My slutty sister

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Hi I am Sunil from Delhi I have grown up with her and having spent so many hours together. I have always considered her beautiful, along with all other males who have laid eyes on her. She’s got a beautiful baby face with pouting lips and long blond hair and has developed a fantastic and sexy figure in the last year or so. When I left for college, I kissed my sweet “innocent” little sister good-bye. She was 18 then. I returned last spring, a little earlier than I was expected, and saw the real girl that she was at 19. I took the bus to within blocks of my home and walked the remainder of the way. I planned to surprise my parents and my sister, so I didn’t enter the front door but made my way around to the back to attempt to get in through my bedroom window. It was getting dark, and to my surprise the lights were on in the room. Suddenly, I heard my sister giggling in the living room. I slowly crept to the half-opened curtains and peeked inside. The scene on the bed made my heart stop and my cock stiffen. There was my beautiful sister, Asif (one of her collage mate).

I had a perfect view of them sitting on the couch. He had his arm around her shoulder. His hand was already down her blouse. Playing with her ample tits. She was playing hard to get. But not too hard. She made him work for it. But before long, he managed to get her blouse off. Her hard nipples pushed against the material of the thin bra. Anjali is a real tease. She kept pulling one side of the bra off of a tit. Letting him nibble. Then covering it back up. Only to feed him the other delicious melon. The boy had a lump in his pants bigger than my fist. Anjali would squeeze it once on a while, but she wouldn’t set it free. She was driving the boy crazy. My hand was wrapped around my pole as I watched. I kept up a slow steady stroke. I wanted it to last. Didn’t want to come too soon. It took him another half hour to get her dress off. She is really sexy in only panties and bra. The crotch of her panties was set. The silken material clung to the swollen lips of her pussy. She let the boy get his hands between her sweet legs a few times. Just long enough to stroke her hot lips. But, before he could get his hand under the leg band, she’d push him away… She wanted it as bad as he did. I knew that. But he didn’t. “Take off my panties, Arif.” She whispered. She didn’t have to ask twice. He was on his knees pulling the silken sheath from her hairy treasure in an instant. Anjali even lifted her hips off the couch to help him.

The lips of her wet pussy peeked out from her bush. They wanted to be kissed. I wanted to kiss them. Even if it was nasty. She pulled Arif’s head toward her mauling snatch. He didn’t resist. This was new. I’d never seen Anjali let a boy lick her pussy. Arif went to work on her wet lips and swollen clit like he knew what he was doing. He soon had Anjali squirming and wiggling all over the couch. She held his head against her pussy and humped as she groaned and came for the first time. Finally, she released the boy’s head. He pulled away, smiling and licking the juice from his lips. His face was slick and shiny with her cunt juice. I was ready to come in my pants. But I held on. I knew that there would be more. I didn’t know how right I was. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Anjali reached out and took Arif’s prick from his pants and kissed the purple swollen head. She even stuck her tongue in the tip and licked the drop of pre-come that clung there. She licked her lips and smiled. She liked it. Next, Arif held her head and slipped his prick in and out of her mouth, like a cunt. She seemed to love it. Anjali moaned, groaned and sucked. I was on the verge of coming.

I wanted to time it so that I shot my load when he filled my sister’s sweet mouth. But that was not to be. Arif pushed her head away and climbed between her legs. Inch by inch, I watched his pole slide into her ready snatch. Fucking was good. But sucking is what I wanted to see. Arif jumped Anjali’s hot box with long slow strokes. Her legs were around his hips and she would pull her ass up to meet his downward thrusts. Faster and faster. Until, suddenly, he stiffened his back, snorted like a bull, and filled her quivering snatch with his hot cream. I filled my fist with hot come, but still, I wasn’t satisfied. Her mouth. All that I could think about was her mouth. I had to get my prick into a female mouth. I tiptoed back to my room. Arif left a few minutes later. I heard Anjali coming down the hall. I pretended to be sleeping. Her hand on my shoulder surprised me. “How did you like the show, baby brother?” She wasn’t really mad. She loved to be watched. I figured that out a long time ago. But I played along. “What do you mean, Sis?” I replied. “Don’t be a smart ass.” She spat. “I saw you snaking around in the hall. You little pervert.” She pulled the blanket off. I was naked. She probably thought that I was still dressed. It was the first time that I’d seen my big sister at a loss for words.

She just stood and stared at my nude body. My prick began to swell before her eyes. She blushed, but kept staring. “I’m sorry, Sis.” I confessed. “I know it was wrong to spy on you, but Sandy left me hanging tonight. I was in a bad way.” “Baby brother has lover’s nuts.” She teased. “Did you jerk off while you watched us?” “Yes,” I admitted. “But it wasn’t enough. It isn’t what I need.” “If you think that I’m going to let you stick your prick in me, baby brother, you are very wrong.” “I don’t want to screw you, Sis.” I stammered. “I want you to suck it.” Her eyes lit up. She smiled. “You mean you like a girl to suck you off?” she asked. “Arif thinks that is a waste.

He will only come inside me.” “You mean you’ve never done it?” I asked. “No,” she confessed, “but I’ve always wanted to. I want to know what come tastes like.” “Well, I want to feel my come shoot into a girl’s mouth. So let’s do it. What do you say?” Her answer was to lean over and kiss the tip of my erect prick. Her lips were warm and wet. A sensation that I’d never felt. It was wonderful. Better than I’d dreamed. Next, she took just the head into her hot mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head. It sent shivers up and down my spine. Her words, mouthed as she sucked, only added to the fire between my legs. I put my hand down her blouse and rubbed her tit while she sucked. The nipple hardened under my hand. I wanted to suck my sister’s tits- but that was impossible while she had my prick in her mouth. With each stroke, she took me deeper and deeper into her magic mouth. She loved it. So did me. My hips had a mind of their own as they pumped her sucking mouth like a cunt.

I couldn’t believe it. I was getting a blow job. Finally. I wanted it to last, but could feel the come boil in my balls, screaming for release. “OH! I’m going to come,” I shouted. “Give it to me,” she mumbled. “Give me your hot cream. I’ll drink it all. Suck you dry.” Her head bobbed up and down even faster as the first spurt of hot jism flooded her sucking mouth. She swallowed glob after glob. And kept sucking. It was the best come that I’ve ever had. I lay there on my back, hips pumping my sister’s mouth, as I dumped my come into her steaming mouth. She didn’t stop licking my cock until it was completely shriveled and clean as a whistle. When there was no more come to be had, she sat up and licked her lips like a satisfied slut. She sucked my off again before we went to bed that night.