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My wife 38 can’t have any more children du problems with the birth of our fifth child. We planned to have as many we could, and I 41 was happy with efforts. But my wife decided to help her sister 35 single and unable to find a husband, in our culture she has passed latest marriable age (25). Only exception being widows as her sister pursued a career after university, she put her career first. Now that she is ready to marry no takers and our culture allows more than one wife, but it isn’t legal these days. But can be done in rural areas. My wife asked to marry her sister and had our parent’s approvals. I was the last to be asked, my wife is a housewife never went to university and would care for any children from my marrying her sister. So, I accepted the marriage and the whole family travelled to a rural area and I married my second wife June 2921. We now have a daughter born September 2922 and second wife is back working and my first wife cares for our daughter. Efforts are underway for another child as soon as possible. Both wives share my bed, and my needs are satisfied. Anytime I require sex.

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