My Son and His Friend Ch. 02

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My Son and His Friend
"My Son and His Friend – 2"
(This is a follow up to Part One)
Part Two
For the next few days, all I could think about was Jimmy, his cock and what we had done. Strangely, I didn't feel ashamed or wicked. Having sex with Eric and letting him use me that day at the pool had always been on of my fantasies. Yes, he was young, he was one of my son's best friends and it was fantastic. Here I was a middle aged woman who was attractive enough for a young man to want, how many of my friends could say the same. Thinking about it made me smile. Each time I passed by the mirror and saw my naked body, I felt a bit of pride and was reminded of how much Eric had wanted me.
In addition to remembering laying naked on the chase lounge with Eric, I also remembered that he made me promise to let Jimmy have me too. At first I wasn't sure if I could but Eric was persuasive and I finally told him that I would. He also promised a nice reward and that was too big of a temptation to ignore. That thought began to build in my mind, wondering how I might make it happen. Should I be open or should I be more reserved? Jimmy had already seen me in my bra and panties and in a nightgown, so it shouldn't be too hard to get him to react. I also knew I couldn't be too openly obvious and felt that Jimmy would need to be the instigator. I just needed to put the plan in place.
I kept thinking of Jimmy and of Eric for the next weeks. I told Eric I wanted to see him but he resisted, saying that he wanted me too but only after Jimmy came home. He told me that Jimmy, like most boys, would love to have their cocks sucked and admonished me to make sure that I sucked him off. In order to see Eric again, I was to give him details and describe my encounter with Jimmy. He even said that I should let Jimmy take pictures of me to prove my real determination.
I usually called Jimmy once every few weeks while he was away at college. This time I reminded him that it had been a while since he came home and that I missed his company. He came home the following Friday and I was delighted to see him. Inside, my head and body seemed to react even more, I felt a wetness between my legs as we drove home. That evening, I made a special dinner and afterward, I suggested we make some popcorn and watch a movie. The movie started and after a few minutes, I said I wanted to get into something more comfortable. I went to my bedroom where I had laid out a very sexy, almost transparent nightgown. I put it on with my bra and panties then decided that I didn't need the bra. Looking in the mirror, I felt a strange wickedness come over me. I wanted my son to not be able to resist touching his mother. The thought excited me.
I came into the room wearing a robe but it was not tied and I made sure that Jimmy noticed before I sat down next to him. For a while, we nibbled on the popcorn and made small comments when I began to flex my neck. Each time I lifted my hands to rub my neck, the robe opened and my braless breasts were plainly visible. I told Jimmy that if I sat in front of him, I would appreciate it if he could massage my neck. He mumbled agreement and I sat between his legs in front of him. As he softly massaged my neck I commented on how good it felt then pushed the robe partly off of a shoulder and asked him to continue. I could tell that he was getting into the massage as his fingers began to dig a little deeper. Soon, the robe was completely off of my shoulders and I continued to compliment Jimmy on his expertise. I moved and leaned back so that his hands and fingers could rub more on front of my shoulders. I let out small moans to let him know how great I was feeling. I also began to let my hand caress on of his legs. He was in jeans but I made sure he could feel me.
I don't remember what what happening in the movie but was making sure that Jimmy's hands and fingers would keep working by sitting so that my bare back and shoulders were fully exposed. The thin straps on my gown had also long dropped down. In my mind, I was hoping that his cock was swelling and that he would let his fingers slip further down. Occasionally, I let my hand move up along the side of his leg. When I felt him squirm and I was glad it affected him.
Jimmy began to massage up and down my arms as well as my shoulders and I moaned approval as he did hoping it would encourage him to do more. It didn't take long, I felt his fingers lightly trace along the outside of my breasts, I didn't move. Then, his hand moved down and up over one covered breast. I loudly let out a moan and he immediately pulled away and apologized. I turned, looked up at him and said that it was okay and that his massage was feeling wonderful and that his gentle touching made it even better. I reached up, found his hand and placed it on a breast.
After that, Jimmy resumed the massage and let his hands move over my covered breasts as well. I felt a new excitement and knew my nipples were hard as his hand slowly moved over them. I slowly began pulling down my nightgown until it barely covered my breasts. Knowing Jimmy was getting an eyeful, I arched my back and made sure that he could easily see my cleavage and half covered breasts. I commented on how wonderful I was feeling and that he had great hands. Told him I could almost fall asleep as long as he didn't stop. He kept saying "Mom, Mom" and I replied I was fine and that it was okay.
As I knew it would, the top of my gown had slipped further down and my breasts were now fully exposed. All I did was as "yes" and Jimmy began to caress them. I told him that I needed to sit up and without trying to cover up, I got up and sat next to him. I took a hand and placed it on a breast and he didn't hesitate to begin squeezing, then the other. I kept moaning to express my gratitude and pleasure. I let my hand move over his thighs then the bulge in his jeans. He was defiantly hard. I envisioned his cock, bulging and needing to get out of his jeans. If he was like Eric, I wanted to feel it, experience it. As I squeezed, his legs opened, his hips rose and he let out a loud moan . After only a few moments, I mentioned that he needed to get out of them.
Without speaking, we both got up, I pulled my nightgown over my head and he took off his tee shirt and jeans. We laughed, each knowing that we were being extremely naughty and not caring if we were. I reached out to him and we hugged, long and hard. I whispered in his ear that he shouldn't hold back his feelings because I was him mother and that I was fully okay with what ever and where ever this was going. As we stood there, Jimmy took both of my breasts in his hands and squeezed them, then rolling my hard nipples in his fingers. He was smiling and the look in his eyes told me that he had long wanted to be touching me this way. I thought, "Yes, Jimmy, these are your mother's tits and you can do whatever you want with them."
We dropped back on the sofa and Jimmy's hands and mouth began to devour my breasts. I held them up for him and murmured the wonderful feeling I was experiencing. He brought my breasts to his mouth and I felt I was going to die. Men have sucked my breasts and I always loved the feeling but this was entirely different and defiantly much more exciting. My son, the boy I had given birth to was now back sucking my nipples as he had as a baby and I was in heaven. Oh how I wished I had milk to offer.
As we sat on the sofa and Jimmy sucked and caressed my breasts and hard nipples, my hand was on the bulge in his jockeys. He was so hugh, I slipped my hand inside and grabbed his cock. It felt magnificent. It was as I had imagined it, big, thick, throbbing with precum leaking out the tip. I bent down, pulled down his jockeys and opened my mouth. I ran my tongue over the big head and pushed it into his pee hole then began running my teeth up and down his shaft. It had been a long time since I sucked on a cock but I never forgot the delicious feeling it gave me. Somehow, I dropped to my knees, slipped off his underwear, pulled open his legs. As I took in the beautiful sight in front of me, I told Jimmy to sit back and relax, that mommy was going to pleasure him as he had never felt before.
My mouth and hands had a mind of their own and I began devouring his superb tool and balls like I knew would give the most pleasure. He wiggled and moaned which only pressed me to work harder. I wanted my son to have the best a mother could offer. In only a few minutes, he exploded and I took as much of his cum into my mouth as I could. A lot squirted over my breasts. I finally sat up, licking my lips and smearing the cum over my breasts. A fantasy dream had come true and all I could do was smile.
That night, we took a long shower together and made terrific unhindered love. I fell asleep with with my son's head resting on my naked breasts and my hand on his cock. When morning came he tried to apologize but I told him that if anyone should it should be me but that I was feeling happy and glad that we finally broke to ice. I got up, put on a robe and went to make breakfast. When he came in and sat at the table, I knelt in front of him and began sucking his cock, telling him that as long as he was home, that this would be the start of each day. We spent a lot of time over the rest of the weekend in bed or swimming naked in the pool. Clothes were not much needed. Jimmy soon had to go back to school but promised to come back soon. To me it was the fulfillment of a dream and the beginning of new feelings of acceptance and sexual delights.
We never took any pictures, of me or each other, but Eric said it was okay after I fully described the weekend for him. As we talked, Eric kept rubbing his crotch and wanted to hear each very explicit detail, making me use words to describe my time with Jimmy that I had never used before. I had to repeat my actions and the feeling of Jimmy's cock as I sucked it. He had me undress to my bra and panties and walk around knowing that I was getting more and more horny needing him. The frustration built up until, at his direction, I began begging.
Eric visits about once a week, each time, I have to undress and beg. The routine got to a point where I actually looked forward to being with him and his demanding ways. This was a new me, needing sex and loving my role as a submissive. When Jimmy came home, Eric stayed away, although I had to describe everything to him later. Jimmy and I shared the same bed, made love day and night, and rarely wore clothes except to provoke the other. I loved getting him hard and watching him stroke and cum. In my nightstand, I have a wonderful picture of his glorious hard cock that I kiss every night.

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