My sister in law Shakilla

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I am a very sexually driven person and have never said NO to it whenever the chance came up.

I had the wonderful opportunity to make passionate love to my Sister-in-Law recently. She is in her late 20’s and is gifted with an extremely inviting body with ample hips, a well rounded arse and a pair of tits which will make even a blind man see !

It all began one afternoon when she came home not knowing that my wife was out and would be back only in the night. However, we got talking and I asked her if she would like to have some tea. She said that she would make it for both of us and got up to go to the kitchen. While walking past she happened to go past me and unknowingly her body brushed past mine. Wow! What a sensation it was. Hers was a lovely soft body without any unwanted hair on it but I was sure that her Pussy must have had hair on it. My Sister-in-Law did not have children which had always kept her unhappy with her Husband. I used to always feel like giving her my services and satisfy the fire between her legs. I used to very often masturbate thinking about her even after having fucked my wife.

Shakilla returned with two cups of tea and just then the weather began to deteriorate. It became dark and began to thunder. Shakilla used to be scared of thunder and lightning and the moment it thundered for the first time she came close to me and said that she was feeling scared. I was feeling very odd and just when I was thinking what to do, there was a crackling thunder and Shakilla held on to me tight. I could feel the stiffness between my legs. The smell from her body was too much to bear. I slowly put my hands around her hips and held her close to me and whispered to him “I want to make love to you once Shakilla”. She gave me a lost look which later turned out to be one of pure lust and want. We closed the door and went into the bedroom. We began by kissing each other and her juicy lips were making me go mad and I dreamt of the same lips sucking my dick. While kissing her hands were working on my back and one hand after sometime began squeezing my dick from over my dress. I was feeling and caressing her arse and bare waist which had just enough flesh to squeeze. While doing so her Saree Pallu slipped off her revealing her greatest assets which were heaving hard. I could now see her completely bare waist and her deep navel. I bent down to kiss her on it and she pressed my head to her waist. I let my hand go beneath her saree and felt her long and fleshy legs and felt her panty which was damp near her pussy. Without wasting more time, I unbuttoned her blouse and she was wearing a deep cut black bra. Her breasts were struggling to come out of it. I saw on the bra that the size of her breasts was 38” with cup size “C”. In the meanwhile, she removed her Saree and dropped her inner skirt standing in front of me like an angel in a black bra and panty. Her cunt was so visible from her panty and it was worth sucking her there without wasting time. She helped undress me and removed my undies which had been keeping my dick inside. She held my cock in her hands and whispered that it was more than double the length of her husband’s and much thicker too. She pulled the foreskin back and ran her fingers on it and I felt as if some sort of current had passed through me.

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I opened her bra and out came the massive 38-C boobs which are any man’s dream. The nipples had gone hard, stiff and erect. I squeezed her tits and began sucking her with one hand removing her undies and fondling her pussy. As I was always sure, she had hair on her cunt which she had trimmed recently. I felt her hole which was wet and dripping. She begged that we lie down and we did that. Both of us wanted to suck the other so we took the “69” position. She was on top of me with her cunt lips over my face. We both began sucking, licking, nibbling, licking each other very gently. I felt the juices from her pussy on my lips and it tasted like nectar. She had taken my 9” cock inside her mouth and was giving me long, gentle sucks. She moved the foreskin of my dick and began sucking just the dick head and I almost gave out a cry of pleasure. I parted the lips of her pussy and drove my tongue deep in her cunt and felt the warmth of her vagina and could feel her pressing her pussy harder on my face. I began licking her cunt like a baby and the feel of her wet pubis on my tongue made me more erect. Her warm mouth was doing wonders on my cock and I thought if we don’t stop now I would explode in her mouth. I wanted to feel her pussy too hence we pulled away and she pleaded that I put my rod between her legs. She lay down and parted her legs keeping her legs up. I got between her thighs and rubbed my dick on her vagina and she literally pulled me by my dick into her lovely, wet and slippery hole. Frankly, I have never had this feeling even while fucking my wife, which I do at least 5 times a week. I wanted to put on a condom to which she resisted as she wanted to have me raw in her pussy and said that since she had finished her periods only the same morning, there was nothing to be worried. Thus began our game of absolute raw and undisturbed sex. I began by pulling out my cock half way from her pussy and gliding in again. Slowly, I pulled out my cock till the tip and gave her strokes after which we were so well lubricated and my rod so perfectly erect that I began pulling out more that 3 inches from her pussy and banging the cock back into her hole. It was a perfect fuck with my rod like a well oiled piston running in and out of a well lubricated hole. I felt her hands holding me under my balls and trying to make me harder and I was scared that my dick may split into two! I wanted to pull out and remove all my juice in her mouth but Shakilla held me tight and was pleading to fill her pussy with my cum and that she would give me a blow job again. Saying this we reached our inexplicable climax together. Shakilla spreading her legs wider and pulling me inside her between her thighs. My dick exploded its juices inside her pussy and we kept our movements going wild for more than a minute till we felt our juices mixed up all over her stomach and mine. We rubbed our bodies together and spread our cum on each other. Mind you, my dick was still half erect and Shakilla was looking at it like a hungry whore.

We decided to take a wash and start again after a while. In the meanwhile she made sure that her Husband comes home late and told him that she was in a friend’s place and had not left the house key behind.

This time Shakilla began by kissing me all over my body except the dick. She refused to even touch me there and only kept breathing her warm breath on my dick. I was going mad and began to plead her to suck me fast. She refused. I began squeezing and sucking on her breasts and put my finger inside her arse and the other inside her pussy. Shakilla did not know what hit her and she began moaning and groaning with pleasure. My dick head had gone purple in color due to the erection and I suddenly felt my lover’s lips covering my shaft. She took half of it and gradually took the entire length of my shaft in her mouth and sucked it along its length – slowly and gradually. She then began to run her tongue on the tip of my dick driving me crazy. We took the “69” Position again and I was dying to taste her cunt again. I pushed my tongue inside her pussy and kept tasting her juices and let my tongue explore her warm insides while she was working on my rod. I could feel the pressure building up between my legs and told Shakilla to slow down as I wanted to prolong my climax. She made me sit on the cot and gave me the final sucks while kneeling on the floor. I kept squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples while she worked her head in between my legs and finally I was ready to explode and began thrusting my dick faster in Sahkilla’s mouth and finally came in a gush. I kept ejaculating for almost a minute and my Lady kept taking it in her mouth and spreading some on her massive breasts and in between her legs in her pussy. She licked me dry and promised to do so whenever I wanted the same. For one last time we hugged and kissed each other deep and I finally kissed her deep in between her cunt lips and licked her there.

I dressed her up by helping her with her panty, bra and blouse. It was a great evening and after Shakilla returned I got fresh and ready again to have a major fucking session with my wife later that night upon her return.

More on that later……….!!!!!