My wife and sex with night watchman

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We got married when Komal was 25. At age of 33, she was complete women with a well fucked chut. We tried all possible poses and added spice to our sex life by making love in new and strange places. I also got a vibrating dildo from Germany which I used to put into her chut. It excited me to see that lund shaped dildo fuck my wife’s wet pussy. I used to imagine that another man is fucking her.

When we stayed in Delhi last year, we had a house with a garden. Our gardener was also our chowkidar (watchman). He was young 25 years old Nepali called Balu. I noticed that he used to stare at my wife and I often noticed a bulge in his trousers when ever he came near Komal. I planned to get my wife Komal fucked by our young watchman, Balu.

I instructed Balu that we will be sleeping outside on the terrace and he must come upstairs and check everything whilst we are sleeping. He agreed. That night when I heard him coming, I slowly lifted the sari to reveal her naked smooth legs. Poor Balu could not believe his eyes and stared at them as if he wanted to eat them up. Next night after making love, I told Komal not to put on her blouse as it was very hot. Later that night, just before Balu came I removed the cover sheet to reveal my Komal’s smooth shoulders and her breasts. She has big tits (chuchi). This time I could see that poor Balu’s lund was really hard and he was starting to rub it. He carried a torch and for a few moments he focused it on Komal’s tits. For next few nights, the tempo was building up. Balu was getting bolder and staying there longer staring and enjoying the naked beauty of my sleeping wife.

Next night I brought out my dildo to give Komal her weekly double fuck (first dildo then me). As I started, I teased her. “Wouldn’t it be better if you had a real lund instead of this plastic one”. Komal said, “where are you going to get it at this time of night?”. “Why not try our young watchman Balu?” I replied. I thought Komal may get angry but she laughed, “You know I saw him pissing in the garden and that fellow has nearly 8 inch long lund. Do Nepali men have such big dicks?”. Komal actually knew that I had been showing her naked body to Balu. She was clearly getting excited with this idea. She said, ‘Let Balu come tonight and I will show him”. When Balu came, she was lying stark naked under her bed sheet with one leg dangling out. As he came near, Komal took a turn and displayed her nice smooth gand (ass). She lay there all stark naked. Balu could not believe his luck. His own mem sahib, was lying there with no clothes. With trembling hands he switched his torch and straight focused it between Komal’s legs. No doubt he was admiring his mem sahib’s legs and gand. Komal was going to tease him further. This time she took another turn and displayed her front. Slowly she let her one leg slide down the side of the bed. Her erotic well shaped chut could be seen clearly. At this stage, balu’s young lund must be throbbing like mad. Balu took his lund out and started to rub it. Komal suddenly murmured, “Balu pani lao (bring water)”. Balu ran to fetch water. When he came Komal had wrapped the sheet around and lazily got up to drink water and stared at Balu’s bulge. He asked, “Memsahib sabh dheek hai? (Is every thing alright madam?)”. She said that her feet are hurting and ordered Balu to press them. Balu without hesitation sat on his haunches and started to press her legs knowing that his memsahib was all naked under the sheet. With one hand he was rubbing his lund and with the other he was pressing her legs. I told Komal in English, “he has a big erection now”. Komal stretched her feet and touched his lund. Balu got a shock. Komal turned around and grabbed Balu’s erect lund between her hands. “yeh kya kar rahey ho”. He muttered trembling, “mem sahib bas kuch nahi bus sorry mem sahib- galti ho gayee”. Komal smiled, “O, Balu tera lund bahut bara hai”. He replied, “Ji memsahib”. She commanded, “zara age (come forward)”. He obeyed, “Ji memsahib”. She ordered, “isko dhere is undur dalo (put it in slowly)”. He accepted, “Ji mem sahib”. As Balu’s 8 inch Nepali lund entered into Komal’s chut she let out a small shriek full of pleasure. I was looking at this man’s lund slowly disappearing into my wife’s chut. In- out-in -out. Komal was wriggling in pleasure. She sighed, “zara aur zor se kar balu”. And balu started to thrust like a steam engine. “memsahib ki chuchi chuso (suck memsahib’s tits)” I ordered. “Ji sahib” and our faithful servant did exactly as he was ordered to do. Now every Saturday night, he joins us for a threesome fucking session. He knows that Saturday night is memsahib’s chudai. If you want to keep a faithful watchman, let him fuck your wife. My wife is certainly happy to have such a faithful servant with a lively young lund.