My Sisters, Mom, and Me Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooMy Sisters, Mom, and Me Ch. 02

Chapter 02 – Mom Joins
Michelle had been in the guest room of the cabin when she had been texting the kids. She went to find her husband to fuck his brains out. She saw him through the window sitting on the back porch and headed toward the door.
"Chrissy, darling, I told you I'd tell her this weekend and I will." He paused listening to her reply. "And I love you too. By this time next week, it'll just be you and me. I promise."
Michelle froze in her tracks as the realization hit her. She wasn't angry and had suspected for a long time. She didn't even feel hurt or betrayed. She felt nothing really and when she pondered it for a moment that's how her marriage had been for several years. It was comfortable, just how things were. She had never broken her vows physically but in the last few years she had considered it. This coming weekend she had actually planned on it. She felt okay. Michelle poured two glasses of wine, waited until he put his phone away and stepped outside. She handed him a glass and sat in the chair facing him.
"So, when are you leaving?" she asked calmly.
"My flight leaves Sunday morning," he replied.
"I knew that. When are you moving out?"
His brow raised and he looked at her with an exaggerated puzzled look. Michelle laughed.
"Too much. You overreacted a bit. I heard you talking to Chrissy."
"That was a business call, Mickey."
"You are so full of shit," she laughed. "I'm smarter than that."
"Michelle, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen."
"It's fine, Bren. So, when are you leaving?"
"After my trip, I guess."
"You were going to tell me today, spend the rest of the week here then move out later?"
"That was the plan, yeah."
"I assume since you brought your Viagra you were planning on us having sex too?"
"I was hoping to."
"Scratch that. I don't know where your dick's been. I have a plan B for you. Pack up what you brought with you and go home. I'll stay here and relax until the kids come up on Thursday. While I'm gone you move your stuff out of the house. Contact your lawyer and get the divorce started."
"Are you angry?" he asked.
"I'm not. I'm fine with it. I'll be honest. I haven't done anything yet, but I was already planning it."
"What do you want in the divorce?"
"We live in a state where everything is split 50/50. Excluding the house, in our case, since my parents gave it to me before we were married. We each keep our own retirement. I think that sounds fair, don't you?"
"Yeah, that's what my lawyer said. He also said that if the kids are still at home and in school full time there would be child support."
"I'd rather do college support if that's okay with you. We split the tuition and they can buy their own books and supplies. That should be three more years for the girls. Michael will likely go on to an advanced degree. So probably until age 25."
"Bren, they're adults. Visitation is between you and them. I won't interfere with that."
"Wanna use one lawyer?" he asked.
"No. We'll each need our own. It's safer for all concerned. You also provide their health insurance. I can't beat the price you get it for so we can split that too. I wanna be fair."
"Who's going to tell the kids?"
"Probably me, since I talk to them more than you do. You're more than welcome to if you'd prefer."
"I'd rather you tell them. Mickey, I don't want us to part as enemies or with bitterness."
"I don't either. We came into our marriage as friends we'll leave it the same way. No hard feelings. Agreed?"
"I'll do a FaceTime call with them as soon as you leave. They'll know it's a mutual decision. I won't be mentioning Chrissy at all."
"Thanks. I'll go pack. You sure you'll be okay here alone?"
"Do you have any idea how long it's been since I had a couple of days just to myself? Trust me. I'm looking forward to the opportunity."
Bren went and began his packing. Within thirty minutes he was packed and had everything in the car. He and Michelle did a final walk through. She found his bottle of Viagra in the medicine cabinet and handed it to him.
"You'll have more use for this than I will," she said with a smile.
"Yeah, I guess so," he replied as he put it in his pocket. "I'm not going by the house until tomorrow. It'll give the kids a little time to adjust to what's happening."
She nodded. They walked together to the car and after a final hug she looked at him.
"Be happy, okay?"
"I do love you, Mickey."
"I know. I love you too," she replied.
He got in the car and drove away. Michelle went back inside and picked up her phone. She sent a group message to all three of the kids.
'Group Facetime in 15 minutes. Please acknowledge.'
Michelle set a 15-minute timer on her phone then poured herself another glass of wine. She got three affirmative replies just minutes later. When the timer went off, she sat on the front porch with her wine and began the call. All three kids answered immediately.
"Mom is something wrong?" Brit asked.
"No, everything's fine but there are a couple of things I need to talk to you about. Your father and I had a long talk and we've decided to get a divorce. We aren't angry with each other and we both want it. Please don't be upset. We aren't."
"Is that going to affect our college?" Mike asked.
"No. The only thing that's changing is your dad won't be living with us anymore."
"Mom, is this because of me?" Mike asked.
"Certainly not. You had nothing to do with it. None of you did. Your father is on his way back to town. I doubt he'll come by the house until tomorrow morning, but you should make sure you've covered your tracks from your activities today. If you have plans for the evening, I'd recommend you do them behind locked bedroom or bathroom doors. I doubt you want our little secret to get out. Hey, where's my other video?"
"I was just getting ready to send it," Mike replied.
"We want copies too," Whit said.
"Mom, is this going to change our plans for the weekend?" Brit asked.
"Just a little. In the bottom of my closet on the right side is a box that looks like a pirate treasure chest. Bring that when you come. I also wanted to remind you to bring the tripod and video camera. Make sure we have several blank disks for it too."
"Since you're going to be alone anyway, any chance we could come up early?" Whit asked.
"Pants getting too hot, sis?" Mike asked.
"Not so hot your tongue can't put the fire out, little brother," she replied.
"It's kind of late to leave today but feel free to come tomorrow. Let me know before you arrive so I can be properly attired. Michael, I really would like you to do that shave before you come."
"Whit and I are doing that this evening."
"I'll look at supplies here. If we need anything, I'll send you a text so you can pick it up on your way."
"When are you two going to be home? We need to think about dinner," Mike asked.
"You're having pussy for dinner," Brit said.
"And for dessert," Whit added.
"I'll order some pizza too," he replied.
"Save me some," Mom replied.
"Day old pizza? Mom, you hate that," Brit said.
"Not pizza, pussy!" Mom replied.
"Mom?" Mike said.
"You thought you were the only one in this group that loves eating pussy? I'll teach you how to do it properly," she said grinning.
"Teach me too," Whit said.
"Make that unanimous," Brit added.
"My pleasure. Make sure there's at least a full bottle of lube in the pirate box. Oh, and a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup."
"Mom, this is going to be a week to remember. We'll be leaving for the cabin tomorrow," Whit said.
The others nodded. "How about clothes? Should we bring you anything?"
"I don't plan on wearing many clothes but do bring my yellow bikini. Now go clean up after yourselves. Don't leave anything laying out."
"Bye, Mom," they all said.
"See you tomorrow."
She blew them a kiss and ended the call. The girls went back to shopping. Mike sent the video to all three and himself then went to the master closet for the pirate box. He took it to his room and set it on the bed. When he opened it, he grinned.
"Mom, you're amazing me more by the minute," he said to himself.
Inside the box it was like walking through a sex shop. There were several vibrators. Two that were egg shaped and remote controlled. Three dildos, with one that was double ended. There were handcuffs and restraints, a small flogger, blindfolds, three butt plugs of different sizes, and even two gags. One had a ball and the other was a ring gag. In the bottom he found several clamps and one and a half bottles of lubricant. The one thing that seemed to be missing was spare batteries. He would need C, AAA, and AA. He closed the box and set it by his bedroom door then checked the camera bag for blank DVDs. There were ten. He also made sure the HDMI cable was in the bag. He set that and the tripod next to the pirate box.
Mike called and ordered the pizza for pickup and drove to Walmart. He bought some beard clippers and the batteries he needed then picked up dinner. The girls arrived just after he did. They made another batch of strawberry margaritas and had their dinner. Afterward they all three went through the house to tidy up and look for any incriminating evidence. Mike had left the torn-up contracts out by the pool. He gathered those up, wrapped them in paper towels and put them in the bottom of the trash bin.
"Mike, get your clippers and razor then meet us in the big bathroom," Whit told him.
Both girls were already in the shower when he arrived. He watched them soaping each other for a few minutes before joining them. After everyone was rinsed Brit turned off the sprayer. Whit used the clippers to remove most of the hair. Brit rinsed him and lathered him up.
"Have you done this before? I'm not crazy about a couple of rookies shaving me," Mike asked.
"Relax, we're experts. We've been shaving each other since we were about fifteen," Whit replied as she made the first pass with the razor. When she had finished, Brit rinsed him. Both felt the area for smoothness. He passed.
"Turn around and bend over," Whit said.
"What?" he asked.
"You've got fur back there too. Bend over," Whit said.
She held his cheeks apart and this time Brit did the shaving. She rinsed him off, then the girls rinsed each other. After getting out of the tub and drying Whit rinsed the tub. The three went to Mike's room and locked the door.
"Lay down, Mike. Mom needs to see this," Brit said.
Mike laid on the bed and both girls took pictures with their phones. They compared pictures and sent three to their mom. A reply came just a moment later.
'I remember that. It was about an inch and a half long then but it's the same one. We're going to have lots of fun.'
'Where's it going?' Brit replied.
'All three of my holes. How about you?' Mom replied.
'At least two of Whit's. She's not sure about the back door. I want all three.'
'She'll want all three too once she sees how much fun we have. Don't forget the pirate box. Lots of goodies there. Video the eating tonight. I really want to see his technique and your faces.'
'Will do.'
'Thanks for the other video. I've gotten off on it twice already. Bring that beautiful cock tomorrow.'
Whit laughed. "Mom got the first video and came twice watching it."
"I'd love to see that," Mike said.
'If you make yourself cum again send us a video.'
'I'll do one just for the three of you. Give me ten minutes.'
'Cool. We're getting ready to serve Mike pussy. Whit's getting out the recorder now.'
'Who's going first?'
'We flipped for it. Whit gets first go.'
'Have fun. TTYL.'
Mike had Whitney lay on the bed. He put a towel under her bottom.
"I'm a sloppy eater," he told her.
"I'm filming. Start whenever you're ready," Brit said.
Mike laid down next to her and began by kissing her and playing with her breasts. He took his time and didn't rush. It took him a full ten minutes before his mouth ever got to her breasts. She was already squirming.
"I thought you were going to eat my pussy?" she said.
"I'm getting there."
"Hurry up or I may cum before you do."
"And the downside of that is what?" he asked.
"I have to wait about a half hour to cum again. Get on with it, please?" she begged.
"Just be patient. You'll be glad you did," he replied.
It took him another ten minutes to get to her lower abdomen then when he skipped over her mound she was begging again. He kissed, nibbled, and licked her inner thighs for what seemed like an eternity. Her hips were thrusting at him trying to reach his mouth. She watched his every move. The moment his tongue even grazed her labia she came screaming. Mike began on her labia and vagina during the entire orgasm and never once touched her clit. As she recovered, he continued licking and also massaging her breasts. After a few minutes, his tongue stroked across her clit. She tried to pull away, but he had her pinned. Whitney tried to push his head away, but he attacked her clit even harder. She came a second time even more than before. As she came, he moved off her clit but continued with his mouth and tongue in the surrounding area.
"No more! Please, no more. I can't take it anymore," she pleaded still holding his head.
"Are you sure? I think you've got at least one more in there."
"I'm sure. Please stop."
He kissed his way back up her body and kissed her with his pussy covered face. He moved his cock so it touched her clit. She came again almost as hard. This time as she came down, she pushed him off. Mike turned to the camera.
"I guess she didn't like it," he said.
"No, I fucking loved it. I'm just exhausted."
Mike sat up. "Be sure you're getting her face in the video."
"I am. You should have seen her face when she came. It was like she was dying."
"Petit mort, that's what the French call it. The little death. She'll need a few minutes to recover. Pause it and we'll talk to her when she comes around. I'm going to get us all another margarita."
Mike put on some shorts and went to the kitchen. He came back with their drinks a few minutes later. Whit was just now trying to sit up. He handed her the drink. She took a big gulp.
"So, what do you think?" he asked.
"I cum pretty much every day. I have never had an orgasm that could come close to those. Oh my God! Where did you learn that?"
"An article in Cosmo and a bit of practice."
"I've got friends that have been eaten by their boyfriends but what they described was nothing like what I experienced."
"Sorry, I'll try harder next time," he said smiling.
"Smart ass! It was over the top. Out of this world! I have no words to describe it. Brit, you're about to experience heaven."
"It looked like it."
"If you were on a date what would you be doing now?" Whit asked.
"I would have given you a few minutes to start recovering then fucked you to at least one more orgasm."
"Is it different that way?"
"I think so but not having a vagina I'm not sure. When I'm eating, I usually put a couple of fingers inside on the last one. It makes it as hard as the first two. With my size I think I hit the C and G spots during sex."
"C spot?" Brit asked.
"In the article they talked about it. It's by the cervix."
"Brit, gimme the camera. It's your turn," Whit said.
"How much time left on the disk?"
Brit looked at the indicator.
"About 30 minutes. We're still three quarters charged," Brit replied.
"We need a new disk. Thirty minutes isn't enough," Mike said.
While Brit was putting in the new disk Whitney checked her phone. Mom had sent a video. She turned off the volume and pressed play. Mom had set up her phone a few feet away and recorded her masturbation session. She was fully nude. It was hot. She knew just when to show this to Mike.
Brit got on the bed as her sister had. Whit began recording. Mike used almost the same approach as he had for Whitney except instead of the breasts, he went for the thighs first. She too was begging for release. He then went to her lower abdomen. When his tongue dragged hard through her inguinal crease, she came hard. He moved up to her breasts then back to the inner thighs. She was begging again. He hadn't been working her clit for more than thirty seconds when she screamed and came a second time even harder. As she was recovering, he began tonguing her anus and perineum then moved back to her labia and vagina. As he touched her clit, he slid his wet finger into her anal sphincter. She began riding it. When the finger was in as far as he could get it, he sucked her clit into his mouth and began working on it with his tongue. Her third orgasm was at least as big as the second had been and she squirmed away from him moaning. Mike sat up as she collapsed on the bed. They let her recover.
"Why'd you do hers differently?" Whit asked.
"She was expecting what you got. I wanted her guessing. It adds to the experience. If you do it the same way every time it becomes a routine for both of you."
"Why the butt?"
"Same reason. She wasn't expecting it. Brit, have you ever had a finger in your butt before?"
"Never," she replied.
Whitney had come back around. "It really felt good. Everything did. Mike, you can eat my pussy as often as you want."
"Cool. Turn back over."
"Screw you. It's done for the night."
"But you just said…"
"I know what I said. I didn't think you'd go for it so soon."
"I love eating pussy," he said.
"It shows. You can eat me again tomorrow. How's that?"
"Tomorrow you can sit on my face."
"I'm looking forward to seeing you eat Mom. I wanna see her cum," Whit said.
"Me too. When you're cumming I like watching your faces. The expressions are priceless."
"Brit, take the camera and video this. I'm gonna suck him off by myself."
Brit sat up and raised the camera. Mike sat up next to her. As Whit began to work on him with her hands he got hard again. She used her mouth, tongue, and hands and in about ten minutes he gave her a mouthful of liquid reward.
"My turn," Brit said.
"I don't go that quickly. It'll be about thirty minutes before I'm ready again."
"I know something that'll help you recover faster. Brit, get in position and see what you can do."
Whitney began filming. Brit was having no success after a couple of minutes trying. Whit handed Mike her phone.
"Push play," she told him.
The video their mom had just sent began. Mike watched and was fully erect in nothing flat and came about two minutes later. Brit's mouth overflowed from the volume.
"Keep going, Brit. I'll bet he cums again."
When his mother began moaning and came Mike came too. It was almost as hard as the last time. He collapsed on the bed.
"Wow, he's really got a thing for Mom, doesn't he?" Brit asked.
"She's had him in heat for a long time. Me too for that matter. Fantasizing about playing with her tits or pussy is probably responsible for half the times I've ever cum."
"You too?" Brit replied. "I thought I was the only one that did that."
"Nope, all three of us," Mike replied. "Jesus, that was hot. I'm going to go lock up the house and get the lights. Are you two lovely ladies sleeping with me?"
"What if Dad comes home?" Brit asked.
"Fuck him. He can find his own bed," Whit replied.
"If we lock the bedroom door, we'll be fine," Mike told them.
"Mike, you get the middle," Brit said.
"What if we wake up horny?" Whit asked.
"Straddle my face. I'll fix it," he replied.
Mike got up and put on some shorts then went out and locked up. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, turned off the last lights then went back to his room. The girls were waiting on him. He reached for the light.
"Wait a minute. Take the shorts off. If you get a boner during the night and it springs out you could knock on of us right out of the bed," Whit said.

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