My Wife And Her Brother

Thanks for choosing this happening.  I am regular reader of n8story since last 2 years and was waiting for real incest.  I am Jai Singh (42) and my wife Urmaila (36).  We both are central Govt employees.  We live in an hired accommodation at Hisar(Haryana).  We have two kids and b both are in hostels.  Now coming to the real happening.
My wife is of very holy nature.  I could not even think for incest/3 sum.  On 21st Oct 2010, it was her birthday.  We did a little outing and on my request she wore a sleeveless and long cut blouse.  We returned to our house at about 8 pm.  On my request she removed her Saree and we set the packed dinner and cake on the table.  She cut the cake and we were giving the pieces on each other mouths.  Meanwhile a lot of cream fell on her exposing breasts.
Suddenly a door bell rang and before we could react, her real brother (Raja, 22) entered in our only room.  We welcomed him.  Both of them hugged each other since they were meeting after about 3 years.  He got a service in our city so he was having a sweet pack.  We asked him to join the packed dinner and during dinner I noticed that he was paying attention towards her exposing and butter spread breasts.  So I thought of a plan to go out.  Making an excuse to go to hospital saying to be back after 2 hours, I left the house and came back soon and sat in the gallery window.

She was still wild dressed.  She picked a towel and her night dress.  Her brother asked to him to sit for a while and both sat on the bed. He straightway put his hand on her exposing and butter spread breasts and cleaned them. She was surprised for the act and tried to get up.  Now translating their conversations :-

Raja :    Didi your are very lucky and my heartiest best wishes on your birthday.

Sister : Thanks Bhai.

Raja    : Didi, I am not having gift for you.  But I am like your son, so you must regard my feelings.

Sister : Bolo Raja Bhai, I will help you.

Raja     : I want to stay with you till my further adjustment of house from company.
Sister :  No problem mere bhai,  you can stay with us
(He straightway put his head on her chest and hugged her.  She also started playing her fingers on his hairs.  after a little while. when he started to unbutton her blouse, she released herself and asked relax)

Raja :  Didi, I have drunk your milk many times about 12 years back.

Sister :    Then what ?

Raja :       I want today also.

Sister :    Are you made Raja.  That was the time when I was feeding my son and he was ill during those days.

Raja :    Didi let me try.

Sister :    No way.   Sleep straightway or else go out.

He got up and hugged her again requesting her time and again.  Meanwhile he torn her blouse.  She tried to pull him away and also put many slaps on his mouth and head) U can not call for help neighbours and my jiju will be back after 2 hours.  Till than i want to suck your breasts didi.  Her blouse was totally torn and she was almost naked from upper side.  She was jut in her black petticoat now.  Raja had also removed his pent and T shirt.  He was totally naked in front of her elder sister

Raja :  Didi, anyone can be mad after seeing you in this position.  Please didi, your brother wants you and and i have never seen any women such like you.  It is my first time didi.  Even you can kill me after some time.  Just allow me to suck your breasts.

She was having tears in her eyes but could not even say a word.  He spread more butter and cake on her breasts and started sucking.  She was weeping bitterly and he was sucking her breasts.  After sometime :0

Sister :    Your Jiju will kill both of us so please leave mere Raja Bhai.

Raja    : Your brother has never done it didi, so please allow me once.

Sister :  You are not a man Brother.  Your dick is like a donkey.  It is more than double from your jiju.  I have never seen such long.  Please bhai, I can not tolerate it, leave me please.  I promise to arrange you some girl tomorrow.  I am afraid to see your such a big cock.

Raja :  Didi, Just once, your brother requests you.  (He removed her petticoat forcefully and now both of them were fully naked.  She was begging and he finally pulled her down on the bed and entered his dick in her pussy)

Sister : You are killing your sister Raja.  I can not tolerate such a pain.  Your man is about cross my naval.  Please mere bhai slow.  It is too long.  Bhai please stop.  Slow mere bhai.  I am killed mere bhai. Oh bhai.  From where u have grown it.  Keep it in me .  Don`t move mere Raja.  Just stop I will let u more. Oh mere Bhai, it is my dream or it is real.  You have sent me in heaven.  Bhai go on now.  Deeper you can go.  I am fully enjoying now.  Go mere raja.  You have shown your sister heaven.  I have never enjoyed such.  Deeper mere bhai.  Go more.  I am coming Bhai.  Comingggggg.  Stop now.  I can not proceed more.

Raja :  It is still thirsty didi.

Sister : I will let it come.   * She took the 12 inch rod in her hands and started master bating it and also started sucking its tips  After some time a lot of thick fluid which i have never seen in my life, on her mouth and breasts.  I was surprised to see was eating the cum like a cream and he was helping her to put in her mouth from her breasts.  I than noticed that they both laid idle)

Raja : Soory Didi for hurting you.

Sister :  No Bhai you have shown me such a joy which your sister never experienced.  In fact brother, your dick is more than double then his.  It is growing again mere raja.  Put it again in me.  Can you be with me for life mere bhai.  It is special Bhai.  Put it again and let your sister enjoy again.

She claimed on his dick like a whore.  I have never seen her so dirty.  She was biting her brother cheeks.  Her boobs were rising ups and downs and her brother was playing with them like balls.  I was feeling jealous.  I made a mobile call on her phone.  She picked it saying : Kya mere Raja. Me ” I am Jai, your brother Raja is with you.  She positioned herself like cot red handed and said “when coming Jai”  I said”within 5 min, open the door”

It was a an fantasy, if anyone can prepare her for 3 sum.  I am ready to go beyond limits.