My Teddy Bear Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooMy Teddy Bear Ch. 02

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Any character featuring in a sexual situation in this story is over the age of 18.
My breath catches in my throat when I see him, sitting on the bed, eyes closed, listening to music on his headphones. He either doesn't know I'm here or he's pretending.
I shut and lock the door gently behind me and lean back against it, nestling down amongst the jacket and dressing gown hanging there. The smell of him that lingers in these surrounds me and sparks all kinds of familiar feelings. I watch him tap out the time on his thigh with a dreamy look on his face. I can hear the softest hints of the music drifting out of the cans. There's a piano, I think. I can't identify it, and probably couldn't even if I heard it as clearly as he can. Teddy's music tastes are extremely broad, but this sounds classical, and that's an area I know less than nothing about. Observing the completeness of his peace in this moment calms me. The pounding heart and nervous tummy that have been with me since our previous encounter are receding, and I can take a moment to just appreciate my newly discovered attraction to this man in front of me.
I slowly start to walk towards him, and after a couple of steps he opens his eyes and smiles even wider. A small wave as he removes the headphones with his other hand.
"Hi," I reply. Bashful all of a sudden as the spell is broken. "How did you know I was here?"
"There's a floorboard that creaks. I can feel the vibration. When Mum used to wake me up for school it was always that I was aware of first."
"All those years and I hardly ever came in here. Seems strange doesn't it."
"I still haven't really been in your room Pips. So many secrets you must have in there!"
"Time for that later," I say, unable to keep a wicked smile off my face. "I still have some secrets right here to share with you." I pull the top button of my top undone, and the next… I'd kept this on the first time, we'd been in such a hurry. The flush on his face and slight opening of his mouth betray his enthralment.
I toss the blouse aside and slip my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts, stepping out of them as they drop and reveal my almost-nakedness to him. As I lean forward, knee onto the bed, I've one hand behind me to unclasp the bra and shrug it off my shoulders, still covering my little boobs for a final teasing moment before I discard that too.
On my knees, just before him, totally revealed and totally his.
I lean in to kiss him. Before, he fucked me from behind. So a proper, longing kiss is completely new for us. His lips part for my tongue and we are entwined. The soft beard doesn't scratch at all. My hands have found his, fingers clasped together, I lean into his strength and use it to push myself away from his reluctant mouth.
Faces just inches apart, I take a moment to look at him. See the lust in his eyes, more gentle now for having been vented before, the tiny twitches in his lip and jaw as his arousal builds.
"You're so damn sexy Pipsqueak."
I laugh, amazed at the charmlessness of this beautiful man. "You're kidding right? *That's* the name you want to call me in this moment?"
A grin. "What's a brother for but annoying his sister at the worst possible time?" I laugh again. "Excuse me. You're so damn sexy, *Claire*."
"Thank you." I sit back on my heels, knees parted a little. I fold my arms across my boobs and pretend to appraise him. "I guess you'll do."
We smile at each other. He reaches over to the headphones and carefully moves them off the bed, flicking a switch on the sound system as he does so. Turning back to me, he's got both hands on the hem of his t-shirt and is starting to pull it up. My hands drop to his to stop him.
"No, wait. I won't be able to think straight if I see you topless again. Before we continue, there's some things we need to talk about."
"Oh, and I'm supposed to be able to focus while you're sitting there completely naked?"
"I took the first move, so I'll enjoy the advantage." I smirk at him. Turning my hands over in his, I relish the feeling of our palms nestling together. Such a lovely fit. "So, first. You need to know that I'm not on the pill. Not any more anyway."
"But I-"
"But you pumped me full of three weeks' worth of blue ball-brewed spunk. Yes. I wish I could tell you that it's a safe time for me, but it isn't. I ran out of my pills the second week after I got here. It takes a while for things to get back to normal but my best guess is that it's actually a really fertile time for me right now. Nobody can really predict what happens when a girl comes off the pill, but I have at least a couple of friends who got knocked up basically immediately. So it can definitely happen." He starts to interrupt me but I shush him. "We can go into Spalding tomorrow to get the morning after pill. It's no big deal, and is pretty damn reliable if you take it soon enough. I might need to borrow some cash off you though, as I'm totally broke." He nods. "After we've got that sorted, we're going to need condoms."
He looks relieved. "That answers the question that's been burning me all evening. You want to keep doing this? It's not a one night thing?"
"Fuck off." Laughing. "Really? I'm the one sitting here in the buff and you're questioning *my* commitment? Look, we're going to be stuck in this house for at least a couple more months. I don't see the rules around dating being relaxed at the first, second, or dozenth priority. Considering that we bulldozed our way through the line already we might as well admit there's going to be no stopping this while the circumstances remain the same. So yes, condoms. I've got a couple only – I forgot about them before because you're just that overpowering – they might be really old though and you don't have any so we definitely need to get some more." He nods again.
"Soooooo… if I'm taking a pill tomorrow and you already came in me once today, it won't make any difference if you do again. I'd therefore really appreciate it Teddy if you'd be so kind as to fill me up again tonight and as many times as you can manage, because my poor kitty is so, *so* bored of my fingers and I'm incredibly turned on." I flutter my eyelids at the man who has turned into putty in my hands. "Do you think you can do that for me baby? Mhm. Ok you can take your shirt off now."
Oh *god* his chest. Those shoulders. Fucking hell my brother looks good naked. And I know he doesn't even have to do anything special for it, it just comes from doing his day job. That grasping want in my vagina is back in an instant, a jolt of almost painful desire. Getting fluttery with anticipation.
*Chill, girl. You have plenty of time.*
I can see the stiffness in his crotch, ineffectually concealed by the soft pyjama trousers he's wearing. I hook my fingers behind the elastic and he lifts himself up slightly to allow me to pull them down.
The slab of his erection springs free, almost in my face – I hadn't realised how much I'd leaned forward. Giving in to myself, I duck the last gap and kiss the raging, florid head. Again. And then part my lips and take him inside. I've had a lot of practice, but this is a tighter fit than usual.
Although dry now, my sex is still all over him from before. I can taste the subtle tang of blood beneath the skin and traces of his cum in the mix. Not exactly a riot of flavour but the thrill of the intimacy, of giving him this is amazing. My tongue flickers the underside, causing him to jerk forward and moan. He reaches for my face, stroking my cheek, my hair.
"By the way," he gasps.
"It was only one week." I look up at him, perplexed.
*What's he on about now?*
"One week's worth. Of cum. The night we smoked the weed, after you went inside, I had to have a wank. I was too turned on. By what you said."
"Sorry, what?" He laughs.
I slip him out of my mouth. "Motherfucker! I wish you'd told me!" Small kisses up and down his shaft, to show him I'm not really angry. "I've been torturing myself all week with how I've been feeling." Slow, smooth movements of my hand bring a bead of white to his tip, which I lap up eagerly. "Still I suppose I can't hold it against you after your performance earlier." Mouth open once more, I slip him back inside, tongue and lips working even harder than before.
Fingers reach behind my head urging me to take it deeper. Ok mate, challenge accepted. Placing my fingers around him about halfway down, I start to bob forwards, relaxing my jaw as much as I can, taking him slowly further until I'm at my limit. I tried the throat thing with Charlie once, and had a very bad time. Ted is *much* bigger, so the hand on his cock helps ensure he doesn't get any extravagant or dangerous ideas. I keep swirling my tongue as I withdraw, purse my lips to ripple over the head as it passes, and back again. He's really getting worked up, and so am I. My other hand has drifted to my pussy, lewdly parting myself and slipping two fingers in, palm grinding into my clit, and-
Ohhhh that's good. That's soo~ good.
But I don't want him to come. I have plans for that. Which means as we get close I get selfish, and switch to just jerking him slowly with my hand while I finish myself off. It doesn't take long, just a few seconds, helped by his big hands reaching down to my boobs, thumbs brushing over stiff nipples and causing me to arch my back, thrusting my chest towards him and I squeak with suppressed vocals. My thighs are weak, I tremble and collapse towards him and to the side, lying on the bed next to him in a tangle of limbs, aftershocks zapping through me from my groin.
He's grinning down at me, eyes wide with his own arousal, hands copping a feel of whatever he can access – I can barely tell. I'm looking up at him lazily, from under drooping eyelids, hand still on his cock but making no useful or coordinated movement there.
Still languid, I roll backwards and let my legs fall obscenely apart. It's about all I can manage to just point at my greedy cunt, and pull on him with my other hand in roughly the same direction. He gets the idea. I let go of him and that hand flops back down, pawing aimlessly at the bedsheets by my hip.
Rising to slip his PJs off completely, he towers over me, beautiful and powerful. He makes me wait as he drinks in the sight before him: a wanton, frazzled creature still wracked with orgasmic bliss.
He kneels between my legs, glistening prick pointing skyward, quiveringly rigid. Then he rocks forward, taking his weight on one fist while the other hand strokes my belly, breasts, face… and he's suddenly positioned just right, blunt head parting me. Pause. Thrust.
Ooooooooooo oh *yes*~
My back arches, shifting my pelvis to make the angle of my passage align with him. He slides in, deeper, until he can go no further. I'm staring helplessly up at him, eyes wide, still half stunned by my climax. His free hand slips behind me, under my shoulder blades, and he lifts me towards him like a rag doll.
I can see effort on his face, consternation. "Babe I'm not going to last long; you brought me too close."
I just nod, smiling. I know this already. I just want him to enjoy himself as I'm still a mess.
He kisses me. With my dead weight resting mainly in his lap, he can't withdraw to thrust properly, but he grinds himself under me, little rocking jerks forward and backward. Clutching me close to him as I try to reawaken my arms and return his embrace. His kisses on my neck, my shoulder are non stop. I'm not counting but it can't be more than ten little grinding thrusts before his intensity surges and one, two, and-
He grunts softly, effort and emotion and release. As he completes that small thrust I feel his seed flooding into me. We collapse back onto the bed and suddenly he's free to fully withdraw and resheath his spurting prick, and I immediately climax again on the full thrusting movement. The irresistible sensation of my tightness gripping to deny his exit then yielding to the entry sets me off and my thigh, pelvic floor, and tummy muscles flex uncontrollably in response. He's coming to rest, fully within me, holding me close now with both arms. His head beside mine, kissing my jaw, panting and hot. He slows; stops. Slackens. Breathless, we lie like this for some time.
The intensity of the afterglow has us simply staring at each other, eyes huge in the evening light. At some point in the last stretch of time we uncoupled and now lie on our sides, facing each other, exhausted yet fired up with apparently limitless lust. His cock has softened but remains almost as long and thick as when he was inside, flopping down between us with a thin strand of cum stretching back to my thigh. Next to where it rests hands are tightly clasped together, like it will keep us from floating apart in post-coital bliss.
My free hand is stroking his forearm, doodling patterns in the fair hair. His is on a hip, strong fingers gently squeezing at the top of my bum. I can't stop smiling, the endorphins of sexual effort and multiple orgasms are coursing through me; warm happy feelings, the most uncomplicated thing in the world. My brain simply doesn't recognise the inherent complications of lying here, like this, with my brother.
Who knows how much time passes like this. But it's more than long enough for him to get hard again. I'm not even touching him, and he doesn't move at first. It just gradually stiffens, pointing upwards once again. Neither of us acknowledge it, but it's obvious what it's going to mean, soon.
Eventually, he breaks the silence. "I'm really, really happy that you came home Claire. This may be crazy, but the world around us be crazy."
"Well honey, maybe you made me crazy. Plying me with booze, with *druuuuugs*…" I have a shimmer of guilt at these words, but like any sister I can tease with or without the truth. And the flare of negative feeling can't compete with the raging hormones of lust.
"Nuh uh Pipsqueak. You were the one who drove herself loopy with her own fingers…"
I stick my tongue out at him. Shimmy a little closer. "For real Teddy, I'm so glad to be here. With you. You've made this time very special, when it could have been hell."
My eyes drift down, and I'm filled with resolve. I gently push at his shoulder to roll him onto his back. He juts proudly up, almost comical in stiffness, and pausing only to kiss it again, I shuffle myself over and up onto my knees, steadied briefly with hands on either side, and then I'm straddling him. The cleft of my pussy resting against the ridge of his pulsing hardness. I ride him back and forth a little, my clit gets some delicious sensations from bumping over his tip.
My hands are on his chest, kneading and spreading. There isn't much give in him, but that makes it *so* thrilling. I brace my elbows, lifting my pelvis a few inches, giving him room to rise, and I try to line him up with my opening. A large slippery glob of his jizz drools out, cascading past his hardness and pooling in his stiff hair. After a couple of near misses, I reach below with one hand and gently coax him in with my forefingers. Once he's past the point of no return, I ease back, sitting down on his lap, taking him completely inside. I'm lost once more as he fills me. The difference this time, other than being in control, is that he's lubricated by his own cum and not my spit; much wetter, hotter, almost greasy in texture, and *far* more copious. The gradual tickling of his stuff oozing out of tiny gaps between me and him, trickling down his shaft and making even more of a mess below.
I don't think orgasm will come easily again for either of us at this point. But it's about the journey, not the destination. I'm moving oh so slowly, riding him gently, smirking down at his lovely face and caressing my own breasts and tummy with my roving hands. His palms rest on my thighs, gripping and releasing in time with the deepest moments of our joining.
I'm drinking in the sight of him. His hard, sexy body. A man's body, so unlike the teenager I once knew. "You've really got fit in the last few years brother." He shrugs, not one to deny the obvious. "I feel like I don't match. Sorry. I let myself go since the autumn."
He scoffs, "no way." The hands shift upwards to grasp my waist. "You were too skinny last summer, after the marathon. This is nice."
"I wasn't skinny, I was *strong*." Still rocking gently back and forth, delicious sensations swirling about. I bite my lip as a mini peak hits me. "Mmmm~ Now I've lost that and gained a bit of flab."
He swats one hand gently against my hip. "Not flab, don't say that." Voice stern all of a sudden. "Seriously, you are trim and in great shape. I'd even say you might still be underweight. You're tall for a girl, don't forget."
I'm pouting, and place a slap of my own on my belly. "Look, it jiggles. I don't like it when it jiggles." Still riding, patiently, calmly, working myself around his hardness.
"Well mine does that too, Claire." He proves it to me. "Anybody's will, unless you're a slave to the gym with literally no life." He reaches up to my face with both hands. "Babe, you are *perfect*. Run if you want to, work out if you want to, but only to get stronger, you don't need to lose *anything*."
The intensity with which he is seeking to reassure me is so sweet, and kind. I feel a rush of emotion, and reach for his hand. "Thank you Ted. It means a lot. You're very kind." I even start to cry a little, and then laugh. Taken aback a little by my own silliness. "My special Teddy Bear. How could she let you go…"
He grimaces, a flicker of something raw passes over his face. "I don't want to think about her. I don't want you thinking about her either Pipsi."
I put a finger on his lips. "Okay, no thoughts – no words." I grind myself into him on the next downward movement. Hands back on his chest, fingers leaving red marks where they flex and grip.
I keep going in silence for a little while. Looking down at him. His arms are bracing mine as I lean forward, hands placed to the sides of my boobs.
He's obviously lost a lot of sensitivity from all the fucking so far, but I really want to make him come again. Reaching behind and under myself, I delicately cup his balls. Fingers coaxing them to wake up. At the same time I curve my spine forwards, shoving my belly and boobs towards him and tilting my pelvis so that he has a straighter line into my pussy. My rocking motion then means that each movement slides me along his length, and I can use the muscles of my opening to work at milking another squirt out of him.
My other hand is planted squarely on his chest, fingers flexed and palm flat down. This new motion takes a lot of effort, in my thighs particularly, but I can see a look of surprise in his eyes that validates all I'm doing. I split my face with a filthy grin and coo for him to give me more; one last round, as any future playtime between us is going to require his lovely cock to be sheathed in rubber.
Sweat is beading on the tops of my jutting breasts, nipples thick and stiff from the sensations and the chilling effect of the moisture. He sees them; wants them. He tries to sit up but I keep my hand firm where it is and continue my unceasing motions. He compromises by reaching up with both hands, palms on the underside and thick fingers splayed outwards, encompassing their entirety, nipples caught between knuckles. It makes me gasp, he squeezes and grips, the soft skin yielding to his callused hands. Fizzling pleasure bursts in my chest, quickening my breath and corresponding with a merry jolt in my crotch as I finally feel him swell inside, about to burst. Just a little longer…
Maybe twenty seconds more and his stiffness begins to pulse. Finally I let him up, adjusting my position to seat back fully, taking him as deep as I can, insensible to the weakened spurts I know are happening in there. My aching thighs and pussy are completely exhausted. Released, he sits up, arms shifting to my back, face now rising and reaching for my left nipple. His bearded lips close around it and the relatively crude sensation from his fingers is replaced by gentle suction, warmth, wetness and the flickering of his tongue over the surface. He then licks all of the beads of sweat from the surface of my tit, before switching to the other and repeating. For a very brief moment it's almost as though I'm feeding him, and my mind flashes back to the potency of all that sperm inside me and I tremble involuntarily at the possibility.

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