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My mother died when I was 12 and my father remarried when I was 14 almost 15. His new wife was very nice to me, and I liked her a lot. She had a daughter then 12 we got on fairly well. I went to university and done well, finishing in 2019. Got a great job and was living on my own. My stepsister had started university and still living at home, the pandemic came, and our parent caught the virus, and it took both of them before the vaccine was available. After the lockdown my stepsister kept doing her courses at university but lived with me. I was doing okay careerwise and dated regularly no girlfriend at the time. My stepsister preferred not to date, a hangover from the lockdown and our parent’s death. My job allowed me to work from home a fair bit but had to go to the office at least once a week. Not a drinker or a smoker like my late father but played the lottery. My numbers came out in 2021 and I was set for life, not a real large win but it would give a comfortable future. Being flush with cash I decided to move to a farm I’d seen for sale, away from the crowds. My stepsister likewise thought it a good idea, we both rode horses and with her help we setup the farm to suit our lifestyles. Getting 4 horses and a dog and chickens and starting a garden. The cottage on the farm was run down and we had it removed and moved a larger house on to the farm. The farm hadn’t been worked for years and all the fencing had to be replaced. The barn was a pile on the ground, and it was removed, and a steel barn erected in its place. I got the farm cheap and spent slightly more doing it up. We moved in and were son settled in, I got my stepsister a better car and pickup for the farm. I kept my car for going to the office in the city. The farm only added 5 miles to stepsister’s commute, and we had everything we needed on the farm installed before moving onto the farm. We only left the farm for groceries/shopping, my trips to the office and her trips to university. Hanging out together was our new life on the farm. Our first Christmas the farm was great, and we got very close. We ended up in my bed fucking and haven’t stopped since, she didn’t get pregnant, but we both decided we were meant to be together and so we married in April 2022. Have since had a daughter named after her mother my stepmother, my now wife still plans to go to university final year. Otherwise, we will just make more babies and she is happy to help me make them.

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