My Wife Fucked By Driver And Watchman

I want to show off my wife to other men and I want them to catch her boobs from behind, kiss her navel, smell her armpits, lick her clitoris, sleep with her, hug her and I fantasize hiding and watching them secretly while they did all that when my wife and I travel together by train, when she falls off to sleep while sitting, due to the wind her saree goes off place and her navel is exposed though I see it.
I would not tell her and I want other guys sitting near me to look at her body at times she falls off into deep sleep during the journeys and her palloo comes down slightly which causes her cleavage to be visible. I do not wake her or cover it myself and I act as if I didn’t notice it. I let the guys around even teenage boys enjoy that sight and I bring all my close friends home and make her wear transparent saree to give them a visual treat. 
Some would openly tell me how sexy my wife is and I don’t mind that. Harsha, my best friend is a sex maniac. He fantasizes about every girl. I want to watch while someone does all nasty things to my wife so I fantasize about Harsha doing all that to my wife. I take nude pictures of her, distorting the face and I post them on the internet blogs and forums people make lewd comments about her body parts and measurements.  That gives me a kick and I shag reading all those. 
I share non nude pictures of her as well but ones which give an idea of her assets, shape size, etc and I enjoy it when some stranger shags, looking at my wife’s pictures and I encourage our watchman to help us in some of the house-cleaning activities. This way I could fantasize about him getting glimpses of her assets. I fantasize he would see her cleavage when she bends and that would get erect and masturbate later thinking about my wife.
I ask my car driver to teach her driving. I fantasize about the sparks that fly when he touches my wife knowingly or an knowingly and my wife’s name is Lavanya.
Here is the narration from Lavanya’s point of view:
I want to show off my body to other men and I do it as if I’m showing it without my knowledge and as if it happens accidentally. I drop my palloo knowingly, that, other men would get glimpses of my navel and my boobs. I fantasize about my husbands’ friends, every one of them. I imagine being fucked deeply and madly by every one of them, like group fucking and orgies.
My dreams are filled by them even when my husband is riding me I think of his best friend Harsha. Wow, he’s got a hairy chest and I’ve heard my husband say that he’s a sex maniac. I imagine him fucking me and when our watchman Ramu comes to help me do the household chores and I climb ladders wearing short skirts, wearing loose tops and bend a lot showing the watchman my hanging boobs.
I never make it look intentional when we change the bed covers I spend a lot of time standing opposite him bending down and giving him a direct view of my juggling tits. Also, while we sweep the floor in the end, half my saree and blouse would become wet due to my sweat while cleaning even he drips sweat. We both can smell each other’s sweat easily during those sessions as we will be moving closely and I love doing that.
I give my old clothes to him to give to his sisters and relatives. I give him my blouses and inner wear as well as he’s poor. Ramu has got a lean and muscular body. He is dark and extremely crude in his acts. I like that. I want to be mauled by a rough savage like him and I planned something to make him touch me. I allow my car driver as well to touch me. 
I bend forward and let his elbow touch my boobs and he understood me and started to touch my parts while teaching me but we both did it as if it was done in course of teaching me and it was unintentional. Later on I masturbated using brinjals thinking about him.
 Here is story from the Watchman Ramu’s point of view:
I feel pity for my poor boss, he’s got a lovely wife and he is leaving her to a rogue like me to feast on. Man, awesome tits she’s got on her top. I slurp whenever she bends. Poor thing, she’s very frank and open minded, little did she know about the pervert in me. I catch good views of her panty clad ass when she climbs the ladder wearing short skirts. She thinks I’m helping her but indeed she’s helping me!
I smell the clothes she gives to me and I can hardly control my erection when she’s around and her navel is almost always visible when she’s in sarees or short tops. Whenever she lifts her hands up to grab a bottle or hang on something and I take a look at her navel. It was deep and round, felt like kissing it many times. Her legs are smooth and clean shaven. 
I get a good view of her creamy white thighs when she’s in her short skirts as her skirt flies up and down due to the fan. I need to bang this bitch hard some day. She has got long hair, it reaches her ass when she walks her long plait swings like a pendulum. She has got two big round globes on the behind: perfect ass cheeks and they stop the movement of her hair plait from one side to the other, it’s like she’s playing cricket: both her ass cheeks play with her plai.
One ass cheek hits her hair to the other end, when it reaches the far end, the other cheek holds it for some time and then releases it. That gives the pendulum motion to her long hair plait. I badly want to squeeze her ass cheeks hard once I stood behind her intentionally and when she moved back my groin dig straight into her ass. I pushed my groin further as well, when she collide me and I caught her waist and pulled her back further onto my dick. 
My dick entered half between her ass cheeks. Later on, she moved forward and apologised. I enjoyed and I wanted to watch her somehow while she’s having a bath. The bathroom did not have a key hole. I was desperate and I stood near the door and could hear the sound of the water hitting the floor. I know that she sits on a stool, a short one, and takes her bath. 
I saw the door; it was having some gap in the bottom, about an inch between the door and the floor as she is bathing, some water came out from the bathroom. I bent down to try to get a view from the bottom but couldn’t see much then science came into picture and blessed me. I could see her reflection in the water. Yes, you can try that and see for yourself it works. I put my eye near the door and viewed at 45 degrees.
I could get a view of the inside as it was night, she turned on the bulb inside and that made her image clearly visible. I could see my mam naked, though indirectly. That was enough for me to get hard and this became a routine from that day on wards. I would watch her applying soap to her body parts and her boobs, hands, legs. It was clear enough. That left me wanting more even Raghu my friend; the driver of the house tells me that he’s been lucky with madam. 
It seems he gets to touch her boobs while teaching her how to drive lucky bastard. He always watches her midriff, area not covered by the saree, which faces him as he sits towards her left even he digs her navel man. We both assess her shapes all day when we are idling around and tell each other how we fantasize and masturbate thinking about her.
One day I was lucky very lucky actually: That day was the first of the month. She needs to give me the salary for the previous month. I knocked the door, and she opened it. She was wearing a gorgeous green colored saree. She applied mehendi to her hands and they were wet. I asked her for the salary and said that I don’t have money to buy the food items as well. She said her hands are busy and asked if it is very urgent. 
I said yes then she asked to come in and close the door. I did. She said as I applied mehendi, I cannot use my hands but you can take the money with your hands” I said ok and asked where the money was. She said she had money at two places one was in the cupboard, which is locked now, the keys with her husband. The other is her own personal money. She said she could now give her personal money alone as she doesn’t have the keys of the cupboard.
I said ok. Question: Where is that money? She said it is in my blouse and she did not look as if she was joking. I stood stunned for a second there. I was about to say and I will wait until sir comes but she interrupted and said you can take that money for now. She said it is ok, as, the money is very urgent to you and I nodded, as if she was right there. She asked me to come closer. I was hesitant but I did go near her. 
I could smell her shampooed hair which was left loose remove my palloo down and she said and lifted her hands up. I was not sure and she signalled again my hands were shaking and I put them hesitantly over her left shoulder and the saree was pinned to her blouse. I said it is pinned and she said she knew it and added remove it Ramu. I put two fingers inside blouse near her shoulder and that made me touch her intimate skin for the first time. 
She jerked upon my touch, involuntarily. I used both the hands and removed the pin without hurting her. I slowly brought the palloo down as my heart began to beat faster. Out came her mangoes, hanging before me, waiting to be plucked. Her blouse clad tits were now in front of me, inches away. I see the sweat near her armpits and that part of the blouse was drenched. Her blouse was transparent enough to reveal that she was wearing a white bra inside. 
I turned my face away and asked her if it was ok to proceed. She said she could have washed her hands and given it but she liked mehendi a lot. I said please retain your mehendi. I will take the money myself hurry up then and I did not turn towards her but stretched my hands forward towards her blouse. Obviously my positioning was not very right and I happened to grope her tit ouch” she shrieked aahhhh, how soft her mound was. I said sorry better look and take she advised.
I turned towards her. I asked which side is it? Left and I put my hand over her bosom. There was not much of a gap for my hand to enter in. I looked at her and said I can’t put my hand as there is no gap. She smiled and said casually” remove a button or two. I was not sure do it if you want your money and I caught her blouse top with both hands my palms feeling her tits and released the first hook of the blouse and out came her cleavage into view and some fresh air for her tits.
I removed another and I came to know she had a mole on her left tit. I looked up into the air and inserted my hand inside from the top of her blouse; fingers first, over her left one. My hand was over her tit now I gently grasped her tit to assess the size and shape. It was firm and round like a ripe mango. She said the money is in the bra. I looked at her and she turned away in shyness. I now pulled my hand out and kept it now inside the bra. 
I entered heaven. My dick was tearing my underwear by now. I touched her nipple with my finger tip and it became erect. She arched her back and thrust her tit further towards me. Her tit was crushed in my hand now. It felt warm and I could feel the currency notes on one end but I didn’t take them immediately. I delayed my movements there and I was searching on the other end of her tit and feeling her boob fully. 
I was tweaking near nipples with my finger tip movements from side to side her nipple now became erect and it stood up firmly. I bet her pussy juices were flowing by now. She said the money is on the other end oooh, I see and I now moved my hand and felt the notes while trying to grasp the notes I grabbed her tit and gave it a squeeze aahh she let out a sound and showed pain and lust in her eyes. I said sorry and pulled out my hands with the currency. 
Her face was red now. I stood there staring at her tits. She said cover me up now and leave before my husband comes. He may think otherwise what otherwise. I was thinking while I buttoned her blouse and adjusted her tits back in place and covered her palloo as well.  Thanks mam for giving the money immediately. She half blushed and looking down said now go and do your shopping. I left and started my shagging.
Coming back to my thoughts:
Being her husband, I feel as if I owned her. She’s mine. I can do whatever I want with her. I decide to give a practical turn to my fantasies enough dreaming, let me really see and shag while someone does those things to her. I carefully hatch a master plan. One day I take my wife to a friend’s party. It is a wild party with dance and disco. My wife doesn’t drink liquor, so she resorted to soft drinks and was dancing with girls. 
I put my plan into action and I drugged her drinks with date-rape drugs which give an unconscious state but wouldn’t make victims totally asleep passed out. They just would not remember anything done to them that night then I call my driver Raghu. I tell him that my wife drank a lot and fell asleep and I can’t go now from the party and you need to drop her home not just take her home but take her inside the house.
I make her lie in the aircon bedroom and I asked him to wait outside the house that night as security and that I would come back in the morning as the dance party goes all night. Raghu asks how should he take her inside the house then I assure him that she would wake up when they reach home. I put her in the rear seat and ask him to start for home. I put her palloo almost on the edge so that it would go off place during the journey for sure. Raghu takes her home.
Story from the driver Raghu’s point of view:
I think this is my day and my dream babe in a transparent saree, all drunk, and me escorting her home, alone. God, I thank you for this. During mid way, I take a look into the rear view mirror. I now need to slow down my car or else I cannot concentrate on my driving. That bitch has lost the palloo from her top her mangoes are hanging in free air. They are half exposed and ripe. Man, they are erect and her blouse is so transparent that her bra outline is distantly visible even from the rear view mirror. 
I take her home, shut down the car and get down. I open the rear door. I just stare at her for some time. Lovely and she’s now lie flat on the rear seat, her cleavage facing me. I call out, in a bleak voice madam no response. I call a little louder but not too loud. No use. I gently tap her shoulder and call her again. She’s in dead sleep no movement at all. I don’t know what to do now.
Sir has given me the house keys as well and I can’t take my eyes off her cleavage. I take courage and bring my hands towards her boobs. I gently rest my hand over one of her mounds. My hand moves up and down due to her breathing. It feels like a sponge. I squeeze it heavenly and I put both my hands on her tits now and cup them entirely. I squeeze both of them gently aaahh and I can feel pre cum roll deep inside my pants. 
I now press them very hard and start calling her name to see if she wakes up. She does, but not fully. Madam, please get up umm what please get up yes, like this and I give support to her back and help her get up please come out of the car. She comes out slowly but she could not stand firm, she almost trips and falls to one side. I catch her by placing my hands on her tummy. I touch her bare tummy as her palloo falls down. 
I lift her up and she now falls over my chest, her chest cruising mine aaaah, nice smell and her head lies on my shoulder and her body weight on mine. I hesitantly lay my hands around her, almost hugging her, but not yet. I think for a moment, but hormones take control and I press her hard into me aaahhh bliss. So soft, her curves and I lay my arms over her shoulders and ask her to walk.
She walks like a drunkard, tripping and I put one arm of her over my shoulder and take her forward. Her one breast crushed into my chest and my other hand over her waist. I insert one finger into her navel as well aaaahh lucky me. I open the door and lift her off the ground grabbing her just beneath her ass cheeks. I carry her like how Shahrukh Khan carries Priety Zinta in the movie Veer Zaara. She’s not light by any means. 
I plant a kiss on her forehead. I move into the master bedroom and drop her on the bed. Off she goes and rolls to one side her saree half gone now. I rush, close the main door and hurry back. I switch on the AC and close all the windows then I turn on the lights to see my darling up close. I get very confident now that she wouldn’t get up and it doesn’t matter now even if she does. I turn her so that she’s lying flat on the bed. 
I remove her saree palloo to the side and lean on to her body. I jump on to the bed beside her. I go down towards her navel and move my face closer towards it, put my lips on her navel and give her a deep kiss there. I nibble it with my nose. She smells good. I move up two mountains obstruct my movement. I get up and take a look at her face. She’s so fucking cute and I go near her face and put my lips on her hot luscious lips, her hot breath hits me. 
I lock my lips on hers and give her a smooch her blouse clad tits touch my chest. Kissing her, I grab her left tit and start massaging it. She moaned. I stop smooching and stay still like. She lays hands over me and turns to the side and drops one leg over me. I put move my face closer to hers and move towards her neck. I kiss her on the neck and she moans again is she awake? Ah, it doesn’t matter and I keep kissing her neck all over. I smell the fragrance she emanates and lovely bitch.
I kiss her cleavage and smell her aroma there. I remove her blouse hooks. I lift her up slightly and remove her bra hooks which are on her backside. I lift the bra up on the front and uncover her boobs bringing them to my view. She has got light pink nipples. I stop my urge to pounce on them and bite them wildly. I observe them closely, then open my mouth wide and cover her right aureole and start sucking her right boob while tweaking her left nipple. 
She makes a noise and now puts her hand over my head and pushes me closer, into her and you slut. I lift her left hand up and put my face in her armpit exotic smell. I kiss her there and lick her armpit and her sweat. I lick her boobs, both, one by one, without leaving a single inch. I take the nipple between my teeth and bite it gently and I then move down, pull her saree up and drag her panty down her pussy juices are flowing already. 
I lick her pussy clean. I spread her legs wide and sit near her legs. I bend down and get my head between her thighs and take a look at the marvellous architecture. Her pussy is clean shaven. I part the pussy lips and flick the tip of her clitoris that makes her locks her legs crushing my head between her soft thighs. I kiss her thighs and stay like that for a couple of seconds. I part her legs again and kiss her inner thighs. I move towards her pussy and start kissing her pussy all over. 
I lick it from down to up. I spread her lips and start licking the inner walls of her reddish pink pussy. I tongue fuck for some time and cannot wait any longer, my dick is aching for a fuck. I bring her hands over it and she grabs it hard and starts squeezing it. Wow, I start massaging her boob and kiss her lips again. I get up and lift her head slightly. I put my legs beside her, near her armpits and sit near her face. 
I lean over her, and open her mouth and insert my uncovered dick, by pulling its foreskin back, into her mouth. I start fucking her mouth. She closes her lips and starts sucking me and I look at her, her eyes are closed. It is a great feeling to get your dick sucked by a beauty like her. I mercilessly fuck her mouth hard. She now opens her eyes and starts to say something but she cannot so I stop and take out my dick. 
She’s gasping for air. She gets up and sits now. I hug her and put my arms around her and she rolls over and falls on top of me, crushing her tits on to my chest. I make her sit on me and start massaging her tits. I lift her by her waist and carefully insert my erect dick onto her pussy entrance. I make her sit down now, in goes my dick as she comes down onto me. I finally entered my mam. I rock her and she takes on the movement and starts rocking. 
I grab her tits and start pressing them. She’s riding my dick like a horse and moaning. She suddenly leans over and starts kissing me. Wow. She doesn’t really know its me, her driver. She’s in a drugged state, but she’s wild. I make her lie down and lift her legs. I now enter her forcing my dick and start ramming her forcefully. She starts screaming and I continue ramming. 
The sound is loud now ahhh my groin hitting her and  I cum inside her without thinking much and collapse on top of her and dream come true, I think, and start licking her nipples and start sucking her boob. I take my dick out and start wiping the cum off her pussy flapping it on her pussy and I look at the time it’s early morning. I hurry up. I should dress her up somehow putting everything in place then, I get an idea. 
I get my cellphone and start taking pictures of her nude, some pictures along with me nude. I smile sheepishly, dress her up and leave. I call Sir and he says he’s on the way home and enquires about his wife. I say she’s fast asleep and didn’t trouble me at all. He says good job. I smile. I come out to see if watchman Ramu saw any of this. Poor fellow, he’s sleeping as well.
Now coming back to me, will continue the story from my point of view:
My driver Raghu thought I was poor chap and gave her to him unknowingly. Little did he know this was planned and that I was watching him all the while from the three hidden cameras which I placed in the bedroom and I shagged thoroughly, thrice, while he was enjoying my wife, lavanya. 
I should offer her to Ramu as well sometime. I go into the room and start fucking my wife madly. I enter the pussy which was filled with Raghu’s cum and I fill her again. She’s on a pill anyway. If she gets up she will think she had sex with me all night and I will continue the story in my next post. I need feedback from you, the reader.