My Wife and Daughter Raped

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My Wife and Daughter Raped is known as the Famous starter in hole world because this is too bad Wife Rape stories and Daughter Rape Stories: My very pretty 33 year old golden blond, blue eyed extremely sexy wife and equally beautiful 17 year old daughter who was a younger version of my hot looking wife went shopping one night to the local mall. My beautiful wife had one of those erection giving super tight, firm, figures that were a man?s wet dream come true, as was my daughter?s quickly maturing young body.

It seems my daughter, who was going to graduate from high school in 3 months and would be just 18 by then, had needed some material for her prom dress so they left to go get it at the mall. Both often wore those tight short shorts and figure hugging polo type tee shirts that accent every delicious sexy curve of their fabulous bodies. My wife had the measurements of 36D-26-36, while my daughter had a 34D-35-34, both very firm. As they strolled through the mall looking for what they needed they were not aware of the dark eyes that were looking them over lustfully, checking out their fabulously sexiness with thoughts of fucking them. They were 4 young black men from the part of town that was considered off limits to white women, they were from what was known as the Hood. They ranged in age from 20 to 23, very dark skin, muscular, and very horny, especially for hot looking white women.

They had a paneled white van parked out in the parking lot, had planned on picking up a couple white women and taking them out in the woods and having a fuck party. But now seeing these two beauties they felt that this was indeed their lucky night. Realizing that these were upper class white women they knew that they would have to be taken by force. They had seen my wife?s wedding ring and knew that she was married. One of them had acquired some sexual stimulants from a friend and another had some either to use to knock them out for a short period of time.
Neither my wife nor my daughter had any idea that this was being planned for them and gaily went about their shopping for about 2 hours. It had gotten dark and the mall would be closing in a little less than an hour. Most of the shoppers hard already left so the parking lot was virtually empty when then stepped out to go to their vehicle. They did not pay any attention to the white van that was parked near the entrance containing the 4 young black men. Their car was parked near the outer limits of the parking area so they had a distance to walk. After the van had started its engine it slowly followed, head lights out, the two women at a distance so the direction in which the women were going could be determined. Just before they reached their car the van sped up, the sliding side door open and three of the young black men jumped out, covered the mouth and nose of the two women and drug them into the back of the van, which then sped out of the parking lot.

Quickly, duct tape was placed on the women?s hands and mouths as they lie on the floor on their backs in the rear. The three horny, determined young black men raked their hot lusty dark eyes over the two hot looking white women, their hands going down to their bulging crotch area, squeezing those already hard chunks of black meat. They starred at the firm swells of the tight tee-shirt clad white women, at the tight short shorts that outlined the swell of their pussy lips. Expressing their lusty, horny desires in low monotones, taking about how they were going to really enjoy shoving their huge, young black cocks deep inside these sexy, beautiful white women and to fill them with their hot black seed. Reaching over they began to caress the hot looking white women?s bodies, slipping their black hands up under their tight tee-shirts and under their bra to knead their full, firm white tits. Tweaking the erect nipples while sucking in their hot breath.

The van pulled up out in a wooded area where there was located an abandoned cabin that they used to throw some of their parties. Carrying the two still unconscious white women into the cabin they lay them on two old dirty mattresses. The two white women, my wife and daughter, were stripped in record time, their clothing thrown about the room while the 4 young black men shed their own just as fast. Having rigged up a makeshift power source, stealing power off a nearby line, they had lights and having shaded the windows no one could tell anyone was in the cabin. Each of the 4 young blacks were sporting a huge fully erect long and thick black cock. The huge black cocks were twitching in anticipation, pre-cum already poised at the huge tips. Spreading my wife and daughter?s shapely, sexy white legs wide two of the young black men got between them.

My wife began to stir, her blue eyes opening slowly. Her hands were still bound by duct tape and the young black man had made an ?O? out of them and slipped his head through so that her arms were around his neck and upper shoulders. Tape was still over her mouth, and as her eyes focused they opened wide in shock and fear. She was starring up into the face of a young black man who was lying on top of her, between her widely stretched open white legs. Just as she realized this she felt something slowly slipping up into her blond married pussy. Immediately she knew that she was being fucked by a young black man and he had a gigantic, huge, stretching her married white pussy to the maximum,black cock inside her. Quickly she compared this enormously large cock to that of her husband realizing that this would make at least 3 of his size. More and more of the long length slipped up into her until he was completely embedded up to his huge black seed filled balls.

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Man, dis white bitch is sho tight and so fuckin hot, gonna likes fuckin dis white ho, the young black man hissed as he began thrusting his powerful black hips forward and backward fucking my wife with long hard strokes. Tears of degradation were streaming down my wife?s beautiful flushed white cheeks. Turned her head slightly she then saw her young 17 year old daughter also being fucked by another huge cocked young black man. My wife looked into the eyes of our daughter and saw tears plus terror and fear. She knew that our daughter was a virgin, or had been before this happened, and that this strong young black man had taken that from her. He was fucking her hard and fast, his huge black cock coated with her virgin?s blood. He was hissing and groaning at how tight she was and that he had taken her virginity, this uppity young white girl.

The young black man fucking my wife felt his hot black seed loaded balls begin to boil and he began to thrust harder knowing that his orgasm was almost upon him. My beautiful white wife desperately tried not to show any pleasure but her sexy white hips were giving her away as she began to lift them to his hard inward thrusts. He was getting ready to unload a torrent of his black seed deep into this sexy, beautiful, married white woman?s womb hoping that he would impregnate her. What he didn?t realize was that my wife was in her most fertile time of the month and that he most likely would definitely impregnate her. Suddenly he stiffened, his huge long and thick black cock in her to the hilt. My wife knew what this meant and despite her not wanting to she began to respond more to what she knew was going to happen, her sexy white hips moving up closer to him, her white married legs wrapping tightly around his hard black ass pulling him tighter and deeper against her.

Yeh white ho, dats it, gonna shoots mys black seed in yo white pussy, he moaned and immediately began to inundate her white married pussy filling her white womb with his fertile, potent black seed. He literally shot an extremely copious flood into her. Despite the tape across her mouth my wife moaned as she felt the hot cum spewing in great globs inside her, smashing up into her quickly filling white womb. She had the most powerful orgasm she had ever known up until then, her pussy throbbing, squeezing the spewing fully embedded gigantic black cock inside her white married pussy.

My beautiful 17 year old daughter, her initial discomfort and pain gone felt erotic stirrings in her young white body as the black man roughly fucked her no long virgin blond pussy. Strange feeling were coming into her, her young body began to respond to the fucking she was getting, her young sexy white hips rising and falling in time to the young black man?s thrusts. She didn?t understand what was happening to her in so far as she had never had an orgasm. This was about to change for she was in the beginning of experiencing her very first earth shattering orgasm. She began to grunt and moan beneath her tape covered mouth, her long sexy white legs wrapping themselves around the black man?s muscular black hips pulling him deeper and tighter to her thrashing young white body. Just as her orgasm started the black man stiffened tightly against her and sent his hot, thick and sticky load of cum deep up into her young white womb. This intensified her own orgasm, feeling that hot cum shooting up inside her and into her white womb.

My wife was still tightly holding the young black man to her as her orgasm was streaking through her sexy white married body. For several minutes they lay locked tightly together and then he began to withdraw his massive black cock out of her reluctant to let is go, white pussy. It was at this point that my wife noticed that one of the blacks was taking a video of the whole thing. As soon as her black lover left her lying there as his hot cum flowed out of her stretched white married pussy, he took the camera. The one who had been making the video got between her spread white legs and jammed his hard, long and thick black cock up into her white pussy. He began fucking my white wife hard so hard it caused her full white tits to jiggle and his lower body was slapping loudly against her. All of this was being captured by the camera. My wife looked up into the eyes of her black lover and saw that he was really enjoying fucking her and she had to admit to herself that she was enjoying him fucking her. It was beautiful in her mind even if it had started off as a rape. The big black cocks were taking her to erotic heights she had never know or even thought possible. This was the first time in her sexual life she had ever been so completely satisfied with her orgasm.

My precious young daughter was, even though she had not wanted it to be like this, thoroughly involved in what was happening to her, the feelings she was experiencing were beyond what she had ever imagined they would be. Both my beautiful white wife and equally beautiful young daughter were enjoying the sensations that these young black men were giving them. For a period of over 2 hours each of the young black men fucked the two beautiful white women dumping load after load of their hot, potent black seed deeply into their filled to capacity white wombs. Time after time both my white wife and daughter experienced the most awesome orgasms they had every thought possible, wanted them to never stop occurring.

The 4 young black men were exhausted from their fuck orgy. They took the two white women back to their car in the mall parking lot and let them there. The soiled mattresses were wet, wet with the overflow of the hot cum and the virgin blood of my daughter when they left. My wife, her mind savoring what had happened, slowly drove the car home, a pleasant smile on her full red lips. She told my daughter to never tell anyone what had happened, to which my daughter agreed. They compared notes as to how they had enjoyed being fucked by the young black men. Their pussies were still somewhat swollen and cum was still dripping out into their panties and crotch of their shorts the whole way home.

Both my wife and daughter resolved to find themselves some young blacks to fuck them again and again and again. Just to make sure I didn?t find out. However, I did.