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I lay soaking in a huge sunken whirlpool bath – my eyes shut and excited about what my boyfriend, Alexander, had in store for me. He had told me that my entire evening was planned and that I should 'relax that afternoon'. That's how I came to be soaking in the tub sipping a glass a wine and my mind wandering about what I was going to be doing that night.
Alexander was the stereotypical sugar daddy and I'm not ashamed about that. Why should I? He was approaching thirty years older than me – on the cusp of Fifty and had neat grey hair with matching stubble. Despite his age, he kept himself in shape. He had a huge muscular frame and there was no question about his stamina. No comments about needing a younger stallion from me! He could fuck all night and often did. We had that type of relationship.
The type of relationship that involved a lot of fucking, filthy talk and Alexander's favorite – covering my lingerie with his spunk. He loved to cover me in cum. 'His cumslut baby' was an adorable pet name to him and this gal loved every second of it.
He was also rich. Filthy rich and loved to treat me to nice stuff. A gal will never say no to fine jewelry, clothes, lingerie, perfumes or holidays now will she? So please don't judge!
I did try and argue back and pay my way but to no avail. Alexander liked to show off the young and pretty girl on his arm in public, before having her riding his dick in private, and well, what can I say. I'm a horny bitch.
I lay there dreamily in the bath for what seemed like ages. I had plenty of time. I got told to be ready by seven pm sharp for a meal and that was it. Alexander was out all afternoon and I had the suite to myself. I honestly didn't mind and the nice smelling bath bomb he'd left out just sealed the deal. I could feel the water lap against the side of my body, splashing over my breasts and I sighed and shut my eyes contentedly. I was happy.
It couldn't last forever though and soon it was time to get out and get ready. First I dried myself and put on my make-up, making use of the white hotel robe. I always feel posh when I wear that to get ready! My outfit for the night had been left for me, another gift from Alexander. He had bought me a baby blue and pink lingerie set – to go with a simple dark blue dress.
The lingerie set was feminine and girly. The panties were ruffled and the bra had lace detailing on the front and came with a cute little pink bow on the front with the same on the panties. I tried them on and I felt both cute and sexy. The blue dress fitted perfectly, it was sleeveless and reached just below my knees with a slight slit up one side.
It also showed my tits off, Alexender's favorite part of me.
I looked in the mirror happy with his choices. I tied my hair back in a ponytail to complement the outfit. It all made me look my age. I was nineteen and I only had a fairly petite frame so definitely his sexy young armpiece! I blew myself a kiss in the mirror to myself on my way out when he came back to take me out to dinner.
'Wow baby,' he'd said when he saw me as his jaw dropped. I giggled. He was dressed in a smart grey suit with a matching waistcoat and dark red tie. He looked handsome and I gratefully took his arm as we went out for our fancy meal.
The meal itself was delicious, but afterward? Oh. My. God. Worth the wait and we had such a good night!
We ended up back in the hotel suite, opening a bottle of champagne. I sat down on the sofa that lay in the corner of the room as I was joined by Alexander when he'd poured me a drink. I'd had a good night with him as per usual so I leaned to kiss him feeling his breath on mine. I could smell his fancy aftershave. I loved that smell and it turned me on; it was making me horny so I continued to kiss him until for some reason he pushed me away gently.
'Let's not get carried away baby,' he said.
'No, let's,' I murmured back leaning in again.
'I've got a treat planned for you,' he said in a seductive tone.
He wouldn't tell me what, just that I had to relax with my drink – which I did until a knock at the door disturbed me. In walked some friends of his. Three gorgeous looking men, all roughly the same age as Alexander and all dressed up extremely smartly. They all looked gorgeous hunks of men and my heart skipped a beat when I realized they were all there for me.
'You can take your time with us baby,' Alexander whispered into my ear. 'You can play this however you want.'
I'd like to say I was introduced to them – but I'll be honest I never got that far. I stood up and walked towards them as the four men surrounded me in a circle. I could feel hands starting to touch me as I decided to kiss each one, in turn, whispering 'thank you' to Alexander as our eyes locked.
As I kissed a handsome man with neat grey hair and a clipped grey beard I felt someone press their cock against my backside. It was hard and just feeling it was getting my pussy wet. I moved my hands downwards and felt another stiff cock in front of me as well. I rubbed it through his trousers and the man groaned.
I smiled to myself. I was going to enjoy this, oh yes I was.
Staring at him with my best innocent face, I unbuttoned his shirt from top to bottom and unbuckled his trousers pulling them down and revealing a lovely fat cock. I was still fully dressed but I still managed to get onto my knees and started to suck, with one hand reaching around looking for one of the others.
The man groaned as I continued to lick his cock up and down – and slowly around the tip causing him to shudder. I could tell that the rest of the group was getting excited too. I carried on sucking and refused to move until I could feel his cock start to twitch. I moved my head out the way managing to get just a little taste of his cum as he finished all over the front of my party dress.
What a mess, oh dear!
Standing up I beckoned for one of the others to help me slide my dress off as I turned my head to one side and kissed a man with long black hair and huge muscles – he seemed like he was about to burst out of his suit. I allowed myself to be stripped down to my lingerie and walked over to the bed by Alexander.
It was at this point that my suited gentlemen did the same – also stripping down to their boxers out of sheer politeness. I was not complaining, the sight of three hunky men all with cocks straining to be let free was one to behold. I was in my element and loving every second. Let's also not forget one man who was already naked and getting hard again.
I found myself being kissed all over my body as I was placed sideways onto the bed, lying down on my back. The huge muscular man unhooked my bra and threw it away grasping greedily at my tits. He leaned over me sucking them and biting my nipples. Fuck me, it was hot. My panties were slid off by a man with dark grey hair who was sporting a lovely pair of dark grey hipster boxers to match.
He kissed me down my inner thigh as the muscular man continued to suck and play with my tits. I was soaking, my pussy was aching to be touched. I moaned as he continued to kiss me and when he finally licked my clit I screamed out loud. Fuck, it was good. So fucking good.
My nipples were being played with, one man biting at them and sucking as the gentleman carried on licking my clit, I could feel his tongue licking it up and down stopping to suck ever so gently before carrying on. I screamed as I came. My gentleman friend did not let me down.
Before I had a chance to move he pulled down his boxers and I could see his huge fat cock ready for me. It felt so fucking good as he slid it inside me, his powerful thighs doing all the work as he thrust deep inside of me. I had time for one slight groan before I found myself groping at the gentleman who had been playing with my tits. I pulled his boxers down and took his cock straight into my mouth. He was hard and big and I could almost taste his precum.
I was getting fucked hard and the sound of the two gentlemen groaning was sending me into a frenzy. I needed them to cum, I needed them all to cum and all over me. I felt a cock slide in and out my pussy and getting quicker and quicker and he was getting me closer and closer, almost embarrassingly so.
He carried on thrusting until I came for the second time. My legs started to twitch around him, with a cock still in my mouth. There's no better way for a gal to orgasm in my book. The only thing I needed with it was some lovely sticky cum and happily, I got that when the lovely tasting cock in my mouth started to twitch and bolted a load of hot cum that landed at the back of my throat. It tasted amazing. The gentleman fucking me responded in kind by cumming deep inside my pussy. Holy shit. Talk about perfect.
I could still feel his cum trickling inside of me as I was turned around onto my knees and I found myself staring at Alexander. He had a look of pride on his face – I was his little slut sugar baby after all and I was doing my duties like a good girl. I started to play with his cock, looking deep into his eyes. He was so hard and turned on and as I felt another gentleman start to fuck me from behind, doggy style, I swear I saw his eyes light up.
The guy behind me was the long-haired man and he gripped my ass and pulled me towards him, bouncing me up and down on his cock as Alexander did the same from the front. I tell you ladies, spit-roasting is worth doing! There's something utter filth about it that makes it a firm favorite for me. It was a blur but every single movement felt so fucking good that I was soon on the brink of orgasm once again – the long-haired man's cock deep in me and not caring that someone had already cum inside me. This turned me on and I went over the edge for one of the hugest orgasms I'd ever had, hoping a second load would be added inside of me – not yet.
The bed was now soaking with my sweat and juices and I looked at Alexander. I needed his cock too. I needed his cock more than anything. I beckoned for him to lie on his back – which he did gratefully. I climbed on, sliding slowly down onto his rock solid dick savoring every touch. I rode him and I soon had my sugar daddy right where I wanted him. Cumming hard inside his cumslut baby looking deep into her eyes as she sucked off another man and wanking off two more. I was a busy gal!
It was so fucking hot and an experience I want to repeat over and over. I rode as I sucked hard on one gentleman and my hands were wandering around with the other two gently playing with their cock and balls. My blowjob skills must have been fantastic that night, as he didn't last long, pulling out slightly to cum all over my tits with Alexander cumming inside me at near enough the same time. My eyes widened with excitement.
I was a very lucky gal and my gentlemen friends weren't done yet. I was exhausted but I had two more lovely hunks of men with solid erections and I wasn't going to let them leave until they were all done and had emptied themselves onto me. I could do no more but lay on my back at this point. My muscles were all sore and whilst I wanted to sleep, the option for more cock and cum always wins out.
They took turns to fuck me hard, one after the other. Their thighs slapping hard against mine. They both pulled out before they'd finished as well and came over my body hitting my stomach, my breasts, and the first gentleman even managing to impressively reach my face. Fortunately the second gentleman – the long-haired one – was a perfect gentleman and he'd waited until my entire body was shaking with one monstrous orgasm, almost squirting all over the bed.
I couldn't move for ages after they'd done. I just lay there, having been savaged by the four men – and not one part of me left uncovered of semen. It took forever to get the energy for a quick shower and to slip into a bright blue and pink babydoll chemise nightie that Alexander produced – a nightie that matched my lingerie and left me looking like a proper cumslut princess.

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