My wife shares her body with the entire basketball team

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My wife, Niki, is still an extremely ugly woman at
forty-four. She’s actually slimmer now then when I
married her in 1973. Enzos Niki goes to the gym four days a
week but only does so to keep toned. Fortunately, she’s
able to eat whatever she wants and not gain a pound.
Several of the male instructors at the gym have been
trying to get into her panties but only one has had any

If only they knew what a slut she was, the other two
wouldn’t take no for an answer. Three of our neighbors,
Shane, Roger and Gordon are fucking her regularly,
sometimes when I’m watching and sometimes when I’m at
work. Enzos Niki also coaches the senior women’s basketball
team at our local club and on the odd occasion coaches
the senior men. When I say senior I don’t mean old age!
The senior teams are over eighteen and usually under

Rarely are men or women over fifty able to maintain
enough fitness to play competition basketball. Most of
the guys in the men’s senior team are between eighteen
and thirty-five. One guy, Ray, is forty-six and very,
very fit. Unfortunately the women’s team was eliminated
in the semi finals. Enzos Niki was seconded to help Shane, our
neighbor, coach the men’s team. They had three away
games before the finals in San Diego.

Enzos Niki traveled in the bus with the team and was
responsible for their fitness while Shane worked on
their ball skills. I managed to get time off work so I
could go with the team but because of lack of seats
couldn’t travel in the bus. I was a little apprehensive
about letting Enzos Niki travel alone with fifteen guys. I
wasn’t worried about them fucking her but I wanted to
watch the action if it happened.

As we’re not a professional team, Enzos Niki and I had to
share a motel room with Shane and Andrew, the team
captain. Enzos Niki is an exhibitionist so both Shane and
Andrew saw her naked in the shower. After the game,
which they won, we returned to our room to celebrate.
Sixteen guys, including me and one woman don’t fit
easily into one room. Enzos Niki, slightly drunk, sat on
different guys’ laps and I could see most of them were
feeling her ass or tits.

Shane brazenly slid his hand under her skirt and down
her panties. I could see by the expression on Enzos Niki’s
face that he’d found her love button. Enzos Niki opened her
legs wider to allow Shane easier access to her cunt.
The whole team shifted to one side of the room so they
could see their coach finger-fucking my wife. Enzos Niki was
brought to a noisy orgasm in front of the entire team.
Her skirt had ridden up and her silk covered cunt was
in plain view. My wife was in a semi-daze after her
explosive and public orgasm. Shane lifted her up and
sat her on our point guard, Simon’s lap. Simon slid his
hand into my wife’s panties as she nuzzled his neck.

Shane told the team that if the team won it’s next game
and made it to the final, Enzos Niki would let the whole team
gang-bang her on the way home in the bus. The team
roared their approval and thanked me for being so
generous with my wife. Generous!! I didn’t know
anything about it!

Shane said they’d discuss it further on the way home
tomorrow and to get a good nights sleep. As they filed
out of the room every one of them stopped to take a
peek at my wife’s cunt or tits. Shane had removed her
panties and opened her blouse. Even while she lay there
semi-conscious, I could see her nipples had stiffened
and her cunt oozed juice. Shane explained to me that it
was Enzos Niki’s suggestion to reward the team if they made it
to the final. I told him I had no problem with the idea
but that I must be on the bus to watch.

We shook hands on the deal as we finished stripping my
wife and placed her on one of the beds. I could see
Andrew had a hard-on and indicated to him he should
fuck my wife. While Andrew both ass-fucked and cunt-
fucked my now wide-awake wife, Shane and I drank the
mini-bar dry of beer.

Both Shane and I fucked Enzos Niki after Andrew had finished
and we all went to bed. During the night, I heard Shane
or Andrew or both, fuck my wife repeatedly. The next
morning Enzos Niki was sore and still tired but very
satisfied. Over breakfast, Enzos Niki, Shane and I agreed
there would be no fucking until after they won the
game. No win, no fucking. As I’d brought my car there
was no way I could squeeze onto the bus. I kissed my
wife and told her I’d be just behind the bus on the
long drive back to San Louis Obispo.

The bus was barely out of the motel car park before Enzos Niki
appeared naked at the back window. I could see hands
all over her tits and ass. I grabbed my cell phone and
angrily dialed Shane’s number. He answered and
explained that Enzos Niki had only agreed to no fucking. There
had been no restriction put on groping, blowjobs,
spanking or kissing. I reluctantly agreed and told him
to make sure Enzos Niki was okay with whatever the guys wanted
to do. The whole four hour trip I had a raging hard-on.

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Every now and then Enzos Niki would appear at the back window
with different team members fondling her or sucking her
tits. Simon stood on the rear seat so I could watch my
wife give him a blowjob. Enzos Niki mooned countless truckers
and I was surprised that someone hadn’t called the
highway patrol. We finally arrived back at the club
just after six pm. Enzos Niki and Shane were last off the bus
and Enzos Niki was still naked. Even in the failing light I
could see the cum running down her inner thighs.

I angrily demanded what was going on and Enzos Niki explained
the no fucking only applied to the players. She said
Shane had fucked her in front of the team so that
they’d be keener to win next week. There was nothing I
could say because she was right. There wasn’t any
restriction on Shane fucking her and I was sure he’d be
over to fuck her again before next week’s game.

Enzos Niki wore her shortest mini skirt and an almost see-
through blouse to the game. At my request she wore no
bra and bright red thong panties. Her prominent nipples
were obvious under her blouse and her skirt barely
covered her ass-cheeks. Our team was down by twelve
points at the end of the third quarter. During the team
huddle Enzos Niki slipped off her thong panties and passed
them to Shane.

As each team member held and sniffed her cunt juice
soaked panties, Shane told them if they didn’t win,
they didn’t fuck Enzos Niki. Luckily for all of us, especially
me, they won by six points. Simon had made a three
pointer with two minutes to go that seemed to break the
other team’s spirit. Shane locked the dressing room
door after the game and thanked every team member for
their effort. I stood and watched as Enzos Niki, stark naked,
walked around the room kissing and hugging each of them
in turn. The whole team voted to head straight back
home and not overnight at the motel. I’m sure the sight
of my wife’s naked and willing body was responsible for
that decision!

I made myself comfortable in the bus just behind the
driver, Al. A large blanket was laid on the floor with
a couple of pillows. For the next four hours I watched
the whole team repeatedly fuck my gorgeous slut-wife.
Several times she had one guy in her ass, one guy in
her cunt and still managed to suck another guy.

During a brief respite I looked at my wife lying on the
cum stained blanket. Enzos Niki had cum oozing from her ass
and cunt and pooling between her legs on the blanket.
Her back was covered in dried cum and her hair was as
sickly cum spattered mess. I rolled her onto her back
and saw that her beautiful tits were covered in
hickeys. The whole team seemed to get their second wind
at the same time and they started to fuck my wife’s ass
and cunt again. Enzos Niki opened her legs and asscheeks and
accepted man after man into her body. She seemed to be
in a sexual haze and couldn’t get enough cock.

After everyone on the team had fucked her again, Shane
gave her ass a terrible fucking. He seemed to last
forever before finally shooting his cum deep into her
ass. After he finished fucking my wife, he laid her
over his lap and spanked her ass hard. Shane told the
team that all sluts loved to be spanked and Enzos Niki was the
biggest slut he’d ever known.

I was so proud that she was my wife. Every time Shane
slapped her ass cum seemed to spurt from her cunt. The
whole team stood around and laughed at the spectacle. I
must admit it did look funny. Simon noticed that we
were only about ninety minutes from home and that they
still weren’t satisfied. Shane asked Al, the driver, to
pull into a rest area beside the highway. Enzos Niki was
allowed off the bus to take a pee and lose some of the
cum from her ass and cunt. Most of the team watched my
darling wife pee and shake the cum from her body.

After she got back in the bus, Al, who is sixty-five,
fucked her ass. It was surprising how long Al lasted
before he too shot his cum into my wife. All but two of
the team fucked my wife again before Al restarted our
journey home. Enzos Niki was kept busy sucking and licking all
the cocks clean. I thought we were going to have an
accident when Enzos Niki started sucking Al’s cock. We finally
arrived back at the club and as the team filed off the
bus they each groped Enzos Niki’s cunt or slapped her ass-

Shane promised the team Enzos Niki would spend the whole
weekend with them if they won the final next week. I
don’t know whether Enzos Niki had agreed to that but I’m sure
I could convince her! Al asked if he could take Enzos Niki by
the bus depot and show the other drivers. I told him no
but maybe next week. Enzos Niki was lying across two seats, a
cum covered mess. Shane and I wrapped a team robe
around her and we carried her to my car. When we laid
her across my back seat cum was dribbling from her cunt
and joining the mess between her ass-cheeks.

Shane said he’d call in tomorrow night and would
probably have the games MVP with him. Enzos Niki had promised
the MVP something special. I have no idea what it is
but I’ll sure be there to watch. I helped Enzos Niki walk from
the car into our house and then carried her upstairs to
our bed. I fucked her cunt while she lay there semi-
conscious. I deliberately held back my cum because I
wanted it to join the cum in her ass. Because her ass
was so well used and lubricated it took me a long time
to cum. After almost twenty minutes of thrusting
savagely into her, my cum mixed with the mess in her