My Sisters, Mom, and Me Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooMy Sisters, Mom, and Me Ch. 04

Chapter 04 – Virginity Lost
Mom was up early, as usual, and Mike had his morning wood. She was tempted, but after thinking about it let him sleep. As she passed the bedroom where the twins were sleeping, she smiled at their positions in the bed. They were cuddling each other with their faces just inches from each other's bare pussies.
Michelle went downstairs and made a pot of coffee then stepped onto the back porch to drink a cup. It was chilly on her naked body. She set the coffee down then went back inside and wrapped a blanket around herself before going back. When she sat in the chair, her sensitive asshole reminded her of the evening before. Pulling her feet up into the chair and adjusting the blanket to cover herself, her fingers began to explore her already wet nether region. Taking her time, she edged herself several times before allowing herself to cum. The memories of her exploits with her son the day before triggered a good orgasm.
The girls had checked the weather before joining her and were both wearing robes. Mike hadn't thought that far ahead but after seeing them all covered through the window put on some sweats.
"Mom, what do you have in store for the girls today?" he asked.
"Breakfast first. What sounds good?"
"Pussy," he replied, grinning.
"I knew that was coming, but I was thinking more along the lines of food," she told him, smiling.
"How about bacon and fried eggs?" he said.
"Sweetheart, I am NOT fixing that naked, and I have no plans to wear clothes unless we leave the house today."
"Well, it's mother-daughters day, anyway. I think Mike should serve us all today," Whit said.
"I second that," Brit said.
They all three looked at Mike. He smiled. "I would be honored to serve the most wonderful and beautiful three women on the planet. Can I refresh your coffee?" His mother held out her cup to him. He took the cup then kissed her hand. "I love the smell of your pussy. Rubbed one off, huh?"
"Sweetie, why do you think I've gotten up before you three all your lives?"
"Really, Mom?" Brit asked.
"Every morning. It's a great way to start the day. I may change that now since I have the three of you available."
All three kids nodded and smiled. Mike refilled her coffee and set it on the table next to her. "How would you like your eggs?" he asked them.
They all opted for over easy. He went back inside and began fixing breakfast. He also made toast and after fixing their plates served them outside. He refilled coffee cups before joining them. After eating, all three women went to the showers. Mike did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen then made another batch of strawberry margaritas and put the pitcher in the fridge. He made a mental note to pick up more tequila, strawberries, and lime juice, then headed for the shower himself. After showers they all met up in the living room. Mike checked the video camera and put in a new disk.
"Mike, today is lady's day. Is there anything special you'd like to see?" his mother asked.
"Mom, there are about a half dozen activities I'd like to watch and video," he replied.
"Pick one. We'll see what we can do."
"That's a tough call. Brit, Whit, what do you want?"
"I don't want you and mom to feel left out but Brit and I started something last night I'd really like to finish."
"She's right. As much as I'm dying to taste Mom. I want Whit to be my first muff dive. It's all I've thought about since last night."
"I think we should go to the big bed," Whit said.
"Mike, take the shorts off. I'm probably going to need that cock watching this," his Mother told him.
He took off the shorts and followed them with the video camera. The twins got on the bed facing each other. They were both grinning as they scooted together. Simultaneously they leaned forward to kiss. It started slowly with pecks and nips but soon grew into a passionate make out session.
"Damn, that's hot, Mom."
"It sure is," she replied, touching herself as she watched.
The twins began touching each other's breasts and teasing nipples. As Whit's fingers slid between her sister's legs, Brit sighed and took her sister's nipple into her mouth. Whit pushed her sister onto her back and bent forward kissing, licking, and nibbling on her sister's abdomen. Whit got onto her stomach and put Brit's legs over her shoulders. She ran her tongue from asshole to the top of the labia, tasting as she went. Brit giggled with delight. Whit continued as she had seen her brother do the days before, starting teasingly outside the labia and slowly working her way to the more sensitive and juicy area in the middle. Within minutes Brit was on the edge.
"Tease her. Don't let her cum yet," her mother told her. Whit did as her mother had suggested. Michelle moved in to watch closely by leaning over the bed. "Mike, put your cock in me but stay still."
Mike moved behind her. He was filming so his mother lined him up and pushed back onto him. They stayed like that, not moving. Whit edged her sister several times before finally making an assault on the swollen clit and pushing Brit over the edge and into ecstasy. Brit bucked and moaned as she came, grabbing her sisters head and shoving her face hard into her pussy and clamping her legs onto her head. Whit hadn't fully prepared and found herself having difficulty getting air. Just as she was ready to start struggling Brit released her grip. Whit raised her head and took a much-needed breath of air. Her face was wet with her sister's pussy.
"Kiss me, Whitney. I want a taste," Mom told her. They kissed and her mother began licking her face. "That's delicious pussy. Mmmm."
Brit sat up then turned onto her stomach facing her sister. "My turn, lay down, Whit," Brit said.
Whit willingly complied and her sister treated her to a good cunt licking with lots of edging before she finally allowed her to cum. Mother and son were fucking slowly as they watched. Mom cleaned Brit's face as she had done her other daughter. Without speaking the two girls went into a 69 for a second go round. They were laying on their sides. Both began slowly with kisses, then over the next several minutes, began with small nibbles. Both clits were swollen and engorged. Again, without any apparent communication, they began attacking each other's clits with their tongues. Both came at the same time then collapsed.
"Girls, can you still do the straddle splits?" Mom asked.
"Uh huh," Whit replied.
"Good. On your backs, and pussies together. My tongue gets both clits at the same time," Mom said. As they got into position she spoke again. "Mike, when they cum I want you to cum in me. I'm going to make all three of you cum at the same time."
Mike wouldn't have any problem with this, he had been on the verge for a while. He slipped out and went to the other side of the bed and put the camera on the tripod then zoomed in on the touching clits of his sisters as his mother put her wet tongue between them. He went behind his mother and re-entered her. Reaching out, he began massaging both of his sister's breasts. Both girls were moaning. He picked up his pace on his mom. She was nearing orgasm too. Mom knew what she was doing and alternated the pressure on both girls to get them to the edge together. The girls triggered and both screamed in delight as they came on their mother's tongue. Mike gave two hard thrusts and joined them. Mom came with them, raising her hips to her son's pounding. In a moment, all three women were lying in a heap recovering. Mike was still pounding his mother and she came a second time before he stopped. The twins moved their legs to a scissor position but all three laid there for several minutes.
"I can't wait to see that video," Mom said. "Mike, you weren't supposed to make me cum."
"Sorry, Mom. You'll get over it. You should have seen it from back here. It was hot!"
"This might be a good time for one of you to give up your V card," Mom suggested.
"I nominate Whit. She's the brave one," Brit said.
"I graciously accept the nomination and promise to serve to the best of my ability."
All three women moved to make room for Mike on the bed. He folded a pillow to give himself a good view. Mom took the camera off the tripod, then checked the remaining time and battery reserve before handing it to Mike.
"Son, start with a POV shot until you're in, then hand me the camera."
"What's the best way for me to do this, Mom?" Whit asked.
"Straddle him and go slow. It shouldn't hurt but he is going to stretch you. That's a big cock." Whit straddled him. Mom and Brit got behind her for a good view. She was a bit nervous, so Mom held his cock and lined it up at her opening. "Very slowly lower yourself. Mike, lay still and let her do this."
"Okay," he replied.
She lowered herself and only had about half the head in when she stopped.
"Oh God. It's already stretching me."
"Slow and easy. There's no rush," Mike said. She lowered again taking the whole head and stopped. "Pull up a little then back down."
This time she got the head and about a half inch before pulling back. Each time she got about another half inch and stopped to adjust at about three inches.
"How does it feel?" Brit asked.
"Fantastic but it's really full. How much do I have in?"
"About a third," Brit replied.
"A third? It feels like it's already up to my chest."
"You're doing fine. Just stay relaxed," Mom said.
She raised and lowered again. This time taking about two more inches. Another move and she got two more before stopping.
"Long strokes now," Mom told her. "Mike, you doing alright?"
"Great, but damn, she's tight."
Whit began riding slowly but was making no greater penetration. She was loving the fullness. Her breathing became more rapid. Her slow pace began increasing and after a few more strokes she pushed herself all the way onto him. She froze and moaned.
"Oh my God! Mike are you hitting my cervix?"
"Not just hitting it. I'm pushing hard on it. We've hit bottom, Whit. Relax. Move when you're ready."
He handed his mother the camera. Michelle moved around getting the full view as her daughter began riding again. The orgasm hit Whit suddenly. There was no warning as she fell forward. Her pelvis had taken over and she pounded herself on the huge cock. Just as she began to come down, Mike came and triggered a second one for her. She milked him as she rode. She was so full of cock the cum was squirting out of her. After a moment she collapsed.
"That was amazing, Mike. Thank you," Whit said, as she raised up and kissed him.
She could feel him shrinking. "You're welcome. I'm going to need a break before I can go again," he said.
"Good, I've still gotta work up the nerve," Brit said, nervously.
"Brit, it's cool. You'll be in complete control," Whit reassured her. A grin came over Whit's face. "I'm not a virgin anymore!"
Her mother smacked her hard on the ass. "No, but you're still a rookie. Wait until you try some of the other positions."
"Hopefully, that'll be very soon," she replied.
She rolled over and let him slip out.
"Dibs on the cream pie," Mom said, as she got between her daughter's legs and began licking her clean. Brit went to work licking her brother clean then mother and daughter kissed sharing what they had collected.
Mike, Whit and Mom went to the shower. Brit went to the kitchen and returned with a tray of margaritas. She wanted all the liquid she could get, knowing that she would be next. Whit returned to the bed while the others finished showering.
"Can I look at your pussy?" Brit asked.
"Sure, looking for anything special?"
"I wanna see how much you're stretched."
Whit laid back and spread her legs. Her sister spread the labia then the inner labia.
"It doesn't look any different," she said.
"It's stretchy, Brit."
"How was it though, really?"
"It never hurt it was just tight. Once it was in, even a little bit, it was fantastic. When it was all the way in, I think every pleasure nerve below my waist was having a party. You'll love it."
"Even after seeing you and Mom ride him and loving it, I'm apprehensive."
"Brit, you don't have to do it until you're ready. No one's going to push you."
"I am NOT going to be the only virgin in the family."
"News flash, you already are," Whit chuckled.
"Are you sore at all?"
"Not a bit. I'm ready to try doggie next."
"Mike, hurry up and get that cock hard. You've got another sister waiting on you!" Brit yelled.
Mike walked in the room. "Let me eat you. It'll be hard by the time you've cum a couple of times."
"Oh no you don't. This is lady's day. I get her pussy next," Mom said. "Brittany, lay down," she directed. Brit laid on her back and her mother crawled between her legs. Whit grabbed the camera and began recording. "Pull your knees to your chest."
Michelle began by fingering her daughter's already wet pussy and slid one finger inside her. She began kissing the entire area from the inside of the thighs to the clit. She did a couple of long strokes from asshole to clit then back to the asshole, which she tongued for several minutes.
"Mom, I'm about to cum," Brit told her.
"You'll cum when I let you cum and not a second before. I'm good at this."
"Mom, I'm serious. I'm on the edge."
"Yes, and you'll remain on the edge until I decide to push you over."
Mom put a second finger inside and began finger fucking her daughter. Brit was on the edge, right where her mother wanted her. Another five minutes went by before a third finger went in. Brit squealed at the sensation.
"Mom, I need to cum."
"When I'm ready."
She sucked her daughter's clit into her mouth. Brit's hips thrusted upwards and Mom let her ease down just slightly before doing it again. Her mother got a finger on her other hand wet and slipped it in Brit's puckered asshole. Brit squealed again, as she was eaten and fucked by fingers in both holes.
"Mom, please. Let me cum, please," she begged.
"Soon, baby. I'll let you know."
Her edging was relentless. Brit was helpless in the hands and mouth of her mother. Her moaning was constant as her hips gyrated.
"Cum, baby. It's time."
Brit exploded with the most intense orgasm of her life as she grabbed her mother's hair and held her face to her crotch. When the legs clamped on her mother's head, her back arched and raised her hips a foot off the bed. She was screaming. Slowly, Michelle began easing back and let her recover. Brit laid there for a full five minutes before she moved. Mike was hard again.
"Ready for Mike," Mom asked.
Brit nodded apprehensively and moved over to make room. Mike laid back on the bed and his sister straddled him. Mom held his cock upright as Brit lowered herself onto the head.
"This isn't such a big deal. I'm hardly stretching."
"I stretched you a little with three fingers. From here on out you're on your own. Up and down now, but slowly."
Brit got a little overzealous and sat down on him quickly. "Oh fuck!" she grunted and froze where she was. "Oh my God! He's tearing me apart."
"Just relax. Give yourself a few minutes to adapt," her mother said.
Brit was panting and looked like she was in agony. She rested a moment then began moving on him. Her pleasure was mounting as she slid him in and out of her wet pussy. Mike filled her completely and began massaging her breasts. Their mother and sister watched and smiled as she slowly rode on her brother. Her panting returned in a few minutes and her face flushed.
"Oh, fuck! This is incredible," Brit moaned. She increased her pace and her brother stayed stationary. Whit wet her finger and put it in her sister's ass. "What the fuck?"
"You don't like it?" Whit asked.
"I love it. Do it harder." Her sister slipped in a second finger and began thrusting into her. "Oh god! I'm cumming!!" she shouted.
Britney arched her back and began to tremble. She was pile driving onto her brother. She screamed as her orgasm overwhelmed her and fell onto her brother, panting. Mike took over the pounding and she bounced following each impact. Brit had to force herself off to catch her breath. Mike started to cum just as she rolled off and his mother covered his cock with her mouth, collecting every drop, then moving her face to Brit's and dripping the cum into her open mouth.
Brit and Mike lay there spent for a few minutes before moving.
"Let's take a short break, then Mike you're the cameraman," his mother told them.
The ladies showered and then relaxed for about an hour before meeting back up in the bedroom. Mike had the video recorder ready to go.
"What are you girls wanting to do next?" Their mother asked.
"I want to make love to you," Brit told her.
"So, do I," Whit replied.
"One at a time or together?" Michelle asked.
"We flipped for it. Brit goes first then after a break I get you," Whit said.
Their mother grinned. "You have it all worked out, do you?"
"Yep, on the bed, Mom," Brit said.
Michelle climbed onto the bed and held out her hand for her daughter to join her. Brit took her hand and crawled up beside her. Their lips met in an open mouth kiss as their naked bodies moved together. Whitney sat at the foot of the bed watching every move as Mike recorded everything. In a few minutes, their hands were exploring each other's breasts and Brit moved down to suckle her mother. Michelle moaned softly as her daughter's lips encircled her nipple. She was letting her daughter take the lead, but kept her hands moving and stroking Brit at the same time. After several minutes exploring her breasts, Brit began kissing and nibbling down her mother's abdomen. As Michelle doubled up a pillow for a better view, she could sense her own wetness increasing rapidly. Brit again lowered herself so that her face was inches from her mother's pussy. She kissed her clit gently then ran her tongue over it just once. Brit began kissing the area surrounding her mother's sex without actually touching it. Michelle was responding with soft sighs and stroked her daughter's hair.
"That feels really good."
"Am I doing okay, Mom?"
"I'm loving every second of this, sweetheart." Brit's tongue ran up the length of her mother's labia and ended with another kiss on her clit. "I'm not going to last very long."
"I haven't hardly done anything yet," Brit replied.
"Much of it is how erotic it is to have your daughter doing it. I'm really turned on, honey."
Brit's fingers spread her mother's labia and her tongue began teasing the minora and vaginal entrance. Michelle moaned and her hips raised to her daughter's face. Brit sucked her mother's swollen clit into her mouth and teased it with her wet tongue.
"Oh, oh," Michelle whimpered. Brit released the clit and licked the length of the pussy from bottom to top and sucked the clit in a second time. Her tongue began swirling over it and in just a moment her mother groaned loudly as her hands pulled her daughter's head into her. "Yes, yes, that's it, Brit. Ohhhhhh!" she moaned, as she came. Her body tensed and her pelvis rocked as wave after wave of the orgasm consumed her. In a moment, she relaxed, smiling at her daughter. "Thank you. That was wonderful."
"Mom, you weren't supposed to cum yet. I wasn't done," Brit replied.
Michelle laughed. "That was your doing, not mine. It was wonderful anyway. Trade me places. It's your turn."
"Uh uh, it's Whit's turn. We both want to do you first, then all three of us together in a chain."
Brittney climbed of the bed and her sister took her place between their mother's legs. Whit began exploring her mother's pussy with her fingers. After sliding two fingers inside her, she began licking her mother's labia along the inside, making long strokes up and alongside her clit.
"Oh fuck! Careful or I'm going to cum right now."
Whit became even more aggressive on her mother's sensitive clit and in just moments Michelle grabbed her head and pulled her face hard into her pussy. Her mother arched her back and grunted loudly, repeating her orgasm. She rode her daughter's face as she did, then finally pushed Whit's face away.

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