My Wife Gave Farewell To My Boss On Retirement

This is Sushmit Patel, a 28-year-old handsome marketing executive in a Chennai-based automobile-tyre Company, living with my beautiful  horny Bengali wife Sudeshna  and our 8-month-old infant daughter.  As couple we’ve been always bold experimental and a bit promiscuous — which rather sweetened and spiced our mutual or inter-personal intimacy and conjugality. We’ve earlier shared a few of our escapades or experiences with N8story readers, and here is another which occurred very recently. . .
For the past couple of months I developed friendship (e-Friendship) with one like-minded [Patna-based ] senior man, Sultana Sinha by name  [email protected], who’s also attached to N8story club.  However, many a time I chatted with him on Google-chats, candidly sharing all our secrets. And thus gradually we turned intimate ‘distant friends’ or net-friends. My wife, Sudeshna, also added him to her friend-list, and does chat with him sometimes.  Sudeshna is endowed with a shapely voluptuous body (34C/30/35), very fair in complexion, tall in Indian standard of height. Many males lust for her look. And very very hot and horny a real amazon goddess. Men just lust for her. . .and I enjoy it….the eyes popping stares….the looking back stares…………drooling mouth..everything..
Well, this story or account is all about a late-middle-aged widower Telugu man who had been my immediate boss in office and recently got retired from his top-middle-management Corporate service. I had been very nice to me.
Before I start the actual story I would love to narrate the precursor to the events. And how I decided to go on with my interesting story after discussing it with Sultana Sinha.
It was New Year’s Eve (31st December 2011) on which occasion a grand office-Party was thrown at a local Resort, in which all our colleagues, along with their respective families or wives, participated as usual. Mr. Yenduri, our outgoing GM, was also present there.  He’s a widower, so was all alone.  Seeing his discomfort I volunteered to cheer him out. So I made him sit with us, letting him chat with my good looking wife.  He had talked to my wife earlier also so he was comfortable with her. I had caught him stealing glances on her previously also. Here also he was  staring at Sudeshna’s cleavages.
Sudeshna called the waiter to serve drinks on our table. I got up and went to another table to chat with some friends, leaving my GM to enjoy talks and pleasant company. Sudeshna was in a tradition south-Indian pink-hued thin silk share with a matching silk blouse, U-necked and deep-cut in design, with a pink brassiere underneath the blouse. She looked gorgeous with a tremendous sex-appeal.  Boss looked happy in her complaisant company and enjoying drinks with her.
Everyone was busy…  Then dance started. . .  I went back to our table. Boss sought my consent to take Sudeshna for a dance. I gladly consented, winking at my wife. She smiled, and went to floor, following boss, while I also followed them and started casual dancing by myself, near them.  Evening had by then aged into night, and night rapidly aging into a mood of welcoming the advent of a New Year (2012). . .
I went to the DJ and asked him to run a slow waltz music, and he did it.  As this slow waltz number began, the dance-character changed on the floor, and couples dancing over there assumed its mood in pairs. So did my boss who automatically paired with my wife, pulling her into half-embrace with him, while I moved around the floor, amongst other dancing couples, in a casual dancing style, all alone.  He placed one hand on her shoulder and the other on her waist. And in mind I was restless a bit, awaiting the moment when Mr. Yenduri might lake some pranky liberty with my wife on pretext of close-dance. . .
Boss had seen Sudeshna earlier also and he, I knew, had a lust for my sexy beautiful wife.  Sudeshna and boss had little drinks ago so were getting little bold and tipsy. However, after some time almost all dancing couples started taking advantages with their respective partners, as expected. And Boss was no exception. . .  My position was behind boss, and when my eyes met with my wife’s in silence she again smiled at me in a tacit indication, and intelligent Sudeshna could read my mind or what was on my mind then.
She nodded her head in acquiescence, and pulled Mr. Yenduri further close, pressing her warm resilient breasts against his broad chest. . .  Reaction was instant and spontaneous. . . Boss now slid his hand from her shoulder towards her bosom, and his other hand remained on her waist as usual. My heart skipped a beat. I looked around, and thank fully found none was, in fact, watching them.  My eyes again indicated my wife, from boss’s behind, to go ahead. . .
She seized the opportunity and then withdrew her hands from boss and hurriedly managed to unhook two blouse-hooks down her front underneath her pallu (on blindside of others), thus facilitating boss to easily shove one his palm inside her partly-undone blouse. Boss was already a bit tipsy, and which made him bolder and opportunist . . .  even in mild light I could see his eyes lightened up.
He pushed his right hand inside my wife’s blouse, inside her bra also, and started feeling after her nectarine globs of prime youth. . . My wife leaned to him, covering his naughty hand under her pallu, allowing him to taste the arrogant resilience of her breast-flesh with his palm. . .  I came by their side to cover a particular angle which was left open towards some sitting audience outside the floor.
Boss was startled by my movement and  looked at me, with an embarrassment in eyes, as if his deeds were caught by me, whereas I smiled back to him with a tacit indication to carry on with her. He smiled and went on to cup Sudeshna’s pert breasts.  After some time he suddenly pulled out his hand from inside of her blouse, and brought it closer to his eyes. He looked amazed seeing his under-palm was wet. . .
It was drenched with lactic fluid that had oozed out from my wife’s nipples while being squeezed out by him. She was lactating. And his palms squeezed out some milk. He licked clean his milk-drenched under-palm.  I smiled to myself, and now said to him in whisper to carry on with her.  Boss looked at me with strange surprise in eyes as if he’s yet to believe his ears! But then he again pulled my indulging wife in his arms and started cupping her boobs, now over her blouse.
Then came the awaited Hour — 12’o clock — the advent of New Year and instantly all lights were extinguished or gone for 5 minutes. . .  And participants on dancing floor went wild. . . Everyone was making most of the ‘darkness’…or taking liberty with his/her pair. A rapid squishy sound, suggesting random kisses, was all around. .  I could sense my boss’s eager mouth was sealed with Sudeshna’s.   And then the moment lights came back, all instantly turn apart, as if nothing had happened! But the disheveled clothes, especially those of women, testified the wild moment that elapsed away. . .moments before. We then came back to our table for dinner.  While having dinner, together with whisky, he thanked me for scoping him to enjoy Sudeshna closer company; he thanked my wife as well.
This incidence was fresh in my mind so I wanted to invite boss to my place and treat him with my wife’s body and lust. Mr Yenduri, my then boss [aged 61], retired from his service on 6th January this year.  He was given a farewell at office as usual.  I had told Sultan about boss’s retirement and told him that I personally wanted to give him a ‘treat’ as he had always favored me in my career. Sultan then suggested me he would be very happy if I treated him with a grand ‘personal satisfaction’ and for this my best gift to him would be Sudeshna, my understanding wife.  His suggestion allured me, and accordingly I talked out with Sudeshna.
She smiled and assured she would entertain him in best post possible way.  So, finally I invited Mr. Yanduri over a dinner at my place before his leaving Chennai for Hyderabad home. He gladly accepted my invitation.  I remember it was a Sunday — the 8st January (2012) when the treat-tryst was fixed.
However, though boss retired in the first week of January and was given a grand farewell, he was still to stay another week at Chennai. So I met him and invited him over a dinner at my flat. He gladly accepted my invitation.
It was a Sunday evening. Mr. Yenduri was to come down by 7.30 pm. So I checked up with my wife getting ready before his arrival. She wore, as it’d been suggested by our e-friend Sultan, a blue-hued, semi-transparent shiffon share, with a matching deep-cut blue tight back-hooked blouse, with a black brassiere underneath it. She dolled up herself nicely and all that made her look a seductive ‘sex bomb’ .
And she had already taken a contraceptive pill as we did not want her to be knocked down by boss’s sperm. We already have one infant to look after.  Mr. Yenduri however came down at about 7’30 pm. We welcomed him in.  He was seated in the drawing-room, and we joined him. After a little casual chat, drinks and beverages were placed before him on the central table, and my wife started serving.  And our jovial chats continued while sipping drinks.
After two rounds, boss turned a little tipsy. . .when (purposefully) I asked Sudeshna to give me a little massage upon my right forearm and fingers.  Boss looked at us while Sudeshna was mildly massaging my hand. I smiled and blurted out to boss: “She is a good masseuse. . .and if you like it she could also give you a comfort. . .if you try her out”!    
Boss’s face flashed with lust, and he smiled in consent.  Next moment Sudeshna pulled a side-stool closer to his sofa, somewhat facing him, and took right hand in hers and placed it on her left shoulder and started massaging his hand with a naughty smile on her face. And due to massage-movement the pallu from her shoulder automatically slid off and fall upon her lap, thus exposing her full cleavage and or contours of twin breast-domes, though still hidden under the blouse.
Boss leered at her upthrusting  bosom, and his eyes sparkled with lust for her. Smiling to myself, I further uttered: “Feel free, Boss. This is your home. Just relax and enjoy.  She will be comforting you in the best manner..”!  My words of indulgence egged on him to be now little naughty. . And next moment he slowly pulled his resting palm from her shoulder and drew it downwards. . . and it just came over my wife’s left breast-dome, and his palm now closed over it, from outside her blouse.
And he just gave her a mild squeeze on it, making my wife hiss in pleasure.  She immediately reacted saying: “Boss is getting naughty. .!”   On the other hand, my manhood was already angry in anticipation.  Boss now did no more bother about my presence.  He began simply cupping that breast of my full-bodied wife, dead in my front, obviously to my delight. And Sudeshna love-hissed at his every squeeze on that loaded breast. She was enjoying his touch but eyed at me for further permission which she already had. I nodded my head in affirmation which Boss thought about her gesture as if she was asking for my help.
Boss had by now turned aroused enough, and obviously loosing his continence.  He was mauling her breast. I then told my wife in Gujarati:  “Mane tamara blaujha ane bra kholi dvara bosa madada jethi bosa tamara boobs pasa kari sako cho” , and uttering this I stood up and came behind my wife, leaned forward, and unhooked, first her blouse and the brassiere, and then requested, “Boss please don’t feel shy, Take her blouse and bra and yank it all off her top.”
Boss needed no further instruction or utterance. He turned bolder, and in no time my beautiful wife became topless. Her full breasts, wet with her milk due to his squeezing, firmly upthrusting with all its youthful arrogance, jutted out before boss as if to challenge his masculinity…  Boss lost his continence, and seized her both domes with hands and kept squeezing them out harder until milk from her breasts spurted into his under-palms. He was attracted to her milk oozing nipples.
I said, “Go on sir, grab her nipples and drink her milk. It is for you…..she wont mind. Our baby has had her belly full. You please continue………..”
Boss then withdrew one hand from a breast and closed his both palms around the other profusely milk-oozing breast and put his hungry mouth to its swollen nipple. And started sucking or consuming the milk-flow from that breast, creating typical squishy sounds of suction.  My wife moaned with pleasure, and she too responded by shoving as much of her breast-flesh into his mouth as she could. Constantly, in that gesture, he sucked her both breasts, by turns, for some ten minutes. Due to excitement he felt his mouth drying up.
Finally he withdrew from her wet bosom, and looked up at me and asked me to get him a small peg of whisky, raw. I got him immediately.  With that peg in hand he smiled and asked my wife to pour some of her breast-milk into his peg. At this she burst into a giggle. But then she squeezed out her breasts and milk squirted out in a jet into the peg.  Thus she filled his peg with some milk, and boss drank it with a gusto.
Thereafter, he lifted my wife in his arms and asked me where our bedroom was. I guided him into bedroom. He placed her in the bed on her back, and started taking off his clothes. Seeing me standing there he asked me to sit outside. I smiled at him and came out but my wife interrupted, “No sir…….. please…… allow him to watch….that way I will also feel safe.” He said, “Ok but I have one condition…….He will only watch you in nude…..neither touch you nor jerk his cock.”
I agreed and stayed there as I wanted to witness the fuck session live rather than hear it from wife’s narration. I pulled a chair and sat on it watching their action. Sudeshna was topless with her nipples oozing milk due to pressure. Boss removed her saree but draped it along her neck as if adorning her with his pallu. Then he started sucking her breasts…….Pulling her nipples to stretch it……..He bit her nipples………….Even bit her breasts leaving red marks on it.
I kept watching in nude but without touching……..He was licking her armpits……..then her shoulders……………..then he began sucking her other nipples which gave out gush of milk…………..He was enjoying drinking her warm milk………………..Then he shifted down to her navel …………….. He circled the navel hole with his tongue making Sudeshna to jump up in air……………………….He tasted her belly button which no one had done before.
Now he reached her pussy which was shaved for him only……………He kissed the outer circle of lips…………….then licked it with his tongue……………She was enjoying his touch so was I…………I asked him, “Insert your tongue in her pussy hole. She loves being eaten.” Sudeshna nodded her head in affirmation and he needed no further encouragement.
Boss inserted his tongue deeper in her pussy hole and tasted her wet ness……..He gave a smacking sound……….Sudeshna caught his hairs and pushed it further in..she extended her hand to catch my cock but Boss caught her hand saying, “No you are not to touch him.” He caught her clit with his teeth and bit her……Boss likes sex in wild manner………..He was drinking her oozing liquid…………He kept on sucking her cunt holes………….And within minutes Sudeshna cummed ….Her first orgasm of the evening with a scream……………. “OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am cummmmminnnnnnnnggggggg.”
I was getting hotter and hotter but could not do anything apart from watching. But I had to intervene now. Sudeshna kept on yelling but Boss was in no mood to stop. I told him barely able to hold myself from touching her boobs, “Boss please get up. She needs your cock in her cunt. So fulfill her.” Boss came over Sudeshna and inserted hic erect cock in her cunt in one big push without condom. It was already wet so the cock went in without difficulty with a flop sound. He kept still for few moments as if to gather his breath.
Moments later he began jerking his body making his cock go deeper in Sudeshna’s cunt and then pulling out. He was fucking my wife right before my very eyes. Thap thap thap tahp his waist was hitting my wife………….She clung on to him like a leech…………..Her cunt muscles did not want him to pull out………………His cock was making flip flop sound………….I closed my eyes in ecstasy.
I could hear their sex-sounds —- his voice and my wife’s also; their laughter, moans, pleasure-moans. . .outbursts . . .everything.  Some time later I heard a special kind of love-moan which I was waiting for, —- it was a strange love-hiss which Sudeshana sounded while undergoing her orgasm.  She was yelling at the top of her voice, “Oaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…………………Fuck fuck me…make my pussy your slave………..yes yes yes……..I am cummmmmingggggggggggg.”
Sudeshna had her second orgasm of the evening. She is multi orgasmic. Her requests were coming in broken lines, “Sirrrrrrr, ppppllleeeasseee  now stop and get offffffff mmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee …………………My cunt is contracting after two orgasm I cant take it any more……………My cunt walls have lost conscience …It has become numb due to your plundering………” But Boss kept on impaling her…………………
In few moments her requests changed, “Siiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr,   please keep on…….pushing your cock in my cunt…………………Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh……..its so hard…..My cunt is again coming back to life………yes yes yes yes yes yes ……………..Keep on pounding………….” Boss was again drinking her milk and occasionally biting her nipples too. His jerking speed was increasing as moments passed.
Then Boss arched his body a clear indication that he was about to pew his semens in my wife’s cunt…Sudeshna also arched her body upwards and moaned, “Oh my my my my I am enjoying this fuck.”  Her breath was now erratic………I smiled to myself, it was her indication to me that she was closing on her orgasm…Her third orgasm of the evening……… I know my multi-orgasmic wife started getting her orgasms, one after another, to her best satiation.  Her love-moans were now aloud.  The hot situation made me close my eyes.
Then I heard his loud groan, which assured me boss now released his sperm in her womb. . ..  Then there was a total silence.  I looked at then Boss was laying flat on her belly.  Another couple of moments elapsed, then I saw boss removing his now limp cock from her fucked cunt. I asked, “Boss don’t wash your cock. Let Sudeshna suck your cock clean. She loves sucking cocks.” Boss smiled as if I said what his heart desired.
He inserted his cock in Sudeshna’s mouth and she gleefully accepted it. She began sucking his limp cock to clean it. But her manipulations were making it hard again. His cock was hard in few  minutes of her sucking. Even at this age of 61 Boss can become erect twice that also in such little time gap. He did not remove his cock but kept on mouth fucking her.
After 10 minutes he felt that he was going to cum. He held her head and began jerking his torso. And within mintues he again cummed in her mouth. He had that satisfied look on his face. Sudeshna cleaned his cock fully and let it out of her mouth. He got up and walked out of room as a king coming out from his palace.  He looked delighted and satiated. Coming close, he winked at me and asked me to go for it (as if now it was my turn) !  I went near Sudeshana with my erect cock, and saw my wife lying on her back, completely nude, smiling.  Her face was glowing with full satisfaction.
She asked: “Is boss satisfied ? I consumed his semen both in my stomach and womb. .”  I thanked her and offered her my angry erection to take care of.  In no time her mouth engulfed my swollen manhood and started bobbing her eager mouth over it. . . I could not stand longer, and within five minutes I flooded out into her mouth, she swallowed my warm ejaculation.
Thereafter, she got off the bed and went into the attached-bathroom.  She called me in the bathroom. I went inside to see her in standing below shower with soap in her eyes. She asked, “Will you soap me and clean my body? It is so messy down there….” pointing at her pussy. I bent on my knees still nude and began soaping and cleaning her pussy oozing with Boss’s semens. I opened her hole and entered my fingers in it.
The inners were red due to the massive fucking it had got. I cleaned it completely but I got carried away. I planted my mouth on her lovely pussy and began sucking it under the shower. Imagine I was sucking my wife under the shower with water pouring down my wife’s naked body and pussy and going in my mouth. I got erection while sucking her clean pussy.
I got up lifted her leg and placed it on the bucket. I inserted my cock in her pussy in one jerk. It went inside smoothly. Sudeshna had a surprised look on her face….but she also was excited by that time…We forgot about our Boss and started fucking under the shower…………Our body was making lot of sound so was Sudeshna while fucking…………..This attracted Boss towards the bathroom. He peeped in and saw us in sexual frenzy. He clapped and said, “Carry on. Carry on. I will wait in the hall……….Nice pussy you got Mrs. Patel.”
I fucked her for 16 minutes under the running water. I cummed in her triggering her fourth orgasm of the evening…My multi orgasmic wife had filed day today….My cum was running down her thighs and mixing with water.  I washed my cock in the water and stepped out of the bathroom. I stayed there until she, in petticoat, stepped out from bathroom, wrapping a towel around her top. I went near her and removed her petticoat making her semi nude only in towel that covered her boobs to ending just below her ass.
The moment I found her closer I pulled her into embrace and planted my mouth on hers, thus gifting her a passionate long kiss in gratitude that she fed her nectarine youth to my boss to his heart’s content.  I came out, followed by towel-clad Sudeshna.  Her ass was semi visible when ever she walked making her look like Greek Goddess. It was then around 11 o’clock, night.  She served dinner in towel only. It was a sight my wife serving dinner to my boss in towel only. Her boobs were half visible and nipples were oozing milk due to tight towel.
Boss made her sit on his lap the entire dinner time. He made her feed him with her hand while he kept pressing or sucking her boobs. He had nice milk and whisky cocktail.   After dinner,  my [61-year-old]  ex-boss, before leaving our place, once again pulled my wife in his embrace, pinched her bottom and planted a deep good-night kiss on her lips……………….. And left off.
Subsequent to a week, a letter from Mr Yenduri came to us.  In it he expressed his deep gratitude to us for that great ‘treat’ at my place which he would never forget. . .etc.