My son picked my new wife. | straight story from Grateful Father

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My died of cancer 3 years after our son was born, I was left to raise him alone and so I worked from home. Starting him at school and I would take him, picking him up after school, no relatives close by, and we were getting very well. I wasn’t looking for a new wife and was content to look after my son. My son enjoyed school and had met many friends, they would visit him, and he would visit them after school on weekends and during holidays. Some had single mothers, but I didn’t connect with them. My son liked ahis teacher very much and would talk about her a great deal. I hadn’t met her before a parent student night, the first I attended with my son as he had progressed to being tested and judged by his results. There were no problems with his learning abilities, and he was doing well. His teacher was 31 and single as she was called miss not missus, but I didn’t take too much notice at the time. I 33 was happy he was doing well, and I ran into her while shopping and we talked and after several casual meeting I finally asked her out. Not on a date with just me, one that included my son a trip to the Circus. I was happy she accepted, and we all had fun together. More get togethers followed and she and me became very close and her staying overnight. I was already starting to think of marriage, but 2 things started me acting quicker than I had planned. First her lease was up and wasn’t being renewed and the pandemic started to be talked about. I decided to have her live with us, but the locals wouldn’t let an unmarried school female teacher live a man without making some sort of fuss. So, a quick marriage followed, solving the local fusspot’s problem and also solving the pandemic problem. We setup life together just before the lockdown was called, she had to teacher via computer and only had one pupil with her during the lockdown all others were via the internet. My work was unaffected and by the lockdown’s end she was pregnant and would’ve our first child a girl. After the lockdown a long-awaited issue was taken care of, she adopted my son. He was already calling her mom and with the birth our daughter she went back to teaching, our son had moved onto another teacher. He was too old for her classes, but she takes him to school and brings him home. I look after our daughter while she is at work, it’s the same today except we had another son since. Also, we upgraded our home to a bigger one and much closer to the school, which allows her to come home at lunchtime sometimes. As it is just across the street. She loves teaching and I love her and looking after our children isn’t a chore, even those our daughter is always running about. But I found a way to get to stay close by me. I got a dog, and she adores the dog. If I want her to come to me, I call the dog and she follows him straight to me. The dog lets me know when the school is out as he gets excited as our son isn’t far away and he is met at the door by the dog and his sister. My wife is usually an hour later on, and the dog likewise lets me know she is coming. I don’t know how he knows but he does, there’s a bell when school finishes none when my wife is coming. She gets met at the door also.

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