My sweet teacher

Hi readers,

I am Sahil from Kerala. I am a 20 year old guy doing my B. Tech course in one of the famous engineering collage in Kerala. I am having a well built body with 6.1feet height and 72 kgs weight. I would like to tell you my story with my teacher. Her name is Vasantha. She is 48 years old but she looks like, that she is only 38 years old. She has medium size boobs and a huge round ass. The sexiest part in her body is her big ass which swings to both sides while she walks. Every boy in our class is crazy about her ass. Everyone’s fantasy is to fuck her ass because she has the largest ass among the teachers in our collage. While she teaches in the class everyone’s eyes are on her ass. Our lab in charge was her. She is very strict in the laboratory, so I was always absent from the lab class. She wears saree in collage, but except her face all her body parts are covered with saree. No one can see even a small bit of her stomach.

One Friday she called me to staff room. When I reached the staff room, she was alone there. She took the lab register and told that I was only one which does not done the experiments completely. I had done only 2 experiments and remaining 6 experiments are pending for me. So she told me to come for lab on Saturday 10 am. She told that she will collect the key of the lab from the department and she told I should come at the right time and she is coming tomorrow to collage only for this. I told her that I will come at right time and I went to hostel. I thought that their will be someone like me so I will not be alone for the lab class. Next day I went to the collage and reached the lab at 10 am. The doors were opened. I entered into the lab. Teacher was sitting on a chair. When I approached her I was stunned by her dressing. Today she dresses sexier. Most of her stomach can be seen. She told me to go to the table and do experiment. I started doing experiment. After about 10 minutes, I saw her coming towards me. I realized that she was wearing a semi transparent saree and she was wearing saree below her navel. I can slightly see her navel through the saree. My dick began to raise inside my underwear. She came near me and asked weather I have finished one experiment. I told that I was not getting the result.

She started checking the circuit. I was standing on her left side. Now I can see her blouse covered boob and her big oval shaped deep navel. I was first seeing such a sexy navel. I have seen many navels including my mom’s aunties and neighbors, but never seen such a large and sexy navel. My dick grown to full size inside my underwear. I was continuously looking at her navel. She turned her face and saw me looking at her navel. I was ashamed I turned my face. But to my surprise she didn’t covered her navel with saree and turned slightly so that I can see her navel more clearly and closely. She told the result was got and asked me to note the readings. Then she went to her place. I found that her ass was swinging more than usual. I know that she was doing it purposefully. I noted the reading and went to her. Her navel was not covered by the saree. She asked me to do the next experiment. I started doing the next experiment. After sometimes I saw her going to the back of the lab. I went near the window and saw her standing near a tree. She looked her and there. I came to know that she was going to piss because the department bathrooms are locked and the main building of our collage is very far from the department building. She raised her saree along with her underskirt up to her waist. She was wearing a brown panty. She slides down her panty up to her knee. Now I can see her big milky ass. She then sit down and started pissing. Her ass was facing me. I can see the jet of urine flowing between her legs. After pissing she stood up and waited for 2-3 seconds. Now I can see her ass clearly. She slide up her panty and put down her saree and underskirt. She suddenly turned and looked at the window were I was looking her. I didn’t get enough time to hide myself and she saw me. I ran to my place.

After about 30 seconds I saw her coming towards me. I didn’t look at her because I was afraid. She came near me kept her hand over my dick above the pant. I was stunned by her action. I got courage and I caught on her ass. I slightly press on her ass. During the time she opened the zip of my pant and slides my pant down up to my knee. I was wearing a white underwear. She moved backward and undressed her saree on the table. She was now in her blouse and black underskirt. She has tied her saree well below her navel. Her deep big navel was a plus point to her beauty. Her black bra can be seen through her transparent blouse. She came near me and stood on her knee. Now her mouth was near my dick. She slides down the underwear and 7 inch long dick came out of it. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. I enjoyed it. I came to know that the bloody bitch is expert in sucking cock. After about 10 minutes of sucking I cummed in her mouth. She drank all my cum. She stood up and opened the hook of her blouse. Then she opened the hook of her bra and her boobs came out of her bra. She kept her left nipple in my mouth and asked to suck it. I sucked her nipple very hard. After sometimes she kept the right nipple in my mouth. I sucked that nipple also harder. Then went downward and reached her navel. I started licking her navel. My hand was on her back slightly pressing her ass. Then she started screaming with pleasure.

Then again she stood on her knee and took my un erected dick in her mouth. She started sucking hard and it began to grow inside her mouth. Then she took my dick out of her mouth. She stood up and raised her underskirt and slides her panty down and removed it. She gave it to me. I smelled that part of panty where her pussy touches. What a sweet smell. The smell was the mixture of her urine and pussy juice. She stood near the table with one leg on the table. She asked me to enter my dick into her pussy from the back. I came near her back side and sat down and looked at her pussy. It was neatly shaved. I stand behind her back. My dick was touching her ass. She took my dick and kept the tip of my dick at the entrance of her pussy. She asked me to push my dick into her. I slightly pushed my dick into her. It entered half of it. With the second push my dick disappeared into her pussy. I started moving forward and backward and my dick came out and in of her pussy. First I moved slowly and then I increased the speed. She began to scream. She screamed fuck sahil fuck me hard, harder. I started fucking her harder and harder. She began to scream loudly.

At last I discharged my load of cum inside her pussy. At the same time she has got her organism. I removed my dick from her pussy. Cum flow from her pussy into her thighs. She took her panty and cleaned it. Then we both started dressing. I told her that I want her panty. She smiled and gave me her panty. I told that she looks more beautiful while wearing saree below navel. We closed the lab and she told me that she likes me very much and told that I can fuck her when ever she wants it. I asked her to wear saree below navel when she came to class, so that I can see her navel every time. Now she came to class by showing her navel and everyone in the class is horny about her navel. Now bye. I will come back with her other fucking sections.