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I have a story to tell you people about my first sex experience with my sister-in-law. Let me explain to you about my sister-in-law she is my brother’s wife. I live with them since I was at the age of 10. She takes care of me a lot; Care about my things give me a bathe and most of the time when I get bad dreams at night she slept with me. I wanna tell you about my sister-in-law body she has a one kind of body she has 38-26-38 size. I love her boobs.

I used to lay my head on her boobs for my comfort sleep feel like a big round pillow. One night I still remember when she was sleeping with me she holds it my hand and put it on her boobs and try with my hand to squeeze her breasts. I didn’t know at that time what’s going on but I felt good to squeeze her huge breasts. My sister-in-law had no children. Other night I was sleeping she came to me bed and try to sleep with me and when I was sleeping she put her hands under my pajamas and hold my dick and start to rub it. I woke up and felt very good feeling I told her that I am feeling like to go bathroom. She said no you are ok you can pee at bed I will change the bed and what next she did it she put her mouth on my dick and sucks me very hard, I told her again I will pee on your mouth she said it’s ok do that. And I load it all my cum in her mouth she sucked all my cum and she said don’t worry about anything and don’t tell anything about that to anyone. And she went out to my room. I was thinking about all night long and when I got understand all that thing that was a sex with me, with my own sister-in-law. I enjoyed a lot to have that kind of feeling. In the morning I went to school I was keeping thinking all day at school about last night with my sister-in-law. I went back to home and found my sister-in-law taking a shower. I asked her where are you she said she is in the bathroom. I said I have to go to pee and I can’t control it. She said ok come in and when I saw her she was putting a half way of towel around her I just got a glimpse of her round ass.

And when I done with pee. I went out to bathroom and stay on her room to see more glimpse of her body. When I was waiting in her room I started to hard on and I was holding my dick with my hands. About a few minutes later she came out from the shower and she didn’t notice that I am sitting on her bed and she took off the towel around her body and I saw her big tits and hairy pussy in front of me all of the sudden when she saw me she ran to put the towel back .and said to me what I am doing in her bedroom. I didn’t answer her. And asked her that I have a question for you, sometime my this thing get very hard like a wood stick when I saw you without your clothes or when I see your breast from your clothes. Why that is happen to me? She had wrap the towel on her she said do you still have this problem right now I said yes, she said ok let me look at it. Then she unzipped my pants and took out my dick and said yes you are right it’s like wood stick let me make it num, and then she put her tongue on my dick and start to suck it while she was sucking my dick my hands start to move on to her breast and I press one of her breast. Her towel came off and she didn’t care of that start sucking me I started to squeeze her nipples and came into her mouth again she swallowed my cum. Without dropping a drop of my cum. Then she said ok go on your bed I will fix a lunch for you. I went out to her room and waiting for her to come out when she came out she was wearing very light cream color shirt on and I can see her breast very clearly.

I didn’t tell you I was tall guy and sister-in-law had a height about 5’4 ft and I was 5’9 at that time, When I saw her breast like that I went back to her and grab her breast very hard and I wasn’t wear a any short I was still naked my dick touched her back ass hole. She said don’t be silly it’s not a right time. I said I wanna lick your breasts she said no I said I wanna lick it right now she said no way I don’t want you to do with me. I moved her and tore her shirt and put my mouth of her left breast and hold it through with my teeth she yell at me no. I didn’t care and keep making scares on her breasts with my teeth. And I mad her to lie on the floor. Then all of the sudden I made a thought to take off her shorts which I did it at once, more what she wasn’t wearing a panties. I hold it my dick and slid into her cunt and then started to fuck her for about 10 minutes she wasn’t giving my full reply she was just trying to resist with me which make me more horny.

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Finally I got my way in and I unload the my cum into her cunt after when I am done she slaps on my face and ran into her room. She didn’t come out all day long till night when my brother came back to his work at night 10:00pm he went to his room find his slut wife which just had a sex with his younger brother. Anyway at night I was sneaking around their room door to see what they doing I finally got the way to see them what I see my brother try to fuck her and she resist to say I am very tried and I don’t wanna do this tonight but my brother told her she want her right now she said no again with anger my brother didn’t like her that way and he slap her face and started taking off her clothes and made himself naked with big dick hanging down and what he did he hold her from her waist and made her horny and put the dick inside her ass and started rough ride she yell very hard that I can hear her from my room. My told her slow bitch my brother will listen you she said ok that’s fine you both are ass hole he said don’t talk about my brother that way bitch I will teach how to fuck your ass and he started riding her ass and she was keep making noises. I got an idea I yell from outside from their room What’s up is everything ok why sister-in-law crying he said she is ok brother she had a bad today. I said I don’t think so right sister-in-law you had a good day today right. She said from inside the room I have right now night too. After that day my sister-in-law didn’t wanna see me. She didn’t even talk to me. So by the time I got graduated and moved to my own apartment.

When I got my new car I went to show to my brother he wasn’t at home my sister-in-law was there , she met me with courage regarding all previous happening, I got again a glance of her breast she was wearing a thin cloth and under a bra. I said to her I bought a new car and I wanna show you she was very happy without putting any warm cloth on her body she went out to see my car there was chili out there, when we came back to house I made it again a glance on her boobs her nipples were straighten I can see how straight her nipples were she asked me to have a cup of tea while she was making a tea I couldn’t control myself and grab her breast again from the back and squeeze her breast hard and turn her with her breast holding and tore her clothes like a wild cheetah, she said again something no I stop there. And I saw that on her breasts she still have my teeth scares on it. She ran to her bedroom I ran back to her and slam on her door and grab her with her waist and throw her on her bed and I jumped her on and took off her shirt and hold her bra and pull it and took off her pant and panty and put her panty and bra in my pocket and then I undid my pant and took out my monster dick and insert her cunt she yell it and took out my dick her cunt and then force it again to her she yell it again then I took my dick out and put it back to her cunt where it belongs to. Then I started to fuck her slowly then when I was cuming I unload the load of my cum into her pussy. And then lie on her straight. She moved me back and say you did it again last time when you fucked you left your cum inside me and I got pregnant and I had to do abortion. I said you are crazy how long you have been fucking with my brother and if my brother could not give you a baby when I gave you a baby you lost it . You can name that baby to my brother. She said right. Then I said this baby keep it with my brother name. When she was going to bathroom I saw from her ass I got up and Hold her from waist and put my dick in her ass and fucking on her ass and filled her ass with my cum. She was very happy today because I fucked her ass and pussy at a same day. I go her house to fuck her every day when my brother at work, and she got pregnant of my baby my brother thinks that its his baby. Now she is pregnant I still go and fuck her to get a healthy baby for them.

She does now no hesitation for fucking with me. Now it almost 8 months for her pregnancy I don’t fuck her anymore because she doesn’t want to hurt the baby. But I need some satisfaction to release my cum then I got the other way she sucks my dick and drink my cum to get energy I play her boobies and squeeze it. I love my sister-in-law people ask me why I Don’t’ marry to any woman. I said I don’t need any other woman because I got a bitch that fulfill my requirements. After she had a baby boy, I still fuck her and take her breast on my mouth cut with my teeth and drink milk of her breasts. She Is gorgeous bitch I love her boobs and ass very much. I hope you all love this story reply me with your incest stories.