My Triangle Series Sexperience And Beginning

I was good looking, pleasant and had a lot of girl friends than boy friends and had a lot of sexual desires from my young age. To be precise, I was a FLIRT. The following incident happened when I was 18 years old and during my 1st year in college. I was in an affair with my cousin sister’s cousin sister, who was 15 years old at that time. In fact, when I had the intention of having my affair, my cousin sister was not too happy, as I was a little naughty to girls, including her. Eventually, she agreed to be our messenger, provided I help her in her affair with one of my relative. So we became love messenger to each other and our love affair was grooming.
Days and months passed by and one day, my cousin discussed with me of her new college mate, who is in a very bad need of a messenger for her love affair. The fact was that her friend was send back from Bombay to our home town, which is her home town as well, as her parents discovered her love affair with one of her relative in Bombay. There was some confusion or disagreements from their relatives for their affair, in which, one group agreed the relationship and another group disagreed. To avoid the family conflict, her parents decided to send her to our home town for further studies. Without knowing her and seeing her, I agreed to be her messenger, which is of no harm to me. My cousin’s name is “S” and her friend’s name was “J”. Soon after my agreeing, I started getting letters from J’s boy friend Mr. “B”, in which there will be another letter for her, which I have to pass it on to S and she pass it on to J. When I received the first letter, I opened it and read it, since it was not sealed and then wrote a small note to J and enclosed in an envelop and passed it on to S for J. I could realise that they were in intense love and the language were too sexy. Eventually, J started writing to me also, thanking me for all the help. Gradually She started to write sexual natured notes to me. Even though we do not know each other in person, we were so close and my cousin used to warn me about the notes, which she don’t know what we were writing to each other and I told her that it is only a friend ship and courtesy letter.
Our college 1st year was about to be over and J want to see me in person and requested cousin to bring me for lunch to her Mr. B’s Aunt’s place, who is a close friend to J, on a Saturday, which is very near to their college. B’s Aunt is related to J and she is a Teacher and married for two years to a Merchant Navy man, who come on holidays every six month’s or so and they have no children.
I told a lie to my parents of an extra class and dressed up smartly and went to the location, where we planed to meet. When J saw me in person, she was astonished and stunt for a while and held my hand and said “Hello dear, how are you ? I said I am fine and shook a firm hand with her. Then she told me that she sees her lover in me and I resemble him, except a few differences in colour and physical status. My cousin started to look at each other and told us to stop the nonsense talk and to move to B’s Aunt’s house. In fact J was a cute looking sexy girl with a fully developed boobs and figure. While we were walking, J was trying to hold my hand and starring and winking at me all the way and talking non stop about me and her lover’s resemblance. At last, we reached B’s Aunt’s house, which was a big bungalow with two floor and nice garden. To my surprise, B’s Aunt was another sexy lady in her thirties, with a good boobs and figure. My naughty mind started dreaming about having some sort of relation ship with both of them. She welcomed us and J introduced me to her and her mother. They had a house maid and she gave us soft drink on arrival. We then sat on the sofa for some time and after some time, food were served on the dining table. I was asked to have a wash before starting and J took me upstairs to a bed room attached with bath. I washed my face and came out from the bathroom, J was standing their and gave me a towel to wipe my face and winked at me.
Suddenly, she hugged me from behind and told me that she likes me very much and love me and not to tell this to anybody. I was stunt for a while and started shivering in fear. I tried to pull her away from me, but she turned me towards her and, hugged me tight and kissed me on both my cheeks and then straight to my lips. I couldn’t escape her tight holding and enjoyed her kiss and I too hugged and kissed her. It lasted for few minutes and suddenly, I noticed that B’s Aunt was at the door, watching us hugging and kissing each other. She scolded us and took J to her room. I was still standing there not knowing what to do. After some time, J went down stairs and Aunt came to me in the room and started scolding in low voice and told me that I did a great mistake, which should not have happened at her place, as I know that J was already in love with B. I pleaded guilty and asked her to pardon me and to excuse me and not to tell any body and my eyes filled with tears.
Suddenly, realising that I might cry, she hugged me and told me not to worry and keep it secret. Then she slowly kissed me on my lips and hugged me tight and asked me to kiss her too. It lasted for couple of minutes, till she heard her mom calling us for lunch. She warned me not to tell anybody, what had happened their and wanted to talk further later on. I agreed and she asked me to come to her place on the next day afternoon. I was asked to wash my face once again and wipe and come down for Lunch. I washed my face and pretended to be fresh and came down stairs, where my cousin was starring at me, and took me to one side and asked me why I took so much time. I told her a lie that I went for a shit, so the delay. In fact, I was scared and shivering inside. We then had our lunch and relaxed on the sofa. We were planning to leave from their and suddenly the plan changed. Aunt’s mom wants to do some shopping and asked J & my cousin to accompany her with their servant and I may go home, if I want. J’s Aunt suggested that I be their and relax by watching some movie on TV and they go for shopping and then when they return, me, my cousin and J can go back together, as we were to go on a same route.
Aunt’s mom, my cousin, J and the housemaid went out for shopping and I was sitting on the sofa watching TV. After a while, B’s Aunt went and closed the front door and appeared in front of me and told me that the shoppers are going to take not less than two to three hours and she need a little nap and asked me to follow her to her bed room. I was scared, puzzled and anxious to know what could happen next when I go to her bedroom. She came close to me, hugged me, kissed me on my lips and smiled at me and told me not to worry and kept her hand on my shoulder and took me upstairs. When we were walking upstairs, she held me close, that her boobs were pressing my shoulders and she was enjoying the climbing.
When we reached her bed room, she gave me a sleeping dress, which was bigger for me, which I know was her husbands dress and asked me to have a nice wash and change the dress. I went to the bathroom and changed my dress and came to the bedroom. Aunt was eagerly waiting for me and was wearing a sexy see thru night dress. I could see that she is without bra and panties. Now I new what her intentions are. My pennies started giggling and erected to 90 degree. She then came close to me, hugged me tight and looked into my eyes and told me that whatever is going to happen should be strictly confidential and not to discuss or tell any body nor to J. She then kissed me in passion and asked me to kiss her and feel her boobs and squeeze it gently. I did what ever she told and she lifted me and put me on her bed and started kissing me, I enjoyed her kissing and squeezed her boobs gently. She then slowly undressed me and caught my pennies and slowly peeled down the foreskin and sucked the red tips with her tongue and took the whole pennies inside her mouth and started sucking. I started giggling, as she started licking and sucking my pennies.
After a few minutes, I told her that I am about to ejaculate and to take my pennies out from her mouth. She denied and told me that she like to drink my semen. In the next minute, I discharged my semen in her mouth and she swallowed the whole of it. She wiped clean my pennies with her tongue and then asked me to wash and come. I went to the bathroom and washed my pennies and came back to her bed. She hugged me and told the semen was very tasty and want more. I asked her what next? She asked me to suck her vegina. I undressed her and kneeled down and started sucking her vegina. It was wet and I was feeling uneasy, but the smell was not that bad. I told her that her vegina is leaking and she went to the bathroom and washed and came back. Once again I started sucking her and after some time, she started giggling and I knew that she is about to get her orgasm. When she was about to come, she pressed and pushed my face to her vegina. At last she got it. She then hugged and kissed me like a mad sex starving female and told me that was the first time she had such a nice orgasm. We both went to the bathroom and washed each other and came back to the bed again.
We both were fully naked and were lying on the bed, hugging and kissing each other. After a while she went down and came with a glass of milk for me. I drank it and then she told me that she want to have the real sex, which I was longing too, but scared. When I heard it, my pennies started erecting. She took my pennies in her mouth and started sucking till it got fully erected. Then she asked me to fuck inside her vegina. I was literally scared, as if something goes wrong and what I will do if she gets pregnant. But she was not worried, and told me that her husband is due in two weeks time, and she can manage if anything goes wrong. I was rest assured that nothing will happen to me and she insisted for a real fuck. I was puzzled and in a dilemma. I asked about her husband and she told me that he is an elderly person, who drinks too much, smokes a lot and not much interested in sex. She also told me that she married him against her will with pressure from her family and she had a love affair with another person at that time.  I felt safe, as she is married and her husband will be their in a week or two and she will have sex with him, so my sex with her will be overridden.
At last, I took all my courage and got ready. I hugged her, kissed her and spread her leg and saw that beautiful vegina waiting for me. I slowly inserted my pennies inside her and pushed slowly inside. It was not going easily inside, and she wants me to enter slowly. As my pennies started to enter inside her vegina, she started squeezing my pennies with her vegina. It went deep inside and as it touched her “G” spot, she held me tight and asked me to fuck her slowly. I was enjoying the action and started to fuck her slowly. It took a long time and I was about to ejaculate and told her that I am about to come. She then told me to fuck her harder and harder. I discharged all my semen in her vegina and she told me not to stop pumping, as she didn’t get her orgasm. I pumped harder & harder and at last, she held my bums and kept pressed and told me to stop, as she got her orgasm and made some noise and told me how nice it was. She asked me to be on her for sometime and we were tired and I slept on her with my pennies inside her vegina for sometime. Suddenly, she woke up and told me to wash and dress up and to go down stairs and sit on the sofa, as the shoppers may come back at any time.
I rushed to the bathroom, washed and dressed up. Aunt came to me, hugged me and was thanking for the nice time with her. She then asked me, whether I can stay with her for a week from Monday to Saturday. I could not answer anything and asked her about her mother and maid servant. She said she will take care of her mother and her servant is not a problem.  I could not give her a positive answer and then we agreed that I will meet her at the Bus stand on Monday evening at 5.00, if everything is ok. I heard the bell ringing and rushed downstairs and opened the door for them. Her mom asked me where Aunt is and I told her that she is probably in her bed room, sleeping, as if I don’t know anything. My eyes were pink and J noticed it and asked me what happened. I told here that I was sleeping for sometime, hence the colour. I was scared and she looked at me suspiciously and came and sat on the sofa near me and looked me up and down. My cousin went to the toilet and came back and said, we should go now, so that we can reach home before dark and we got ready. In the mean time, Aunt came down stair, well dressed and pretending to have a nice sleep. We said good bye and left for our home.
I could not sleep well on that night and thinking of what had happened, masturbated twice and at last slept. Sunday passed slowly and by the evening, I made up my mind of going to her. Monday morning I left for the college, but could not concentrate on my class. I left early from the college and at home, told my mum that I have some scouting day & night out at the college and I have to stay their till Saturday. She agreed and I packed up some of my clothes and books. I left home at 4’0 clock and reached the bus stand and waited for Aunt. She came at 4.45 and met me near the rest room. We got into an Auto and left for her home. All the way to her home, she caught my hand tight and was looking at me and smiling. When we reached her home, she opened the door and the maid servant came to the door and took her bag and we sat on the sofa. The servant gave us a cup of tea and Aunt told her to keep my bag in the other bed room upstairs and told her that I will be staying their for week. I was looking for Aunt’s mom and could not find her. I asked about her mom and she told me that she had sent her to mom’s brother’s house for a week holiday. I was happy that she is not their. After some time, Aunt took bath and asked me also to take bath. I took bath and later at 8’0 clock, we had our dinner, and watched some movie on the TV. At around 9’0 clock, we went upstairs and she took me straight to her bed room and gave me some dress to change. That night, we had wonderful sex for 3 times and slept tired. Tuesday morning, she gave me some money and asked me to return straight from college to her home, and we both went out to the bus stand. She left for her school and I left for my college. I was unable to concentrate in my studies and spent my time dreaming of one week sex with her. In the evening I came straight to her home and she reached later. The servant served us tea and we took bath and as usual, sat and watched some movie on TV and went straight to bed and we had a verity of sexual game for couple of time and slept off.
I had an eye on the servant. She is around 15 years old and cute, with a small boobs and pretty looking. I came early the next day and rang the bell. She opened the door for me and I went into my room, had bath and came down. She was cooking something in the kitchen and I started asking her about what she was cooking and I went to the kitchen. While she was at the table, cutting some vegetable I went close to her and touched her shoulder. She stirred at me and showed me the knife and asked me to keep away from her. I was scared, but took my courage and told her that I like her. She was shying and didn’t tell anything. I touched her again and then she scolded me and asked me what my intention is. I said nothing, but I like her and I love her. She said that is nonsense and she is not interested in me as I am from a good family etc. Then, I hugged her from behind and squeezed her boobs. She tried to escape from me, but I held her tight and turned her towards me and kissed her. She somehow managed and escaped from me and went to her room and sat on her bed. I went to her room and said sorry and asked her to continue her cooking. She told me go to the sitting room and sit and watch the TV. I listened her and went to the sitting room. After some time, I slowly went to the kitchen again. Seeing me, she ran to her room again and closed the door.
I knocked the door and told her that I will not do anything to her and asked to open the door. I kept silent for some time and she slowly opened the door. I took no chance, but caught her and went inside her room and hugged her and kissed her and took her to her bed. She struggled for some time and eventually kept quit. I slowly squeezed her boobs and kept kissing her and with one hand tried to open her dress. She shouted at me and told that she will tell Aunt, if I don’t let her free immediately. I left her and went to the sitting room again and when she finished her cooking, she came to the sitting room and asked if I want anything to drink. I told her that I want a kiss from her and nothing and I really love her. She called me a stupid and dirty fellow, having relation ship with Aunt. I was surprised and wondering as to whether she knows any thing and asked why she said so. She told me that she heard some unusual sound in Aunt’s room during previous night. I told her that there is nothing between me and Aunt, and asked her to come and check during the night at 12’0 clock on that night. I some how convinced her and she agreed. I also asked her that if I prove that there is nothing happening between me and Aunt, whether she will let me kiss her and have sex. She replied that will be discussed later on. I kept quit and later in the evening, Aunt came back from work.
As usual, we had dinner and went to bed at 9’0 clock. Aunt called me in her room and we started our sexual game in different ways, and enjoyed climax 3 times. After the third round, I told Aunt, that the servant is probably having some doubts about our relationship and I should sleep in the other bed room. She agreed, but asked me why I have the doubt. I told her, that the servant asked me who I am, and why I am here and all. Aunt told me not to worry and will discuss with her. I asked her not to discuss anything with her about me, which might end up in trouble. I washed and went back to the other bed room. Aunt switched of the bed lamp and went sleeping. I peeped in her room and made sure that she is sleeping, and came back to the room and waited for the servant. At last, at about 12.30, she slowly came to my room and opened the door to see me. I saw her and called her inside. She was hesitant to come and then I went up to the door and pulled her in and closed the door slowly. I hugged her and kissed her and asked her if she believes me. She agreed and wants to go back. I insisted that she can go back in an hour and took her to my bed. I slowly tried to undress her, she resisted and asked me whether I really love her and marry her. I assured her that I like and love her and will discuss about the marriage after knowing each other. Now, she was little relaxed and I took the opportunity to kiss her and squeeze her lovely small boobs and opened her upper cloth, removed her bra and sucked her little boobs gently. She giggled and enjoyed the sucking and we shared kissing. In the meantime, I slowly lifter her skirt and tried to put my finger inside her pussy thru the panties. She crossed her legs, but I put more pressure and gained access. It was a nice small pussy, with tender hair and tight for my finger. Then I tried to suck her vegina, she resisted. I went on inserting my finger deep inside and started masturbating for her. She enjoyed the action and kept quit. After sometime, she got her orgasm and hugged me tight and kept my finger inside her vegina for sometime and removed it. I asked her to suck my pennies, she denied. Then I some how managed climbing up her and put my pennies between her legs and held tight and fucked her out side her vegina and got my ejaculation. All the semen went in her cloths and she gave me good night kiss and asked me to come early from the college the next day.
The next day, she was so happy, smiling me and gave me a flying kiss, when I left home for college. I could not concentrate in my college and time was moving slow. At last, after the fourth period was over at 11.45, I took and auto and reached home. I rang the bell and she came and opened the door for me. She was looking pretty in a nice dress and I hugged and we kissed each other for a while in the sofa. Then she gave me some soft drink and invited for a special lunch, she made especially for me. I washed and we both had lunch. She washed the plates and came back to me at the sofa. I invited her to my room, she denied and invited me to her room. We both went to her little room and started hugging and kissing each other. I lifted her and took her into her bed and kissed her and slowly undressed one by one. Now, I could for the first time see a sexy girl with a nice little boobs and a tender pussy. She shied and pulled her clothe over her face and hid her face. I sucked her boobs turn by turn and made her arose and slowly started sucking her beautiful tender vegina. She was hiding her face and making some unusual sound, enjoying my suck. I kept my hands on her boobs and kept sucking and at last, she got her orgasm and yelled at me to stop sucking. I stopped sucking and spread her legs and kept my pennies at her pussy entrance and tried to push inside. It wasn’t going inside and she cried in pain. The I asked her if she had some honey in the kitchen. She told me yes and where it is kept. I ran to the kitchen and fetched the honey bottle and came back to her room. Now she was fully covered with the bed sheet, which I removed and took some honey in my hand and applied on her pussy and a little on my pennies. I slowly sucked her pussy once again and lifter her legs and kept on my shoulder and spread her legs and slowly opened her pussy with my finger and started inserting my pennies inside her pussy. It went slowly and I gently pushed deep inside till it touched her “G” spot. She made some noise and covered her face once again with a cloth.
I started to fuck her slowly, keeping her legs on my shoulder. After some time, I removed her legs from my shoulder, keeping my pennies deep inside her pussy and started to fuck her slowly and nicely. I saw her enjoying my fuck and told me not to ejaculate inside. Even though I agreed, after some time, I discharged my semen deep inside her. When she felt the warmth of my semen, she tried to pull out my pennies, but I caught her tight and discharged the last drops. She was scared and pulled out my pennies from her vegina and looked at my face for a while and asked me what I did, which might cause her to be pregnant. I noticed blood on my pennies and her vegina. She was shivering and tears came from her eyes. I consoled her and told her not to worry and I assured her that I will take care if anything happens to her by means of pregnancy. We washed our self and came back to the room. She started to dress up, but I held her again and took her to the bed and hugged and kissed her again. We lied down for some time and I started to get ready for the second time. This time she told me not to discharge my semen inside her pussy. I agreed, on the condition, she suck my pennies till it get erected. She was feeling shy, but agreed. She then slowly took my tired pennies and kept inside her mouth and suddenly took out and said it is giving her a funny feeling and smell. Then I took the honey and applied on my pennies. She again took my pennies and started sucking. Slowly, my pennies erected and then I laid her down, applied some more honey on my pennies and her vegina and fucked her once again taking a long time. We both came together and she forgot to pull out my pennies from her vegina while enjoying the warmth when she got the orgasm. Once again, I discharged my semen deep inside her pussy. She didn’t tell me anything and kept quit. We both were tired and slept for an hour and got up. She went to the kitchen and I went to sit on the sofa watching some movie.
In the evening, Aunt came and as usual, we had our tea and then dinner. She then told me that there is a general bus strike the next day and we cannot go to college or school. The only transport available could be private vehicles. That day night also, I and Aunt had sex, but this time, I could not do more than twice and was tired, as I had sex in the afternoon. Since I was tired, Aunt made me suck her vegina before I went to my room. At mid night, the servant came to my room, but I was so tired, that I just hugged and kissed her for some time and eventually, she agreed to have sex the following day after the strike and left my room. I was so tired and slept off within few seconds.
Next day, early in the morning, Aunt came to my room and slowly opened my clothes, while I was sleeping. Suddenly I woke up and found that Aunt was trying to suck my pennies. I woke up and went to bathroom and brushed and washed and came to my bed. Aunt then undressed me and asked me to have a nice holiday fuck, and planed to go to the town for some purchase. I was so energised in the morning that I fucked her harder and harder, till she got two orgasms consecutively. We then slept for an hour. At 8’0 clock I woke up and got ready to go to the market with her and came downstairs and while having breakfast, the door bell rang. When the servant opened the door, to my surprise, I saw J coming in.  As soon as she saw me, she asked me how come I am there at this time. Before I could answer her, Aunt told her that she invited me to stay there, as Aunt’s mom has gone to her brother’s home for a week. J starred at me and gave me a wink. I too winked her. She joined us for breakfast and then we all went to market and came after an hour. J joined Aunt for cooking in the kitchen and helped her for some time. Then she came and sat with me at the sofa and took my hand in her hand and scratched me and winked at me. She asked me what’s happening. I told her nothing and just staying and enjoying. She told me that she knows Aunt very well and not to lie. I was trying my best to cover all what had happened, but she seems to be suspicious.
We had a nice lunch and then went upstairs to take rest. Aunt and J went to Aunt’s room and I went to the other room. I tried to sleep, but my mind was full of J and dreams of how to fuck her. After some time, I heard some unusual sound in Aunt’s room and I slowly went to the door and peeped thru the key hole. To my surprise, I saw them looking some magazine and they were semi naked. I kept watching thru the key hole for some time. Eventually Aunt kept the magazine under the pillow and hugged J and started to kiss her. They went on kissing and slowly undressed each other and J came upon Aunt and started to rub Aunt’s vegina with her and they sucked each other’s boobs. My pennies got erected and I slowly rubbed nicely for sometime.
After some time, they stopped and discussed something and J dressed and walked towards the door. I ran to my room and slowly closed the door and went to bed and pretended to be sleeping. J opened the room and came to my bed and touched me and woke me up and asked if I mind her sleeping in my bed. I was astonished and told, that Aunt will see us and we will be in trouble. She told me that Aunt knows that she is in my room and she only gave permission. I agreed and she closed the door and came to my bed. As soon as she was in my bed, she hugged me and kissed me and asked me whether I liked her. I told her yes and then she slowly undressed me and looked at my pennies and touched it and peeled the foreskin down. I too undressed her and saw her beautiful body shape. I sucked the nipple of her firm boobs and slowly touched her vegina, wit. She played with my pennies for some time and kissed me for some time. I laid her on the bed and spread her legs and slowly tried to insert my pennies inside her. It went a little bit and was tight to enter. She woke up and went to the dressing table and took some moisturising cream and applied on my pennies and to her vegina and asked me to try again. This time, my pennies went slowly and as soon as it touched her “G” spot, she held me tight and asked me to fuck her faster and harder. I started to fuck her harder and faster till she got her orgasm, but I didn’t get my ejaculation. I continued to fuck her faster and faster, When I was about to ejaculate, I asked her whether I should take it out. She said no and to discharge inside.
This time she got another orgasm and I got my ejaculation and discharged my semen in her vegina. I then lied on her for some more time and kissed her and sucked her boobs. After some time, we woke up and washed ourselves and came back to the bed and hugged and kissed each other. She told me not to tell anyone and to keep this secret between her, Aunt & me. Then she told me to go to Aunt’s room and to have fun. I went to Aunt’s room and we had sex. I slowly pulled out the magazine hidden under the pillow and saw it was a Kamasuthra book. I asked her how she got it and she told me that it belongs to B and was given to J as a present. Asked about her sexual relation ship with J, she told me that they were having this interest from childhood. Now, knowing all these sexual desires and interest between them and me now a part of their sexual ecstasies, I asked her why we three should not have sex together and sleep together that night. She told me that I am a wonderful naughty little fucker and agreed for three of us to have a wonderful night. I went back to my room and told J that we three are going to have a wonderful night in Aunt’s bed room.
In the evening, we three had early dinner and went upstairs to Aunt’s bed room. Aunt  & J took some tablets and we went to bed. Aunt took the Kamasuthra magazine and we started to watch page by page, different style and pose of sex and discussed what we should be doing that night. I was in the middle of the bed and J on my right side and Aunty on my left side. Slowly, Aunt & J started to undress me and they started to play with my pennies. They peeled the foreskin and Aunt slowly sucked it, while J kissed me. J does not like sucking, but Aunt does like sucking. I undressed both of them. Aunt came upon me and took my pennies inside her vegina and fucked me slowly and J kept on kissing me. I put my right hand finger inside J’s vegina and squeezed her boobs with my left hand.  Aunt fucked me slowly for some time and when she got her orgasm, she got down and left me for J. After some time, I got my erection again and got ready to fuck J. I came up on J and put my pennies slowly inside her vegina. It was not going smoothly and then she asked Aunt to get her some moisturising cream. She got it for us and she applied it on my pennies and I fucked J nicely and discharged my semen inside her. The whole night, we didn’t sleep and I was fucking Aunt & J turn by turn each hour till 4.00AM. I was so tired and exhausted, that I slept off after sometime.
I was woken up at 10’0 clock by J for breakfast. I woke up and brushed and went down for breakfast. I saw the servant not in good mood and unhappy from her behaviour. When Aunt & J went to wash their hand, she came to the dining table, and told me that I am a cheat and dirty guy. I could not understand what went wrong and asked her what. She told me that she will discuss that with me later when she gets a chance to talk to me alone. We spend the time watching TV and the servant cooked lunch for us and we had lunch and we went upstairs to Aunt’s room and the game started sex game for some time and took rest for sometime. In the evening, J cooked for us and we had dinner and again, we went to Aunt’s room and continued our sex game till 12’0 clock mid night.
Next day morning, we all got up, dressed and had breakfast and went to our college and school. In the afternoon, I came home early, eager to know what the servant has to say. When I reached home, she opened the door for me and I caught her by hand and tried to hug her and kiss her. She pushed me from her and slapped me on my face and told me that I am a dirty fellow, having sex with Aunt & J. I was surprised and asked her why she was telling like that. She told me, that she came to my room the previous night at 12.0 clock and not found me and then peeped thru Aunt’s bed room door key hole and found us having sex. She threatened me that she will tell this to Aunt’s mom and Aunt’s husband. I told her that I was not at mistake and they only took me to the room and tried to prove my innocence. She was furious and said she will think about that and decide what to do. I was sacred and afraid and without discussing further, went to my room and took rest. After some time, she came to my room and asked me to have lunch. I told her I am not hungry and will commit suicide, if she discloses the sex scandal to Aunt’s mom and husband. No she was scared and told me that she would not do so, if I do not continue that and she want to break her relation ship with me. Still, not convinced, I did not have lunch and packed my things to go back. I took my things down stairs and when she saw that, she came to me and assured me that she will not tell that to any one and to stay back till Saturday otherwise Aunt will have doubts on something is going wrong.
When I asked her to have relation ship with her, she neatly denied and told me that that is the end of it and she does not believe me, as I may be having such relation ship with many other women. I tried my best to convince her, but in vein I had to give up. I decide to stay back and kept back my things in my room. When Aunt came back in the evening, we had dinner and Aunt, as usual invited me to her bed room. I told her that I am not keeping well and went straight to my room and tried to sleep, but could not sleep. At around mid night, I went down to the servant’s room and knocked. She opened the door for me and asked me what I want. I told her that I am innocent and that’s why I am with her now and to have our relationship on going. She was cut and right, that she told me not to discuss that again and to go and sleep. I went back to my room and spent the rest of the night without sleep. Early morning, Aunt came to my room and woke me up and asked whether I am alright. Seeing that I am upset, she probed me to talk to her what happened and I told her that the servant have got doubts about us and she asked me about the previous night sound in Aunt’s room and I even doubts that the servant might have peeped thru the door key hole. She told me that she will discuss the issue with the servant and manage the whole situation.
That morning, I heard some discussion going on in the servant’s room with her and Aunt. I went up to the door and overheard. I heard that they were discussing about the issues and Aunt warned the servant that she will sack her from the job and threatened to complain to the police that she had stolen money from her home and put her behind bar, if she discuss anything whatsoever she has seen in that house. The servant was crying and she asked Aunt to pardon her for peeping thru the key hole and agreed aht she will not discuss anything to anybody. But, to worsen the situation, she told Aunt that I had sex with her for the past two days. I new that it is time for me to escape from the whole series and went and sat on the sofa. Aunt came and sat by my side and told me that she had discussed the issues with the servant and not to worry. But then she asked me about the sex I had with the servant and I told her to pardon me. She told me that she likes me very much that she is ready to pardon me and I should not do such cheep mistakes again, but will still have sexual relationship with her till she wishes. That night Aunt was mastering her sexual desires on me and I was her slave. Rest of the week went faster and I was her slave for her sexual hunger and desires.
Saturday evening I left for home and Aunt told me that she will contact me I she needs me, thru J. I reached home and was scared and tired. I decided to get away from the future problems which might end up in disaster to my future and Aunt’s future. On the following week, I spoke to my cousin’s boyfriend that I badly need a job and asked him to talk to his friend who is in Gujarat. He wrote letter to his friend and to my luck, I got a job in Gujarat. I discontinued my college studies and left for Gujarat and got into an employment.
Eventually, even though I had communication with my cousin sister to have my love affair on going, something went wrong, which till today I do not know, and my lover gave up the love relationship and communication between my cousin sister broke. I worked hard and got a permanent job in the company I am working. I came on an annual leave after three years. When I reached home, the first thing I did was contacted my cousin sister, who already got married with her lover. She was living happily. I discussed about my love and she was not ready to discuss in detail, but told me that my lover’s parent came to know about the affair and they were not happy with my relationship with her and she also agreed for their wishes.
Even though I enjoyed my sex with Aunt, J and the servant, I lost my love affair and I became lonely, and learned a lesson. The next day I tried to contact J and came to know that she also got married with B and they are living happily in Bombay. In the evening, I went to Aunt’s house and met her. She had a 3 year old baby boy, which she only knows who the father is, but by seeing the child, I saw me in the baby. The baby’s name was mine. When I asked about the child, she told me that she is not pretty sure about who the father is but, by seeing the child’s feature, she assume that the child is mine and hence the name was given. The servant was not there and I found an elderly female servant in place. When I asked about the servant, she told me that she tried to blackmail her and she sacked her. Even though Aunt’s mother was at home, Aunt invited me to stay with her for a day. I stayed with her and in the night I had wonderful sex with her thru out the night. The next day when I left her, she asked me to promise me that I will meet her whenever I am on leave and to have some wonderful time with her. The following week, I cancelled my remaining leave and left for my job and never met her again whenever I came on leave. I remained unmarried and flirting for about 11 years and eventually got married with a girl, who was one of my flirting girls. I always pray god to forgive me for whatever mistakes I have done in the past, knowingly or unknowingly and I believe that I have never done any mistakes in the past knowingly.
My experience never ends and still continue with others, who likes me……..Keep watching for more real experience of me…..