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By Monica I got pregnant in my family summer camp. Only i don’t know who the father is.

Two nights before we all go home, my brother and my cousin fucked me constantly every night and always cumming inside me against my will.
Tonight was no exception, when my brother was fucking me for the fourth time, my uncle came into the tent and shouted, “What the fuck is going on here?” My cousin and my brother ran out.
My brother, who was about to cum, his cock spurted cum as he ran away.
I was lying on the floor overflowing with cum and my uncle approached me.
So, princess, what mischief were they doing to you?
They raped me uncle, they made me do things I didn’t want to do.
What kind of things, Monica?
Naked and leaning against my uncle’s arms, I described what they did to me every night.
As I told my uncle everything, I noticed that he started to get hard.
You’re making me horny with that story Mónica and got me down on the floor again.
Uncle, what are you doing?
You made me so hard, telling me what they have done to you, I have to empty my balls.
No, uncle, please, I’m sore.
It was like talking to a wall. He just didn’t care.
He got on top of me and between my thighs.
He pulls down his shorts and his cock springs out and touches the lips of my pussy.
Covering my mouth with one hand and with the other he helps his cock enter my cum-filled pussy and shoves it all the way in.
I let out a gasp and a moan as I felt his huge cock enter me.
Ohhhh so good, it’s like heaven, he says.
So soft.
And he started thrusting slowly until he got his entire cock inside my pussy.
My screams were subdued by his hand covering my mouth and he was thrusting faster and harder.
I could feel every inch of his cock entering me and touching me deep inside.
Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm
Yes, Mónica, moan for me, he said as he fucked me.
Ohhhh, Ohhhh, what a wonderful pussy you have.
I’m about to come.
Panicked, I open my eyes and start shaking my head in disagreement.
Nnnnn, Nnnnn.
Shhhh, princess, you’re going to feel a real man come inside you
He increases the pace of his thrusts.
My tits bounce as he thrusts harder and harder.
I feel his cock getting fatter…. ohhh, I’m about to come
A few thrusts later
Ahhhh, take it you slut, Ahhhh, ahhhhh
His cum quickly fills me to the brim.
I feel every rope of cum entering me and I receive every drop.
Ohhh, ohhh my God, so good, so good.
He thrusts into my pussy a few more times until he’s empty and pulls out.
He gets off me and I start to cry, curled up in a fetal position.
Hearing you cry made me horny again. I have to fuck you again, princess.
No, uncle, no, please. Leave me alone.
I can’t go away with a hard-on. You have to satisfy me once more.
As he says this, he turns me over on my stomach, gets between my legs and puts his cock against my ass cheeks.
No, no, it hurts a lot back there, uncle, no, please.
Shhhh, Shhhh princess, you’re going to have to hold on, come on, it’s just the head that’s hard to get in.
He pushes in slowly and I feel his cock going in all the way.
Oww Oww it hurts so much uncle, stop.
Ohhh so tight baby.
His thrusts become more intense as my ass loosens up.
Oww Oww it hurts, it hurts, I moan every time he thrusts deep.
Like a madman, he thrusts harder and harder.
Ohhh, Ohhh so good, Ohhh, he moans with every thrust.
My moans of pain give him even more pleasure and his cock gets harder and harder.
After about ten minutes, without any warning, he starts to come
Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh I’m cumming, I’m cumming.
Every time he releases a jet of cum, he shoves it all the way in, making me scream out loud in pain.
He covers my mouth again with his hand, subduing my cries of pain, until he finishes unloading his balls inside my ass.
Fuck, what a wonderful ass you have.
I’m exhausted, but I need to cum one more time, give me a blowjob, I want to cum in your mouth.
He wipes his cock with my sleeping bag, but it still smells, so he grabs my head and makes me suck his cock.
I run my tongue over the head and add some spit to disguise the smell, but I almost throw up when I put the cock in my mouth.
Ohhhh what a beautiful mouth, don’t stop, he says visibly satisfied.
My head bobs up and down on his cock with the help of his hand.
I sucked and sucked for almost twenty minutes until he started shaking and holding my head down.
Swallow it all, you slut, he says and starts cumming in my throat.
Ahhh, Ahhh, swallow it, swallow it all.
Glup, glup, glup, there’s so much cum that I almost choke.
A few seconds later he lets go of my head and lets me breathe.
No wonder your brother and cousin want to fuck you, you’re really good at it, you’re a good cum bucket
He gets up and leaves, leaving me full of cum in every orifice.
Crying and worried that I’m probably pregnant and I don’t know who the father is.
On the last day of the camp, my uncle, my cousin and my brother abused me constantly, forcing themselves in me, taking turns or double penetrating me, taking advantage of the fact that my parents and my aunt were walking to town, which took hours before they got back to the camp.
At night, my brother came to my tent alone and abused me all night, leaving huge loads of spunk inside me.
On the journey back, my only thought was of a possible pregnancy, which was confirmed a month later.

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By Monica #Abuse #Incest #Pregnancy #Rape