My sister in law and me part 3 A | incest story from Kunjumohamed

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Sister in law replied. I know. But my young son studying in, during holidays ( Saturday and Sundays) take two pegs of whiskey. He has got a stock of four bottles of whiskey in his mini bar. I took one bottle of Chivas Regal. I requested her to prepare three pieces of fish fry first to eat along with whiskey. As per my request she took one piece of fish and one peg of whiskey.After that we finished our dinner and she went to change over to the nighty. Her nighty was a frock sleeveless low neck and knee length. Above all it was more than semi transparent. Her bra and lingerie was clearly visible. In normal dress she was slightly fat.But now her hands were a bit more fleshy. After complimenting her frock, I told her ” only one problem. Your frock is a bit transparent ” she didn’t make any comments . I hugged her tightly and planted French kiss. Both of our bodies became extremely hot. I raised her frock and my right palm reached her lingerie through her sexy thighs and inserted my right palm into her lingerie. Probed full surface of her ass cheeks and reached her asscrack surrounded by bushy pubic hair. Then I pulled her frock to the she was only with her bra and lingerie. I removed her bra and lingerie. Simultaneously she removed my underwear and lungi.

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