My Sister Gave me Bath

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I went to her house and knocked on the door. She was expecting me as my father called her and told her that I would be coming. She opened the door and was thrilled to find me. A big smile flashed on her face and she hugged me. After a while she took me inside. It was a small house. A three room portion. I asked about my brother-in-law. She told me that he went to New Delhi for training and would be back only after two months. And she thanked me for coming because now, she would be having company in the house and because she would feel more secure. She had a little boy of one year.Since her husband wasn’t there and the house was small, she asked me to sleep in the same big bed along with her son. The baby slept between us. Everything went normal until that night. During the night I dreamt about my sister. It was a wild dream in which I saw my sister kissing me. I woke up in the morning with a red face. I looked beside me and saw my sister was still asleep. Her pallu was displaced and her breasts moved up and down as she took her breath. They were trying to come out of her low cut blouse and as I observed I saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could even spot the nipples if I observed keenly. I was overjoyed .Suddenly she opened her eyes. She couldn’t see what I was doing through her sleepiest eyes. I quickly changed my glance and said, “Good morning Sister!” She replied, “Good morning Hari, how come you woke up so early?” I only smiled. She then realized her pallu was displaced. But she didn’t panic, and just adjusted it to cover her treasures.After an hour, I was very bored and went in search of my sister. She was in the bathroom, bathing her son. She saw me and smiled and said, “Brother, when you were young, I used to bathe you like this.

And you used to feel so shy to open your clothes before me.” My God! Why didn’t you put some sense into me then. I cursed myself. I said, “Sister, I really curse myself for crying when you used to bathe me. Wish someone would still do that to me because I hate bathing.” My sister smiled again and said, “Come on! All that you need to do is ask me. I will surely do that help to my little brother.” I was thrilled. I didn’t expect she would take me to be that innocent. I didn’t know what to say. “Ok Sister, after you finish, call me. And then you can bathe me.” Did I say that myself? I was stunned. I expected her to scold me. “Ok brother, i’ll call you.”I didn’t know what to do. I went to the bedroom and sat. I started thinking. How far would she go? And how long would it take her to know that I am not an innocent little kid. I was still pondering over it, when she called me. After I went, she said, “Let me put the baby to sleep and then i’ll bathe you.” I said alright. So, more time to think. I sat thinking. Would I be able to act innocent enough? Will I have enough control to avoid an erection? ****! I am already having an erection. God! Help me. I was breaking my head over it, when she called again and this time from the bathroom. I went in. She was wearing the same saree but now, she tied the bottom part like a dhoti and so the saree revealed a little of her thighs and knees. Then without saying a word, she lifted the t-shirt over my head. Then she put her thumbs inside the elastic of my Bermudas and pulled them down. I was naked but for my underwear. She put her thumbs inside my underwear when I stopped her. She smiled and said, “Come on Hari, I have seen you naked so many times.” I said, “But sister that was when I was a kid. Now I have grown up.” She said, “I know that. You have longer legs now. Longer hands now. So, I do know that you have a longer penis.” By the time I recovered from what she said, she pulled down my underwearmy prick stood up instantly. She laughed and said, “Hari, don’t be embarrassed. It’s normal.” Saying this, she started to pour water over me. She moved her hands all over me and started applying the soap. She

Asked me turn around and she put soap all over my back and legs. Then she came to my ass. She put soap there too and to my utter disbelief, parted my ass cheeks and put a hand inside to apply the soap. My penis was then throbbing searching for a hole in the vicinity. I held it with my hand to control it so that she wouldn’t notice the movements. Then she asked me to turn around. Then she applied soap allover me until she came to my genitals. She asked me to take my hand off my penis. I refused. She asked sternly and I did so. She then took the penis in her hand and started stroking it on the pretext that she was applying the soap. I concentrated hard to control myself. With the other hand she started applying soap’ to my balls. She was massaging them nicely. She was squatting to do this. I tried really hard but I eventually lost control and shot my wad allover her face. She said, “Idiot! Don’t you have any control?” Then she looked at herself in the mirror and started laughing again, “Look what you have done to my dress?” The cum on her face had dripped onto her saree and blouse. “Now, I too will have to take bath.” She then poured water over me and cleaned me completely, gave me a towel and asked me to go out. I said, “Sister, you have seen me naked and even touched me all over. I am going to see you take bath.” She then realized that I have really ‘grown’ up. She said, “Ok, but don’t touch me.” Saying this, she tookoff her saree. Then she took off her blouse. Her breasts were amazing. I felt like pouncing on them. My mouth started watering. I said, “

Sister, your breasts are lovely. Wish I am your baby.” She blushed and said, “Now, you stop commenting. Or else you go out.” Then she removed her petticoat. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I stood open mouthed and she blushed again. I said, “Sister, if you’ll allow me can I say something?” she agreed. “Sister, your buttocks are so beautiful. Feel like sleeping on them. And your pussy hair looks so soft and smooth.” She said, “Now you get lost” and pushed me out and bolted the door. I was disappointed but then realized that I am the reason myself for her pushing me out But I was determined to prolong that. So, I went to the kitchen and sat beside the stove still naked. After some time, she came in dressed in just the petticoat tied up to cover her breasts. Her thighs were completely exposed. She was surprised to see me there and that too naked. She said, “Idiot, what are you doing here and wear something.” I said, “Come on Sister, am I troubling you in anyway? I like being naked.” Then she said, “Ok, do whatever you like.” She then started cooking. I went behind her and my erect penis touched her buttock. She screamed and said, “What are you doing?” I said, “Why? If I touch you with my hand, you won’t mind, but if I touch you with it, you are shouting.” Then she said, “But you are touching my buttock. And whether its hand or penis, I won’t accept that.” I then obediently, touched her hand with my penis. She understood I was playing, caught my penis in her hand and squeezed hard. I shouted. She said, “If you come near me, that’s what you are going to get.” She then resumed cooking. I went behind her again and pulled up her petticoat to look at her buttocks. God! They looked so smooth and lovely. She quickly pulled her petticoat down. I said, “You showed me your full body already. Then why are you feeling shy?” She said, “Hari, please go away. You are making me very horny and I am remembering my husband. I don’t want to commit incest with you. But if you continue this, it won’t be long before the breaking point comes. So, please go away.”I went and hugged her and started kissing her lips. She tried to push me off. Quickly, I lifted her petticoat and let my penis touch her pubic hair. That was the

Breaking point. Her pushing hands hugged me and she opened her mouth to let me enter her. My hands moved all over her back and I pulled her petticoat cord and it fell down. I hugged her and we started kissing again.I pressed her breasts and started eating her nipples. God! They looked like chocolate but tasted much better. I didn’t want to do anything else. I didn’t want to even enter her cu… No, I did want to enter her cunt. Quickly, I held her in my hands, lifted her and made her sit beside the stove. I put my lips around her cunt and started to enter her cunt with my tongue. God! She was hot and wet. I entered her and explored areas none had ever gone. She cummed over my face. Then I put my penis near her cunt to enter it. She said, ‘No, Hari, leave that to my husband. Enter my ass hole instead.” I understood her. I was about to enter that when she said, “Idiot, first lubricate it.” I smiled at her and kissed it. Then I tongued it until she screamed. She then bent down to kiss my penis. She then took it in her mouth and started eating it like hell. With one hand she was caressing my balls and with the other she was ****ing my ass hole. I said, “Stop it sis, i’ll cum if you continue.” She stopped at once. She then said, “Ok now, enter.” I put my prick head near her ass hole and pushed it in. It went in slowly. Once the head was inside, I started hammering her hole. She held on to me and bit her teeth into my skin. She held my buttocks and kissed me hard on my mouth.”Sister, I am coming!” I shouted. I wanted to cum inside her but she pulled me out of her. Before I could react I cummed allover her stomach and pubic hair. She smiled at me and took me to the bathroom. There she cleaned herself and me. Then I said, “Sister, can u go out, I want to piss.” She laughed and said, “What’s new in that?” I replied, “Oh! Is that so?” and pissed on her. She rushed to me held my prick and turned it to face me. Before I could stop it, my piss fell on me too. To make things worse, she held my thigh between hers and started pissing herself. Her piss felt warm on my thigh. I said, “Sis, you are pissing on me. Move off. “She said, “Oh, you don’t like it, and then have this,” saying so, she held me down and pissed on my face. I shouted at her but believe me, I loved what she was doing to me.We then cleaned ourselves and from then on, our adventures just didn’t stop. We still do it a lot of times and now, my lovely sister is aggressive than ever.