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By Darrius1966 Carol found a way to get our boys out of the house one night a week Judo classes.

Not long after this my wife discovered there way a gym teaching Judo, she enrolled both our sons in it every Thursday evening.
The first class I dropped them off and went home. Bobby and his friends were already in our bedroom naked. My wife was on her knees sucking cock when I walked in.
I had seen this scene on video but to be standing in the room with four naked teens and my naked wife who had a cock in each hand and moving her mouth from one cock to the other and licking sucking on it before going back to the first one.
I could smell and taste the sex in the room.
Then Bobby took charge he lay on the bed and got my wife to climb up and lower herself onto his cock.
I watched as one of the boys lubed his cock got behind Carol and fucked her arse while she rode Bobby’s cock.
I watched as all three of them fucked her arse. While Bobby still had not lost a load in her cunt yet.
I pulled out my cock and quickly joined the fun and fucked my wife in the arse as well.
After I pulled, I got a phone call my sons were ready to come home.
The boys hit the showers and as I left, they had started to get dressed and leave. I picked my sons up and bought some Chinese takeaway food on the way home just to give my wife a little extra time.
I got home and Carol was still on the bed. I took some food up to her.
Carol had fallen asleep, and I went to wake her up she rolled onto her back I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and noticed Kevin was at the door looking at his naked mother.
I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me. So that is why you took so long to pick us up. You came home and had sex with mum. I saw her cream pie.
As soon as we got back to the kitchen Kevin said Hey Adam mum and dad got us out of the house so they could have sex. I just saw mum naked on the bed with her pussy full of cum.
We sat down in silence and ate our dinner. Kevin grabbed a fortune cookie and vanished. I wonder what his fortune said. That was not his he took it up to mother. Probably hoping to catch her naked still.
By the way I know about Bobby and mum. I looked at Adam and we both said that guy has a huge cock. We both noticed Kevin had been gone awhile so we both got up and went to my bedroom. Carol was naked still and she was reading for fortune Kevin was looking his mother’s breasts.
Adam said from behind me that is a lot of cum on the bed. Bobby had help and I joined in.
We watched Kevin reach out and touch his mother’s boob. Carol smiled at him, and he leaned forward and sucked her nipple.
All eyes were on Kevin he looked at us and said I like boobies and went back to sucking his mother’s nipple. I smiled and said you’re not going to get any milk until after the baby is born.
Both Adam and Kevin looked at me and said what baby oh your mother is pregnant.
Kevin and Adam left the room, and I helped my wife to the bathroom she washed up and went to bed.
The next day Kevin was hanging around his mother more than normal and she seemed to be in her mother hen mood hugging him and kissing his forehead and was touching her breasts every chance he had.
I was waiting outside the school to pick up my sons and I saw Allan one of the boys who had been fucking my wife arguing with his little sister. I called him over. I said to him if he came over to my place with his sister, I let him have one on one with Carol.
He thought about smiled and agreed. So later they both arrived at my place.
I then told Allen I needed his sister Amy to keep my sons occupied I hoped he had no problems if Adam and Kevin fucked her, he agreed and took her to Adam’s room. Once there he told her what he wanted her to do surprisingly she agreed, and I sent Kevin in.
I listened at the door there was some kissing and the boys started to tell Amy what to do. I peeked in as she was, she kneeling and sucking cock.
I then went to check on Allen and Carol. Allen was on her missionary position fucking Carol. He shot his load and lay next to her I went in and replaced him I got on my wife and started fucking her. Allen’s cock around the same length as mine but mine was thicker. Her cunt was full of his cum and made a wet sloppy sound I have come to love. This was one of the best fucks I had, had in a long time my toes felt like they curled up as I shot my load. I pulled out and got off the bed and watched as Allen climbed back on Carol and fucked her again.
I then went back to Adam’s room I was still naked and watched Kevin fuck Amy. while she sucked Adam’s cock. Adam smiled at me and said He had just fucked her while she sucked off Kevin and this time, she was going to suck Adam off while Kevin fucked her.
After they had left, I told him some girls would not even kiss you on the lips after you had gone down on them your cock had been in her covered with her pussy lube and she sucked it nice. I watched until they had finished, and Adam wanted to know if I wanted a turn at fucking Amy. I remembered I was still naked I told them to help her clean up Amy and her brother would have to go home soon.
I took them home telling Carol now we had a way to keep the boys occupied without leaving the house.
The next night Carol picked the boys I worked back a little and got home after them. I found Carol alone in the kitchen the boys were in Adam’s room. I went up there and found them fucking Amy again she had come back by herself.
Adam had already fucked her now Kevin was having a turn while Adam sat back and watched. I stood there and watched Kevin going for it and saw him cum in Amy’s cunt. Adam and Kevin swapped places and Adam started fucking her again. I went over and kissed Amy on the lips. She smiled at me.
I turned around and Carol was at the door. She came in the room, and we stood there and watched Adam fuck Amy and then Kevin had another turn. Carol had her hand in my pants and knew how hard my cock was. She winked at me and said it was my turn. Carol removed my pants and walked me over to Amy who was waiting for me. I got her to roll over and get on her hands and knees on the bed I stood behind her and fucked her doggy style. Here I was fucking a 13-year-old on my 17-year-old son’s bed in front of my wife and two sons.
I had watched my wife fucking with teens and she was watching me do the same thing.
I shot my load into her adding it to my sons cum that was already in there. After I pulled out Amy lay on her back and Carol moved in and went down on her Amy just smiled and let her.
After Amy had a shower, I took her home and went back. That night my wife sucked my cock and then rode until I cum in her pussy.

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By Darrius1966 #Bisexual #Exhibitionist #Group #Teen