My Sweet Stephanie Pt. 03

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tagIncest/TabooMy Sweet Stephanie Pt. 03

After a great weekend with my wonderful daughter I awoke on Monday so disappointed I had to go to work. After showering I went to the kitchen to find Steph cooking me breakfast.
As she saw me coming in Steph said, "Oh good morning daddy, I wanted to cook for you before you left, here I made you some lunch too," as she handed me my lunch bag full enough for 2 lunches.
"Good morning Steph, you look so beautiful today like you almost have such a happy glow surrounding you, almost angelic. Your mother used to have that same glow every morning." I said.
"It's cause I am so happy, you are so wonderful and I can't wait to see my doctor and get some birth control pills so you can have your way with me. I am just so excited I woke up all wet this morning dreaming about you taking my virginity, I love you daddy." she said.
"I can't wait either baby, I am so happy you want me, your daddy, to be your 1st, I am getting hard just thinking about it. Shit I hope it goes down before I get to work." I said.
As Steph served me my plate she said, "I could take care of that while you eat," as she knelt under the table unzippering my pants pulling my cock out.
"Oh Steph god your such a good girl," I said leaning my head back as she began sucking my now hard throbbing cock.
Steph started moved her head down until her face was buried in my pubic hair, then moving up and down my shaft each time her face pounded my pelvis. Faster and faster she pumped my cock as if begging for me to fill her mouth with her daddy's cum.
"Oh fuck Steph imagining taking your pussy and now this it's just too much. Oh god I'm gonna explode, please make daddy shoot his load," I said when suddenly my ass tightened and rose from the chair as my cock began spurting out it's 1st stream of hot cum into my daughters mouth.
As she swallowed that 1st stream, she was hit with another, then another finally after 3 more her mouth was overflowing as cum trickled from both sides. With one big gulp my baby girl allowed her daddy's hot sticky cum slide down her throat filling her belly. Then finally wiping the cum that dripped from her mouth, she sucked on finger not wanting to waste even one tiny droplet.
"Oh that tasted so good, we should do this every morning. Did you like your morning blowjob daddy, was your little girl a good girl?" she said.
As she stood I held her face and said, "you are such a good girl, it's the best blowjob ever. Sending your daddy off to work like that is such a wonderful thing, the only thing is now I have to wait until tonight to see you again."
Looking at my watch I had to finish eating quickly or I would be late. Driving to work I imagined coming home to my baby girl, I imagined what fucking her would be like, I just hoped she could see the doctor soon. Looking down I noticed a I had a huge hard-on and tried imagining anything else hoping it would subside which that goodness it did at least for the most part.
As I worked thru the day it seemed to just drag on, by lunch it felt like I had been there for days. When it was finally time to go home one of my friends, a fellow employee named Joe, asked if I wanted to stop for a drink, I told him I had so much to do around the house now that my daughter was home. Joe then asked me if she was dating, as he had a son a few years older that he thought might hit it off with her.
I couldn't believe how jealous I got by him just saying that, I wanted Steph for myself and said, "she told me is just concentrating on her life after college and doesn't have time for boys right now," then after saying goodbye, I left to go home.
Opening the door Steph asked, 'daddy do you want a drink before dinner?"
"No baby, were you able to get an appointment with the doctor?" I asked wondering when we could finally consummate this incestual relationship.
"Yes I got lucky someone cancelled an appointment and I was able to see Doctor Barb today. She gave me a script but told me it wasn't safe to have unprotected sex until about 7 days after starting. I won't be able to start until next week after my period which should start Thursday, so we'll just have to wait a bit longer," she told me.
"Well I guess we'll just have to abstain from that for a while, I can wait maybe I can take some time off, maybe like a really long weekend the following week," I said.
"I'd like that, you could take my virginity and then fuck me all weekend for days, ooh that sounds wonderful," Steph said almost cooing.
After dinner, we watched a movie cuddling together on the couch don't ask me what we watched as my mind did nothing but imagining defiling my baby girl. I sat imagining my cock pounding her sexy little pussy, finally I guess my cock exposed me as it tented in my pants, when Steph began slowly massaging my shaft through the material.
"Daddy is that hard for me, am I turning you on just sitting here with you?" Steph said.
"Yes baby girl just the smell of your wonderful aroma gets my cock to standing at attention," I said.
"Do you want to go upstairs or would you like to do it down here in the living room?" she asked.
"The neighbors can't see us here, why don't we have living room sex," I said standing up taking my clothes off.
Steph stood gazing into my eyes as she stripped ever so slowly for me, 1st her shirt, then her shorts now standing in a new bra & panty set. Tiny material on the bra barely covering her nipple and nothing else. The matching g string panty, the tiny string sucking up inside her wet pussy, left nothing to the imagination. I couldn't help but stare at my luscious girl standing in front of me.
"You like these? I bought them for you today, the girl at Victoria's Secret told me she thought my boyfriend would flip out over these. I told her if you only knew and she smiled as she rung them out," she said.
Dropping to my knees and pulling the string out from her pussy, I sucked on the wet material taking in my sweet girls enticing aroma. As I sucked them, I began rubbing my little girl pussy as she wriggled about with each stroke I made.
"So I guess you like them," Steph said as she unfastened the bra, as it fell to the floor I peaked up looking at those wonderful tits. Her nipples rock hard seemed to stick out and inch as she arched forward as if to push her tits out for a better look.
Releasing my mouth from her panties, I slowly pulled them down and noticed she had shaved her pussy now totally bald. Rubbing my hand across her smooth skin I was mesmerized but the clean little girl look she now had which made my cock even harder if that was even possible.
As my little girl stared at my cock she said, "I see you like my work, I wanted to be your little girl forever. Doesn't it make it look like so much better?"
"Oh my yes but it's torturing me not being able to stick my cock in there yet, almost makes me want to wear a condom but I hate those things," I said.
"No when you take me I want to feel your skin, we can wait. I do have a surprise for you that I was thinking about today that might help us both. I'm not sure but it kind of excited me to think about it," she said.
"And just what might that be, you have my attention?" I asked.
Steph walked over to the kitchen, I watched in excitement as she walked naked her tiny ass bouncing from side to side. I wondered just what am I in store for now.
Reaching into a bag Steph pulled out something I couldn't see, then moving the kitchen chairs bent over the table. Steph then spreading her legs held up a tube I could now see was desensitizing anal lube.
"Her daddy would you like to take my anal virginity?" Steph said.
Walking over as if almost in a trance I took the lube, opening it up I put some on my finger ad slathered it inside my wonderful little girls ass. After a massing her ass until I thought she was somewhat numb I pushed first 1 finger inside as it slid easily inside it was pulled out and followed by 2 and then again by 3. It appeared there was no pain, but just in case I lubed her with some more and pushed 2 fingers in sliding them in and out slowly.
"Oh daddy you fingers feel so good in there but don't you want to put your big wonderful cock inside" I bet you want to take your angel's ass don't you?" Steph said.
Feeling my throbbing hard cock I was ready and said, "ok Steph this might feel a bit uncomfortable but here goes."
As my engorged head met her tight hole I pushed it inside, it was so tight I wasn't sure it would fit. One hard push and it forced its way in, Steph let out a moan of what seemed to be pain.
"Steph are you ok, you sure you want to do this?" I asked with the head of my cock holding still in her ass not wanting to push further.
"Ow it fell so stretched and hurts but please don't stop, please don't fucking stop," she yelled.
With one push I slowly slid another inch or so inside, Steph's ass tightened and clamped down not allowing it to go further.
"Steph relax, relax your ass muscles and let it in," I said.
As she relaxed I could feel the tension holding my cock from moving subside, pausing a few seconds I pushed slowly and another 2" slid in before those ass muscles clamped down again.
"Oh daddy it hurts, but the pain feels so good, give me a second," Steph said.
"Ok baby relax again, just a little more to go," I said.
Again I could feel the tension disappear and I was able to make one last hard push. My cock slid inside her now my pelvis was buried into her soft ass flesh.
"Ow that hurt so much, wait, wait it's going away, fuck me daddy please fuck my ass," Steph pled.
Pulling out with just the head inside I pushed hard ramming my cock deep inside and then repeated it.
"Ouch shit that hurts," Steph said.
"Do you want me to stop baby?" I asked.
"No stop asking fuck me, fuck my ass hard daddy. I'm a bad little girl punish me how you see fit," Steph said.
My daughter talking dirty to me like this turned me on so much I felt like an animal in heat as I began pounding away at her. She almost screamed in pain with each thrust as I rammed it deep inside, but I was so taken over I couldn't stop. I must have looked like a horny dog fucking it's bitch as I rabbeted my little girl my cock locked to her ass. Faster and faster I fucked that dark warm hole until finally unable to hold back anymore cum began spewing inside as it filled her each time I thrust in warm cum began pushing out flowing down her ass cheeks and then spreading on my pelvis it met her cum filled ass. Finally after I was done my cock began shriveling inside my baby until it pulled it's way out.
Both of us fell to the floor, me first and then Steph on top of me. As we lay there both panting and out of breath I noticed something red at the tip of my cock. Lifting Steph from me I checked her out and saw little bits of blood surrounding the entry of her ass.
"Step I think you may have ripped open a little or something, sorry," I said.
Steph standing up went to the bathroom to check herself out as she walked away she must have clenched her as I saw my cum being forced out as some fell to the floor.
Coming back a few minutes later Steph said, "yeah it was blood it took a bit but it stopped, I feel like you pushed a telephone pole up there. It didn't feel that bad until we stopped, once my breathing returned to normal it started hurting like a bitch."
"Sorry, I didn't remember until I saw the blood but the 1st time I did your mom in her butt there was blood. I have something your mom used so she could get used to it, would you like to see them?" I asked.
"Mom had the same thing happen, what are you talking about?" she asked.
Leaving the room I went upstairs and pulled down a shoebox from the closet. Returning downstairs I pulled out a set of 3 butt plugs Steph's mom used to allow herself to train for anal sex with me.
"Here Steph, your mom started with the smallest and then worked her way up to the largest slowly. Once she was able to comfortably take the biggest we were able to have sex anally, if we hadn't done it for a while she would sometimes wear the middle sized one around the house for a day or so. She once told me she was turned on by the pressure being there all day and that she contemplated wearing them just for the hell of it.
"So how do I use these?" Steph asked.
"It's rather easy, you lube up the end as well as some in your ass then push it in, you can put on your clothes and walk around the house leaving it in if you want. I am not sure everyone can walk around with them I always imagined it could slide out but I have never had one up there so I'm no expert," I said.
"Ok I'm not sure I can put one up there for at least a couple days now that you ripped me up," Steph said with a laugh.
"Ok I know," I said.
"Can I try putting it in you, you know just to see how they work?" Steph asked with the biggest grin on her face.
"Uh no," I said.
"Come on please?" Steph begged.
"Maybe on a weekend you can try the smallest, just maybe," I said.
"Ok Saturday morning it is I want to see what it looks like filling someone's ass with these," Steph said.
"Wait I said maybe," I said.
"If you want this gain, you will," Steph said pushing her ass towards my face.
"Ok, ok but that's not fair holding sex as a hostage like that," I said.
"I'm sore, I'm going to be come with me," Steph said reaching for my hand.
Taking her hand we went to the master bedroom, what seems to be now in a way our marital bedroom even though as father/daughter we can never be that. As we lie in bed my mind drifts off to how animalistic I was attacking her ass, but also how wonder we both felt after it was over.
I thought to myself, "now having her ass to fuck it makes having to wait to break her hymen and take her virginity at least a little more easy, just a touch but a little easier."

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