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My Strict Young Governess Ch. 02
By Susan Greenway
[This story involves discipline and bodily functions. If either of these topics bothers you, please do not read the story. All characters are well over 18.]
Earlier in my life, I spent some years as a governess. I did not have the occasion to be asked to take charge of a woman older than I was, but I did have thoughts of being able to exercise that authority over the mothers by whom I was employed. These mental wanderings aroused me as I considered how I would discipline these middle-aged women and correct them both privately and in front of their husbands, and even their friends. I have tried to set down here a full account of these imagined times when I would dominate these women in their own homes. It would always occur at their request because the idea of a strict young woman controlling their lives in the most intimate ways was clearly as much in their minds as my taking charge of them was present in my thoughts. My interest was to dominate them as adults in an embarrassing way; they were regarded by me as incipient submissives, not as participants in any age play, infantilism, or regression.
After a first week, I was still pleased about our hiring Suzanne, a pleasant 25-year-old woman, to serve as the governess of a 45-year-old married lady: me. Despite her demure appearance, Suzanne fulfilled what I had hoped for from a younger, strict governess. She had me dress rather plainly but with an embarrassingly short skirt. She controlled my sex life and supervised me in the bathroom. And she settled into my place in the marital bed with my husband Ned.
Suzanne decided that we should go to a women's clothing store which she had previously patronized and order me some clothes that she wanted me to be wearing. This would be my first shopping trip with her, and she decided I should wear the plain blouse and short skirt. She also had me in one of my old bras that were cheap and hard-wired and constantly made me conscious of their presence. I'm a 34B, which is nice if not busty, and these bras did little to make me look more shapely than I am. Suzanne had made me put on "granny panties" that were big and off-white and well-worn.
We arrived in mid-morning at a store, Melanie's Feminine Fashions, that looked like it accentuated the plain more than the fashionable. There were mercifully few in the shop and a breezy young woman came over to assist us. Suzanne explained that we needed some clothing for me, and the saleswoman proceeded without batting an eyelash to ask what specific features we wanted.
I of course refrained from speaking as Suzanne did all the talking for us. Had I dared to express my preferences, I was actually afraid she might take me across her lap and pull my panties down for a spanking in front of everyone. It's not quite as acceptable to do that today but it struck me that this might be the kind of place where things like that could happen. And since I'm middle-aged, no one was likely to object on grounds of her punishing someone who was too young to be smacked in public.
Soon the saleswoman returned with boxes and hangers. It seemed that I was far from the only "mature" woman who was having a younger lady decide that she should wear clothes that made her look plain. Maybe I'm just joining a trend. One was a plaid skirt, with attractive burgundy and blue the principal colors. It came with a dull white blouse and a tie that matched the skirt. To me, this looked like an older female schoolteacher's outfit and it looked appropriately humiliating, especially when I put the blouse on with the short skirt.
"I think, Miss," the saleswoman, who introduced herself then as Adrienne, "that she should wear plain white cotton panties with this skirt, if that works for you." You meant Suzanne.
"Yes," Suzanne answered crisply, "she is only wearing the ruffled panties today because she was naughty and needed to be taken down a peg." She smiled sweetly at Adrienne, who smiled knowingly back at her. I began to feel very embarrassed as these two younger women confirmed that I was being punished.
We went into the try-on room. Adrienne stayed there with us. I took off my skirt and m blouse and managed to fit into the plain white blouse. Then I looked at Suzanne and asked her if I should keep my panties on or… "No, Deb," she answered perfunctorily, "you'll wear your shiny white panties or cotton ones when we get home. Put the skirt on over the ruffled ones."
I blushed as I pulled up the plaid skirt and zipped it up. Adrienne then helped me tie the tie and adjust it for me. I looked for all the world like the school secretary, single of course, in the office of a parochial school. I realized that what this outfit was designed to convey was that I was a middle-aged woman who was trying to wear a younger woman's short skirt but only succeeded in looking very silly.
"She does look quite the charmer in that, don't you think, Miss?" Adrienne queried Suzanne.
"Yes," Suzanne answered, "I do like the look and it seems to fit her, which is all to the good."
"If you feel her bra is too old-fashioned," Adrienne suggested, "we do have nice bralettes that will give her minimal support without pressing so hard on her nice-sized bust."
She showed us some pictures of bralettes in a catalog.
Suzanne immediately responded positively and picked out a pink and a patterned bralette for me.
"She doesn't need to try them on," Suzanne said. "Her size is 34B. I don't think she'll be growing any more now."
"We also have the new period panties," Adrienne volunteered. "We've found that even if women of a certain age (she obviously was referring to me and it wasn't a compliment) aren't always conscientious about changing their protection, these panties will absorb quite a good amount of flow."
"I think that makes sense," Suzanne said to her, more or less ignoring me entirely, "as she does need some work on her hygiene at that time of the month. So please include three pairs for her."
Adrienne had me stand and she used her tape measure to check my waist and hip sizes. She said she would meet us up front unless Suzanne decided I should wear the new outfit home.
"That's a charming idea," Suzanne grinned as she thanked Adrienne for her help. She then whispered something to her and before we left, Adrienne returned with a sort of party dress that was definitely intended to make me look younger. I tried it on and did not like it much, but Suzanne told Adrienne it was perfect. It was the kind of dress your cousin from the country who was in her 20s might wear to look "sophisticated" but instead came off as drearily out of it.
When we reached the checkout area, there were some other pairs of women of various ages waiting there for their goods to be brought up. One of the other pairings seemed similar to ours: there was a middle-aged woman dressed in a subdued manner, whose hair was in bangs, and who was wearing a very short, flared skirt with a tight white blouse and clearly had a bra that pressed down her breasts. The younger woman, in contrast, was dressed rather smartly.
Suzanne introduced us and learned that this duo was Linda, who clearly was in control, and looked about 21 or 22, and her aunt, whose name was Franny.
"It looks like you are here to outfit your aunt," Suzanne ventured.
"Oh yes," Linda responded in a friendly manner, "Franny and my uncle, her husband, felt that she needed some supervision so as I'm working on a master's degree now, I have the time to take charge of her. Franny, don't frown while I'm speaking" she warned the middle-aged woman, "or I won't promise not to take your panties down right here for a spanking!"
"You definitely seem to have things quite well in hand," Suzanne chimed in now. "Deb here and her husband have hired me as her governess to improve her behavior. Let's exchange numbers and e-mail addys so we can plan to get together if you'd like."
Linda, who had pretty auburn hair and a pleasant appearance, and was shapely as well, smiled and said she would look forward to our visiting them if Suzanne were so inclined. She obviously directed her invitation to Suzanne as the decision-maker.
"That's quite nice," Suzanne said. "I know this is a bit hasty but would Wednesday or Thursday be a good day for you? Deb is being disciplined now for being naughty, so I don't want to allow her outside too much this week."
"Oh, I'm sorry she's been naughty," Linda pretended to commiserate, more with Suzanne than with me, even though it had been me who had been caned that very morning.
"She's learning to mind me," Suzanne said plainly.
"Wednesday at about 2:30 would be fine for tea," Linda then responded. She wrote out their address and handed the slip to Suzanne.
"That's wonderful," Suzanne smiled broadly. "I do look forward to seeing you then."
We were now joined again by Adrienne, who told Suzanne that she had thrown in some of the store's new panties.
"There are some boy shorts and some with new patterns on them," she said with enthusiasm, "so do regard these as a little gift from us—that's Miss Melanie, my boss, over there, she said, pointing to a stylish ash-blond lady who clearly was younger than me—as we hope you will want to come back again soon."
"Why thank you," Suzanne replied. "That is quite nice of you and the shop. Please thank Miss Melanie for us. I'm Suzanne and this is Deb," she added, indicating me.
"I see you and Linda have met," Adrienne resumed. "I should let you know that I am often available to babysit for women like Deb and Franny who are being supervised, and that I think Linda has found me reliable."
Adrienne looked a bit young but quietly mentioned that she was 19 and enrolled in a local business school.
Linda then confirmed that Adrienne had been quite helpful to her in sitting for Franny when either Linda or Franny's husband had to be out of the house.
Suzanne then added Adrienne's coordinates to her slip with Linda's information and thanked her again, as I paid the bill to the register clerk.
"You might consider taking charge of Deb's credit card," Linda suggested to Suzanne. "I've found my aunt can be totally heedless of cost when she is permitted to use her own cards. My uncle closed her account and opened one in my name only."
"I shall have to look into that," Suzanne responded with a knowing smile. "Deb has been told that she will be allowed privileges so long as she behaves herself, but she has had to be disciplined for bad behavior so I should keep that idea in mind."
The two women in charge—Suzanne and Linda—smiled and blew little kisses one to the other as we departed.
On our drive home—with Suzanne behind the wheel—my governess told me that I should be pleased that she was allowing me more privileges than it appeared Franny was given.
"Now when we get home," she told me, "we're going to have you put on those period panties. I didn't want to tell Linda with Franny there that you soiled your undies this morning."
I cringed at the shame I would feel if Suzanne had mentioned my failure to change my tampon right when I got up that morning.
When we were back in the house, Suzanne escorted me to my bathroom and had me lift my short skirt and pull down the ruffled panties before I sat on the toilet seat.
"Now I assume you need to pee, Deb," she said matter-of-factly, "so go ahead and then we'll change your tampon again and have you try on the new period panties."
I was embarrassed but had to pee enough that I could start without having to wait very long for my stream to emerge from my peehole. The noise of it hitting the toilet water did make me feel ashamed to be doing this in front of her, even though this was hardly the first time I had done my business under her supervision.
"Wow," Suzanne commented. "You certainly needed to pee, Deb! I'm pleased you didn't ask to use the rest room at the shop or lose control in your panties."
I knew it wasn't a good idea to protest at the idea that I couldn't control my bladder. It would only encourage Suzanne to restrict my toilet visits so that I might indeed lose urinary control. I'm really not having problems like that…yet, so I'm not ready for Depends.
When my pee stream ended, Suzanne told me to pull my tampon out. This really did still embarrass me. No one had ever been with me before when I was engaged in this very personal act. Ned had little interest in my period although he knew I liked to fuck during it because I was horny, and he could tell that I was much more receptive for sex.
Suzanne told me to hold the tampon up and she gazed at it, noting that most of it was colored dark red from my menstrual flow.
"We're going to have you wear the period panties without a tampon," Suzanne informed me. "You don't seem to be having a heavy flow so this way we can see how these panties perform in absorbing it."
I wasn't so sure but knew that it was not a good idea to show that I had any reservations about following her directions. I gratefully slipped the ruffled panties off and Suzanne took a pair of the period panties out of the shopping bag and pulled off the price tags.
Then she handed them to me, and I stepped into them and pulled them up. They seemed quite comfortable and were not tight like shapewear. I've sometimes worn those lycra garments that press your tummy in. These were surprisingly nice to wear. I've seen all the new different period panties available now—I don't think I ever dreamed that a woman my age would be trying them out.
"I'll confide in you that I've been wearing these for my time of the month," Suzanne said with a smile. "They really do work well and you will be amazed that they don't make you feel damp and they don't smell, either. I don't know about you, Deb, but I do like not having that little plug in my coochie."
I liked it when she was intimate me like that about her own body. It made me feel closer to her. I let my skirt down as I stood up and flushed the toilet.
Then I told her how grateful I was to her for getting me these period panties and for the things we got on the shopping excursion. I then moved in front of her and gave her a kiss on the lips.
Suzanne smiled and said that that was very sweet of me. "I'm so glad, Deb, that this has made you feel happy," she gushed.
That word was timely because I did sense a slight dampness as it was evident to me that my flow was coming out into the panty crotch. I did hope that these panties would do what they were supposed to.
Suzanne escorted me to my bedroom, in which I still slept but on a small bed along the wall, while she assumed my place in the large marital bed. She sat down on the big bed and stared at me.
"You mentioned to me, Deb, that you're very horny during your period," she stated quite plainly. "I'd like to have you enjoy that with your husband tonight."
I looked at her with surprised eyes because this kind of consideration hadn't been what I had come to expect from my governess. There was a catch, of course.
"I'm going to guide the two of you to greater enjoyment," she went on. "I hope you will appreciate this effort because I do see my role as your governess as including some education."
I didn't dare ask her just what she was planning on teaching me about fucking during my period, much less how she intended to enlighten my husband, who more or less did it because he liked the way it turned me on.
"Deb, Ned has admitted to me that he hopes I will help revive both your interests in marital sex," Suzanne continued, as if she were discussing our tastes in modern art.
"I haven't lost my desire," I couldn't resist replying.
"No, I imagine you haven't," she responded. "But do you feel you turn him on the way you did at one time?"
I blushed because this is one of the scariest thoughts a woman can have: that she has somehow lost some of her allure through aging.
"I hope I do," I managed to stammer.
"Well, I hope I can help you do more than that," she declared. "I'm sure you must have heard us the other night."
I confessed that I had and that it did make me wish I were in bed with them.
Suzanne smiled and then suggested that that was exactly what she had in mind.
She had apparently prepared Ned for what she was planning, because he seemed bright-eyed when we finished dinner and slowly made our way to the bedroom for what might normally seem to be an uneventful evening.
Suzanne was with us in the bedroom and rather off-handedly proposed that we all should slip our clothes off and that I should get into bed and lie on my back. I certainly was in no position to decline since I had no desire to be caned by my governess in front of my husband.
Ned seemed relaxed as he stripped but I did notice that he already sported a proud erection: my husband was large enough for it to excite me.
Suzanne looked ravishing as her bare pussy lips looked neat and fit well with her sleek figure. I was pleased I had been able to retreat under the covers.
Ned climbed in next to me and gave me a sweet kiss. Suzanne then moved in on the other side.
She told me to keep my legs well apart, having anticipated my need for a towel beneath my bottom. That did make me feel slightly less self-conscious. I had had sex with Ned plenty of times while flowing but with her here, I was far from as relaxed as I was on my own with him.
She had obviously discussed all this with him because he seemed to know what he was about.
Ned moved between my legs and began to lick at my quim, starting with my lips and teasing my clit, which was hard now, with his tongue.
"How does she taste, Neddy?" Suzanne asked playfully. "I hope you really do like this."
"Deb tastes marvelous, always," my wonderful husband responded in between servicing my cunt, which was flowing now with more than menses.
While Ned was down there getting me very, very warm all over, Suzanne slipped her lithe frame over me and suddenly her sleek pussy was staring me in the face as she lowered it into my open mouth and indicated where she expected me to lick.
I liked her taste because it was sweet. I had very little experience in performing oral service on other women, but Suzanne was probably the perfect girl to initiate me. Soon I was eating her up, to get into the lingo of my brain.
She signaled Ned to move up and to slowly introduce his cock into my now warmed-up pussy. I was sucking on her quim as I felt his tool slowly pushing into my kitty and realized that I was getting far more aroused than I ever had been during sex. Of course, being involved with two different people was definitely new to me.
Ned was now fucking me delightfully and Suzanne was quite wet. She tapped Ned's head and he raised it enough so that he could apply his tongue to Suzanne's anal region.
Suzanne was now getting cranked by my oral attentions to her quim and Ned's insertion of his tongue into her little puckered bottom-hole. Ned was clearly being stretched now in his attentions because suddenly I felt his finger gently pressing into my bottom.
I was a naive 45-year-old, having never experienced anal sex. Ned didn't seem to want it and I had only heard vague talk from very close female friends about the pain that could be produced by a cock pressing into that tight opening.
The feelings engendered there by his finger, however, were extraordinarily exciting, combined with his continuing to thrust in and out of my cunt. Suzanne too was close to orgasming between my tongue licking her quim and Ned's applying his tongue to her asshole.
Suzanne asked me whether I was enjoying the stimulation. I could hardly speak because I was so energized by the double penetration and the taste of her sopping pussy. I managed to stammer a softly screamed yes—not quite on the scale of Molly Bloom's roaring finale, but even though she had discussed her period, she didn't get screwed while having it.

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