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By Juice I was on leave from the army at 22 my sisters friend was staying at my mothers house with my sister who was 15 at the time and her friend similar age , anyhow I still had my own bedroom and spent most of the time in there apart from getting smashed with mates out boozing I had only a week to enjoy ,

One afternoon this girl who was staying started ironing her clothes the socket for the iron was near the kitchen door hallway, so was a squeeze to get past ,
I was sat on the settee supposedly watching a boring film but I noticed her bent over the ironing table on her tip toes kinda pushing hard making her little arse stick out and wearing her very short school skirt with nice legs with little ankle socks on ,

I watched her for some time and started to get a real nice hard on , I started to imagine lifting her little skirt up and pulling her knickers down and giving her my length , she would glance at me smiling hardly any conversation as never seen her before that first day back home ,
She said you got a girlfriend then? I said no not at present then followed it up with how long you back blah blah ,

Surely your gonna want to have a shag before you go back she says , I was a bit surprised to hear a young girl being so forward with me , I smiled back saying I will see what comes along next day or two I’m sure I will meet some girl when I’m out drinking might even bring her back home , she then says I wish I was your age again smiling then carried on ironing,
I’m now rock hard watching her sweet little arse and her tanned lovely legs , so I can’t take it anymore and go to get a cold beer from the kitchen and so I’m squeezing past I deliberately pressed against her arse with my stiff bonner it felt fkn lively I could feel her soft cheeks of her bottom she never flinched said nothing my cock was throbbing oh so good , and that was that I did the same on the way back and sat down

I just couldn’t get rid of the erection throwing away and so I took myself off to my bedroom and sat rubbing my cock thinking about her ,
Then you just wouldn’t believe it , I hear knock knock very quickly and she burst in with porn magazines and threw them on the bed as I said I had been stroking slowly in my jeans I hadn’t actually got it out ,

I said wtf looked at the mags and then at her ! She then muttered I thought you might like these ? I quickly said where did you get those from what was you doing with those ? Her reply was I found them under the bed in the bedroom I’m sleeping in , then i suddenly remembered it was a spare bedroom that I had previously slept in but ages ago and I stashed the mags there before I joined the army , I really was shocked what a unexpected surprise I can tell you lol , next thing she’s looking at the pictures calmly sat at the end of my bed flicking pages over then finds one with a guy about to shove his cock in this girl she’s bending over a chair and he’s entering her from behind , she then says ooh I like this one best look and shows me pointing at the picture

What do you think John ? I just said I’m surprised a girl your age is even looking at them never mind asking my opinion , relax she says I’m not gonna tell anyone and I know you like the magazine because your dick is easy to see its bulging out nearly why don’t you get it out ? I don’t mind I would really like to see you wanking that dick it’s nearly springing out ,

Just imagine your him pointing to the guy in the pic about to enter the girl , I say I could get in trouble your only a kid no I’m 15 and I like you john you said you haven’t got a girlfriend to shag so I’ll help no one will know , she then starts unzipping me and I just let her do it , next I feel her warm little hand around my shaft she gripped it tight then said oh it feels so nice and big do you like it ? As she plays with it and wanking it , I then said just carry on your doing it nice then she says get on top of me pulls her skirt up and starts taking her knickers off and opens her legs wide complete with her little white frilly Bobby socks on ffs what a site

I say listen have you had sex with anyone ? No your the first come on John slide it in me I’m waiting that gorgeous image will always stay with me her tanned lovely legs held high wide for me , what about protection I said ? I’m not bothered if your not just pull out eh? That was me panicking now thinking she’s under age and worse what if I get her pregnant and I just said no I am not doing it , others might but me I’m not that stupid tempting though as it was , so next thing she says kneel in front as she laying against the head board she unbuttoned her top and those fresh innocent little breasts fall out with long erect nipples then says come closer so my cocks now inches away from her face

Her little hand wrapping around my cock she goes down on it one hand still around it she pulls the head out and her lips go around it licking and sucking hmm you like it John ? You can come if you like in my mouth I want it , I can’t believe a young 15 year old is as sexed up as she was and then says you can cum and I’ll get you hard again you can get off with me during your home leave if you like then she made me shoot my load it’s was fantastic she enjoyed it

And so I hung around with her for next few days like boyfriend girlfriend yes I was 22 she 15 but at times could pass for 18 I think , after a day of enjoying each other I fingered her bringing her to a shuddering state a good few time , then during a walk around a lake with no one around she took her knickers off and said please screw me please please she laid down on the grass legs wide open again but this time I couldn’t resist and shoved my cock right up that little tight pussy it felt marvellous she was loving it as well shouting don’t stop don’t stop by this time I was banging her little petite body so hard she was lifting and going backwards she had to hold on to the grass oh god oh god she was saying oh fuck yeah John your cock is amazing harder harder
Next thing I know im shooting a big load again I was dying to shoot right up inside her but no common sense prevailed and I pulled out shooting over her legs
I spent 3 more days fucking her non stop day and night like a raging Randy old Bull , she write to me a few times writing dirty sexy letters with pictures of herself , after so long I was fucking lots of German and Dutch girls as I was stationed over there in Europe mainly Germany and I stopped getting letters from her and she moved on with her life but banging that sexy little petite body was priceless

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By Juice #Teen