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We had just wrapped up a weeklong convention in Vegas. It was a late Sunday when we arrived in at hometown. We had anticipated our late arrival, so we reserved our room at our hotel before we headed for Vegas.

My wife, Dana, is a very sexy older Irish woman with beautiful green eyes. Dana looks superhot when she is her tight jeans or short skirts and heels. Since no one knows us, when we go to other cities she dresses a more provocative. She also wears tops that show plenty of cleavage. The skirts are not slutty, but short enough that it sends men messages she is available for fucking.

While we were once on vacation, we went to a brunch, Dana went first, I followed a minute later. Dana wore short black skirt and heels, when I got off the elevator, I saw her in the buffet line as she leaned over to put something on her plate. As Dana was leaning for about 10 seconds, I got a great view of her sexy red sheer panties when her skirt rode up. There was an older guy sitting with his wife that got a good view of my wife also, his wife caught him staring and hit him and I cracked up.

After our arrival, we checked in and cleaned up we went to a hotel sponsored socializing hour complete with liquor being served. Dana already had 3 margaritas and was working on her 4th, when we me a black gentlemen that appeared to be in his mid to late thirties, I found Charles to be a very intelligent person, and I could tell he really was interested in my wife. I could also tell my wife enjoyed his conversation. I said why don’t we move over to that table and pointed to a table that was surrounded with waist level walls that had planters on them, it was quieter and secluded. After we moved, Charles excused himself and went to the men’s room.

Dana and I have no secrets from each other, so I just plainly asked her, do you want to fuck Charles? She replied, yes. Though my wife likes to fuck other men, she does not like to initiate encounters and does not like to do anything without me being present. I was sitting in the middle next to Charles seat and my wife was sitting across from Charles, so Dana and I quickly exchange seats. The tables had medium length table cloths, so I told Dana to raise up her skirt until her panties were well in view. I told Dana I was going to men’s room.

When I entered the men’s room, Charles was washing his hands and we were alone. I don’t know how you will take this, but are you game in engaging in some adult fun with us in our room? My wife would like to share some time in bed with you. He said, sure, I wanted to bed your wife, since I started talking to her earlier. Charles also said, he was straight, he was not into gay action and I said no problem there. The wife just likes to fuck men a lot so let her have her adult fun when she wants it, we are not looking for any permanent relationships, he agreed. I told Charles when we say it’s over it is over, again Charles agreed. I said, we agree. When, we go to the table sit to her right side, I had Dana raise her skirt so when we go back to the table you can start by fingering her pussy.

We got to the table and Charles moved his chair right next to Dana and I did the same on the other side. As soon as we sat down Dana held his right hand on top of the table while I could see his left arm doing slow thrusting action. I could see Dana, starting to roll her eyes and bite her lip. Charles begin to thrust his fingers harder and faster and Dana was now thrusting her hips at his hand. I said let’s take this to our room.

When we got into our room, Dana wasted no time, she sat Charles on the sofa and unzipped his pants, out popped a huge monster cock, Charles said it was 11 inches fully hard and we could see it was very thick. Dana looked at it and said, damn, that is a fucking monster. I jokingly asked, does that mean you changed your mind, she replied, hell no, I am going to have fun trying this cock. Dana quickly through a couch pillow on the floor and started kissing Charles huge cock. She started to lick up and down his huge cock and kissing his balls. Dana, inserted his huge cock head in her mouth and started to work his cock up and down. I could hear Dana breathing harder and harder, she was getting real hot! Charles asked Dana, you like my black cock? Dana, quietly said, what is there not to like, it so huge and beautiful. Charles stood up and held Dana by her sides of her head and held it in place. He then started to thrust his huge cock in Dana’s mouth. Charles told Dana, I am going to teach how to take a black man’s cock down your throat. He started speeding up and inserting a little more each time. Dana started gagging and he took his cock out and started again, each time going in deeper. Dana was not fighting him, she was enjoying it all, she wanted to take as much cock as she could down her throat.

In about 15 minutes she had at least 8 inches of his cock down her throat. Without any coaxing from Charles, Dana was now taking all 8 inches down her throat by herself, she loved to suck his huge monster. She was sucking on his cock like mad raving whore, she couldn’t get enough. Charles asked her, you like black cock, don’t you? She said, hell yes, I love black cock!

Charles then stood up Dana and walked her over to the back of the couch and told her to place her hands on the back. My wife was bent over in her heels, he spread her legs and moved her pantie crotch to one side and he started to split her pussy with his huge monster. Dana was so wet, he was having no problem, going in all the way to his balls. Charles started spanking Dana’s ass and started thrusting her pussy and his huge monster. The more he spanked her, the harder Dana started thrusting her pussy at Charles huge cock and screaming, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK MY PUSSY HARD”. Charles was fucking Dana, harder than I have seen any other man fuck her.

Charles stopped and walked her to the bedroom, as Dana was walking I could see lots of cum dripping down her long legs, she was getting an intense fucking. Suddenly, I could hear Dana screaming as Charles was tearing up her pussy. I could hear very loud thudding as Charles was slamming Dana’s pussy. I peeked around the corner and Charles had Dana’s legs locked in his shoulder and arms pinned to her side. He was literally going all the way out and coming back in ramming her pussy and all Dana could do is scream and scream, but she never said stop.

Charles grabbed Dana by her hips and thrust her pussy hard against his monster cock and held her place as he dumped what seem to be ever ending rivers of cum in her pussy. I know Charles just kept coming and coming, because was making grunting noise every time he let out a flow of cum go. Charles was beginning to release Dana, but Dana lifted her hips up with her feet and kept slowly thrusting her pussy against Charles cock and begin to grind her pussy on his cock. Charles asked Dana, if she ever had been fucked by more than 1 guy at time, she replied, no. He asked, you want to try, you will have a great time. You have great pussy that begs to fucked by more than one cock at time. Let me call a friend of mine and if you don’t like it you call the shots. My wife asked me, and I said, it’s up to you?

Charles went outside and called his friend Jonah. Dana had taken a shower and got dressed in a very sheer black nightie with very sheer tiny panties and heels. We were having drinks when Jonah arrived with another friend Alex. Dana said, I agreed to one guy with you, not three. Charles said, don’t worry, he is not going to participate.

We had a few more drinks and Dana started playing with Charles crotch through his pants. Charles turned to Jonah and said take her in the bedroom, she is a damned good cock sucker. I went in the bedroom and Jonah was ramming his cock down Dana’s throat. Jonah was about 10 inches but thick, but Dana was able to take most of his cock own her throat. Suddenly, I saw Jonah tense up and he pulled Dana mouth against his cock and started to grind against her mouth, and started saying, I’m coming down your throat slut, take it all. Jonah, told Dana to open her mouth, she did, and I could see gobs of cum in her mouth. Jonah told Dana, swallow it all slut, and she started swallowing, Dana loves to eat a guy’s cum.

Charles came in and put Dana on all 4s doggy style on the edge of the bed and took no time ramming Dana’s pussy. It didn’t take long when Charles had Dana screaming. Charles started yelling at Dana, “YOU LIKE BEING A WHORE FOR BLACK MEN, DON’T YOU WHORE”? “YOU LIKE LOTS OF BLACK COCK”? Charles was ramming Dana’s pussy without mercy. Charles called out for Alex to come in the bedroom, here, fuck the shit out this pussy, “this bitch is going to be our whore from now on”. Charles pulled, and Alex quickly took his place ramming Dana’s pussy, she was so hot and screaming, she was not objecting to anything. Alex rammed Dana until he started coming hard and deep, you can see all the cum dripping down Dana’s legs. Charles got in front inserting his cock in her mouth, while Jonah started ramming Dana’s pussy.

Someone knocked on the door and I answered it was 6 more black guys that said Charles invited us, so I let them in. We stayed at the hotel for an additional 3 days, all the guys dumped cum in Dana’s pussy several times. Dana still fucks other men, but her favorite are black men with huge cocks. Dana is an easy spread for black cock.

Recently Charles told Dana that soon he will begin to train her to take huge cock up her ass, but that is another story.