My Uncle David | straight story from Katee

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Written by Katee,
on 2023-07-10,
genre straight

My uncle David 39 is my uncle by marriage and isn’t a blood relative. His wife April died several years before in a car accident, and they had no children. As April was building her career first. She was the youngest of my father’s siblings. I’m Katee 23 and worked as a parttime model and in a dress shop. But due to the pandemic and lockdown the shop closed and didn’t reopen. I was having a lot of trouble finding suitable work and only low paid jobs were available. It was then I bumped into David, I was looking for work and he was in the same city doing business. We had lunch together and I told him my problems, he offered me a job as his assistant. I accepted as it was meant getting back closer to my parents and family. But I would be still an hour away by car, but it’s better than 2 states away. The job was easy as all I had to do was take messages and remind him of appointments. Of course, I had nowhere to stay on getting back to his home base and so I stayed with him. I found him to be a very busy man always on the go and me likewise since joining him as his assistant. After several months we became lovers and I’m now pregnant and marrying him this coming weekend. My family is happy with us marrying and so am I, I intend to stay as his assistant as long as possible. He has gotten a promotion also which mean a lot less travel.

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