My Widowed Mom and Me

tagIncest/TabooMy Widowed Mom and Me

I am a woman of 32 years. I lost my father at the age of 10 and since then my widowed mother worked hard to brought me up. The event I am going to tell occurred when I was 19 years. Even from the age of 12 I had better physical growth compared to many of my class mates and by the time I was 18, my physical growth attracted boys and men towards me. I was in a co-education college and during some social functions in the college I had experienced the touches of class mates and senior boys brushing aside my boobs and asses casually.
While in Class XII we had a school excursion and we travelled by a reserved night bus to a historical place that was about five hundred kilometer from our native place. Before we started for the excursion my mom, who was then 39 years repeatedly warned me to be careful about members of the opposite sex and to avoid to be with anyone in isolation.
There were 24 students in the excursion group – 11 girls and 13 boys. We were accompanied by six teachers – three males and three females. Once at our destination, we were lodged in a medium class hotel with two students sharing a double bedroom. Since the boys had odd number, one was given a single room.
I shared my room with a Degree First year student, named Sony. She was a strong girl with athletic body and at that age had profuse youthful growth. She was taller than me. On the first day we were taken to various forts of ancient India and in the evening when we returned back to hotel we were all tired. The dinner was served at 8.30 after which we retired to our respective bedrooms.
It was summer and we changed to our night dresses. Sony put on a cotton short that exposed her slender well built thighs. She wore a cotton sleeveless top that outlined her bra and exposed her arms. Despite being a girl myself I felt uncomfortable at her dress. My mom had given me full length dresses both for outdoor and indoor uses. However, I did not let Sony know that I felt uncomfortable at her dress.
Although both me and Sony had known each other by face while in college, being in different classes we had not known each other intimately. As we shared the same bed we had various conversation between us. When Sony learnt that my father had died nine years back, she was very sorry and tried to console me.
Our conversation revolved round our trip, our school, our family, about the boys of the school, our teachers and finally as it was natural for two adolescents, it invariably came to sex. Biology had given us considerable knowledge about sex and procreation. But compared to Sony, my knowledge was only superficial as in the course of conversation Sony said to me, "Don't tell anyone. I regularly watch my mom and dad in the act without their knowledge."
I was quite shocked but did not reveal my reactions to Sony. However, Sony went on to expand my horizon of sexual knowledge by telling me how her parents suck each other's genitals known as 69, how her mother moans as her father pounds her pussy etc. Sony was describing so explicitly that I felt wetness between my thighs.
While listening to Sony's description I was so amazed and engrossed that I had not noticed when her hands encircled my body and it was only when her fingers pressed my nipples that I became aware that she was hugging me. Sony's hands cupped one if my boobs and she said, "You have fantastic growth. Boys must be crazy to caress your mounds."
"What are you doing", I protested, "I don't like all these."
"How can you like?" Sony replied mischievously, "You knew nothing about sexual pleasure except those theoretical knowledge of procreation through sperm and ovary."
While telling this Sony tightened her grip on my body. I tried to disengage but Sony said with the hissing sound of a snake, "Keep quiet and just let me do certain things. If you don't like, tell me. But I am sure you will enjoy."
"I don't like it," I roughly said, "And I will not enjoy it either. You can find someone else."
"If I had been a boy," Sony said, "I might have raped you. You have such a soft and tender body and such a bounty of growth."
While telling this Sony tightened her viperish grip on me, her one hand exploring my boob while her other hand slipped inside my salwar and panty and her fingers were exploring my vaginal hole that was already wet. Sony laughed and said, "Why pretending to be puritan? Your hole below is dripping!"
I roughly pushed her and said, "Sony, leave me alone. I don't like all these."
I proved to be a weak player compared to her and she shifted her entire body on mine and said, "Do you know how a pair kisses? I will show you. I saw my parents and also in movies."
Sony descended her face on mine sucking my lips. I repulsed in hatred. But she made me part my lips and pushed her tongue inside and teased my tongue. For five to ten minutes she continued to kiss like this. Her big boobs were pressing against those of mine and her fingers were exploring my hairy pussy.
When Sony finally got down off my body I was gasping for breath. My lower lip had swollen at her sucking. Sony smiled and said, "I ravished you, my virgin girl."
I looked at her sternly. But more than anger it was awe at the sudden attack. Sony said again, "We are both females. Why get angry? You won't get pregnant."
But then what Sony did was unbelievable. She removed all her clothes and became completely nude in front of me. I was looking at her beautiful figure with amazement and awe. Sony had milky complexion, big rounded boobs, pink nipples, tantalizing buttocks, slender legs and her pussy and armpits were clean shaved, her labia lips were juicy and slightly parted.
A forbidden excitement was building up within me. I knew what was happening was wrong but there were tingling sensations in me. I could not take away my glances from Sony's nudeness. Sony looked at me and asked, "May I have a glimpse of your nude body please?"
I didn't reply. Sony assured, "We're both females. You have the same things as I. Just imagine my mother stands like this in front of my dad and he goes crazy. When your dad was alive, your mom had also stood like this and then they mated. That's why you and me were born."
Sony came near me, put her hands on my shoulders and softly said, "I know you're ashamed. Let me help you to undress."
Sony pulled my kurta towards my head. Like a mesmerized person I lifted my hands upwards allowing her to take the kurta out of my body. Sony then unhooked my bra and took it away. Looking at my boobs and protruding dark nipples, she kissed them complimenting, "Sexy and beautiful nipples."
I was ashamed of my unshaved armpits. They had prolific growth of hairs and tried to keep my arms down to hide them. But Sony raised my arms one at a time and kissed the armpits and said, "It smells erotic with perfume and sweat."
I stood like a hypnotized fellow and did not resist as Sony reached to unknot the strings of my night suit and let it fall to the ground near my ankles. At her gesture I stepped out of the night suit wearing only my red panty. Sony guided me bed. Once there she slowly pulled down my panty exposing my bushy cunt. Sony began to caress my pussy hairs touching my labia lips in between. I just moaned and pressed my faced on her bosom.
Sony 's hands travelled to my asses fondling them with love and care. Our breaths had grown heavy and both of us were moaning intermittently in forbidden passion. I started sucking her nipples while my hands were feeling the softness of her clean shaved pussy.
We started sucking each other's boobs alternately while our fingers were busy in exploring the pussy holes and rectal holes of each other. We had a long lip to lip kiss and licked each other's armpits. But when we took 69 position sucking the pussy of each other we were moaning uncontrollably in passion and excitement. We reached our first lesbian climax around midnight and hugged each other in tight embrace as orgasmic spasms ripped us. I enjoyed the first lesbian experience with Sony so much that I could not believe it myself.
From the next day we two became most intimate friends. During the day we remained busy with our excursion programs and both longed when the dinner would be over and we can retire to our lesbian intimacy in the seclusion of our bedroom. Sony also taught me about sexual fantasies so that sometimes we played the roles of her parents between us or the illicit fantasy of my mom and her dad.
Our five days excursion program was coming to an end. Both Sony and me knew that once back to home it would be difficult for us to find a place to become physically intimate. On the fourth and last night we were remorse to think of our imminent separation. So we wanted to make best of our last night together.
In our hurry and excitement we perhaps forgot to lock the door from inside. Sony was at bottom and I was on her in 69 position each pleasuring the other and moaning in excitement. We became aware of somebody's presence in the room when we heard the click sound of a camera. Startled, both of us looked upwards to find that our Hindi-cum-NCC teacher Mr. Surya, who was at his late 'fifties, was watching us.
Since we were completely nude, both Sony and I hurriedly tried to cover our nudeness. He had already locked the door from inside. We were about to fall to his feet when he gestured us to keep quiet and asked us to watch the video he recorded. It was a seven minute video that recorded me and Sony in deep lesbian actions. Mr. Surya made us watch the video he recorded and gestured us to remove the bedsheets with which we had hurriedly tried to cover our naked bodies.
Realizing the consequences of antagonizing Mr. Surya, we removed the bedsheets in trembling hands exposing our nude bodies to his view. His eyes were full of lust and as we removed the bedsheets, his glances were licking us. He took his seat on our bed and gestured us to be on his two sides.
As we sat beside him, he pulled Sony towards him and in front of me planted a lip to lip kiss while his hands mauled her nude body. Already hot and horny in lesbian action, Sony responded with moans to the caress of Mr. Surya. He passionately caressed Sony for quite sometime and then leaving her turned to me.
I was hot and horny too. But Mr. Surya's unshaved face, his untidy hairs created a repulsion in me and I begged him to spare me. Even at the college I disliked him for his shabby appearance and lustful looks. He always reminded me of a horny bull. Though nearing sixty years, he had a strong and muscular body, his eyebrows were too hairy, full of black and grey hairs. But my greatest dislike for him was a kind of savagery in his appearance.
Mr. Surya perhaps felt my reservation. He laughed like a villain and whisperingly said, "I may be old but as a male can quench your thirst better than your lesbian partner. Moreover, you have grown up too much for your age you need effective handling."
Finding me still reluctant, Mr. Surya said, "Just think what will happen if this video clip goes out. I will tell everybody that you forced Sony into lesbian action. So imagine your fate. I will safeguard Sony since she has co-operated with me.
Since you are reluctant, I will not kiss you. You will have to kiss my lips to show that you are ready for a compromise."
Sony was gesturing me to agree to Mr. Surya's proposal and to escape from this clandestine situation. It was a helpless situation. Mr. Surya was lustfully surveying my nude body and said, "I can't wait infinitely. Either you agree to provide me pleasures or you face your consequences."
I slowly got up, went near Mr. Surya and planted a kiss on his lips. Mr. Surya caught me roughly by the hair and pulling my face near his said, "I will show you how a sexy girl should kiss a horny bull."
He pulled my face and began to suck my lips and pressed my cheeks to open my mouth. Soon his tongue went inside my mouth. His mouth was smelling if garlic, alcohol and tobacco that made it more loathsome for me. But he slapped hard on my naked asses and said, "You will get used to this smell once you take my thing in your craving young pussy."
Mr. Surya then started biting my nipples while his hands kept kneading them. It was painful and tears came to my eyes. He taunted, "Those who have wet eyes also have wet pussies."
His hand went to my quim and he roughly pushed his finger inside making me let out a scream. With his other hand he pressed my mouth to suppress my scream. His fingers were moving in my pubic hairs which were curly and quite long. Mr. Surya said, "Young girls shouldn't keep their pussy dirty like this. Since when you have not shaved your jungle, baby?"
I didn't reply. Suddenly, he raised my arms and checked my armpits. I was hairy there too. He pulled me down and sniffed my armpits and said, "See you are dirty here too. But I don't repulse at your sweaty smell. So you too learn to enjoy the smell of my mouth."
Both me and Sony were silently putting up with his dirty words and actions. Mr. Surya asked us, "Since when are you having lesbian relation?"
As we didn't reply, he said again, "You have very nice growth, both of you. Heavy asses, big boobs, pointed nipples. You need male dicks to satisfy your physical needs. You can't satisfy each other."
He took Sony's hand in his and commanded her to open his fly and bring out his tool. Sony hesitated for a moment but then obeyed. His tool was in half erect state but both Sony and I were surprised to look at it. Sony had earlier seen her father's tool while watching her parents mating but for me it was first experience of looking at an adult dick. In its partially flaccid state it was more than a small size scale of 6 inches. If my assessment was not wrong it was at least two inches more longer than a small scale. Its girth was like the wrist of a ten or twelve year old healthy child.
Mr. Surya then turned his attention to Sony and said to her, "Come near me baby. You have kept your cunt and armpits clean. I like girls who shave their hairs."
He pulled Sony and brought her near him. He slapped mildly on her asses and put his hand inside her ass cheek and was trying to insert his finger in her asshole. He made Sony to take his dick in her palm and to stroke it slowly. As Sony took it, his dick began to grow hard and took a monstrous size. Mr. Surya said to me, "Do you see the magic of her hands, it is coming to life?"
Both I and Sony lowered our gaze in shame. But he said to us, "Don't feel ashamed babies. You are hot and were enjoying lesbo. Now that I have your video with me you don't have to enjoy with each other. Let us go back to our place, both of you will enjoy with this tool. But for tonight I will give you some preliminary lessons as to how become a good slut."
As he kept talking dirty he pushed much of his index finger in Sony's asshole making Sony shiver and she pleaded, "Sir, please don't do it. It's hurting."
He smiled and said, "I am making it loose so that you can take my tool in your asshole. It's a bit big, isn't it?"
Suddenly he pretended to be grave and serious and said to us, "You two don't want to be exposed of your lesbian affairs, isn't it?"
We nodded silently. He said again, "For that you are to serve my needs, I mean the needs of this demon. So once at home you will convince your guardians to take private tuition to me for Hindi which you find difficult. In that way, we will meet regularly at my home and you can serve my needs. Do you agree to my suggestion or want to take the risk of being exposed?"
We were in a fix but to get out of the mess we both agreed to his proposal. Mr. Surya said, "Now let me give you some pleasure. Both of you lay on bed with your pussies exposed."
Sony and I helplessly obeyed him. He sat between two of us and began to play with our pussies. He started by parting our labia lips with his fingers and then started to and fro movement of his fingers simultaneously in both. We were already wet and his rapid fingering made us moan in excitement and passion. We could feel growing hotness inside us. Our bodies arched in sexual desires. He smiled and said, "If these fingers are making you crazy, just imagine what that tool will do. I promise you will enjoy to be my mistresses."
May be he fingered us for about an hour which made us reach our first maiden orgasms as our bodies shuddered in violent climax and we discharged endless juices from our love spot. Both of us were quite exhausted. Mr. Surya then wanted both of us to perform oral on him. It was very loathsome for us to take his genital in our mouths but he first made me take it and pushed the entire length inside my oral cavity though I could take only two-third of his big tool. When at the point of choking he commanded me to suck and lick it with my tongue. As I was struggling with his big dick in my mouth his hands were playing with my soft fleshes.
Perhaps I sucked for fifteen minutes then he made Sony to take it in her mouth. The alternate sucking of his dick continued for more than an hour after which he made us to wait in front of his dick opening our mouths. He then started stroking his manhood by his hand and spurted his load on our faces. It was so heavy load that it fell on our lips, nose, eye lashes. He then made me and Sony to lick his come that fell on our faces. As we licked each other's face to clean his load, he took another video clip.
At around midnight he left us reminding us to convince our guardians about tuition and also threatening us of exposure if we try to play smart with him. After he left both of us discussed what we could do about his evil plan but we found no solution because he had our video clips with him. We both felt dirty after what he did and took a bath together. We slept in each other's embrace that night admitting it to us that his fingering was really amazing experience to both of us even though we hated what he did to us.
On the following morning we started back for our home. But our problem was at college. He would pressurize us for the tuition and threatened to circulate the video among the students if we do not satisfy his demand soon. We had a feeling that once we convince our guardians for tuition and start going to his house, we would become his sluts.
We managed more than a fortnight with one plea or the other to delay our going to his house for tuition. But finally he got angry and gave us two days' time to be with him for tuition or to face consequences. I gathered all my courage to tell my mom the mess we were in and how I and Sony were being blackmailed. I even told my mom the way he had stripped and handled us in the hotel room after he had caught us red handed in lesbian action. My mother was then 39. As working woman she was strong and assured me that she would handle it and, if necessary, would go to police.
I and Sony both told Mr. Surya that we could not take tuition as my mother did not agree to leave me in the afternoon hours and in my absence Sony could not come alone for tuition since her parents were ready to send her if I too accompany. My mom had no idea about the connections that Mr. Surya had with local political leaders and police.
One day evening a police sub-inspector visited our house and told my mom that he would be required to arrest me and my friend Sony on the charges of immoral activity and being juveniles we would be sent to juvenile courts. My mom tried to convince the police SI that it was an act of blackmail but the SI told that he was under pressure to arrest and as a solution he suggested my mother should make peace with Mr. Surya who had political links with many high profile politicians.
But before my mom went to meet Mr. Surya, he came to our house to meet my mom. I was in the other room but I could listen to their conversation. Mr. Surya told my mom that me and Sony were two perverted girls and he had caught us red-handed. He plainly told my mom that he had seen us nude and wanted to use me and Sony as sluts. If my mom didn't agree he would get me and Sony arrested and then the entire town would know.

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