figure she is having. Then suddenly my bhabhi tells yes u r right but she had big heavy hips. And nice breasts. I tell to my bhabhi that I want this type of girl. She told u r very romantic. She was pregnant at that time. One day what happened , I used to get up at 9 am. She told to bring some vegetable from nearby shop. I went and bring them. When I entered , I was shocked to see that my bhabhi is feeding her baby.

She had completely lowered her top of nighty up to stomach. I can clearly see 2 hanging milk balloons. I was stunned to see that. For a while I was staring at them. She smiled at me and told to bring a towel. I did that. But suddenly a plan came in to my mind. What I did was , I started to tease the baby . Like I told the baby you alone drinking the milk , I want to drink it. Let me do. Like I told to the baby (baby is just 8 months and I know she can’t understands anything). By telling that I told that I don’t want to let u drink your mom’s milk. Suddenly I hold my bhabhi’s breast out of baby’s mouth. My bhabhi shocked by this. But I felt first time in my life , like a electric shock in my body. After that I told her I want to taste the milk. She smiled at me and said nothing just watching me. I don’t know how I got courage , by holding her breast in my one hand I kept my mouth in to her nipple. I sucked them like anything. I was in heaven.

Then she told it’s enough let the baby also drink some milk. Daily I used to masturbate on her name. Couple of days after , once I was in bathroom and taking bath nakedly. I forget to lock the door. She don’t know about I am taking the bath inside. She suddenly came in and seen my naked body. She is really widen her eyes and staring at me for a while. I was also stunned by that time. She came near me, and told I will rub your back bcoz u have not cleaning your back properly. By saying this she put soap all over my body. And rubbed . After that she holds my cock and put soap on that also. I was once again into heaven. Suddenly I told her that can I make u bath also. She readily agreed . I made her nighty to fall down. She wearied only pink panty. No bra. Wow by seeing her naked chest its a great view. Breasts are whitish with pink nipple. I removed her panty also. First time I am seeing a pussy. It was cleanly shaven and with nice lips. I kissed all over her body like a dog. She was moaning. We kissed and she hugged me tightly. I told her that she is very hot and sexy. She replied thanks and you are a nice sex partner. I enjoyed your sucking She taken my hand to her pusy and rubbed it there. I started rubbing her pussy again and after 2-3 minutes I gone down and I rubbed my penis on the mouth of her pussy. She stretched her legs more and gave me the full space. I put my penis head inside her pussy. She is making sound of oooohhhhh haaaa haaaa do it fast. I made my jerks fast. Suddenly I felt of feeling cumming . She just signaled that it is ok.

Suddenly I cummed we both were in heaven. After that we washed out body each other. In the after noon we did again. It is so enjoyable. My bad luck is next day I need to came back for my work. Since then we used to talk each other frequently. But I can’t able to go their once again. Bcoz of my busy schedule in the office.

So I am looking for same kind in Bangalore also. Interested one please replies me. Thank you guys and gals who ever read my real fact. Please comment on this. Waiting for ur reply. You can mail me to [email protected].