My Spring Break Part 3 Monday

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By kyleyle Sharing what happened on my spring break that I spent with my mom, sister, and friends.

I woke up at around 9 or 9:10 and sat in bed for a few moments trying to remember what I did last night. I sat there for a few minutes and right as I remembered everything my cock started to get hard. I really stroked my cock and felt up my mom at the same time. I’m so fucked up for that, that isn’t normal! I tried to remember why I did it and than it suddenly it hit me, I still didn’t have a phone charger, the whole reason I went to her room. I took a moment to relax myself and quickly left my room, maybe someone was up by now and could just let me borrow something or maybe I could just steal one from my moms room, someone has to be up, it was 9. I quickly ran to my friends room and knocked at the door, I tried the other room and of course no one answered. I rushed to my mom’s room and seen the maid’s cleaning cart. I walked to the door and slowly opened it and seen it was the same maid from last night. The one that I handed a balled up piece of cum covered paper towel.
“Oh, hello dear.”
She said as I slowly walked in, she was on her knees washing the carpet and cleaning it of its many beer stains.
“Did you make a mess for me to clean up?”
She asked looking up, her dark blue tunic hanged down low revealing her cleavage and black bra.
“Ummm…no, this is actually my mom’s room and I came for a phone charger…”
I mumbled quietly trying to avoid eye contact with her.
“Why don’t you try waking her up honey? I’m sure she has one around here somewhere for you to borrow.”
I slowly walked up to my mom and pushed her a few times, she didn’t wake up. I was so nervous, I was standing in the spot that a few hours ago I was half naked, jerking off, and feeling my mom.
“Umm…I think I’ll just go now, I can ask her later.”
As I was walking away the maid grabbed my hand and pulled me back.
“Oh come on dear, I know you can try harder than that to wake her up.”
She pulled me over to my mom and slowly pulled back the covers to just about her pelvis, I seen my mom was still wearing the same red bikini as before and thankfully the cum from earlier seemed to be gone, strangely my sister was also still missing.
“Let’s both shake her away, that’ll work!”
The maid said with a massive grin, it honestly scared me how happy she looked. She put one hand near my mom’s hip and another just under her boobs and started to shake my mom a bit and than looked at me.
“I said let’s BOTH shake her awake!”
I felt scared and like I had no other choice. I slowly put one hand on my mom, near her hip, and began to shake with the maid. Her massive grin was gone.
“I’m so sorry but you’re mother……she might be dead.”
I stood there in complete shock, an overwhelming since of grief. Did I really do all that to my mom while she was dead? She than shoved me and yelled that she was fucking with me.
“Your mom seems to be a hard sleeper huh?”
She said as she looked down at my pants, look straight at my growing erection.
“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!”
I backed away slowly and slightly covered my massive bulge with both hands. She grabbed one of my arms and pulled it away.
“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I know what you did sweety!”
I stood there completely stunned, I was caught somehow. Did she see me walk out of here? Did she see the cum on my mom? What’s gonna happen when she tells?
“I’m so sorry ma’am, I know it was bad and I know”
She put a finger up to my lips and told me to hush.
“If I were you, I would’ve done the same thing, I mean just look at your mother!”
I looked at my mom, than the maid, than my mom again. My mom and this maid were both extremely attractive.
“I…I…am I in trouble?”
“No, of course not, we can keep this a little secret between us.”
I stood there and looked down at my bulge, thinking about what I did before.
“Why don’t you show me what you did earlier?”
As she said this she felt my legs, slowly moving up to were my shorts were, feeling the inside just below were my cock was.
“Ye..yes ma’am!”
I slowly stepped in the same position that I was at a few hours before and pulled down my shorts and boxers. I grabbed my cock and looked at my mom and than at the maid, she gave me a nod and I slowly started to stroke my cock but this time I was being watched.
“You know a lot of boys do this right? It’s completely normal to find your mother or even other family members attractive.”
She said as she watched me. I could barely even respond back besides a few grunts due to my own excitement and embarrassment. I looked at the bed again and realized something.
“Ma’am? My sister was also kinda”
“I got a picture of your mom earlier!”
She interrupted me and pulled out her phone, showing me the pictures she took. She swiped showing me how she took a ton of pictures, maybe 30 with different angles and lighting. Someone took pictures of my mom after I did something horrible. I slowly felt a strange feeling that I couldn’t describe.
“Ma’am, I really don’t feel like”
“Are you having trouble stroking it? I understand, I can help you with that!”
She put her phone down and spit on her hand and smacked my hand away, allowing herself to stroke me.
“Just pay attention to your mommy!”
She said smiling. So many thoughts were rushing through my mind, some random lady that I didn’t even have the name of was jerking me off right next to my mom, no girl had ever touched my cock before, is this really how my first time is gonna go? I than remembered my sister was missing. I could barely hold on any longer.
“Keep looking at mommy’s big tits, pay attention to those huge massive”
A shot of hot, thick, white cum landed all over my mom’s wonderful breast, as well as some landing on her face.
“Oh, sweety you did excellent, I’m so proud of you!”
The maid let go of my cock and examined her hand. She brought it up to her face and slowly licked it. With a large grin she stood up and leaned over my mother. She leaned closer and placed both hands on my mother’s face, one on each cheek. She slowly leaned forward to kiss her, this random lady was kissing my own mother on the lips in front of me. She pulled away and than looked down at the rest of my mother’s body, she slowly licked up some of the cum that landed on my mom’s face and neck and quickly sprung up. She looked at digital clock on the nightstand.
“Oh wow, it’s already 10! I should probably get going now!”
As she was grabbing her cleaning supplies I tried to explain about my sister.
“Ma’am, she’s just 10 and I’m worried because earlier she”
“Oh, she’s just with your friends dear, they were up last night swimming and having so much fun!”
Even though this shouldve been a massive red flag I calmed down and started to relax.
“Do you think we could go check on them? I couldn’t get into their rooms earlier I think”
“I’ve got some more cleaning to do but they’ll probably be up soon, don’t worry.”
She slowly walked out of the room and I closed the door and quickly followed.
“Ma’am, I’m really worried because like isn’t kinda weird”
“Nothing is weird sweetie, go back to your room and just wait for everyone else to wake up.”
“I didn’t even get my phone”
She pulled from out of her pocket a phone charger, handed it to me, and smiled.
I stood there examining the charger as she continued to walk away with her cart. I decided I could go back and wait for everyone.

As I got into the room I finally plugged in my phone for it charge and I hopped into the shower. I got out and couldn’t stop thinking about what I just did, as dried off and sat there looking at my phone watching youtube videos I slowly stopped worrying about it and whatever was up with my sister, nothing weird was happening, she probably just couldn’t get into my mom’s room so went with my friends instead. After around 2 hours of being in my room I got a knock on the door. It was my mom, sister, and friends all ready for today. This time instead of a museum it was a park, some shopping, lunch, souvenir hunting, and of course dinner. By the time we got back it was 9, everyone stepped in the elevator, the silence was broken up by my mom.
“So who’s up to go swimming?”
Everyone but me cheered and said yeah, I was extremely tired from today but I didn’t wanna be left out like how I was the other two nights.
“I guess I’ll join!”
Everyone seemed shock but my mom said it was good and told us to all meet back at the elevator in 15 minutes. I slowly walked to my room, it was the farthest away from the elevator. I got changed as quickly as I could, and started to head back only to see my sister and three of my friends were waiting at the elevator already. Kenzie was wearing a purple one piece swimsuit that honestly seemed pretty tight, she was standing in front of my friends and looked to be leaning back into them. As soon as they noticed I was walking to them Kenzie stepped to the side and avoided eye contact with me. We all sat there in an uncomfortable silence for maybe another 5 to 7 minutes before I seen my last friend and mom walking over. My mother was wearing a purple swimsuit that seemed to be the basically the same as the red and blue one but this time I could get a good look at the bottom, it almost showed off everything, if it was even a size smaller than I would be able to see her pussy most likely. I got nervous and quickly opened the elevator door and walked inside. I was worried that I was gonna get an erection in front of my mom, sister, and worse of all my friends. I stood right next to the buttons and waited as everyone slowly got in, my hands covered my crotch except for the brief moment where I instantly hit the button for the first floor. I stayed quiet the whole time in the elevator, I didn’t even pay attention to whatever my mom, sister, and friends were saying, I didn’t even realize we made it to the first floor and the everlasting trip in the elevator ended. I waited as everyone walked out before I proceeded to follow behind them, trying to avoid look at my mom’s ass which was completely showing.

One of my friends opened the door and announced ladies first before letting my mom and sister in, as soon as they walked in the others followed, as soon as they were in he followed and forgot to keep the door open for me. I opened the door for myself and seen the rule sign once again. I found the first seat I could take, the one closest to the door, and quickly laid down as everyone else got into the pool. The room was empty and large, the sounds echoed around as my friends, sister, and even mom played in the pool. My erection didn’t leave me, I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom and the maid. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes I looked at everyone and announced I was going back to my room and that I’d see them tomorrow. None of them seemed to hear me as I slowly got up and walked out the door. As soon as the door closed the sounds stopped, I couldn’t hear them yelling and cheering anymore as I slowly walked back to the elevator. This time the elevator ride was quick and short, I slowly relaxed and walked comfortably to my room despite my erection. I opened the door and instantly went to my bed and passed out despite me still wearing my swimsuit.

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