My sexy neighbor

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Hi all, this is reza from Dhaka, Bangladesh with my first story. I’m married and 37 years old.

Anyway let us go to story; the actress of this story is Jasmin. She was my immediate neighbor, and she just left for England with her hubby and little kid. Her vital stats are 36-26-38.

In the community, I was her good friend, and I used to visit her often. One evening at around 9 pm, I turned of the lights of my room, and was just putting on the curtains, and I saw Jasmin on the next door doing some household works, and she was in her salwar kameez. She didn’t used orna so from this distance I could see the view of her 36dd boobs, and sometimes her cleavage. As my room was dark she couldn’t notice me. I observed for 15 minutes then she turned on her curtain. From the next day onward I started to find in the night if she was doing her household works so that I can have a glimpse at her assets. After 4 days her husband left the country, and she was alone in her home. My wife also went to her parent’s home just before her husband left. So one afternoon, I called her at her cell. and told her to have the dinner with me tonight. She came to my house at 9pm, and was wearing a blue chiffon saree. We chatted for some time and we started the dinner. In the dinner time I was trying to look at all parts of her body, and she noticed that. After having the dinner she wanted to leave, but I had all the intention to fuck her that day, anyhow.

So I asked her to stay back for some times. I brought some soft drinks and I sat beside her. Before opening the can of my soft drinks I have shake it so that I can easily pour it in her saree, and it happened. And immediately I started using my tongue over her saree. At this point she pushed me and said u will have to suffer for it. I will tell it to my hubby. I said whatever u do I will fuck u today, she started to ran away, but I caught her, and she scratched me on my face with her nails which made me ferocious, and I immediately slapped her and said that u r caught and u have to get fucked. I started pulling her saree and she started shouting and then I pulled her saree and she was only in her blouse and petticoat, and my god her cleavage was making me more ferocious. As she was still shouting I again slapped her and took her to my bedroom, and wrapped her hand with the saree and she couldn’t move and she was helpless. I tore her blouse and she was in her bra. I took a scissor and cut the straps of her bra and started pressing her boobs, oooh that was marvelous and I started sucking her boobs. They were so delicious…In that time she used her leg and kicked me in my back. I immediately tore her petticoat and opened her panty. Then I finger fucked her for 8-10 minutes, and then I took of my clothes and opened my undi and placed my erected lund on her cunt.

Though she was shouting and giving slang’s but after getting some

jerks, she started loving it. I opened her hand and started giving her jerks, for the next 20 minutes and she then gave me a blowjob. After that when I was to cum I put my lund on her cunt and she started moaning, Ooh aah, aaro jore koro, mere felo amake……….. and lot more which I can’t express right now. Then I fucked in her cunt for the next 15 minutes. Then she was moaning with pleasure, and was making sounds like ooooh, iish, chudo jore arojore….. Then she found that her blouse bra and petticoat is torn into pieces which are un wearable. We then laughed at each other and started kissing and as we were naked we again started fucking and I was continuously sucking her breast.

Then we took shower and shower fucked each other. She stayed at my

house the entire night and we fucked some more times. In the morning I went to her house brought her clothes, and then she left. Now before she left for England we used to fuck whenever we got chance. If any married/un-married girl of Dhaka interested in having fun with me then feels free to write me at [email protected] with confidence and privacy is 100{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} assured!!!