My Two Dads (A Walk in the Park)

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By Erastês Jimmy’s two dad’s take him for a walk in the park…

Alan and Peter are a successful gay, black, married couple. They adopted their son, Jimmy, 10 years ago from an East European orphanage. Jimmy is a handsome, blonde, 11 year old boy who is just about to start puberty. Secretly Alan and Peter had been training Jimmy to be a little cock slut since he was old enough. Today they are walking the dog in the woods. Jimmy is only wearing trainers and a long t-shirt, which just covers his naked hairless little balls and well-used bottom.

As Alan and Peter strolled through the picturesque woods with their golden retriever, they couldn’t help but marvel at their son Jimmy, who trotted ahead of them in his light blue trainers and long, baggy t-shirt. The 11-year-old blond boy was just beginning to show signs of puberty, and his parents couldn’t be more proud. They had adopted Jimmy when he was just a toddler, and over the years, they had nurtured him into the handsome, intelligent young man he had become. But what Alan and Peter had really done, was to created something far more precious: a willing little preteen cock slut.

The secret training had begun when Jimmy was younger. They had slowly but surely introduced him to the joys of sucking cock and taking it up the ass, both from them and from their close circle of friends and family. It had started with Alan and Peter taking turns teaching him how to deepthroat their cocks and fuck him in the ass, but soon enough, the word had spread among their circle, and there had been no shortage of eager cocks and eager asses for young Jimmy to pleasure. Now, as he ran through the woods, the slight fabric of his long t-shirt clinging to his youthful body, Alan and Peter couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride and lust in their hearts.

Their golden retriever, ever loyal and trusting, had been a part of their training regimen as well. Jimmy had been taught how to please a dog’s cock almost as much as he had been taught to please a man’s, and now, as he ran ahead with their faithful companion, he couldn’t resist the urge to show off his skills. They caught up to him just in time to see their son, their adopted son, their little Jimmy, crouched down on the forest floor, his lips wrapped tightly around the dog’s swollen cock. His eyes were closed in concentration, his cheeks hollowed out as he took the dog’s cock deep into his throat. Peter reached out and ran his hand through Jimmy’s blond hair, marveling at the sight before them.

“That’s my boy,” Peter whispered, his voice thick with pride and arousal. Alan nodded in agreement, his own cock already starting to stir at the sight of their son’s obedience and eagerness. They watched as Jimmy began to bob his head up and down on the dog’s cock, his long t-shirt riding up his slim legs, revealing the smooth, hairless skin of his tiny balls and hard littleboy cock.. He gagged and sputtered, trying to take as much of the dog’s cock as he could into his mouth, his eyes watering from the effort, drool running down his chin. They could tell that their dog was close to cumming; his movements were growing more urgent, more desperate.

“Don’t you just love how eager he is?” Alan murmured, his gaze never leaving their son. Peter nodded in agreement, his free hand reaching out to stroke the bulge in his own pants. They knew that Jimmy would take it all; he always did. He had been trained from a young age to be the perfect cock slut, and he never failed to please them. As the dog’s hips bucked wildly, thrusting deep into Jimmy’s throat, their own cocks hardened even more at the sight of their son’s dedication.

Alan glanced over at his husband, noticing the way Peter’s eyes were fixed on their son’s body, the way his hand moved rhythmically in his pants, teasing himself. He knew that they both wanted the same thing: to fuck their little cock slut right there in the middle of the forest. But they also wanted to see him finish what he had started, to show the dog the respect and appreciation he deserved.

Jimmy was taking the dog’s cock like a champ, his little mouth stretched to the limit, his throat bulging in tandem with his bobbing head.

“That’s it, Jimmy,” Alan whispered, his voice thick with desire. “Show him how much you want it.”

Jimmy moaned around the dog’s cock, his tongue flicking out to taste it as he worked his throat. He knew what they wanted; he always did. He wanted the dog’s cum in his belly. .

The dog let out a sharp yelp, thrusting his hips violently as he released a hot, salty wave of cum deep into Jimmy’s throat. The young boy gagged and sputtered, trying desperately to swallow every drop, his eyes watering from the effort. As the last of the dog’s cum disappeared down his throat, he slowly pulled back, licking his lips and smiling up at his daddies. His long blond hair was plastered to his forehead, and his cheeks were flushed from the exertion and the excitement.

Jimmy stood up and pulled his T-shirt off. Now, naked except for his trainers, his lithe young body on display for his fathers. His chest was smooth and hairless, his two small, nipples erect . His stomach was flat and hard. His hips were narrow, accentuating the small round mound of bare flesh that was his ass. His thighs were slim and boyish, leading down to his long, lean carves, and his hard, little boy cock, standing proud at his groin. Even as he stood there, panting from the exertion, dog cum dripping from his chin, his cock twitched, eager for attention.

“Are you ready for your reward, sweetheart?” Peter asked, his voice thick with lust. Jimmy nodded eagerly, his blue eyes shining with anticipation. “Then bend over and touch your toes.”

Jimmy obeyed immediately, bending at the waist and spreading his cheeks wide. His smooth, round ass and puckered hole was on full display, inviting his daddies to take what they wanted. Jimmy’s rear hole never quite closed properly anymore, like it was always ready, always hungry for daddy cock.He felt his father’s hands on his hips, steadying him, while he heard the rustle of leaves as his other father moved closer behind him.

“Do you remember what we told you about being a good little cock slut?” Peter whispered, his voice low and sensual. Jimmy nodded, feeling his cock throb in response. “Well, today is no different. Show us how much you want it.”

Jimmy moaned, pressing back against his father’s hands as he felt the tip of his father’s cock pressing against his entrance. His father was hard, throbbing, ready to fill him up. Peter spat on his hand, and rubbed it on his cock. Then with a gentle push, Peter entered him, his ring opening like a flower, guiding his son’s hips until he was buried to the hilt. Jimmy’s eyes rolled back in his head as his father’s thick cock stretched and filled him, filling his the tight but accommodating ring of muscle at his entrance.

“That’s it,” Alan murmured, watching his son’s ass clench and release around his husband’s cock. “You’re such a good boy.” He pulled Jimmy’s head up to the right height, thrusting forward, driving deeper into Jimmy’s warm, welcoming mouth . Jimmy moaned around his fathers black cock, arching his back as the two men began to move in tandem, their hips slamming thrusting into his little ass and mouth, their cocks filling him up.

Jimmy felt like he was in heaven, his body being used as the instrument of his daddies’ pleasure. He could feel the warmth of their bodies, the roughness of their skin against his own smooth flesh. He could feel their cocks moving inside him, stretching him, making him feel so full and wanted. He knew that they wanted him, that they wanted him to be used, until they were done with him.

The sound of their grunts and moans filled the air as they fucked him, their hips slamming into his ass and mouth in perfect rhythm. Jimmy’s own growns of pleasure mingled with the sound of their voices, a chorus of lust and desire that echoed through the trees.

He felt his father’s hands on his head, guiding his movements as he sucked harder on his cock. He could feel the veins bulging on the shaft as it throbbed in his mouth, salty pre-cum dripping down his chin. His throat burned, and it hurt, but he didn’t care. He wanted more. He wanted to make his daddies proud.

As he sucked and licked and moaned around Alan’s cock, he could feel his father’s hands on his hips, pulling him back and forth, forcing him to take more of his husband’s thick shaft. Jimmy moaned around the cock in his mouth, his eyes watering as he tried to focus on his daddies fucking him.

They were standing in the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees and undergrowth. The sunlight filtered through the leaves above, dappling their bare skin with patterns of light and shadow. The air was thick with the scent of earth and leaves and sweat. Peter’s cock throbbed in Jimmy’s ass, his hips moving in time with Alan’s thrusts into his mouth. He could feel the heat of his bodies, the roughness of their skin against his own smooth flesh.

It was then that he felt a wet tongue lick the sensitive head of his cock. Jimmy let out a startled yelp, his body tensing for a moment before relaxing back into the sensation. It was their dog, licking his cock. The dog continued to lick him, its tongue lapping at his little bald boy cock, making him even harder.

“Good boy,” his father whispered in his ear, his voice full of affection. “You make such a good cock slut.” He reached down, grabbing a fistful of Jimmy’s hair and pulling his head back, forcing his cock deeper into his mouth. Jimmy gagged around his father’s cock, his tongue flicking out to taste the pre-cum that was already beginning to flow.

As he sucked and licked and moaned around Alan’s cock, he could feel his other daddy’s hands on his hips, pulling him back and forth, forcing him to take more of his thick shaft. Jimmy moaned around the cock in his mouth, his eyes watering, it felt so good.

Jimmy felt so full and wanted, their cocks stretching him, making him feel so used. He wanted to please them, to make them happy. He wanted to be their perfect little cockslut. As he sucked harder on his father’s cock, he could feel the warmth of his body, the roughness of his pubes against his fave. He could hear the grunts and moans of pleasure escaping from their throats, mingling with the sounds of the forest around them.

His father’s hands gripped his hair tighter, pushing his head down onto his cock as his husband began to thrust harder into his ass. “Fuck yeah,” he groaned. “That’s it, Jimmy. Take it all.” His hips slammed forward, and he came, filling Jimmy’s mouth with his hot cum. Jimmy swallowed every drop, sucking hungrily on his father’s cock as his other daddy thrust deeper into his ass.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Peter moaned, his hips bucking wildly as he came as well. He growled and grabbed Jimmy’s shoulders, his nails digging into the soft flesh. “You’re such a little slut.” His cock throbbed inside Jimmy’s ass, pulsing as he emptied himself.

Jimmy could feel the warmth of his father Pete’s cum filling his ass, and he wanted nothing more than to taste it. He pulled his head back from Alan’s cock, letting out a sob of relief He looked back at his daddy Peter with pleading eyes. “Please,” he begged. “Let me suck it clean.”

Pete grinned down at him, his expression dark and predatory. He grabbed Jimmy’s hair, pulling his head round to his cock. “You want this?” he growled. “You want to taste your ass?”

Jimmy nodded frantically, his eyes never leaving his daddy’s. He opened his mouth eagerly as Peter pushed his cock into his mouth. He could taste the beige slime coating the head of his daddy’s cock, a mix of his own shit and his father’s cum. He sucked and licked and moaned around the cock in his mouth, relishing the tangy taste of their combined fluids.

Peter thrust his hips forward, his cock sliding in and out of Jimmy’s mouth as he slowly fucked his face, with his rubbery half hard cock. The boy’s tongue flicked out to clean every drop of cum, his lips stretching to accommodate his father’s girth. Peter’s hands gripped Jimmy’s head, his fingers tangled in the boy’s hair as he thrust deeper, harder. Jimmy moaned around the cock in his mouth,as it slipped into his throat, his eyes watering, as he tried to please his daddy.

Alan pushed Jimmy down on to all fours, his legs splayed wide as he encouraged the dog to mount him. The dog eagerly climbed on top of Jimmy, its front legs on either side of his body, its hind legs planted on the ground behind him.

As the dog tries to position its thick narled cock at the entrance to Jimmy’s ass, Alan reached down and guided it in, pushing it deep inside the boy’s gaping, hungry hole. The dog whines and frantically thrusts into the boy, its hips slamming into Jimmy’s ass as it began to fuck him wildly. The boy let out a hoarse cry as he felt the animal’s hot, hard cock stretching him, filling him up.

Alan watched with dark, hungry eyes as his husband’s big black cock disappeared inside the 10 year old boy’s mouth. He reached down and grabbed Jimmy’s hair, pulling his head back and forth on Pete’s cock as he began to stroke himself faster. “That’s it, Jimmy,” he growled. “Take it all.”

The dog hammers mercilessly into Jimmy’s raw preteen hole. Jimmy can feel every inch of its misshapen cock as it slides into his boy hole, making it twitch and spasm.

Jimmy’s mouth and throat are full of his daddy’s cock, his tongue flicking out to massage his ballls, his nose in his dad’s pubes. Alan’s hand grips the back of his head, forcing his head back on his other daddy’s cock. Jimmy’s neck strains as he takes his daddy’s cock as deep as it will go, the taste of him on his tongue making him moan in pleasure.

The dog’s hot, slick cock slams into Jimmy’s ass with brutal force, his body bucking wildly as he tries to get deeper inside the boy. Jimmy lets out a keening cry as he feels himself being stretched to the limit, his ass muscles trembling with the effort to hold the animal’s huge cock.

As the dog fucks Jimmy harder and faster, its thick knot swells at the base of its cock, banging against the boy’s ruined sphincter. With a final, powerful thrust, the knot pops past his well-used boy ring, forcing its way inside Jimmy’s ass. The boy’s body tenses as the dog’s cock expands, filling him up, making him feel impossibly full and stretched. He screams around his father’s cock, his voice muffled by the thick shaft as his ass clamps down on the animal’s invading member.

The dog growls loudly as it unloads its seed deep inside Jimmy, his hot cum filling the boy’s insides, painting the walls of his ass with its sticky heat. The animal’s weight presses down on Jimmy’s back, holding him in place as it slowly dismounts, its knot trapping its cock inside the boy’s tender rear hole.

The dog pants heavily, its tongue lolling as as they are trapped, ass to ass. Its knot still firmly lodged in the boy’s ass, holding them together. Jimmy whimpers softly, as the dog’s knot pulls at his raw sensitive ring.

Jimmy gasps for breath, his body aching and sore from the rough fucking he’s just endured. The dog’s knot pulsing and pulling at his boy ring, as they’re trapped together. He loved the feeling. He looks up at his father, his eyes filled with love and desire. Alan’s cock is still hard in his mouth, the head pushed deep inside his throat. The man’s hand holding Jimmy’s head in place. He smiles down at Jimmy, his dark eyes gleaming with lust.

“Well done, Jimmy,” he says gruffly. “That was quite a show you put on for us.” With a final thrust, he pushes his hips forward, emptying his seed down Jimmy’s throat. The hot cum fills his throat, shooting out his nose, running down his chin and dripping onto his chest. Jimmy swallows eagerly, moaning around his father’s softening cock.

As Alan wanks his cock, he cups his hand underneath the boy’s chin, lifting his head up to meet his gaze. Jimmy looks up at him, his eyes shining with love and desire. “Now it’s your turn, Jimmy,” he says huskily. “You’ve been such a good boy today, and you deserve a reward.” He says, as he shoots thick ropes of cum onto Jimmy’s happy smiling face.

Jimmy scoops it up and enthusiastically eats it all, relishing the taste of his daddy’s cum. He looks up at Alan, his face glistening with sweat and cum, his lips swollen from all the rough cock he’s taken today. The dog’s knot in his ass is stretching him, making him feel full and owned.

Jimmy’s body trembles with pleasure and exhaustion, still naked on all fours, his ass full of the dog’s knot. He looks up at his father, his eyes shining with love and lust. “I’m so glad you brought me here, Daddies,” he whispers, reaching back to stroke the animal’s back. “I love it when we do things together as a family.”

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