My Sister and Her Daughters Part 4

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By Ox Mia is curious. Amber helps her explore her curiousity and Tyler discovers and joins in.

Mia (10/f) is sitting on the couch on sunday morning scrolling through netflix for something to watch. She seems preoccupied by her thoughts as she scrolls aimlessly. Amber, noticing her sister in a day dream gets up from the table and walks over ploping sex to her on the couch. Mia, startled snaps out of her daze.

Whacha thinkin about? Amber inquires.


Its definately something. Amber presses further. Come on you can tell me anything.

Weeellll…I saw you…

Okay? Amber looks at her in a confused way.

Weeellll…I saw you and mom and Tyler…you know…ummmmmmm….fucking. she whispered the word like she was going to be in trouble.

You saw that? Amber was surprised. Well hiw much did you see?

You thought I was alseep, but I wasn’t. I saw you wearing the pink undies and I followed you. So I basically saw…all of it.

What did Tyler do between your legs?

He used his tongue. It felt amazing.

Mia looked deep in thought for a moment. Can I do it too?

Amber thought for a moment. I could try it for you.

Really!? Mia exclaimed excitedly

Amber then got up and grabbed her by the hand and led her into the bed room. Take your shorts and panties off and lay on the bed. She instructed.

Mia did and she scooted onto the bed nervously. Amber then moved toward her and placed her hands on her knees and opened her legs slowly and wide. She then brought her lips down to Mia’s pussy and brought her tongue out slowly touching it to Mia’s folds. Pressing her lips to her pussy and finding the small button within the folds she started licking up and down mimicing what Tyler had done to her. Sucking the clit into her mouth Mia began to shudder.

I happened to be walking by when I heard the sounds of light moaning. A little giggle and then another moan but deeper. As I approached the bed room where the girls are staying I peeked in to the slightly ajar door. I could see the most sexy scene ever. Mia was getting pleasured by her sister. She was between her legs and Mia was enjoying it immensely. Her head was thrown back and she was moan and breathing heavy. And then I could see her reach down and grab Amber’s head and grip it tightly. She had her fingers weaved into her hair and Amber was licking furiously. Then Mia froze and arched her back. All of her toes curled. And then she let out a noise that can only be described as a sort of howl.

Oh my god Amber that felt intense! And it felt like my whole body exploded and now Im all tingly.

It was then that I stepped into the door way and swayed the door open wider.

The girls whirled around and looked surprised. Amber smiled mischievously and said hello daddy. Mia was confused and said Tyler isn’t daddy. He is now Amber said proudly. Are we in trouble Mia looked frightened. No I replied. But…

But…what Mia said.

I couldnt help but notice what was going on and it made me incredibly hard. Amber. Do you think you can show Mia how to use her mouth on a cock? I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was hard as a rock. Amber smiled sheepishly and then sat up on her knees opening her mouth. I walked forward and placed my cock on her tongue. She then wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking. She held her head still while I started thrusting my hips slowly making my cock go in and out of her mouth deeper and deeper. Reaching up and grabbing my base she began bobbing her head up and down in rhythm. Stroking my shaft up and down while she sucked. Popping her lips from the end of my cock she looked over at Mia.

Mia was mesmerized. Her eyes were glued to my loins and she watched very closely the good work that Amber was demonstrating. When Amber stopped to look at her she crawled slowly from the bed and slid down onto the floor next to her sister. Amber held my cock in her hand and pointed it at Mia’s face. Slowly she looked up at me and then at my cock and she stuck her tongue out and licked the slit at the top of my head. It tastes a little salty she said. Thats precum. It means I am very turned on, and soon I will spirt cum if you do a good job sucking it out.

Mia opened her mouth and stuck out her tobgue again this time putting the bottom of my shaft on her tongue and licking up to the tip again and then her whol mouth lowered down. I felt teeth scraping on my skin. Fold your lips I instructed. Teeth don’t feel good but your lips will feel really good. She did as instructed and bobbed her head like Amber did. I could definately tell this was her first blowjob ever. Amber was practically a natural pro. She was stroking my shaft while her sister sucked hard and enthusiasticly. I started getting close. I grabbed the back of Mia’s head and started pumping my cock into her face a little faster. She was obedient and held her head still until I felt my balls tingle. I am going to cum Mia…try and swallow it. She blinked rappidly as I began orgasming. I started spurting onto her tongue. She winced some and then made a sour face as she accepted the cum and I emptied my balls. Mia then swallowed one time really hard. And took a breath.

Yaaaay! Amber gave her a little soft palm clap as she giggled with excitement. Mom will be so happy Mia!

Daddy looks happy already!

Looking down she saw that my cock was still hard. Not as hard as earlier but definately not done yet. She smiled with a little twinkle in her eye and pulled her shorts and panties down. Amber looked over her shoulder seductively as she spread her hands out and bent over the bed. With a lustful grin I wasted no time. The invitation was very clear. I stepped up to her and pointed my cock right at her opening. I one smooth motion I pushed my cock all the way to the hilt. We both moaned with the great pleasure that this was bringing. She was immediatley soaking wet. So slick that my cock slipped out on the next stroke and I feverishly searched for her hole again and started pounding in and out with abandon and desire.

Ohhh yesss DADDY!!!!

Mia looked shocked as she watch me fuck Amber. Grabbing her by the hips and pounding her with everything. This was nothing like the first time. That was gentle. This was pussy destruction. This was like a earth quake that set off a volcano. The loud sounds of slapping filled the room. The sound of Amber screaming got even louder.

Ohh DADDY!!!!! Please cum in me like you did before!…I crave it PLLEEEEAAAASE!!!

Her timimg was amazing because I had no intention of pulling out and right then I flooded her pussy. Some squirted out as I hammered her even harder. With one last deep thrust I held my cock at the entrance of her cervix and my cock throbbed and throbbed and finally throbbed one last time and I knew my balls were empty. I held my dick in her sopping pussy for a few more moment and then it softened and slipped out.

Wow…Mia said quietly.

Wow indeed came a voice at the door. Lexi walked in the room from behind me and she reached around my waist grabbing my shaft firmly in her warm hand and kissing my neck. You were so loud I had to come check out what was happening Lexi said kissing my shoulder. That was so hot! She said with a smile.

Amber now sitting on the bed laying backward on her elbows. Guess what mom…Mia gave daddy a blowjob and he liked it!

Mia then looked at them both. Should I call him daddy now too?

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