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My sister Fiona 26 had recently broken up with her boyfriend and then missed her period. So, she started thinking she might be pregnant and while a little depressed over breakup and possible pregnancy. She caught me masturbating, I’m Adam 23 was shocked, and she may have been horny. But she decided to take my virginity and give my hand a break, she undressed and got me to fuck her. I was very shocked at first, but very willing also and we fucked twice. The next day or so she got period as it was late, or she got her dates wrong I don’t know. But the next period didn’t come, and she tested herself and got a positive result and so she went to her doctor later on after hoping it was faulty test and her period would come like before. It didn’t and the doctor tested her and got a strong positive, my knew her ex-boyfriend wasn’t the father, and I must be. She told the doctor her ex’s family had a history of problems and so had every test going, hoping to find a problem to justify for terminating pregnancy. No problems at all were found and so she accepted she would be having my child. I on the other hand took some time to come to terms with having a baby with my sister. But it meant she could and did give me more sexual training. Our father was long gone, and our mother wasn’t frilled of how she was to become a grandmother. But supported my sister, we were lucky were well off due my mother’s family being very well off. No grandparents left, and only an aunt, 2 uncles and 3 cousins as close family who accepted the ex-boyfriend story without questions. My sister liked sex I found out or being pregnant made her hyper horny, my good luck anyway. The baby girl is due soon and so no sex and I’m hopeful on maybe getting some more after the birth, while she breastfeeds our daughter.

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