My son my lover. | incest story from Rimzim

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“Mom,” he said and looked at me his mother,”I think I… I think I belong in your pussy, mom.”

“Well, of course you do, baby,My vagina is the place you came from. You came from my body,my baby, and of course you feel the desire to go back into me.”

“That’s what I think too, mom. I came from you, and inside you is the safest place there is, mom.”

“It is very natural when you think about it. Your desire to put yourself inside me is simply your brain’s way to saying that you know where you belong.”

“You came from me, and as my son, you belong to my body. Having you inside me is more than natural.”

“Mom, I love you.” “You are the love of my life”

“Mom, can I smell your vagina?”

“You can do anything”. My son prepared to give oral sex to the woman who gave birth to him. He kissed my inner thighs left to right, inching slightly closer to my womanhood with each kiss. God, he hasn’t been this close to me since I gave birth to him. Less than two inches from my outer labia now. Kissing each thigh once more, he paused to inhale my scent. Not just a quick sniff, either; he breathed in as much of my scent as he could. I’m so glad I had just showered!

“God, you smell amazing, Mum.”I saw my son stare at my mound and blushing slightly opened my thighs little more giving me a better view of sopping hot pussy hole.My muff was thick completely covering the slit and clitoris.At last, his nose was nuzzling into my curly bush rested his head over my thighs and touched my slit with the tip of his tongue.

As his tongue touched my outer hot pussy lips, I wriggled in ecstasy producing a loud moaned of extreme sexual pleasures. My baby was breathing in the musky smell radiating from my hot pussy hole;it was mind-boggling.I then gently spread my puffy hot pussy lips as son ran his tongue over the inner folds tasting the salty wetness.

I had lost all inhibitions and with every caress of my son’s tongue I was howling unashamedly.I was surprised at the amazing changes within me.I seemed to have converted into a nymph from a simple straight housewife.

I inhaled sharply and exhaled with a moan. Staring down, transfixed by my son’s lapping, I watched as he ever so gradually increased his pace. I informed him that it felt “so good”, as though he really needed spoken confirmation. It wasn’t long after I’d said that when he positioned his thumb to finger my magic button the clitoris. I responded with an “Oohohoho fuck” of encouragement. He gradually increased the rate at which his thumb bumped into my clit. Soon I my hips started moving by themselves. Faster and faster, he rubbed my clit and G-spot as I heard my breath getting more and more shallow, and my face getting more and more red. Rocking my hips towards and away from him, soon I was bucking with pleasure as I watched him – my own son – staring intently at my womanhood.

I think I was about to cry “You’re gonna make me cum, baby” to him, but before that I was knocked flat on my back by orgasm. I felt my eyes roll in the back of my head as I arched my back and spasmed up and down on the bed.I probably screamed loudly as the dam burst and the juices gushed in torrent out of me.enough. I didn’t care; that orgasm was a long fucking time coming, if you ask me. More than four years of sexual tension suddenly exploded from out of my clit. I writhed in pleasure with my only son’s face still buried in my muff.

It took probably a minute for me to stop breathing as though I’d run a mile.

“Mum can I come in you?”As a mother, I didn’t really want him to. He had entered the world through this hole.My God my own flesh and blood my own son desired to have sex with me.It hads been a very long time since I had a man in my arms or a manhood between my thighs.

I kept quiet and we both knew what would happen now. He stood up, wiped my juices from his chin and cheeks and he stepped out of his boxer shorts, finally revealing to me his throbbing manhood. My son was now grownup, his hard, meat stood thrusting from his trimmed pubic hair. I was certainly impressed with just how much of a man my son had become. Not wanting to spoil the moment by saying N baby it will be wrongI simply parted by legs wide open for him to give easy access to my son.”Come home to Mum.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he climbed on top of me and effortlessly guided himself back inside me. The sensation of my son sliding his rock hard cock into my wet opening was incredible. So much smoother, and infinitely more pleasurable than the last time he was inside me. The feeling of my own son entering me felt so divine. I could feel the heat through his cock as he started to slowly slide in and out of me, as mother and son made love for the first time.

He leaned down as I reached up to kiss him and wrap my arms and legs around his torso. With that, he slid even deeper into my vagina, and I took him all the way to the hilt. He thrust faster and faster inside me and I met his thrusts with my own, driving my hips forward to meet his dick.

We stayed that way – my legs and arms wrapped around his naked body, him thrusting and pounding his meat vigorously in and out of my hungry womb.After what seemed a eternity my son’s breathing changed, becoming more rapid and shallow. I’d had sex enough times to know what was happening next.I stared into my son’s eyes and told him, “Cum inside me, baby.”

” Yes mommy, cum inside y….”

“Don’t worry, baby, just cum inside me,” I implored him breathlessly as he picked up his thrusting pace.He spurted inside me. The bond was sealed.Now I need to get back on pills or get my tube tied up and share the bed with my son.His mom’s legs will always be open for him.