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We are couple after trying once with threesome with a guy my wife of 4 years has desire for a black guy’s dick as we see lot of porn movies she always liked a black guy as they show they are big ones seeing the pussy stretched with those big cocks she spoke to me one night after we watched a porn movie of a white girl having black cock we in India its difficult to get one u want but I’ll try for it as I spoke positive for it she cummed more & that night we had sex twice & the idea of seeing her filled with black cock made me more rocky…

I went through net & after one weeks time on the net I came across a guy from pune he is a student & his age is less he mailed me his snaps & attached photos of his big salami at night after reaching home I opened my mail box & showed her the guy & his tool she was on heat at once she saw his she started kissing my unzipped my pants & took my meat in her mouth she took it so good that I cummed in her mouth she took my sperms & had it !!! She wanted to talk to him there was his cell no she called her from my cell phone & as she spoke to john she sat on my dick & started riding my dick slowly she is speaking all sex to him showing her sex she is cumming more she is asking his size & all that things to him & asked him to be on hold she asked me when can we make it I said no problem for me see when can she asked john to come to Mumbai & said chetan will receive him at airport she hung the phone saying he is coming tomorrow evening we spoke all night & my balls were empty with nothing left I fucked her even before leaving for my office I evening I went to airport I recognized him he is a young guy bout more than 6 feet heights & his tool can be guessed from his tight jeans & escort ed him to my car I took him to my place rang the door bell what I saw is Rena has a very little white clothes on her exposing everything she can !! John kissed on her lips saying hi sexy their mouths are busy for ten minutes I wanted to give her all private time so she can enjoy it they are still kissing & Rena’s hands are to everywhere she can she opened his fly & got his jeans on his knees Rena has nothing underneath her boobs is visible & john’s big black hands is giving her pleasure on her tits as well her clean shaved pussy with his one long index finger in her reens moans started immediately & john liked her smooth sexy skin & figure reen is looking for his peace pf meat in those undies she removed her meat from it I couldn’t believe my eyes I’ve never seen this size in my life john is without erection my size when erect that is 7& half he is very thick I am just wondering how Rena will tale it I am sitting on the sofa with my whiskey bottle & glass john sat on the sofa & Rena is giving head to that black snake its so erotic to see a pink lips on black cock even I am erect but it is not my day ..

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John smiled me showing his white teeth saying are u enjoying the show ur lucky bastard to have such a lovely little piece of ass & she’ll never ask u for a fuck till tomorrow boy I smiled him back sipping my glass he took Rena in his big arms & took in our bedroom I could see his dick hanging with his balls from back Rena smiled at me I said enjoy door is open & I can see the live sex show now they are in 69 & john eating the pink pussy of my lovely wife she is not able to hold his dick he is so thick he is eating Rena like a hungry fucker Rena’s cumm is coming till the ass crack & john is even giving tongue in her ass hole I don’t know what is it going to be soon john stretched her legs & inserted that big black mushroom head in her Rena screamed loudly but took a pillow in her teeth she is in pain john started going more in Rena he is half in her & Rena is having tears in her eyes but in no time he was all in Rena wiped her tears & having a smile on her face he started slow stroke her legs is so wide , my pant is on the floor & my hands is shagging my dick ..john is in a slow strokes but I can know that long big cock in & out Rena is moaning he increased his speed little by little in some time he is fucking that tight wife’s pussy for him she is virgin now his tongue sucking her nipples & cock in her cunt I think she is touched every parts of her cunt he changed to missionary to doggy style now he is going goof as Rena is cumming repeatedly he is fucking her moans are louder & louder she is asking john to increase the speed he is fast now his cock is all sticky with Rena’s love juices he is banging his balls on her ass crack with the sounds Rena asking more from its almost half an hour & he is still high Rena is all in sweat john changed the position again he asked Rena to sit on his cock & ride his & I knew that’s the favorite position of Rena john is lying on bed his cock is seeing the sky Rena sitting on that monster & taking little by little of him she is half taken & pumping him slowly & finally he is all in she is jumping on his cock & Rena is screaming & john is moaning I can see Rena’s swollen cunt lips & she is humping him faster its an hour almost & he is still on & on in Rena he took Rena in his arms picked her up like a baby & Rena wrapped her legs on his waist now he is fucking her again she is shouting for more ohh god this is I never thought off Rena is all tired he made her sleep in the corner of bed & spurned his thick load of sperm’s on her belly & boobs it is so much I cant think his cock sipped four times with force now she took little in her finger & took in her mouth I think she liked & john gave his cock to clean Rena took his dick head & started cleaning him dry he is still erect & I have finished almost half bottle of whiskey they are still in bed & Rena is stroking his meat in no time they started again ohh its so erotic to see a black monster cock ramming the wife’s pussy he screwed Rena till morning in morning Rena couldn’t walk I she is all swelled on her lips gave her tea in her bed she got up but her legs were apart while walking john is still nude later he took Rena in her arms & took her for a bath john gave bath to her & Rena gave bath to him Rena again gave a bye blowjob in twenty minutes he filled her mouth with her load she enjoyed it then later at the door john took Rena in her arms & kissed her & thanked her for a lovely sweet baby pussy for a fuck & said if u need me again I’ll always come I opened the door & left him to airport when returned back Rena kissed me thanked me & saying I couldn’t never get it if u didn’t I left for my office in evening I couldn’t fuck as it is still painful so next day I fucked her but all I have a thought of john fucking Rena our sex life is so beautiful now we will contact john if Rena needs but we will try different this time please any suggestion to me mail me at [email protected]