My Story – 2

I am Latha from Palakkad [Kerala] India. I am 29 years old and Married for past 6 years and published my first real experience about 2 years ago under the title,” MY STORY”. To be true after that I received hundreds of responses and I thought of writing my second experience for my readers. Now I got an 18 month old child and we are living out side Kerala since my husband has got a transfer as Area Manager of 4 States. I am just expressing my feelings without any restriction since I can keep my identity very well through net.

Let me write little about my past. My husband was very interested as far as sex is concerned. He and me keep on trying and experimenting new positions making it much more interesting. I like sex very much and taken many times initiative to make love, especially for oral sex after my husband introduced me to that after showing a video cassette. He told me that oral sex is not bad if we are neat and clean. It was a beautiful one describing all the lovemaking positions and it also shown how to make Oral love, 69, etc. It described how to take partners slowly to the extreme orgasm by involving in foreplay and moreover it was the first time I am watching such a movie and seeing lovemaking in screen. While watching it I become too hot and we involved in a violent lovemaking. After that I become really crazy about fellatio since it given immense pleasure. Later on my husband praised me several times for my ability in it.


If you remember I mentioned in my story that my husband’s sperm count was less. We consulted a doctor and he suggested for using their sperm bank. My husband was not interested for accepting some unknown person’s sperm and thus he suggested to get pregnant from my young cousin Raj. I seduced my cousin Raj for getting conceived. I enjoyed him definitely for the next one week by trying all poses. I am not a nymphomaniac but always loved sex. I go really wild when fucking from back and the while performing fellatio. While making love with Raj, I never thought that I will take a young throbbing cock again into my softest areas but it happened last month. That too with the full consent of my husband. It is not a fairy tale but a true one.

Recently my husband has lost his interest in sex and I never had sex with him for the last 1 year. He tried several times to insert his cock but due to lack of rigidness he failed. In few occasions he succeeded but soon lost the rigidness. So I used to give him pleasure by my mouth. We consulted Doctors but they also confirmed that due to health problems he is no more capable of getting a perfect erection. Then he started in watching blue films more and more especially of threesomes. Then he said that he want to see my lovemaking. Really I am shocked to hear that but he convinced me that he is not all interested to loose me and our daughter. After getting pregnant from my cousin Raj I never thought of another person since we led a happy life.

During that time husbands’ cousin, Deepak came to stay with us for doing his degree in hotel management. He was quite young and around 18.My husband also suggested his stay in our flat since I was alone for 15 days in a month. My husband knew very well about my frustration for the last 1 year and he is afraid that it will make me mentally unstable. He told that I have got all freedom to seduce Deepak but after that he wants to see our lovemaking. Even though first I rejected the idea of my husband as done earlier, I started fantasizing of making it with Deepak. Sorry to tell the truth I always had a crush towards young boys after my lovemaking with Raj. So I started regarding how to pave the way to make him mad about me but luckily I noticed that, while alone, Deepak started paying more than usual attention to my breasts. In order to make sure that it was so, I sometimes intentionally let my sari fall off while I bend to give him coffee or some cold drinks, so that he would have a good view. Invariably, his eyes would drop off and get fixed on them. I noticed that even while talking to me, his eyes made regular stares on my succulent breasts. After all, he is also a sex-starved young man; I thought and did not give it much thought. But since I fail to curtail those acts, it further encouraged him. He became bold enough to give me that lustful look all the time when he was around with me… But at first I used to ignore his looks to make him crazier about my body. He is 11 years younger to me. He is fit, and shapely, not bad at all, he is about 6′ tall, sexy, muscular, fair, has dark hair, and small little eyes.

Every morning he was taking his tea from dining room. That day since he has not come I went to his room. Door was not closed properly. I opened it instead of knocking and went inside. He was in deep sleep and breathing was regular and his hairy chest heaved rhythmically. In summer, most men used to sleep half naked or naked and Deepak like that looked great. He had a strong hard on and bed sheet near that area looked like a tent. Even though it was a wrong, I slowly pulled the bed sheet to watch his monster again while sleeping. It was so much bigger and thicker in its aroused condition even while he was sleeping My God. I was wrong. I felt as if he was making love with me in his dreams. I couldn’t stop staring at the thick monster even now nearly eight inches in length standing heavily between his thighs. Definitely it was a mouthwatering scene and I become too horny. I came back without giving bed tea. I couldn’t forget that scene and full day I was restless and at last found solace in masturbation. Finally I decided to make an end to this debacle. I don’t want to continue still further since I was also crazy to enjoy his perfect virgin cock.

Now coming to the real story. I was suffering from a back pain. I consulted a number of doctors. Most of them said that the pain was arthritic in nature and there was no permanent cure for this. At last, I consulted a famous Ayurvedic doctor. He prescribed an herbal medicine and advised me to have an oil massage in my back everyday. He said that I should better get it done by someone who knows massaging fairly well. I liked his advice, but who would do that for me? I asked Deepak if he knew someone who could do the massage for me because he was a regular visitor to a fitness centre for doing exercise and yoga etc. Basically, I was looking for a woman to do this job. Deepak thought for a while and said he didn’t know anyone. But he suggested that he himself would be able to do this job as he had a brief course in it from yoga centre. When I heard his suggestion, I simply blushed! First I thought. “No, it’s certainly not possible for me to agree to this. Myself getting massaged by my young cousin – no, such a thing I could not imagine.” But at the same time something came to my mind. My husband’s suggestion. A natural way to enjoy sexual pleasure. Still, I didn’t say no to him immediately. I said I would think and then decide. But at the same time I was really happy to note that I am nearing my goal and I decided to take his young cock inside the deepness of my pussy to feel the vigor and strength of a young cock again after two years. It was kind of an exciting thought. He had a healthy body as well as a perfect cock as I imagined.

I got one close friend here and her name is Geetha with whom I used to share each and every feeling. She is a divorcee but stunningly looking very sexy. Before she was in U.K. with her husband but after two years they got separated and she came back to India. She knew very well about my frustrated sex life and we used to engage in sex to satisfy us. We used to watch blue movies very often.

When I told regarding Deepak’s suggestion about massage to my friend, she was serious. “Latha, you should have agreed straight away. Then you can make your fantasy into a reality.” I agreed to that certainly since the second one is more important for me. I also confessed about my deep desire of him. She told. “Latha, if you get a chance to make love with him do it. You should not suppress your feelings within you. Moreover your husband agreed to that and it is very safe also since he is a virgin boy. Definitely you can keep as a secret and don’t feel guilty about it because your husband is also forcing you. But keep it in mind to happen it quite naturally. You know he is a young boy and this incident should not make any harm to him in his future life.” She continued with a wicked smile “If everything is going ok give that boy to me also.”

My mind got relaxed. Next day was a Saturday and my husband was also on tour. So I decided to enjoy the strength of his strong manhood that day itself since these days were safe period. My baby slept early after having her food. I called Deepak and told him about my decision. He was happy that at last I have agreed to his suggestion. To this, he looked pretty embarrassed but I have seen his face become red. He said, “Chechi, I’ll love to do this service for you.” I could see happiness in his face. He prepared everything a near a single cot after removing the bed. He told me that massage is good for the body and it shouldn’t be restricted to the pain region alone. Actually, a good massage should always start from the top – that’s what his trainer had told him. I removed all ornaments from my body and had worn a pink sleeveless gown. I laid on that cot by keeping my face to side and my back facing him. He looked at me and then said. “Chechi, don’t worry. I will do a nice massage. But you have to allow me full freedom for it. I mean you have to remove your…”He couldn’t complete the words. But I got the hint. To this, he looked pretty embarrassed and his face has turned red. I could see his face gleaming with joy. He asked if I was ready for the massage. Deepak applied the massage oil on his both palms and started from my forehead. I wondered why he was massaging me there, as I never had any pain in that region. He gently massaged my forehead and then my cheeks and chin. He softly applied oil in my face. I relaxed and enjoyed what he was doing. He massaged my lips as well. After that his hands came to my ears. He caressed my ear lobes and I felt it so relaxing, so enjoyable. Many will agree that it is a very sensitive part.

While making love just take in your mouth and watch the reaction. I wanted him to continue with my face for some more time, but Deepak surely had more things to do.

His fingers slowly approached my neck. He could then massage my throat and the neck region without any obstruction. When he was continuing massaging, I was trying to imagine how would he massage my back? Now I have to remove my bra and petticoat? Oh, No! I just shuddered to think that. At least I have to remove my gown and bra otherwise, how, I wondered, would he massage my back? I had a strange mixture of nervousness, shyness, uneasiness and what not! My heart began to throb in excitement. He was doing everything with such a great care that I had a great feeling of liking from within. He repeated the same things with my left palm. He was all the time talking to that and me must have helped in making the atmosphere easy. I was having pink nail polish on my nails. He smiled and joked, “Chechi”, everything is pink for you today.” With the oil on it, those were glittering. I just asked wickedly in my mind. “There is some place down and it is also pink inside. Can you do massage there also?” The next item of massage was surely my hands.

He then rubbed my hands with force, sometimes pressing and kneading. I could sense that my blood flow was increasing and I was feeling hot, even though the air conditioner was on. Deepak continued to massage my hands up to the elbows for some more time. My gown was covering rest of my hands. When his fingers moved above my elbows, he softly whispered in my ears, “Chechi can you unfasten your gown please.” I guessed because of his shyness he couldn’t complete the sentence, but I could clearly get the signal that he wanted my gown to be removed. Although, I was under this tension for a long time before my massage, when the moment came, I was so much engrossed in the massage that I didn’t hesitate to remove it. I unbuttoned the gown from the front and he helped me to take it out of my hands up to my waist. Except a bra I was naked above my waist.

His fingers could now freely move above my elbows, right up to my shoulder joints and arm pits. He was saying that my hands were too soft and massaged them with greater strength and energy. I was having increased blood circulation and wanted him to continue the massage in this manly way. He then rubbed my shoulders and lowered my petticoat to the extent that he could completely massage the upper area of my back. He asked me how I was feeling.

I admitted that the massage was bringing great comforts to me and he was surely doing a great job. While he was massaging my back and especially my pain region, I suddenly felt that all my pain had suddenly gone. It was just incredible. I was deeply engrossed and I didn’t even bothered to protest, as his trembling fingers unhooked my brassier strap at the back. GOD!! I was expecting this at any moment. Deepak slowly removed my bra, as I tried to protect my boobs with my hands from both side.

He was standing behind me and could freely massage all over my bare back. He started gently with my spinal chord and the regions around it and massaged with force when he came to the sides of my back. At one stage, I felt that his fingers were quite close to me breasts. I was wondering what would happen, if his fingers accidentally touched my breasts! The moment this crazy thought came to my mind, my heart started throbbing.

I was torn between embarrassment and arousal. I realized I was getting horny, my face was getting red, my eyes were burning, my pulse rate was increasing and I started getting a sexy sensation between my legs. I knew that due the relationship between us, Deepak would never dare to touch me there. But, somehow, at that moment, all my sexual desires, which were absent for many months got revived and I desperately wanted this young boy to touch me there.

At that moment I only wanted a hard male squeezing of my breasts. I was desperately waiting for an accident to happen. But no! No accident was happening! His hands were still keeping a modest distance. Why he is not touching it? I was getting restless for a touch.

By this time, I was awfully eager to get fucked by this young stud. At one stage, I turned my face to him and just pointed fingers to my boobs and asked with a husky, trembling voice,” Wouldn’t you massage me here? “. Deepak blushed and looked red. I tried to look at his Bermuda. His swollen cock made it a tent and I could make out how horny he was. That made me more excited. I was trying to visualize his erect manhood inside his Bermuda and felt that my hot cunt started tingling strangely and I could sense my molten cunt cream after a prolonged period. “Chechi, I…I thought you wouldn’t allow me to do it there”. He was clearly stammering in excitement and fear. “No, no, you are my sweet cousin and why should I mind? After all, it’s a massage isn’t it?” I tried to behave as natural but in my inner mind I want to get squeezed my breasts by his hands. He could not wait any longer. He oiled his palm again and pressed my breasts. GOD! Was I cheating my mind? I surely was. It was for the second time in my life that a person that too of a young boy had taken control of my breasts other than my husband.

“Ohh..! Squeeze it… Squeeze it more.” that’s what I wanted to shout, but I tried to apply my control. He was faithfully oiling my breasts. My hard nipples, the erotic circle surrounding that and all over. He was doing with his both hands- sometimes softly, sometimes tightly, giving a different sensation at every moment. The nipples became harder. Milk started flowing from my breasts since I was breast feeding my child. GOD! Who taught him to be a lover like this? Nature? I wondered. For the first time, I started making verbal expressions. While Deepak was cupping my breasts, I was still careful in not exposing me completely. Even though he was massaging my breasts he was sitting behind me. So he could see only the side of my breasts.

“Don’t feel shy – do it nicely, ahhhh… just like this!!” He was too excited to talk to me. His inexperienced hands ravaged my precious assets. He kept interchanging his attention between my two breasts. My moans and occasional screams of pain were driving him even wilder. It was like I was in some kind of half consciousness and half dream. He faithfully obliged and drove me to wild with greater and greater ecstasies. After completely satisfying me with the breast massage, his hands reached my belly. I was enjoying the tickling sensation, especially when his index finger reached my deep navel. He put some extra oil inside that to make it a pool and tapped there a few times. While he was caring this region, I was trying to imagine the next part of his massage. Where would it be? Below my waist and lower belly? God! I couldn’t imagine anything more. My sex-starved cunt was creaming with a fresh supply of cunt juice. It was paining. I was dreaming if I could get a massage right till there. “Oh, Boy!! Do it!! Do it till there. It’s just for the sake of a massage – so don’t feel shy…”

No, I was certainly not bold enough to utter these things in reality. Instead, I was trying to apply my willpower to control such dirty desires within me. I was unable to explain how a woman like me could, could adventure this much with her cousin that too with virgin young boy. When he completed massage of my upper part, I was not bold enough to go further. I told Deepak to bring some water from fridge. So I thought to put a halt temporarily. But I knew that my body was on fire and was I mischievously thinking of using the situation for an adventure with my cousin? The moment I thought this, I could sense an increase in my pulse rate and throbbing of heart. I was restless to enjoy the ultimate pleasure and all that I needed first was just a young boy who would be able to overpower my pain with lust. I was getting horny again. Immediately, I thought of the relation between us and the age difference. What would people think of me, if ever others know about our relation? But at the same time something was dragging me more powerfully to the other side to enjoy the vigor and strength of a powerful cock.

I thought of an easy option. I had already decided that I would not miss my chance of getting this young boy. Moreover my husband was also persuaded me to seduce him and there is no need of any guilty feeling. Then why should I be so afraid of the society? Why should I afraid of my husband since he put the idea into my mind. My daydreaming, fantasies and tensions got abruptly halted when Deepak came back with water. “Chechi, won’t you have to complete the massage now?” He asked. I looked at the clock. He was ready with the oil. “Do we start?” he asked in short. His voice wasn’t all normal. He was visibly tense and I was tempted to look at his Bermuda. My hands were eager to touch the strong manhood of this cute young man. But, I must not give him a feeling that I am in urgent need of a sex. At the same time, I wanted my lust to flourish under the disguise of massage. When I told ok he again stood behind me. Definitely he was much closer to me than the way he did before. My God. His hands again went to my eager breasts this time he pinched my hard erect nipples, I moaned loudly, expressing my passion, as he built up his strengths more and more. He again started squeezing my breasts mercilessly moving both his palms all over them to make them slippery with oil. Should I give him a glance of what he has done to my breasts? The moment this thought came to my mind, I felt my whole body getting baked in the heat of passion. No, not now, I thought. It was wonderful It was the best type of feeling I ever had. I felt I belonged to a new world of pleasure. I completely surrendered myself to him as he took charge of me.

When he finished massaging my top half, I was so deeply engrossed in pleasure that it was difficult for me to leave it at that stage. I wanted more of it. Yes, in the lower part of my body. Yes, I wanted it; rather I was dying for it. And, I had to say at last, “Deepak, it’s wonderful. I can’t stop here. Wouldn’t you do it more?” I almost begged with lust. He was too excited and speechless. Maybe, he never dreamt of this situation in our relationship. Nor did I, but it was. At that moment, I was ready to gift my body to him. When he moved to table to take more oil I could see his Bermuda. It was steadily going up and up. It’s a human body. Our mind may understand taboos, morality, inhibitions and other forbidden aspects, but body doesn’t. When a river is desperate to break its embankments, you can’t stop it. And in moments, when the lust is too strong, your mind won’t listen to you. The desperate river will wash away the dams that you may like to construct. I wanted to touch his throbbing cock. But immediately felt that at least he must complete the massage before anything gets out of control. I was lying on my stomach. My petticoat was the only garment that covered my body and I didn’t wear any panties, while I am at home. He had to start his next part of the job.

“Chechi, will it be there on your body?” He asked with a clumsy voice, pointing to my petticoat. My sexual tensions were at its peak, but still I hesitated for a moment to directly answer. Certainly, Raju was not courageous enough to remove my last piece of garment without my verbal consent. I was silent. My cunt was quivering and I felt that all my juices would now burst out of it. I desperately wanted my petticoat out of my body. Still I was silent. Raju started massaging lower part of my waist, while the petticoat was still on. “How will you do it unless it is removed? “I tried to keep my voice steady and cool, but it obviously betrayed, as the fire within me was on. His fingers reached the knot of the petticoat string. I helped him to unfasten it and he did the rest. He pulled my petticoat down and down further, below my buttocks, thighs, legs and toes. While he was removing my petticoat, I wanted to make the whole atmosphere so very natural that I told him with a husky voice, “What’s the point in being shy before you?” as if to suggest that he was so close to me. I tried to introduce some innocence in my words and it sounded so very exciting in my own ears.

Even two days before, could I ever believe that I would dare to lie down completely naked in front of this young boy? What was unthinkable two days back, was a naked reality today. I was not in a state to think of the shame and embarrassment, which was so natural for a lady, with no exception of me. My mind just drove me wildly into a new state, where I rather enjoyed and was excited by my own nudity in front of this young boy. Let him look at his lady love. Let him be proud of his wonderful massaging power that could transform his loving Chechi into a state where she was burning with forbidden lust for him. I closed my eyes and completely surrendered myself to this young masseur.

His hands reached my perfect buttocks. I am quite fleshy down there and even a soft pressing of his finger could penetrate quite deep into my flesh, all the way up to my bones. He was using both his hands, in a rhythmic way. ‘Ahhh…. Mmmmm…. Ahhhh.’ were the uttering that I was unconsciously making out of my mouth. OH! It made me feel so…. Good. As he pressed my buttocks, I could feel more and more pressures on my bare cunt, which was clearly spoiling the bed sheet underneath. Unknowingly, my fingers went there to touch my clitoris.

“Do it nicely, everywhere.” I said, without clearly explaining the word. “Everywhere.” I wasn’t sure what message did the word carry to Deepak .I didn’t dare to look at his condition. I guessed that his erection would now be at its peak and he must be close to reaching his orgasm. He might be desperately trying to close his floodgates and prevent any embarrassment in front of me. His oily palm slowly went up to the crest of my ass cheek and then traveled down slope. His palm was deeply buried inside my inner thighs. He carefully oiled me there too. I felt a bit of pain in that soft, delicate area of my body. Along with the pain, there was so much of an illicit pleasure in it! His hand almost touched my pubic area, although he didn’t exactly do it.

Thereafter, Deepak started massaging the backside of my thighs. His fingers then rolled over to the front side of these. He was still not tired, but continued to grow in strength I felt. He went further on my knees, my legs, and my toes and even up to my toenails. I just can’t describe how wonderfully he did. You have to imagine that. My entire body was shivering in pleasure – something I had never experienced before. And where was my pain, because of which I had agreed to a massage in the first place? I tried to sense my backache, but believe it or not, I couldn’t even feel a trace of it.

I had already crossed the point where I could tell him to stop. By then, my cunt was feeling restless to accept the strong manhood of my young cousin, which was harder than a steel rod and was about to explode. I had fully revived my sexual passion and I was desperately waiting for a hard rock like cock to penetrate me with a force. I felt that my heart bit was going to cross all possible limits.

After finishing my toes and the nails, Deepak paused. Both of us were speechless. There was an uneasy calmness, exactly the way it happens before a storm. He hadn’t yet massaged my dark hairy triangle and I was in no way prepared to leave that out. Perhaps he too was eagerly waiting for a signal from me. He rubbed his palm again on my nude body, this time moving up and sideways. His palm moved up to my thighbone and his fingers rested on my groin. Was he waiting for me to tell about further massage? I touched his finger and slightly raised the left side of my body, leaning right ways. Still, I was a bit shy about exposing my dark hairy pubic triangle before him. Instead, I dragged his and my hand together and rested them on my pussy. That served two purposes. My triangle was still hidden from his direct view and at the same time, I was getting a manly touch close to my pleasure zone. He must have sensed my wetness there. He was looking so much excited. I sensed his body heat, which was melting more and more cum within me.

He was standing quite close to me now. I could now touch his manhood. I did. Was I touching a hot iron rod? I couldn’t feel the direct heat, as his Bermuda fabric was protecting his cock. I unfastened its string as I myself lay down on my back parting my thighs wide apart. The sliding of his Bermuda halted, as its top front portion was unable to slide past his massive erection. I started laughing wildly out of my own excitement as well as the big dirty fun that was involved with it. I gave his Bermuda a small jerk and then it fell down, exposing his massive erection. He wasn’t wearing anything on the top and so, this made him completely naked. His incredibly long, thick cock hung heavily between his legs. I had seen quite a few of those porn stars with huge cock and amazingly his cock matched to them. I was amazed by the magnificence of his strong body. His cock head was pink and the overstretched skin on top of it was shining. I sensed he was about to lose his erection because of his nervousness, inexperience and unprepared ness of the situation. I touched him there, as his cock swelled up within seconds under my fist. I have seen two cocks live in my life-Of my husband and cousin Raj. But this one was really very big than both. So I have decided not to miss the chance to feel the strength of this monster.

“You have to use this massive tool to massage me there”, I said, tapping his cock gently with my fingers. I was trying to suggest that I couldn’t wait any longer for a coital pleasure. Instead of telling that directly, I tried to behave as if everything was a part of the massage and it’s a part of the job that he had willingly volunteered.

“Chechi, is it true?” Deepak was too excited to express his feelings beyond this. The storm was approaching as Deepak came on top of me. His cock head was now resting on my triangle. His body was shivering as he rubbed against my nudity. I grabbed his cock and applied oil very well to have an easy entry to my opening. As I thought briefly of my husband’s suggestion, I looked up at this finely tuned machine. His fully loaded love gun was gigantic and pulsating. I thought of tasting this huge cock first but then I decided to feel it inside my pussy.

“Now you can start the massage” I said in a naughty manner. I wanted to make the boy understand that fucking is just a part of the massage. And there was a storm in no time, as he started the rhythm. “Ooooohhhhh… Harder!!! Faster!!! Do it… Ahhhh …”

“Chechi, ever since I started staying here, this was always my ultimate wish. ahhhh… I…I never knew ….or I never thought it would be true some day. Ahhhh.” He said while both of us were deep inside our coital pleasure. I was so swollen and wet, he had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch my tight cunt. As I thought briefly of my husband, I looked up at this finely tuned machine. His fully loaded love gun was gigantic and pulsating. I was so swollen and wet, he had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch my tight cunt. My husband’s custom fit hole was now being resized. He thrust in and out, sinking deeper into my pussy with every push until finally his entire shaft was into the hilt, filling me completely. His pubic bone ground flat against mine. I started to mouth a protest again when I felt his huge shaft push even deeper, until it touched my cervix at the opening of my womb.

He thrust in and out, sinking deeper into my pussy with every push until finally his entire shaft was into the hilt, filling me completely. His pubic bone ground flat against mine. I started to mouth a protest again when I felt his huge shaft push even deeper, until it touched my cervix at the opening of my womb.

“Ahhh… Hhhh….. More… deeper… deeper…. ahhhh” I cried out, as he went further and further in. The way I was pumping my cunt up and down on his rigidly fucking cock-pole, he had no choice but to keep pace with me. “Ahhhh… Ahhhh…..More… Deeper… Deeper…. Ahhhh” I cried out, as my young lover went further and further in. Where was the pain that troubled me so long? It was incredible. I revived my passion through an extremely forbidden relationship but it was a naked truth. I was overjoyed. I wanted to cry out, “See, I can do it.”. But, it was nobody else. But my husband’s 18 year cousin. That did it.

That did it. I exploded in my first real orgasm ever I thought I was going to pass out, as wave upon wave of pleasure went through my body. I screamed with ecstasy as Deepak pulsating eight inches easily past my husband’s territory and slid deeper into its own. My legs were straight up in the air and my fingernails dug into his muscular arms as he landed all of his rock hard sausage into my engorged cave. When I finally recovered, I realized my pussy had adjusted to his huge size and his massive cock was sliding smoothly in and out of my wet slit. I was in love with his huge cock. I had a fire inside my body that only a long, hard hose could extinguish.

By now my innocence was gone and my once proud pussy took in his 8 inch pole like a pro. I needed it so bad. I bounced and bucked so hard, I thought this thick prick was going to rip me in half. My body finally had what it had been waiting for all days. I was moaning as Deepak slammed himself into me, bucking with the pure pleasure his cock was giving me. It was fantastic having such a large, powerful forbidden cock inside me. Confident my joy canal could take his wood, he slowly pulled it back and fourth to spread his wide load with my joy juice for lubrication. Deepak wasn’t holding anything back and strongly ripped open my cunt with his rock solid wide 8 inch load. He pumped me fast and hard. I felt I was going in and out of conscience as he fucked me and I felt my second climax building up in my stomach very quickly. I was going to come again!

Deepak’s thrusting then got stronger and I realized he was about to cum too. Then I felt it. The feeling that I’ve yearned for again every day since that moment. His whole body lurched forward and I felt the tip of his penis smash against my cervix. He groaned loudly and shot the first spurt of his semen deep within me. My god, he wasn’t pulling out! He was coming inside of me! I was filled with both the feelings of ecstasy and terror. I tried to push him off, but it was too late. His hands were holding down mine and he was pushing into me with all the strength and intensity of his orgasm. What really surprised me is it felt so incredible! I could feel his hot sperm literally shooting into me. I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me. It fired with enough force and quantity; I could literally feel each forbidden jet hit my cervix and penetrate through my womb.

“Oh… I… Can feel it… Your coming… Inside me… Oh no… Oh no… Not. Now… Oh… Feels… So good… I’m coming… Ooohhhh.”, as my hips again involuntarily began to push hard against him. My cunt was pulsating as my body fought to ingest all of his love cream..

I exploded in my first real orgasm ever I thought I was going to pass out, as wave upon wave of pleasure went through my body. I screamed with ecstasy as Deepak pulsating cock easily past my husband’s territory and slid deeper into its own. When I finally recovered, I realized my pussy had adjusted to his huge size and his massive cock was sliding smoothly in and out of my wet slit. I was in love with his huge cock. He was matching perfectly stroke for stroke by holding my body not to slip out his cock. He was pumping his cock up into me to meet my every down stroke, driving his big dick as deep as it would go. Our fucking was getting quite vigorous and my pussy was slurping and farting as his cock pistoned in and out. He kept stroking and fucking his cock with my pussy again and again. I started talking dirty again by making sounds again, grunts and moans. We were getting close, very close to the sweet climax. The most intense orgasm I’ve ever had hit me as he continued to thrust and all I could do was grab his ass and pull him into me further. My entire conscience was focused on this pleasure between my legs now and I screamed with the greatest sexual experience of my life. Wave upon wave of ecstasy went through my body as I wrapped my legs around Deepak and pulled him into me deeper. It was wonderful. I could feel his seed pouring out of me and down the crack of my ass as he kept spurting. I couldn’t believe there was so much of it. As the waves subsided, I could feel the hot warmth of his load spreading out into the depths of my body, searching for my eggs. I just lay there for a moment in a dreamlike state marveling at the feeling of what was happening inside of me. As we slowed, we were trying to control breathing under control. We stopped with his cock still buried inside me. He was looking at me with gratitude, as if to say that he had got the best possible reward for the wonderful massage that he had offered to me. It was a very different day I ever experienced in my life. I enjoyed a massive cock inside me and enjoyed the ultimate pleasure of lovemaking for the first time in my life. I kissed this young boy before getting out and whispered.” Deepak. Now I will show the pleasure of oral lovemaking. Let us enjoy the pleasure now itself. First let us clean ourselves.”

I told him to come to bathroom. Before coming under the shower, I just looked at my nude figure in the mirror. My breasts were still warm and reddish with the increased blood flow resulting from the massage. I had a close look at my breasts. Every square millimeter area of my breasts was glittering with oil. He hadn’t missed a single spot. I was looking at my breasts with utter disbelief that Deepak today handled these too with my own invitation. I just whispered to him. “My boy, you have not spared even a single part of my body.”

I never knew that massage makes one feel so good, so relaxing it is. While I was still trying to recover from my arousal that resulted from the happenings of today, Deepak too was looking unusually quiet. For him, it was the first experience and he might have been trying to recover from the sexually explosive sexual shock that he received. I sat up on the edge of bath tub and asked him to soap me. As he very affectionately fondled my body with soap, I enjoyed the feeling of getting pampered. He paid special attention to my boobs by fondling it for long time as if a child got a new toy. After he soaped my chest and belly, he went behind me and soaped my back. Now I soaped him in his chest and back. As I soaped his balls and cock and opened the foreskin he had a full hard on. I lifted my legs above water, one after the other, and he soaped my legs and thighs. He touched the skin on the pussy and tried to see through the hair what treasure was hidden under the jungle. He took his time to explore the surface of the pussy and to feel the shape and depth of it. As he located the fold of the pussy he traced his fingers over the parting, but never tried to go in. Initially I was enjoying his curious exploration, but felt impatient, as he didn’t make any attempt to go in. I was dripping wet and my pussy got quite damp.

He asked me to stand up so that he could he could soap my buttocks and crotch. Instead of standing up I got into a crawling position and asked him to soap my butts and my crotch through the gap between my thighs. As he made the whole area slippery with soap, I held his cock and soaped it again. I asked him if he could now put his shaft inside me from behind. He said it was difficult but he would certainly try. He was now quite familiar with the anatomy of that zone and opened up my pussy with his hands and placed the cock in right position. I encouraged him to push hard and he did so. Oh, what a strong thrust it was. The slipperiness created by soap helped, and in one attempt his thick rod penetrated me. Again it was the wonderful filling of getting reaped open and a strong and violent cry came out of my mouth. As he pushed in and out and squeezed my boobs with enormous pressure, I screamed in pleasure. Both of us now took much longer to cum and pleasure mounted in steps. As I was about to face a violent orgasm, Deepak started filling me up. We finally ended up in a very satisfying climax.

It was a pleasure to fondle his strong naked body. As I was soaping his cock, I could feel a stir in my hands and was awed to see his strong manhood getting back it’s full hardness. I opened and closed his foreskin; the movement wasn’t smooth and I put a bit of soap inside the skin and it started moving fast. I felt wonderful as I used my both hands to move the huge shaft. He ran the shower again. While he kissed me with enormous strength, I pushed my breasts forward as if I was offering my treasured mounds to a deity. My full, proud breasts, nipples hard with desire and excitement, stared back at Deepak. He took my breasts to his mouth, hungrily assaulting them as if they were melons and drank all the milk stored inside. My God, that feeling was really incredible. He played with my breasts many times and ravaged them roughly and many times emptied the milk stored inside it. But still he is not satisfied. I now lied on my back and asked him to turn on the telephone shower. As the spray of water hit me, I adjusted my position so that my boobs and pussy get the strong spray directly. I folded my legs, parted my thighs and lifted my hip to expose my pussy direct to the sharp spray. I enjoyed the wonderful tingling sensation on my boobs and pussy for a couple of minutes and then asked him to turn off the shower. Then slowly we got and dried each other with towel.

I become too horny while thinking of tasting his cock and his tongue and mouth exploring the inner folds and deepness of my pussy. He was lying in that bed next to me. I just started to massage him with my rich breasts and he become really mad while my breasts smashed to his chest. I moved further down and kissed on the bulbous head and licked it with my tongue. Then I showered passionate kisses on that and he became tingling again with the orgasmic sensation. With little flicks of my tongue I bounced his cock around my mouth while sucking on his prick like an enjoying a lollipop. My tongue ringed his cock first in one direction and then reversed to go in the other. While doing this my fingernails tenderly scratched his balls and drew patterns across his wrinkled skin. Slowly I shifted my attention to his balls. First I simply licked every inch the surface. The skin was extraordinarily soft and silky to me as it gilded over the balls. Slowly by taking both balls to my mouth I ran my talented tongue from one ball to the other and back again rapidly. I sucked, bobbed and caressed his ball to the accompaniment of his moans. My mouth returned to his rapidly swelling cock. Taking his cock out of my mouth I began licking up and down the sides of his prick cock eagerly. Coming to the tip of his cock-knob my tongue circled its outline, skimmed across his velvet prick skin and darted to his tiny cum-slit. His cock become big again and I shifted my oral attentions again to the sac hanging behind his huge cock. The sucks and tugs continued until I shoved his cock to my mouth once again. He sighed again as he felt my lips wrap around his throbbing shaft and my mouth coax his penis to an ever increasing hardness with it’s leisurely up and down movement on this length. Grunting Deepak got hold of my face and started moving his hips back and forth violently. His wet and rock hard cock slided in and out of my mouth. Teasingly I moved my wet tongue around the shaft, feeling the veins swelling, as it grows even harder. Eagerly he increased his speed, fucking my mouth with deep and eager strokes. He was very excited since it was his first experience and what is happening was beyond his dreams. I swallowed him repeatedly, letting him have his way in my mouth. I felt each and every inch of his throbbing cock in my mouth.

Almost choking I continued my job and he holding my head tightly fucked his cock through my mouth into the narrow construction my throat. Finally a wild cry gone out of his mouth. “Oh.Chechi. I am coming. ohhhhhhh”. I was really mad with lust since I was going to enjoy his semen for the first time. Cum spurted to my mouth and against back of my throat until his semen filled my mouth. A few more hard sucks extracted the last of his tasty warm juice into my mouth. I was really aroused by just tasting his virgin semen.

As you guess this was only the beginning and really both of us made love again and again. Definitely I will come back a third chapter about more sexperiences between us that too for my husband. Many readers will doubt regarding genuineness of this story. I want to say that it is a true one and such things would have happened everywhere. Awaiting your sincere comments. Email [email protected]