My Step Brother & Step Dad Used Me For Sex (Part 2)

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By Step child After I was introduced to sex, at 10 years old by my 17 year old step brother Lake, who actually raped me, I had affection from my step dad, David. David accidentally saw pictures Lake had taken of me and him fucking. He confronted Lake and Lake told him, my 10 year old pussy was the best thing he’d ever fucked in his life.
This made David’s dick hard, so David told me. I didn’t know David was fucking me. He slipped in behind me in the bed and started fucking me. I thought it was Lake because, he always spooned up against in the morning, after mom and David went to work. But, that day David stayed home from work specifically, to fuck me.

Both David and Lake had their way with me whenever they could. I got to where I enjoyed being used for sex by both of them. Lake went back to school after summer break was over. He lived with his mother. David had less opportunity to fuck me because, mom and him worked almost the same working hours.
But, after mom started taking a sewing class twice a week in the evenings, he would fuck me the entire time she was gone.

Then, the next summer Lake came back for his summer break. I was fucked a lot by Lake. He liked that I was 11 and my titties were developing. They weren’t big, I wore a 32A cup. David said “Anything more than a mouthful was a waste.” He loved my little titties. He sucked on them all the time. Me and Lake was wanting much bigger ones.

They fucked me at the same time. I would suck one and one would fuck me. They wanted go fuck my ass but, I wouldn’t let them. When I turned 12, I finally let David fuck my ass because, he asked me about it all the time. So, I said, “Okay.” I didn’t care for it but, he did it to me several times.

The next summer Lake didn’t come out for summer break. He and his girlfriend were living together in an apartment. So, when I turned 15 I started wanting to date. Mom said I couldn’t date until I was 16. I was still getting fucked by David. I hadn’t seen Lake in over a year an a half. But, I was seeing this boy in school on the sly and I let him fuck me. I really liked him. We fucked in his basement when his parents were gone.

He had a big dick for a 16 year old. He was as big as Lake. Not as thick as David though. David did have a thick dick. I liked it. I would sneak over to Donnie’s house when he’d call and tell me his parents were gone. I’d tell mom I had to run over to Janet’s house for something about school. It would just be a quicker fuck but, I liked it anyway. So did Donnie.

I finally turned 16 and I went kinda wild. I had changed a lot. I was now, 5’4″, 115 lbs. blonde bra length
hair with greenish brown eyes. My titties finally came in. I wear a 34 C almost time for a D, bra. I love my tits. So does David and all the guys I let touch them. I’m dating now and I see other guys other than Donnie. I told him, “Guys ask me out so, I wanna explore.” He wasn’t very happy about it but, I still fuck him once in awhile.

But, like I said, I’ve gotten pretty wild. I date a guy and if we go to the drive-in, I let him fuck me. They can tell I like sex and that I’m easy. I’ve gone to the drive in with two guys before and fucked both of them. I liked it, so did they so, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I would sit on them and let them fuck me. Sometimes, we get in the back seat and fuck. I got in the back seat one night with Mark who was fucking me and Jake was sitting in the seat so, I could suck him at the same time. I was so turned on doing that. The guys couldn’t get over me letting them fuck me at the same time. They call me all the time now.

Actually, I usually fuck every guy I go out with. The fact is, I love to fuck. Mom put me on birth control before I started dating so, I’m faithful about taking my pills. I don’t wanna have a kid, I’m having too much fun. I still fuck David. He knows I’ve fucked some of the guys I’ve dated and he don’t like it but, too bad.

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Mom had a migraine one Friday night. David had to give her some of her medicines that knocks her out. She was asleep when I got home and David came in my room. He told me mom was out because of her migraine. Then, he pulled his dick out and walked up to me and said, “I need to get some relief, Kitty.” “I’ve been thinking of you out, probably getting fucked by some guy and I’m hard as a rock with envy.” I said, “Ah, you’re hard and needy are you?” Well, it so happens, I like hard and needy guys who want me to make suck and fuck their dicks.”

David, said, “Kitty, you’re such a good cum slut, you love to fuck an I’m so thankful you do.”” Suck my dick Kitty Kat.” I leaned over and pulled his hard dick in my mouth and sucked him until he cum in my mouth. He face fucked me hard. Afterwards, David said, “So, did you get fucked tonight?” I said “Yes, I got fucked by two guys at the same time in the drive in.” David’s dick immediately stuck out of the slit in his boxers.

He said, “Fuck Kitty, two guys?” I nodded yes. He pulled me up and turned me around to fuck me from behind. I bent over the bed and held on to the bed post. He pulled my panties off, slid his fingers through my pussy, felt the cum in me and stuck his dick in. He rammed it in me 6 or 7 times as hard as he could. He said, “They fucked you and you sucked one at the same time?” I said, “Yes, an I was so turned on by it, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. David said, “Man I wish I’d had a girl like you back in school, to fuck and make suck my dick, like you do to these guys.”

So, did they just say, “Hey bend over I’m gonna fuck you?” I laughed and said, “No, they started by undoing my blouse, unhooking my front close bra exposing my tits then, squeezing and sucking on them. They pulled out their dicks for me to hold on to. Mark and Jake pulled my panties off under my skirt then, started playing with my pussy. They spread my legs apart then, both of them stuck their fingers in me at the same time. I’d never had that done to me but, I liked it a lot. They finger fucked me while, I stroked their dicks.

David is so turned on, it feels like his dick is a steel pipe. He’s getting ready to cum but, I know he wants it to last. I said, “David, stop fucking me so you don’t cum.” He stops but, he’s breathing hard an said, “Thanks, I was about to shoot a wad of cum in you. He slowly started fucking me again. He said, ” Then what did they do?” I said, “That’s when we got in the back seat and I started sucking Jake and Mark started fucking me.” “They took turns, I turned around and sucked Mark so, Jake could fuck me.”

David said, ” Man, I wish I could have watched you getting fucked by two guys.” Did they have big dicks?” Jake has a big dick, probably 9″ and Mark’s is about your size, just not as fat. They felt good fucking me. “How many times have you fuck two guys at the same time?” I said, “This was the first time but, I’m sure it won’t be the last.” “They said they’d be calling me again.” David got hard again and said, “I’ve gotta cum, and he did.

David loved hearing about my sex encounters but, he was very jealous when I went out. He knew I’d more than likely, be fucking somebody. He didn’t get to hear all the details like he did tonight.The next day, Lake came to the house and said he and his girlfriend broke up and he left her the apartment. So, now he’s gonna be staying here for awhile. I was glad to see him. He’s gorgeous as ever.

Later, after everybody had gone to bed, Lake came into my room. I woke up when he opened the door. He said, “I was hoping I could get a little pussy, would you like some dick?” I opened my legs. I didn’t have any panties on because, I figured he’d come in for a sex session. The first thing he said is, “I love these big bits you’ve grown.” He sucks on both of them.

He dropped his boxers and slid that hard dick in my pussy just like old times. He was my first an I’d probably always let him have me. He fucked me half the night, cumming three times before he went to his room. It was good to have Lake back at the house. I think I’ll be getting fucked a lot for awhile, without having to leave the house.

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