My stepdad owns me (p2)

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By Sara This is the story of the first time my stepdad made me fuck a couple of his friends from the bar (names are all fake)

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It was a few weeks after my stepdad had officially owned me, and my mom had left for a 6 day trip for work. Daddy had already stripped me of all my clothes that morning and forbid me from wearing anything until she was home. He gave me a long list of chores to do, put a plug in me and left for the day. He never tells me where hes going or what he’s doing and I know not to ask.
I started with the laundry and then picked up any trash or junk around the house and mopped. Then I did the dishes, and decided to make some lunch. I grabbed some leftovers from the night before and threw them in the microwave. As I stood there waiting, I shivered and wished I could put some clothes on. My nipples were hard as rocks and poking straight out and I rubbed my hands together.
After my food was done I quickly sat down at the table to eat before continuing my chores. I had to shower and shave, and fix my hair, so I headed to the bathroom. I realized I hadn’t taken my pills today so I grabbed them from the medicine cabinet. Daddy started me on these a few days after he used me the first time, he said one was to help my hips and boobs grow, one was to keep me ‘ready’ for him anytime and one he wouldn’t tell me, but said I needed to take it, and I knew better than to question him. After I took my pills I hopped in the shower.
After I showered and shaved, I put lotion on and checked the time. It was only 3:00, so I had some time to myself. I went and laid in me and daddy’s bed and went in his secret drawer that he thought i didn’t know about. It was full of my favorite toys that he’d been showing me. I grabbed the bright pink one he’d used the other day and turned it on. It started shaking and vibrating in my hands. I held my breath and started pushing it inside me. It was hard to do without daddy, but thanks to my plug and my pill it went in pretty smoothly. I groaned as it bottomed out inside me. There was a nub sitting on my clit vibrating really fast making me arch my back. When daddy had done it I dont remember it being this fast, but it was feeling amazing. I gripped the sheets and humped against my toy.
Between the plug and the toy, I came quickly. I turned off my toy but left it inside me, and decided to quickly finish my chores so I could go again. I looked at my list and saw the last 2 things were to make dinner and to have drinks ready. I grabbed the stuff to make somepasta with meat sauce and garlic bread.
After I made food and grabbed my daddy’s beers, I checked the time again. It was almost 7, I had no idea when daddy would be home, so I decided to lay on the couch so I could see when he pulled in. I laid down with my legs open and turned my vibrator on again and moaned. This time it was much softer, but I left it and enjoyed the soft stimulation.
I must’ve dozed off at some point, and when I woke up I could feel someone pumping my toy in and out of me. I moaned and opened my eyes, and saw my daddy glaring at me.
“Looks like someone went in my stuff without asking,” he teased as he pushed my toy inside me hard and held it there.
I gasped and grabbed his arm. Then I heard someone laugh quietly. I looked around and saw 2 guys I’d never seen before staring at me smiling. The one on the left made eye contact with me and waved then laughed as I looked away and blushed.
I tried to make eye contact with daddy but he was staring at my pussy. I was dripping everywhere and had made a stain on the couch. He kept pumping my toy in and out of me and turned the vibrations up high like I had them earlier. I tried to hold my moans in but I couldn’t. I was moaning and squirming around as he pumped it faster and harder. I grabbed the sides of the couch and whined. As I was about to cum, daddy pulled my toy out and slapped my pussy. I yelped as my eyes flew open. Daddy was staring at me smirking. I tried to close my legs but he spread them as far as they could go and held them there.
“You guys want an up close view?” He joked to his friends behind him.
They eagerly walked up and stuck their faces down inches away from my pussy. Daddy used his fingers and spread me open, showing them my wet, twitching hole and the plug that was still lodged inside my ass. The one who hadn’t said anything yet reached out first and shoved one of his fat fingers inside me. I gasped and my body reacted by humping against his hand. He laughed and started moving his finger around inside me.
“She’s soaked, and so tight even after having a toy in her for who knows how long!” He joked towards his buddy.
Daddy chimed in, “you should’ve felt her the first day I was breaking her in, I didn’t think I’d ever fit!”
I felt myself blush as they talked about me as this random man’s finger explored me. I was embarrassed and wished it was just me and daddy like normal.
The man who has waved to me moved up towards my head and shoved 2 of his fingers in my mouth. I sucked them like daddy had taught me to do, and closed my eyes as his other hand started pulling and pinching my already hard nipples. Another finger was added into my pussy and I moaned as I felt it stretch me.
By the end, i had 4 fingers in my mouth and my pussy, and after what felt like forever, daddy’s friends suddenly both stopped and pulled their hands away and out of me. I breathed heavily and tried to close my legs again but daddy still held them open.
“Well guys should we have some dinner?” He asked them.
The guys smirked and nodded and daddy finally dropped my legs. Daddy’s friends walked towards the kitchen as daddy pulled me onto my feet. Without a word, he dragged me to the kitchen as I tried not to trip over my numb feet.
Once we were in the kitchen, daddy had me warm up the food and set the table. Everytime I walked past his friends, they would smack or grab my ass or boobs. At one point when I was bringing the one who had waved to me a beer he pulled on my plug as I poured the drink and I spilled a little on him. Daddy made me lay across his friends lap as he spanked me until my ass was a light pink.
Once the food was on the table everyone sat down but me. When I tried to sit, daddy pushed me to my knees and pointed under the table. I crawled under and saw his dick sticking up from his lap. I crawled over and started sucking him as he ate. After a few minutes, he pushed my face down and held it there as he came in my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as I could so I didn’t miss any and make him mad at me. When he let my face go I gave him one last lick and tried to crawl to my chair. He grabbed my hair and pulled and pointed under the table to his friends. I whined and he lightly smacked my mouth.
“Mark first.” He said sternly as he pointed to the one who waved to me.
I sighed and crawled over and saw his dick sticking up from his messily undone pants. It was about the same size as daddy’s but thicker. I slowly wrapped my lips around it and started sucking. I heard him sigh and his legs relaxed, and I went faster hoping to make him cum quickly, but he grabbed my hair and wrapped it around his fist before grabbing my scalp and holding me down, choking on his dick. I tried to push against his thighs with my hands but it was no use. I felt myself getting dizzy when he suddenly started slamming in and out of my mouth. I drooled everywhere and gagged but he kept going for what felt like years. When I thought I wouldn’t be able to take anymore, he finally came. I tried to swallow everything but it spilled out of my mouth onto his lap. He held my face down until I got dizzy again, before pulling me off hard and wiping my face in the cum and drool mix on his lap. He finally unwrapped my hair and I crumpled onto the floor as I tried to catch my breath. I heard them all laugh as daddy pushed my ass with his foot.
“Dave’s turn sweetie,” I could hear the grin on his face.
I shakily pushed myself onto my knees and crawled over to Dave. His dick was the longest I’d ever seen but skinny. My eyes watered as I put my mouth on his tip and braced myself for him to grab me like Mark, but he didn’t move. I started going up and down, and he kept eating his dinner. He reached down every few minutes to rub my hair or squeeze my boob but that was it. After like 20 minutes, he finally started to buck his hips. My jaw ached and I hoped he would finish soon. after another few minutes, he grabbed my face and held it down as he finally came what felt like gallons. I started swallowing when he plugged my nose with one hand and held my head down with the other.
“Better hurry and swallow it all little girl,” he mocked me.
I quickly swallowed it all as fast as I could, terrified I was gonna pass out with this man’s dick in my mouth, but I was only a little dizzy when he finally let go. I fell backwards and coughed my lungs out. After a few minutes I slowly crawled to my seat at the table and sat down. I looked at the food and saw it was all basically gone.
“We just gave you dinner sweetie, we didn’t think you’d be hungry,” daddy said with a fake sweetness.
I sat there silently as they finished the last few bites. When they were done, I grabbed and did all of the dishes. The second I was done, Mark came up behind me and bent me over the counter, then he pulled my plug out with no warning. I yelped and tried to get away but he held me down as he laughed and put my plug on the counter next to me. Again with no warning, he shoved 3 fingers up my ass, and wiggled them around as much as he could. I groaned and whined as I felt him stretch me again. Daddy hadn’t been using my ass for the past few days and now I knew why.
Once he could fit a 4th finger inside me, he ripped his fingers out of me and grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder before yelling to daddy and Dave,
“She’s ready boys!”
He carried me to daddy and i’s room and threw me face down on the bed. I laid there tired and sore, not bothering to move. He grabbed the pillows from the head of the bed and shoved them under my hips as daddy and Dave started tying my hand and feet to the corners of the bed. Daddy smacked my ass hard each time he finished tying a knot and I jumped everytime. Dave started rubbing the lotion daddy uses on me all over my asshole and pussy, and they quickly started tingling. I squirmed around as I heard them all start to strip and I started to get nervous. They all started to climb onto the bed, with Dave at my head and Mark and Daddy down at my pussy and ass. I tried to bury my head in the bed but Dave grabbed my head and made me look up at him. I felt mark or daddy start rubbing my ass and pussy and Dave pulled my mouth onto his dick. He pumped my head slowly as I stared at him as my eyes watered and I wanted him smile as he heard me gag.
“Get ready sweetie” daddy laughed as he started pushing his dick into my pussy.
I moaned on Dave’s dick and tried to push against daddy. After a few seconds he started going in and out, matching Dave’s speed. Mark was pushing 3 of his fingers into my ass again and I groaned. After a few seconds he added a 4th. I tried to pull away but I was pinned between Dave and daddy and the Ropes wouldn’t have let me go far. Dave and daddy started to speed up, and I could feel myself getting close. I couldn’t stop moaning or squirming, and after a few minutes I finally came harder than I ever have. As I was Cumming, Mark started pushing a 5th finger inside me. I felt like I was gonna rip in half. Dave held his dick in my mouth as Mark started to push his entire hand inside me. I tried to scream but nothing came out but a groan, and I started crying. Eventually, Mark had his whole fist in my ass while daddy fucked my pussy and Dave fucked my face. I thought I was gonna explode. After a while, I felt daddy start to slow down and mark started pulling his fist out of me. Dave held my head down as they both slipped out, and I thought I was done. But daddy started taking the pillows out from under me then slid under and started putting his dick back inside me as he made me ride him. Then mark came behind me as daddy started pounding me again and staring pushing his dick into my sore ass. I felt so helpless as they all slammed into me, and I felt myself unwillingly getting close again. I started to grind against Mark and daddy and they started to laugh again.
“See? I told you guys she was made for this, look how much she’s loving it!” Daddy grunts out.
I felt myself start to cum and I screamed on Dave’s dick. They all started to moan as they all got close and Dave started to plug my nose again. I started to suck him harder as I ground against mark and daddy to try and get them all to cum. After a minute or 2, they all finally came inside me. Mark was last and it all spilled out of my ass when he pulled out. I had swallowed Dave’s and daddy’s was deep inside my pussy. They all got up and got dressed and went downstairs, leaving me tired, sore, and covered in cum. After a few minutes, I fell into a deep sleep.

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By Sara #Group #Incest #Rape #Teen