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tagIncest/TabooMy Sisters, Mom, and Me Ch. 03

Chapter 03 — Playing Together
Mike walked into the master bedroom. His mother had rolled onto her side pulling the blanket off partially and leaving her backside exposed. He pulled it back over her and walked to the other side of the bed. 'You are so beautiful,' he thought. He kissed her softly on the cheek. "I love you, Mom," he whispered, then went back downstairs. His sisters had gotten over their vibrator dispute and were working together to put lunch on the table. They made BLTs and served them with chips. Brit made Mom a plate and set it aside for her.
"Think Mom will be pissed when she wakes up?" Whit asked.
"I doubt it. Did it piss you off last night?" he asked.
"No, but you didn't have people holding me down either."
"I think Mom's a bit kinkier than we realized. Did you see the restraints in the pirate box?" he asked.
"Yeah, gags and blindfolds too."
"I'm gonna have to check this out," Brit grinned. "So, what are we doing after lunch?"
"We should probably pick up the clothes. They're all over the house where we stripped. Unpack too," Whit replied.
"Make margaritas," Mike suggested.
"It's a gorgeous day. How about going to the lake for a while?" Whit asked.
"At some point today I'd kinda like to put something bigger than Mike's fingers in my hymen free pussy," Brit replied, looking at her brother.
"Sorry, today's Mom's day for Big Mike," he replied.
"No problem. You and I can have playtime together while Mike and Mom are at it," Whit said.
"Mom wants everything filmed," Mike reminded them.
"Our cell phones can do that," Brit said.
"Mike, are you gonna stay in Mom's room?"
"Tonight at least. I have a hunch she'll take turns with all of us."
"I can't wait. She's got the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted," Brit said.
"How many pussies have you tasted?" Whit asked.
"Two, you and Mom."
"When did you taste mine?"
"When you were sleeping. I put my finger down there then licked it."
"Not much of a sample. You've gotta put your tongue in it to get the full effect. Otherwise, it's like having a tootsie roll pop and never tasting the center," Mike told her.
"How many have you tasted?" Whit asked.
"No clue. I lost count about two years ago."
"You've been eating pussy for two years?" Brit asked.
"No, I lost count about two years ago. I've been eating pussy since I was fourteen."
"Who was your first?" Brit asked.
"I don't kiss and tell, sorry."
"I'm not asking who you kissed. I wanna know who you ate."
"Brit, you're wasting your time. I'm not telling."
"Asshole. Who has the best tasting pussy between us, as if I didn't already know?"
"Of all of them I've ever tasted, you two and Mom are by far the best."
"Nice safe answer. Do Brit and I taste the same?"
"You know, I thought you would, but no, you each have your own distinct and wonderful flavor."
"Who gives the best head?" Brit asked.
"So far, the woman I ate first. I suspect that when Mom finally does the real thing, she's going to take over number one."
"Where do we rate?" Whit asked.
"You're the only two that have ever taken the whole thing. You're both amazingly enthusiastic. You don't have the technique down just yet but you're already in the top ten."
"Of how many?" Brit asked.
"Over fifty."
"Fifty?" they both replied.
"When word got out about my size, I got pretty popular."
"Apparently," Whit said.
"Anyone you've got your eye on for your next conquest?" Brit asked.
"Brit, it isn't a conquest for me. I'll admit that it was early on, but it isn't now. Most of the women came on to me. Not the other way around. I decided I want to be a good lover, so I read a lot. Cosmo, believe it or not, has been some of the best info. Loving the woman you're with means more than anything. My time with you two and now Mom has been the best I've ever had. In answer to your question, yes, there are two women I want to make love to so bad I can taste it. My sisters, Brittany and Whitney."
"Does Dad know how active you've been?"
"Dad, doesn't know shit," he replied.
"You said that angrily. Are you pissed they're divorcing?" Whit asked.
"No, I'm glad she's finally dumping the cheating prick."
"Dad's been cheating?"
"Regularly now, for at least a year. There were several others before this one."
"How do you know?"
"I love eating pussy, remember? If you two put your worn panties in a basket with fifty other pairs. I could pick yours out by smell alone."
"What's that got to do with Dad?" Brit asked.
"I can smell the pussy on him. Whoever the current one is, they've been together about a year. There was another one a couple of years ago for about six months. The other four were one-night stands."
"Are you sure?" Whit asked.
"I'm sure of six. I suspect there were others while he was away on his business trips."
"Does mom know?"
"I suspect that's what finally triggered the divorce. Their sex life went sour about three years ago."
"How do you know that?" Whit asked.
"I've smelled Mom's pussy on him probably three times in the last year."
"Your first smell of Mom was earlier today. Don't give us that," Whit said.
"No, today was my first taste. Haven't you noticed how I like to lay my head in Mom's lap? I've done it since I was about five."
"You were smelling her pussy?" Brit asked.
"You did that to us too. I thought you were being sweet, you little perv," Whit grinned.
"You've been perving me too. How is it that after seventeen years you both suddenly forgot how to knock before coming in my room. And you didn't think I saw the glances at my crotch? Both of you got wet after seeing me with an obvious boner."
"If you've been hot for us all this time why haven't you ever said something?" Whit asked.
"Because you're my sisters. If you hadn't come up with that money offer, I never would have. Mom's involvement was like an answer to a prayer. I also realized that if Mom was interested, she and Dad were ready to throw in the towel. She would never cheat on him."
"Just curious, but why didn't you tell Mom about Dad?"
"You have no idea how many times I almost did, but it was between them. I knew that sooner or later he'd slip up."
"Are you ever going to tell Mom?" Whit asked.
"Not much point unless he tries to come back. I'll spill my guts then. Otherwise, no. If she ever asked I would. I won't lie to her. Brit, I will tell you something since we're on the subject. Joe, the guy you've been going out with, for the last month, is also seeing Cindy Sandlin and Veronica Marston."
"You've seen them?" she asked.
"No, I've smelled them on him."
Whit started laughing. "Just how do you happen to know what Cindy and Ronni's pussies spell like?" Mike blushed. "You fucked them both, didn't you?"
"I plead the fifth," he replied.
"How many more of 'our' friends have you bopped?" Brit asked.
"A few. I'm not naming names."
"Do you have MILFs on your secret list?" Whit asked.
"MILFs are my favorite. Mom's age preferably."
"Is that where you learned some of your techniques?" Brit asked.
"They're amazing teachers."
"Married ones?" Whit asked.
"Never. Well, that's not true anymore. Mom's still married technically."
"If Mom and Dad hadn't announced their divorce would you still have gone through with Sunday like we planned?" Brit asked.
"Yeah, but I don't think she would have."
"Why do you say that. She even sent you a nudie the other day?" Whit asked.
"Mom has gotten aroused a lot around me since I was about fifteen. We've both done some innocent teasing. When she drinks wine, she gets really horny. I'll wager when she sent the pics, she'd had more than a little. Mom's not a cheater, she's a one-man woman. She would have backed out and not even come up."
"Are you her man now?" Brit asked, seriously.
"That's been my dream for as long as I can remember. I was jealous of Dad forever. Now that he's gone, I want him to stay gone. I don't just love her like a son. I love her completely."
"Does she know that?" Whit asked.
"I think she does, and I think she loves me the same way."
"So, you'd give up your harem for her?"
"In a heartbeat."
"But what about us, Mike?" Brit asked.
"Mom's as excited about being with you as I am. She's fine with it. To you two, even though I know you love me, I'm an adventure, a curiosity. We'll have our times and then you'll move on, find mates, have families and live normal lives."
"And on that note let's pick up around here, unpack and hit the lake," Whit said.
His last words stung both girls. They cleaned up the lunch dishes, picked up everything and unpacked. After putting on their swimwear they checked on mom. She was still sleeping. They left a note on the table about her lunch and where they had gone, along with an invitation to join them. It was about an hour later when Michelle arrived at the lake. Brit and Mike were swimming. She sat next to Whit on the blanket.
"Thanks for fixing me lunch."
"What makes you think I fixed it?"
"The lettuce was in the middle. Brit puts it on the top. Mothers know these things."
"Do you know Mike's in love with you?"
"Yes, I know. I hoped for so long that it was just infatuation."
"You're in love with him too."
"Yes, I am."
"So, what happens now, Mom?"
"In the real world or my fantasy world?"
"Fantasy," Whit replied.
"The divorce gets finalized and my son and I, along with my two wonderful daughters, stay together and live happily ever after with lots of babies to keep us busy."
"Sounds beautiful."
"Fantasies usually are."
"How about the real world?"
"Mike and I break each other's hearts. I marry someone for companionship rather than love. Mike finds someone and moves on, not daring to visit often because it's too painful. You and Brit each find someone you love, and live beautiful lives. And you all make grandbabies for me."
"I like the fantasy version a lot better."
"So, do I, but that, I'm afraid, is how it must be."
"Society won't allow a mother and son to live that way, Whit."
"Fuck society. It isn't up to them. It's your lives not theirs."
"But it's their rules."
"Then fuck the rules too. You both have a God given right to happiness."
"It's God's rules that society based theirs on."
"Maybe so, but if you really look into it, the idea of being with a close family was fine with 'God' until Moses' time. Modern society outlawed it out of tradition and to protect children from the adults. What goes on between two, or more, consenting adults is their business. I repeat, fuck society, and fuck the rules. Be happy."
Her mom looked at her. "You've been studying incest?"
"Since I realized about five years ago that you two were in love."
"That obvious, huh?"
"Brit and I knew. We've talked about it many times."
"Have you talked about how you two are also in love with him and how he's in love with you?"
"We've talked about us being in love with Mike. But I think you called it wrong on him loving us."
"Let me tell you something about your brother. Michael is as fine a man as you'll ever meet. He is most certainly 'in love' with all three of us. Mike wants us to live normal, 'proper', happy lives and would let us all go on in whatever direction we choose and never allow his own feelings to interfere with that. That's how much he loves us all. He's slept with most of your friends, and mine, to show us that it's okay to live our lives without thinking or knowing his true desires. He's been putting on a show for us all to make us believe his heart isn't breaking every single day because he can't have what he desires most, us three. It's the most loving example of sacrifice I've ever seen. I wanted him to at least touch his dream. That's why I helped you girls seduce him."
"Mom, Mike said if you and Dad were still together you wouldn't have come to the cabin with us."
"He's right. I don't break promises. Your father and I made promises when we married. I had never broken them until now."
"It really is Mike's dream to be with you."
"Whit, that's only part of his dream. His dream is to be with all three of us, but he'd never tell you that. He can't tell you. His love for you won't allow it."
Mike and Brit joined them.
"I have an announcement that concerns all three of you," their mom said. "You're all grounded for your little stunt this morning."
"All we did was help you fall asleep," Brit grinned.
Mike laughed. "And you saved us some time."
"How so?" Mom asked.
"When you came that last time you popped both of their cherries."
"I did not. Did I?" Both girls were grinning and nodded. "That'll teach you not to sit on my hands during an orgasm. Serves you right," she said smiling.
"Ready to go again?" Mike asked.
"I've cum at least eight times today. How many times have you cum?"
"Three, no four. I gave Brit a facial while you were sleeping."
"You're four behind then. The rest of the day is all about you."
"Mom, there's no way in hell I can cum four more times today."
"That, my handsome young son, sounds like a challenge."
"Not at all. I was merely stating the obvious."
"Obvious to who?"
"Men just can't cum that much."
"You'll have to prove that to me. I'm a very determined woman."
"I've noticed."
"And I've noticed that bulge in your trunks. Lay down I'll take care of that for you."
"Mom, there are people all around us."
"I'm not taking care of them too. Just you."
She grabbed his cock. Mike jumped up and ran to the lake and jumped in. His mother wasn't far behind. They stood there face to face in chest deep water for about ten minutes before she swam back and walked to the blanket.
"Did you?" Brit asked.
"Three more to go and the fishies have been fed a high protein snack." Mike walked back to the blanket looking very content. His boner was gone. "Let me know when you're ready to go again."
"Mom, there's no way."
"Wanna bet?"
"Not a chance."
"Of betting or you winning?" she asked.
"Anything special you'd like this evening?"
"You mean like dinner or something, I hope?" he asked.
"I was thinking along the lines of or something, but yes, dinner too."
"Pussy for dessert, for sure."
"That can be arranged if you don't mind a BJ while you're eating."
"I think I can handle that."
"Girls, how about you?"
"Mike can eat my pussy anytime," Brit replied.
"Ditto," Whit added.
"Well, we have dessert settled at least. How about the main course?" Mom asked.
"Tenderloin," Brit grinned.
"Cooked or au naturale?" Whit asked.
"Certainly not cooked. You have to have the natural juices," Brit replied.
"Tomorrow ladies. I get him tonight, if you remember." Mom added. "Go through my toy box. I'll bet you can find something to play with in there. You're always welcome to join your brother and I, although this evening, just as spectators."
"Mom, are you always this horny?" Whit asked.
"There's just something about Mike. He's had me wet for years."
"We heard," Brit grinned.
"What do you mean, we heard?"
"When he put his head in your lap," Brit replied.
His mother looked at him. "You knew what that did to me?"
"Brit, you've got a big mouth," he replied.
"You were getting me hot intentionally?"
"Possibly," he replied.
"Do you have any idea how many nights I squirmed because of you?"
"That wasn't my intent."
"Exactly what was your intent?" Mom asked, grinning.
"Come on, spit it out."
"It got me horny and gave me something fresh to think about when I beat off."
"How often was that?"
"At least once a day. I did it to Whit and Brit too. Probably about three times a day for the last four years." He thought for a second. "About forty-three hundred times, counting leap year."
"What do you fantasize about besides us?" Whit asked.
"Winning the lottery, buying a private island and spending the rest of my life with all three of you."
Michelle looked at Whitney and smiled.
"Mike, will you answer a question for me? I need an honest and complete answer?" Whit asked.
"Yes, I'll do that."
"You love Brit and I the same way you love Mom, don't you?" she asked.
"I'm not sure if answering that is the best idea."
"Mike, we both want to know the truth," Brit replied.
He hesitated before answering. "It's against my better judgement, but I said I'd answer. Yes, Brit, Whit, I'm in love with you both. Just like I am with Mom."
"Why didn't you tell us?" Whit asked.
"Same reason I never told Mom. First, I thought you'd all think I was a pervert, hate me, and do your level best to avoid me. It was safer to keep my mouth shut. Second, even if it was reciprocated, I didn't want you to have a second-class life. I want you to have wonderful and beautiful lives. With me, that couldn't happen. You'd be outcasts."
"What if we're all willing to take that step? What if being with you is more important to us? What if that's what we want?" Whit asked.
"I know you both want kids and Mom wants grandbabies. Inbreeding between siblings runs a four in ten risk of a birth defect. That's taking my 'selfishness,' for lack of a better word, to an unacceptable level for the child. I can't do that to you or the baby."
"Are you sure of those numbers?" Mom asked.
"I am. I've researched it."
"There are other alternatives like adoption and artificial insemination from a donor. Mom is in love with you. I'm in love with you and so is Brit. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I would love being one of your three wives," Whit told him.
"I would love to be number two," Brit told him.
"Mike, there would still be a lot of things we would need to work out. It wouldn't be easy on any of us at times but that's how marriage and life are. I would be honored to be number three," Mom replied.
"Mom, you don't understand. It would be preventing the girls from having a normal life."
"Son, listen to yourself. You're equating normal and happy. What's normal life? Divorce rates run 40%. People live to work rather than work to live. People spend more time watching the TV or on their phones than they do with each other. Sex between two people becomes routine. We're all in a vegetative state just killing time until we die. Wouldn't you rather us be happy and living a life we love? Think about that for a while. We can live a 'normal' life, or we can choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. I choose happy."
"I do too," Whit replied.
"That makes three of us," Brit added.
"Mom, what you said makes sense, but I need time. I've convinced myself that it's the wrong thing to do for all three of you. Give me a little time. God, I love all of you."
Tears flowed down his cheeks as he stood and walked back to the house alone.
"Mom?" Whit said.
"Give him some space. He's thinking about us. Mike only wants what's best for us."
"How long do you think it will take him to decide?" Brit asked.
"I have no clue, honey. In the meantime, we should go on like this discussion never happened. He'll bring it up when he's ready. Be patient."
They stayed at the lake for about another hour before going back to the cabin. Mike was asleep in Mom's bed. They let him sleep. When he came downstairs, they were watching that mornings sleep treatment of Mom on the big screen TV. The girls had just straddled her arms. They were laughing and talking. Mike sat with them to watch.
"God, look at the ecstasy on her face as she's cumming. That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Mike said.
His trousers were bulging. All three women took notice. As he was getting ready to put his cock in his mom, on screen, his mother reached over and massaged his bulge. Watching her orgasm's intensity amazed them all. When she fell unconscious in the video, her eyes widened.

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