My Three Daughters

tagIncest/TabooMy Three Daughters

Life has become so strange after months in lock down. A fairly private person by nature, I thought I was faring rather well despite the pandemic. I had plenty of savings, a good home, and three lovely daughters. The Greeks had their three Graces–I have my three daughters.
My youngest, Hayli, eighteen, still lived at home. Dark-haired and fair skinned, Hayli is my gymnast–tight little, solid body; shoulder length hair; green eyes; and a cute smile. Hayli is, perhaps, the one I am closest to, for many reasons. We share a similar temperament, and she tended to hang around me more than my wife when my wife was still alive. Hayli delights me with her quiet impishness, and surprised me with her incredible sexuality and sensuousness.
My two oldest, Lexi and Eva, were forced back from their respective colleges due to the closure of dorms from the pandemic. Alexis, or Lexi, twenty-one, is my "model"–she has that slightly curvaceous, hourglass figure with a long body that gets her plenty of attention. She keeps her hair long, hanging about between her shoulder blades, but it is her deep green eyes and sensuous mouth that have gotten her so much work.
Eva, nineteen, is my ballerina–slender, with shoulder length dark hair. Unfortunately for her, she inherited my sister's large breasts–too large (a foolish dance instructor once told her) for her to pursue ballet as a professional. But, like her older sister, Eva has found work as an artists model, enjoying nudes especially. I keep a few of her pencil sketch portraits of her in my office, and am proud of her focus and spirit.
All of us were together again for an extended "staycation," which wasn't too bad. But after a month, the stress started to show. Sleep patterns were irregular. Routine became anything but.
We were a warm and happy family, though, despite this. What we experienced was more "cabin fever" than any exposure of underlying dysfunction. At least, I think that–I could be wrong because, as I said, life has become so strange now.
One sleepy afternoon as I sat reading on the sofa, enjoying the relative quiet and a chance to immerse myself in a good novel (my two oldest daughters having gone to get groceries for the week), Hayli wandered in and curled up on the sofa with me. She still enjoyed snuggling up to her old dad, and she cuddled up on my left side, laying her head in my lap. She seemed content to just lay there while I read, not interrupting or intruding, making no requests other than taking my left hand and idly intertwining my fingers in her own.
I smiled and glanced down at her, enjoying our casual closeness and the sweetness of the moment. Hayli seldom demanded anything. She was an easy-going child–rarely causing a disturbance, either with me or with her sisters. Once they left home to go to college, Hayli and I had the place to ourselves, and she likely drew closer to me as a result of her missing her siblings. In any event, we had a very good and affectionate relationship.
I continued reading and my daughter dozed, snuggling closer in the warm afternoon. Sunlight came into the den through the skylights and large sliding glass door (though the curtain was drawn to help avoid too much heat from the direct sunlight that might enter). I was so accustomed to her that I confess I lost awareness of her being there as I turned page after page, my focus on the narrative I was reading. It wasn't until Hayli shifted and her head pressed into my crotch that I realized two things: first, that she was still there; and second, that I had unknowingly gotten a semi-rigid hard on. (The novel had some mildly sensual sex scenes, and I admit I had gotten a bit lost in one before my daughter moved on me, bringing me to full awareness of my state.) I held still, hoping my daughter hadn't noticed, waiting for her to settle down again, which she did shortly, and snuggled in tighter. I waited in case she would say something, but she didn't. She merely started absently caressing my fingers in idle play, as she was accustomed to doing anyway when we held hands as we walked or read or watched TV together.
After a few moments, I resumed my novel, but Hayli rolled onto her back, keeping hold of my hand, and said: "Dad–why don't you date any more?"
The question caught me by surprise. "What, honey?" I asked.
My daughter opened her eyes and looked up at me. "Why don't you go on dates any more? Don't you get lonely?"
I looked at her, puzzled, but took it with the affectionate concern I assumed it to be. "I don't know, honey. I suppose I don't really have the time."
My daughter pondered that a moment before returning her attention to my hand. "Is it because of me? I mean, because of Lexi and Eva and me?"
"What do you mean?"
Hayli shrugged. "Is it because of taking care of us–being a single dad?"
I nodded. "Yes, I suppose, in part. Why do you ask?"
My daughter shrugged again. "No reason. Just–don't you ever get–lonely?"
I smiled down at her. "Lonely? With you and your two sisters?" I chuckled affectionately. I drew her hand up to my lips and kissed it. "How could I possibly get lonely with three lovely women around?"
Hayli quirked a smile in response, but then frowned in seriousness as she strove to make her point. "Nooooo! I mean–don't you ever get–lonely?" She made eyes that implied something of import behind it.
I wasn't catching on. "What do you mean by 'lonely'?"
My daughter struggled in frustration. "Ugh–Dad, don't you ever get–horny?"
"Ohhhhhhh!" I looked down at her, suddenly embarrassed by her very adult request. "Well, I–uh…".
My daughter shifted again, turning to keep her chin on my thigh as she stared up at me under her brows. She studied me with a mix of seriousness and mischief.
"Don't you ever feel the need to–masturbate?" she asked, watching me with catlike curiosity.
I blushed and stammered a bit. "Well, I, uh… yes. Yes, I do."
Hayli quirked another grin, a quick smile at scoring a hit, and put her hands under her chin on my thigh.
"And…?" she asked.
I stared at her, puzzled. "And?"
She stared back at me. "And… What do you do about it?" she asked, eyes glimmering with mischief.
I was flummoxed. "Hayli–what is this about? Why are you asking?"
My daughter shrugged. "Just curious. I mean, I masturbate–a lot–and Lexi masturbates–a LOT, and Evie, too," she chuckled, "but I've never seen you masturbate…".
"Wait, wait, wait," I interrupted. "What do you mean, you've never seen me…? Have you seen your sisters masturbate?"
My daughter chuckled. "Well, sure, Dad! We do it together! We used to do it all the time before they went away to school. And now that they're home–…".
I sat up, stunned by the admission. "What? You all–masturbate together?"
My daughter smiled and looked at me in amused confusion. "Well, sure! Why?"
I had to take that in and sat there trying to process it. "The three of you–together?"
Hayli smiled and nodded. "Yes, of course! It's quite fun…".
I should have been more shocked by this, but my body betrayed me. My cock, which had been semi-rigid before, now engorged to full stiffness. I set my book down on my lap to hide my bulge. I knew I'd need to go and jerk off soon.
My daughter smiled playfully when she saw my attempt to hide my hard on, and nudged the book aside. "Is there anything wrong with it?" she asked.
I shook my head. "Well, no–not with masturbating–not really, I suppose…". My wife and I had always taught our daughters that sex and sexuality were perfectly fine and natural and nothing to be ashamed of. But…
Hayli knelt on the sofa next to me and moved her hands to my bulge. It was very deliberate, not sudden and startling, and she kept her eyes on mine as her hands pressed on my hard on. I shuddered at the sensation–it felt so good, I admit!
"Dad," my daughter said softly as she moved to my zipper and slowly started to undo my fly. "I just want you to be happy," she said and slipped my cock free of my shorts and boxers.
"Ohhhhh, God…" I moaned as my cock was exposed to the air.
My daughter wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it very firmly and slowly. "I just want you to feel good, Daddy," she said, her voice low and husky. Hayli got on her belly and ran her face around my cock. "I want you to feel good and be happy,"she said and then took me into her warm, wet mouth.
"Ohhhhh, fuck…" I moaned aloud. It had been so long–too long–since I had felt a woman's mouth on my cock. Hell, any touch other than my own, and Hayli's mouth felt so delicious.
"Hayli, honey…" I groaned, "… stop. You shouldn't…".
But she didn't stop. Nor did I push her away. I sank into the sofa as my daughter got into a better position and started going up and down on my cock, nearly deep-throating me, as I sat there savoring it.
I put my hand on her head, staring down in disbelief and utter ecstatic delight as her head went up and down, up and down, the warmth of her mouth so delicious on me. Her eyes were half-closed and the expression on her face so warm and sweet–I was going to explode very soon if she didn't stop.
"Hayli, honey," I croaked. "You're going to make me cum if you keep that up…".
In response, my daughter wrapped her lips more tightly around me and ran her tongue around the rim of my plum, pressing on the sweet spot just under the tip.
I came. "Ohhhhh, holy fuck!" I groaned and held her head as my cock pulsed powerful blasts of hot, sticky cum into her warm, wet, willing mouth. "Ohhhh, fuck, honey!"
Hayli took it all, waiting until I collapsed back into my corner before slowly, deliberately dragging her tongue and lips over the tip as she withdrew from my cock. She sat up, face dreamy and pleased, like a cat that's just had cream, and swallowed me down. "Mmmmm!" Hayli smacked her mouth and licked her lips. "That was quite a load, Dad!" she chuckled and stared at me with wicked, playful eyes.
I was panting and nodded as I gazed back. "I know, honey, and I'm sorry…".
Hayli stopped me. "Sorry? Don't be sorry, Dad! That was–hot!"
I stared at her in surprise. "Hot? You just took a huge load–from your father–and swallowed it down!"
My daughter gazed back at me with that sweet, wicked smile, and licked her lips again. "I know–that's what makes it so hot!" She moved forward and hugged me, kissing my neck and cheek with her sticky mouth, and snuggled in tight, putting her head against my chest. "I love you, Dad, and I love that I could do that for you!"
I was confused, and happy, feeling a million different things at once–profound bliss as well as warmth, affection, shame, and desire–desire to have this experience again.
"Thank you, honey," I said and kissed her head and drew her tight. I didn't know what else to say, and feared to do anything else lest it lead to more–to more than just oral sex. (I know: "Just oral sex? Isn't that bad enough?") But I didn't feel bad about it. Maybe I was that desperate, or something about being in lock down for months had deranged me, but I honestly felt like this was opening up a whole new level of closeness and intimacy with my youngest daughter that I was pleased and happy to explore!
Hayli turned her face up to me, her eyes bright and shining, and I caressed her sweet face and drew her up to me. I paused as I studied her face, still seeing the lovely young woman she was, and the hint of the woman she was becoming, and then I kissed her. My daughter wasn't expecting that–I suppose because her mouth reeked of my cum, but I didn't pay any mind to it. My dearly departed wife used to kiss me after oral sex, and I got used to it.
"I love you, too, sweetheart," I said and stared at her. Her face softened into one of more familiar, though profound, warmth and affection and she hugged me again. She laid her head on my chest and squeezed.
"I love you, too, Daddy! So much!"
I savored the moment, but gently broke the embrace as I heard the garage door opening.
"Your sisters are returning," I said and got up and straightened myself, zipping up my fly and putting my book on the end table. "I hope they got everything on the list!" I said as I headed toward the kitchen to help them unpack.
"I hope they got ice cream!" Hayli said and hurried after. "And pie!"
I reflected with some mixed feelings upon it as I went to bed that night, feeling both aroused by the memory of the event as well as some shame. "I probably should have stopped her," I pondered as I lay there. ("Probably"? I recognize that I was being non-committal in my self-judgment, giving myself leeway to enjoy the experience, and even to leave the door open to enjoying the memory of it–which was already causing me to grow hard once again.) I drifted off to sleep, and was sleeping rather soundly (a nice change, and likely due to the release Hayli had given me), when I woke to the wonderfully warm sensation of being given head and looked down to see the sheets bobbing up and down like some strangely erotic Halloween ghost.
"Hayli," I growled appreciatively as I pulled the sheets away, only to reveal Lexi, my eldest, hungrily sucking my long, hard cock. "Lexi?!"
My eldest daughter gazed up at me in the semi-darkness, eyes glinting with mischief from the moonlight filtering in through the blinds, as she ran her tongue up and down the large vein of my shaft. She suckled on me firmly, and then ran her tongue around the head of my cock before coming up for air.
"Hi, Dad!" she said with a wicked smile. She held my cock and ran the tip around her luscious lips before slipping them over my cock once again. I fell back, her oral expertise making me weak, and she resumed bobbing up and down on my cock.
"Ohhhh, my God, Lexi…," I moaned. "That is so good…".
Lexi tightened her lips and suckled harder, running her tongue up and down that main vein and then teased the frenulum and tip. "Glad to hear it, Dad," she muttered in an amused reply. She suckled some more and then said, "Hayli told us all about her getting you off earlier. I suppose I was jealous." She quirked a grin, "I wanted to see if I could do her one better."
So saying, my oldest daughter crawled up on me, removing her tank top and straddling my cock. She slipped me into her wonderfully hot, wet pussy and started to ride me up and down, gazing down at me to gauge my reaction and reception of it.
I was stunned, and awed by her willingness to cross that line, to have intercourse with me, and welcomed it. It felt incredibly good–better than any other fuck I could remember–probably because of the very taboo nature of it. I was being fucked by my own lovely daughter!
Lexi was beautiful. Her softball-sized, firm breasts bounced delightfully as she rode me, and I reached up and fondled them, finding her nipples responsive when I ran my fingers over them.
"Oh, Dad!" my daughter purred and sank fully down on my cock. "That's wonderful!"
I drew my daughter down and kissed her hungrily. She kissed me back, and I rolled over on top of her, taking the dominant position, and began to fuck her harder.
"Oh–God–yes, Dad!" Lexi grunted with each thrust I drove into her. "Oh, fuck–me–like–that!"
I lowered my face to her breasts and licked and suckled on them. I learned that my eldest daughter quite enjoys having her breasts licked and sucked, and I flicked her nipples with my tongue. That was enough to bring her to her first climax. I waited for that to subside before I slid gently from her pussy, and kissed and licked my way down to her sopping wet slit.
"Ohhhh, Dad…," Lexi moaned softly as I licked her. "I wasn't expecting that…".
I smiled and dove in. Janet, my deceased wife, had loved oral sex, and was always quite pleased with my ministrations. I was not surprised to learn that at least one of her daughters felt the same. She used to tell me that I "ate pussy like a woman," which she meant as a compliment. (Janet having experimented with girls prior to our relationship. And even a few times after, with my participation in a few of them! My wife loved having me share her with another woman, and was very adept at finding ones who were open to a threesome versus just girl/girl.)
I brought Lexi to a shuddering, writhing orgasm before easing off and kissing my way back up her body. I re-entered her and slowly fucked her, building tempo until I was truly banging her. It had been so long since I had fucked a woman! I finally reached my peak and drove my cock fully into her as I came, pumping powerful blasts of cum into her pussy, savoring the backwash that flowed over the head of my cock of hot and sticky wetness.
"Oh, my God, Lexi," I panted and gently withdrew from her, feeling the rush of our juices flow out of her and onto my bed. "I'm sorry, honey–I shouldn't have done that."
My daughter hugged me and kissed me sweetly. "Shush, Dad," she said quietly and warmly. "That was incredible, and beautiful! Oh–I love it!" She kissed me again.
I relaxed on top of her, and then rolled off to lay beside her, soaked in sweat and recovering my breath. I smiled and was pleased as she rolled to put her head on my chest, her legs over my own. I could feel her hot, dripping pussy against my thigh. She continued to leak jizz and her juices as she lay next to me, and I loved it.
Neither of us spoke for a long time, just basking in the afterglow. Finally, though, I half-jokingly said, "I guess this means Eva is next?"
Lexi chuckled, nodding. "Very likely," she said and ran her fingers through my chest hairs. "Though Eva–well, she prefers girls. Not that's she's exclusive!" Lexi clarified with a laugh. "But she does like pussy better than dick."
I wasn't aware of that, though my daughter–well, daughters–being straight, bi-, or gay made little difference to me.
"And you?" I asked. "Do you also like one over the other? Or in addition to?"
Lexi smiled faintly. "I'm… pretty evenly balanced, shall we say?" she answered. "Not that I've had a lot of cock," she went on to say. "And pussy is definitely better if you don't want to get pregnant…".
I suddenly tensed, realizing that I had just cum inside my daughter without protection!
Lexi soothed me, caressing me to gently pushing me to lay back and relax. "Don't worry, Dad. I'm on the pill. Just as a precaution. And I have never done 'bare back' with anyone before. Just you," she said and smiled and kissed me.
I smiled back. "Thank you," I said. "That–that tells me that I am–special."
My daughter nodded, face pleased. "Very, Dad," she said. "Very."
We lay there a while longer, and my cock, to my surprise, started to harden once again. Lexi felt it and giggled.
"Oh! Someone's ready for more!" she laughed and looked down at my long, sticky cock. "Let me…" she said and swung around to sixty-nine me, putting her messy, wet pussy in my face while she licked and sucked me clean. I obliged her by licking her pussy despite the remnants of my cum still dripping from her, and she hungrily went down on me, taking me deep into her throat.
It became a contest–who was going to make the other cum first. I had a slight advantage only in that: having already cum twice that day, it was less and less likely I'd ejaculate much more. And it usually took me longer and longer between, so I was able to go for hours after I had climaxed once or twice.
Lexi was surprised, "losing" to me as I licked her into another shaking orgasm. She then tried and tried to get me off by sucking me deep and hard, but I finally drew her up to me, turning her around to face me, as I explained that it was different with me–and especially older men–than with women.
"Really?" my daughter asked, and grinned as I slid into her again. She started to ride me with increasing pace as she gazed down at me. "That's good to know, Dad!" she laughed and drove deep onto me, writhing and moving my cock around inside of her. "Ohhhhh, God–that's good!"

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