My Sister, My Lover – Week 02

tagIncest/TabooMy Sister, My Lover – Week 02

This is a continuation of the story started in My Sister, My Lover (week 1). It is recommended that you read that chapter first….
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The weekend was over. Not much had happened — our parents had been home for most of it and so I had no real opportunity to speak to Mary. Her attitude to me was perfectly normal — friendly and engaging when we were all together. But I was determined to speak to her at the earliest opportunity — I had to get this resolved. I had to know why she could egg me on at one moment and then blank me the next.
I had to work most of Monday but on the Tuesday morning things were back to normal — our parents were both at work and I was in the lounge, watching some daytime TV. I was due to work at the supermarket later in the afternoon and evening so was just taking things easy.
The door opened and Mary came into the room. She was wearing her dressing gown — but there was nothing unusual in this as it was only mid-morning and she always grabbed a lie-in whenever she could. But I recognised that this was my opportunity…
I turned to her. "Mary" I said. "We need to talk about what happened last week and…." My words stumbled to a halt. She stood in the doorway and I could see quite clearly she was holding her dressing gown so that her right breast was clearly visible through a fold in the front of her gown.
I looked at her breast and felt my tongue lick across my lips. I saw her small hard nipple growing a deeper pink as I stared. I felt my cock make a major upward surge in my jeans. I was excited — but confused. Was she aware? Surely she had to be? Surely this was not an accident?
"Mar-r-r-y" I stammered. "Did you know….?" I nodded towards her breast. She looked down and then back up directly at me. "Oh, sorry about that" she said, pulling her dressing gown closed. And she turned and walked out. But I had clearly seen a smile on her lips as she did so.
I delayed a moment or two and then got up and followed her — loosening my belt and zip on my jeans so that I could grab hold of my already fully engorged cock. At the open door to her bedroom I stopped and peered inside and gasped. She had dropped her dressing gown to the floor and was totally naked. She was laying back on her bed with one knee bent up, allowing me a clear view of her pussy lips slightly hidden by her soft bush of pubic hair. I shucked out of my jeans and boxers and walked into her bedroom. I stood there just inside the door wearing just my t-shirt and socks! My hand was rubbing up and down the length of my cock as I stared at her plump body and big hips — my breathing was coming in short gasps as my heart hammered away in my chest.
Shuffling forward to stand by her bed I slowly reached out my hand and gently massaged her left breast. I felt her grab her breath as my fingers brushed over her nipple. She had her eyes closed and her head thrown back as I continued to knead the soft meat of her breast — splaying my fingers and squeezing and releasing the warm soft flesh. I got to my knees and leant forward to run my tongue over her nipple. She gasped out loud and her hand came up to press my head against her chest.
My spare hand ran down over her stomach and between her parted thighs. Her bush of hair felt soft and there were beads of dampness forming on the ends as her pussy started to leak juices. Continuing to massage her breast with on hand I moved my head to follow down over her stomach and to the top of her thighs. I could smell the sweet aroma being released from her pussy and see her pussy lips starting to part in expectation; the sheer bombardment of my senses causing my cock to grow so hard and to throb almost painfully.
I felt her hand reach down beneath my chest to find my engorged cock. She grasped it in her fingers and rubbed them over the bulbous head, smearing my pre-cum over my cock and across her fingers.
I slipped my fingers over her pussy lips, rubbing over her clitty as it peeped from between its sheath at the top of her labia. She gasped out loud and parted her legs even wider. "Yes. That's sooooo good" she exclaimed. My breath was coming in short gasps, my heart was thumping so hard within my chest and my mouth was dry.
"Mmm …. mmmm" I mumbled as I kissed over her thighs and pushed my head between her legs, rasping my tongue over her pouting pussy lips. I felt her tense and then she relaxed again — bending her knees to open her legs even wider if that was possible. My probing tongue slipped between her wet pussy lips and into her cunt. My nose was pressed hard against her groin and I could feel the nub of her clit rubbing against it. Her pussy was leaking juices and the slow rotating of her hips was smearing them all over my face.
Mary released my cock and I felt a twinge of regret. With both hands she started pulling at my head, moving it away from her exposed pussy and pulling me up. I looked at her quizzically, thinking she wanted to stop. "Mary" I gasped, "what do you want….." She kept pulling my head and I moved with it up her body until I was half laying across her — with my knees still on the floor. She had her eyes tightly shut but was pushing at my hip and I stood and moved over her. She then reached down and I watched amazed as she held open her pussy lips. Holding my breath, I moved myself to the bottom of the bed and stood between her legs.
I didn't want to get this wrong but I thought I knew what she wanted me to do. Kneeling on the bed I positioned myself so that my raging hard-on was pointing at the entrance to her sopping wet cunt. Propping myself up on one hand, I used the other to push the head of my cock down and to rub it gently over her pussy lips. "Oh yes!!" she grunted "Yes, put it inside me".
Not hesitating I leant forward a little and the head of my cock slid into her love tube. As she felt it pierce her she whimpered a little and then bucked her hips so that she forced my cock deep inside her. "Oooooh" I heard myself say, and I heard an echo from Mary as she welcomed me into her.
I started to pump, propping myself up on my two hands and watching her face. She still kept her eyes closed but I could tell she was enjoying what we were doing. I had no idea if she used contraception, so I concentrated very hard on controlling myself. I would have to pull out, but I didn't want to do so until I had made her come first. I really did not want to ruin this — I had fantasised over this for so long and I did not want it to be a bad experience for Mary. In truth, I wanted her to enjoy it so that she would want more.
I heard myself murmuring words of encouragement and endearment. "Oh Mary, that's so good; I want you to come over my cock; I love the feel of your pussy around my cock". Just random phrases over and over. Her breath was growing shorter and shorter and her hips were bucking forward harder and harder, sucking my cock deeper into her with each thrust. I could just hear that Mary herself was whispering "Yes, yes, oh, oh, that's so good, yes, yes" over and over.
Suddenly she went rigid, rammed her hips up so that my cock sunk right to the hilt into her sopping wet pussy and I could feel her love tube spasming around my rigid shaft. I could tell she had started to come — her face was screwed tight, her breath was panting in and out of her chest and a bright red flush spread across her breasts. "Yes, yes, yeeeees!" she cried. I was biting my bottom lip very hard to stop the pressure she was exerting on my cock forcing me over the edge.
I stayed as still as I could whilst she came slowly down from her orgasm. Her heaving chest subsided and her breath grew more regular. Slowly I started to pump my cock gently into her pussy, hearing my balls slapping against her rump and my cock squishing against her lips. "Mmmmmm, nice" I heard her say and she bucked her hips suddenly. My cock pierced deep into her and suddenly I could feel my jism start its run up my shaft. Rapidly pulling backwards my cock plopped out and I grabbed it — frisking it quickly as it shot a huge jet of spunk up and over her belly. "Aaaargh" I exclaimed as I came in a series of short, powerful spurts of hot white come.
As I continued to spray my sperm over her belly I looked up at Mary's face. Her eyes were open now and she was watching me — she had a slight smile on her lips and a look of contentment in her eyes. I lowered my body slightly — feeling the wet, sticky sperm as it smeared across her belly and mine. I dipped my head so that I could suckle onto one of her nipples. Her hand came up behind my head and I felt her stroking my hair gently.
Gently I rolled off her and lay down beside her — my groin rubbing tight up against her thigh as she lay on her back staring up at the ceiling. "Mary — that was great" I said. "You are so sexy and so gorgeous". She squeezed her hand tight on the back of my head and, as I looked, I saw a tear drip from her eye.
"What's up?" I said. "Mary, tell me what's wrong. Tell me why you have been so distant this past year and even more so this past week. Why have you encouraged me and then blanked me?"
"Oh Adam" she said. "You know! Just be honest — you just want to have your fun with me. You're just like all the others — you will pretend to like me and want me but once you've done what you want you will just ignore me and embarrass me. That's what all you boys do, isn't it?"
I was puzzled — unsure what she was talking about. I encouraged her to talk and we spent an hour with me just listening as she poured out her woes. It seemed that she tried hard to fit in with the 'in crowd' at school — the cute girls and good looking boys. She wanted to be popular — don't we all? — and she saw this group as those that all the students wanted to be like. At first she was welcomed with open arms — the girls seemed to befriend her and the boys appeared to be attracted to her. But it turned out to be a sham and that they used her as an object of fun on the part of the girls and as an object of quick sexual gratification on the part of the boys — it seems this is how they treated all the wannabees.
And so the girls had encouraged Mary to date various boys who they said 'really fancied her' and each time the boy in question had got her to do a range of things that she really felt uncomfortable with but felt she had to in order to be accepted. Sometimes she would resist only to be persuaded that 'everyone did it' and she would have to if she wanted to fit in. But after their date the boy would suddenly start to ignore her and clearly shared their stories about what they had done with the rest of the group. The girls would then start to tease he and tell her she needed to go further and do more if she wanted to stay in the group.
This cycle went on for some months and then suddenly the group started to cold shoulder her. The boys had all had their turn and were turning their attention to other new wannabees and the girls were now calling her a slut, mocking her big boobs and plump body and were clearly laughing at her behind her back.
Embarrassed and deeply hurt she withdrew. After that she kept herself to herself and did not go out with any boys — surely they were all the same! But she still had needs and was excited when she knew I was sneaking a look at her regularly whenever I could. But she didn't want to go there — and when she relented last week she felt angry and expected me to treat her the way those other guys had. And besides — I was her brother which made it even more nasty!!
"You know" she said, "even though I hated what they made me do and the way they treated me, deep down I know I enjoyed it. I loved being treated badly, like a sex object. And that made me feel even worse. It made me feel dirty and disgusting and maybe they were right after all. Maybe I am just a slut and if I am then why do I enjoy it? And then when I was feeling excited, when I knew you were looking at me, that made me feel even dirtier — was I some kind of freak? Getting turned on at the thought of my brother watching me?"
For me it all made sense — it explained why Mary had been growing more distant over the past year and also why she seemed eager and then confused at what we had done in the past week or so. "Mary you are not dirty or a freak" I said. "The way they treated you was bad and I would never be like that. But it's good to enjoy sex and to have your own fantasies and desires. You are my sister and I will never intentionally hurt you — but I do really find you sexy and exciting. I am so glad we have done what we have and I do hope you will want to do more."
I was treading carefully — God did I ever want to fuck her again and again. Jeez after this first time I just wanted to spend my time fucking Mary's brains out! But through some sixth sense I knew if I got this wrong she would just clam up again. I desperately wanted her to keep on wanting sex with me and so I had to make her trust me and to believe there was nothing seriously wrong in it. And besides, it WAS true — I did care very much for her, I would not want to cause her hurt and I was seriously attracted to her; to her plump body, her large breasts and her very cuddly arse.
I was gently stroking my hand over her stomach, not even aware that I was rubbing my still sticky sperm into her skin. She sighed gently and I took that as a sign of encouragement. I nuzzled my head onto her chest and slowly licked my tongue over the firm flesh of her breast and across her nipple. I heard her gasp a little and felt even more emboldened. Slowly and carefully I sucked her fleshy boob into my mouth and gently sucked on her nipple. I started to grind my groin slowly across her thigh and could feel my cock immediately start to engorge again. Her hand came up behind my head and she pulled me harder against her breast — encouraging me to keep on sucking.
She was moaning quietly and I felt her start to move her leg slightly, rubbing across my now fully erect cock. I reached over with my hand and rubbed it across her pubic hair and dipped my fingers between her legs and into the already soaking lips of her pussy. Her legs parted and I pushed two fingers into her wet pussy, instantly sliding deep inside her right up to my knuckles. She gasped as I pulled my fingers out almost all the way and then slid them back again to full depth. I could feel her pussy juices leaking out of her hot cunt and smearing across my fingers and the palm of my hand. She started jerking her hips up and down, fucking herself on my fingers as I pushed them in and out.
I was by now sucking her large tit so hard into my mouth it was almost smothering me, the surplus flesh mashing around my nose and over my face. My tongue was thrashing over her nipple and every so often I would suck it between my teeth and give it a little bite. Mary was groaning in pleasure and her hips were thrashing under the ministrations of my hand and fingers.
I levered myself up and knelt between her legs, slowly pulling my fingers out of her soaking pussy to an audible plop! Holding myself up on my arms I watched as she reached between us and grabbed my cock. It felt delicious. "Mmmm…" I murmured. She pulled my throbbing purple head towards her gaping pussy and I slowly pushed forwards until I filled the entrance to her sticky wet love tube. "Yes.." she said, "yes, fuck me again." Not hesitating I pushed forward again and felt myself slide effortlessly inside her until I bottomed out and she was fully impaled on me.
She reached round and I felt her grab my arse cheeks, pulling me hard into her and then relaxing as I pulled out. She was urging me to go faster and pulling me in deeper, I could feel her pussy milking my cock as I fucked her. "Yes, yes, oh God…" I exclaimed, feeling my jism start to gather at the base of my shaft. The sensations she was giving me were so fantastic I knew I wouldn't be able to last long. She was gasping and grunting loudly in time with my thrusts, "Fuck me, fuck me. Oh yes use me like the slut I am…" she was saying.
The pressure in my shaft was growing and growing and I knew I was going to come soon. I was pumping away and could feel her orgasm start to build up within her — her pussy was milking me, her hands were pulling on my arse cheeks faster and faster and her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. She kept murmuring away urging me to fuck her harder. God it was so good but although I wanted it to last forever I knew I was going to come. I started to pull out but Mary's hands on my arse pulled me in and her legs clamped around my thighs. "No, stay in" she said, "Come in me — it's ok I am on the pill. I want you to come inside me — yes please fuck me, fuck meeee…."
She suddenly bucked her hips upwards as she started to come, her juices flooding her pussy and leaking out beneath my shaft and running down over my balls. "Aaaargh, yeeees" she cried and the sensation of her orgasm and the excitement of her cries drove me right over the edge and I shot out a massive rope of spunk deep inside her — my flood mixing with her own flood to make a warm sticky mess that started to squeeze out from her as I continued to pump my seed into her.
I collapsed onto her and fought to get my breath back. "Fantastic" I panted, "that was just so fantastic. Mary, oh God you are so sexy and so exciting." Slowly our breathing returned to normal and I rolled off her and we both lay on our backs as we recovered. Still laying there she said quietly "Adam, I know it's wrong but I love you having sex with me. I love it when you watch me and I love it to know I am turning you on. It makes me a dirty slut but I do love being a slut. But what I really hated was the way those boys ignored me and laughed at me as soon as they got to do what they wanted. Are you going to be the same as them? I couldn't stand it if you were so please be honest with me now."
I was silent for a few minutes as I collected my thoughts. Then I said "Mary, I promise you I will not ignore you, tease you or laugh at you. I swear it. I have always found you sexy. I love your body — your breasts and your butt. I love watching you secretly, I love wanking myself as I think of you and I have loved what we have done these last few days. I want to have more sex with you as often as we can. I want to do all of those things that you did with those other guys — but for me you will be doing it because you want to not because you feel forced to. Let's make our last summer break the best summer break ever…"
"Oh Adam" she said. "I want to do those things so much. I want to do this and more — as much as we can. But I am still not ready – you cannot just grab me when you want; I have to want it too. So please be patient; wait for me to let you know. Is that ok?"
"Yes of course" I said. Although to be honest I was a little disappointed. I had been hoping for days of unrestricted and debauched sex and it now seemed that was not going to happen in the way I imagined. But, I rationalised, what we had already done had been fantastic and I would agree to anything to get more of it. "I will wait for you to let me know — but I will still think of you when I am alone and will wank myself off, and I hope I can still peep in at your door occasionally just to get some excitement."
And so that is what we agreed. I would not make a move to touch her in any way unless she indicated that was what she wanted. In the meantime, I would watch her whenever I could and beat off my meat as often as I liked. Far better than I could have hoped for only a week ago but maybe not as much as my rampant hormones wanted.
I checked Mary's bedside clock and realised I had to move if I wanted to be at work on time. I leant over and gave each of her nipples a quick slurp with my tongue and left her. I needed to shower and get off to work as quickly as possible. But my mind was racing, my soul felt uplifted and boy, did my esteem feel sky high.

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