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My friend sent me this story I did not write it, enjoy. “That’s right….suck that juicy dick you slut” She heard the taunt over the slurping sounds emanating from her mouth as she sucked on the dick in front of her. It was the third one she’d had in her mouth in the past 15 minutes and not the last as she saw it. It was supposed to be senior skip day and she opted to hang with a slightly rougher crowd today. Her goal was to show everyone she wasn’t the pristine little rich bitch that everyone labeled her.

Well, she definitely removed that moniker today. As she sucked the dick in her mouth there were several more lining up to get their turn? And many more standing around watching. There were a bunch of girls watching too. That would cement this as a fact since boys do tend to lie but the girls standing around witnessing the event would for sure make it a matter of public knowledge.

It started out with a early afternoon get together at the local park hangout area. Some beers were popped and then a joint went around. She had limited experience with both and her actions betrayed her. A couple of the guys watched as she grew quiet and giggled a lot and knew she was making herself easy prey. One guy started to pay particular attention to her. One thing led to another and before long she was in an embrace making out. It did get some attention because of who she was and who he was.

He had a mega death tee shirt on and pierced nose. Not the type of guy she was normally seen with. It was a pretty hot and heavy make out scene and several kids actually stopped what they were doing to watch. Then his hand was on her titties, then under her shirt. Then she was laying back and he was still on her.

Then her hand was on his crotch and before she knew what she was doing he had her in a corner and she was on her knees sucking his dick. Her head was bobbing in front of everyone and she was oblivious to the fact. The girls watching were aghast at the blatant slutty actions of little miss prim. When he was ready he held her head in place and blew his load into her mouth without warning. She wasn’t the most experienced at what she doing so she gagged at the sudden burst in her throat. He held her head in place and pumped what he had into her before letting her head go. As he stood he was replaced by another guy who already had his dick out and hard. The next boy grabbed her head and pulled it down to his dick.

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When she resisted he forced her head onto it. She was drunk enough to know what she was doing was wrong but not in control of herself to stop. Before she knew it he was fucking his dick into her face. 5 minute later he was replaced by another and she was slurping down her third load in 15 minutes.

The crowd now surrounded her and she was the center of attention as she sucked dick after dick. Her shirt and bra were pulled up to expose her pretty good sized titties and they were played with as she sucked, bouncing underneath her. Another guy got behind her as she sucked her 6th dick and started to rub between her legs. She liked the feel and repositioned herself to give him better access. After 5 minutes of getting her worked up he was undoing her jeans and tugging on them as her head bobbed in the lap of some geek she’d never seen before. The guy behind her didn’t wait to get her pants off. As soon as he got them down far enough he was shoving his dick into her pussy and pounding.

Her body was thrust forward with each pump forcing her head farther down on the dick in her mouth. Now the train had a full head of steam at both ends. A line formed behind her and one after another, her pussy was fucked hard. When that hole looked to sloppy someone shoved his dick straight up her ass. The mess at her holes was enough lubrication to allow him to go deep on the first thrust. The crowd was still gathered and a collective gasp sounded as he sunk his dick half way up her ass. The beer and pot had her far to gone to feel anything but slight discomfort. She wiggled her ass to adjust and when everyone saw what he was doing to her, a new line formed. They all wanted to try her asshole.

By evenings end she service each boy in each of her holes and many more than once. Her reputation was sealed from that day on. She was a pole smoking, ass fuck loving slut. All it took was a few beers and a joint and she was fair game. In the next few weeks she became the main attraction at most parties. She resigned to her fate knowing nothing could be done about it. What made matters worse was she actually liked what she did on some level and therefore continued to allow them there fun at her expense. Before to long in the summer they didn’t even need the beer or pot. She would arrive at a get together and someone would walk up to her, take her hand and lead her off to be used.