My Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 14.2

tagIncest/TabooMy Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 14.2

I stood in front of Jessica, mulling over my next words. Jack slamming his meat into his sister was still fresh in my mind. I was almost getting hard replaying the whole scene back in my head. Wondering where my cum was dripping off of didn't help either.
Jessica lay naked on the bed waiting for my answer.
That sure didn't help either.
If I told Jess about her dad and aunt fucking, we would definitely end up doing the same thing. Picturing the two having sex would drive Jess into some position with my fat cock stuffed inside of her. She would take me like a mad woman, needing a hard fucking. Like an animal in heat.
Hmmm, I should definitely tell her.
Or did I leave a brother and sister's private business just that? From what I had heard from them two, it wouldn't be Jack and Kimmy's last time "reconnecting". Whatever the fuck that meant. In a family that I found out loves a little incestuous dabbling, I wondered how Jack and Kimmy had begun.
Chances were they'd be thirsting and longing for each other so much now that they'd get careless with their sneaking around. Someone would be too loud. Or someone would be too obvious trying to sneak away. Jessica would find out eventually. And if she found out on her own, she'd end up on an entirely different sexual level.
FUCK, I thought about the possibilities. Christ, she probably wouldn't stop at a three-some. Four? Five participants? My cock and balls stirred with the revelation.
I finally knew my answer.
"No," I said exhaling, trying to calm my voice. "I knocked on her door. When she didn't answer I opened it up and she was sleeping."
Jessica pouted her lip. "My poor baby. You must have worn her out downstairs. That explains why you came back soft. You probably really wanted my aunt, didn't you?"
I crawled up the bed to her. As I did, Jessica opened up her legs to me, showing me her pussy. "I wanted aunt Kimmy, too."
I drank from her juice bar like I had just traveled through the Sahara. My tongue lapped and danced inches away from where I had just deposited a load not that long ago. My nostrils flared upon picking up my own scent. Savagely, I took pride in where I had conquered, taking what was mine and marking it as my own.
Jessica was extremely turned on, to a degree that I wasn't sure if I had ever seen her get ratcheted up to. I knew her sister's made her wet and she came easily in their presence. But the moisture I was catching and swallowing on my tongue was next level.
I remembered eating her out right after the first time that I'd been with Cara. Jessica was dripping after watching me with her sister.
But not like this.
I remembered when she told me to eat out Lois, for an early wedding present to her sister. Jess had watched me suck Lois' big clit and tongue fuck her until she had her first oral orgasm. After Lo had left the room, Jessica took her rightful place in line and I buried my face between her legs.
She had been extremely turned on, but not this wet.
When Jess set up her aunt Janet and "catching" her with my cock buried in her pussy, Jessica played with herself while she watched us finish. I repaid her right after and didn't remember her being this wet.
"What's got you so wet for?" I asked softly while taking a breath.
Her scent was aromatic throughout the room and I assumed it would soon be wafting into the hall. Jessica smiled down at me and purred, "I saw how my aunt looked at Thumper. I seen how badly she wanted my cock."
She worked herself up along with the effort I was giving her. "I bet she's between my legs before the weekend is through."
Her confidence was alluring. I found myself hoping she was prophetic and I'd end up seven inches deep into her aunt Kimmy's smoking hot fury pussy.
It wasn't long before I could no longer lay down on the bed comfortably. Luckily Jessica picked up on it right away. "I'm sure I'm slick enough, Big Boy."
I didn't need further enticing before I was kneeling in front of her. With my thick monster in hand, I guided it into the one true home that it had. My growl matched her whimper as I easily slid into her. With two small strokes I was in third gear and redlining.
Jessica braced against my thrusts, her eyes tightly shut. A loud animal grunt came from deep down as my balls heated up.
"Are you fucking me or Aunt Kimmy?" Jess purred. I gave her everything I had in one powerful thrust. "FUCK!!!"
Jess started to moan. Her intensity and volume increasing more than gradual. "She's gonna love my pussy filler."
My girlfriend wanted me thinking about her aunt while I fucked her. Jesus Fuck! Jessica had never done that before. If I was with her, I was with her. No one ever crossed my mind. Now, she wanted me thinking about another woman. It was making her like an oil slick, thinking of me thinking about another woman.
Suddenly the nightstand lamp turned on and I was momentarily blinded. My fucking motion got off track as I awkwardly tried finding my rhythm.
"I wanna watch Thumper cum," Jessica said while she blindly pawed at her phone.
Our sex lives had always been adventurous, obviously. It had started from our first time together, especially after Jess had seen my cock for the first time. Since then, nothing had been off limits. But cuming anywhere other than somewhere inside of her, was different. She loved the feeling of my orgasm exploding inside of her ass or pussy. And when it came to her swallowing, she prided herself in her ability to take me and everything I gave her.
She loved swallowing.
We had tried facials a few times, reveling in it's dirtiness. Believe me, I have the pictures to prove it. But in the end, shooting my load onto her pretty face did very little for either of us. She called it a wasted load and I feared getting it in her eyes.
Now she wanted to watch me cum.
Through my thrusts, Jessica had managed a handle on her phone and was now pointing it at me. Who exactly was I going to be cumming for?
I started fucking her harder the second after I heard her phone trying to call someone else. Who was she calling? Why?
I drove into her faster.
"I hope she's awake," Jessica purred.
WHO!? My balls, cock and myself screamed in unison.
A groggy hello gave little for a clue as to who Jessica wanted to witness my climax.
"Hello, future lover. Thought you'd like to see me taking the boss," Jessica said suddenly moving the phone so it pointed up at me. "Or should I say, the boss taking me."
I thought I heard a mildly loud gasp before whoever the person was got a handle of the situation. Boss, I remember Jess saying the word boss.
It could only be one person she'd call me that for.
Jessica was on a video call with Diane. My cock inflated and Jessica could feel it.
"Mmmmm, GOD, he's so big Dye!" It was the first time Jess had ever said her name. It sounded like honey to my loins and my ears. I was going to cum soon.
I gave a final groan and Jessica knew as well as I did that I was about to finish.
"Everything you see is all YOURS next week," Jess proclaimed at the same time that I pulled out of her. Another gasp blasted through the phone's speaker at the same time that my hand wrapped around my meat. I eagerly stroked my slicked up cucumber, to everyone's satisfaction, until I felt my load about to surface.
As everyone knows when I cum, I cum buckets. Sometimes it scares the woman I'm with if they're not used to it. Or if they're taking me in their mouth, they panic as I begin to fill the back of their throat. I know I cum a lot, but I really wished my shots were more powerful, like you sometimes see on cum shot compilations. I'd love to shoot off rocket after rocket of my spunk.
I just can't do it.
But through my sexual adventures, I had found a technique to somewhat simulate on rocket shot. Like pinching off a garden hose to narrow the opening, I had discovered that if I pressed my mushroom head tightly against something with my urethra pinched off, I too could send longer shots off.
So with two women watching me about to cum, I pressed my member tightly against Jess' pelvis, just above her clit. I watched as she aimed her phone downwards, capturing her box as well as my cock. Two or three strokes later I sent off my first shot. It's intensity and distance made Jess jump, her phone losing focus with what was in front of it.
But she quickly regained her composure and I supplied more cum.
"Jesus Christ!" Diane screamed.
"He'll fill you up, for sure," Jessica smiled. "Look at that big cock, Dye. That's going to be all yours."
Her words sent Dye over the edge. I couldn't see of course, but I knew Jess was getting to see her play with herself. I was envious. I wanted to watch too.
"Say goodnight, Stud," Jessica purred. "I need to clean you up."
I grabbed her phone, my speed surprising her. Apparently I wasn't supposed to see what she was seeing.
And I wasn't disappointed.
While Jessica got on all fours in front of me, I tried pointing the camera on her while I watched Diane's fingers expertly play over her pussy like Mozart. Her pussy was just how I had imagined it would be. Just like her, Diane's pussy looked perfect. The womanly view of her long, smooth legs, one bent at the knee, like a dessert valley where all men would trek no matter the possible risk of death.
We both ogled as Jessica took me into her mouth and erased any signs of my orgasm.
"I can do that too," Diane purred. "I can't wait for Friday. It's gonna be a long week, isn't it?"
We laughed ourselves to bed. I wasn't sure if night wood would stay til morning wood. Sleeping on my back was the only way possible.
I woke up the next morning with so many thoughts trying to process all at once. All of them led to an erection. I reached for myself, warmed and excited at the touch of my dear old friend. I scooped my balls before my hand wrapped around my penis. The lower view of Diane played clearly behind my eyes. Then it was Kimmy's pussy that played like a double feature. I must have pushed her over the edge with my tongue, sending her straight to a familiar cock.
And then there was Cara, whom I hadn't even gotten to see yet. She would be arriving later in the day. My growing penis turned into a full blown erection because of her.
Everything began and ended with Cara. The perfect lover, any man would fall over himself to be with her again. The voluptuous breasts on her chest were just the beginning. Her more than ample ass was often looked over and pushed aside, especially when her legs were spread open towards you. I seen the allure of a plus sized woman.
Being the greatest lover I had ever had made her hard to top too.
"Stop thinking about Cara," Jessica whispered to me after I had turned towards her with my erection.
"I can't help it."
"And I can't help THAT. You wrecked me last night," Jessica said through a smile I couldn't see. "You'll have to wait for her."
I fell back asleep, wanting to sleep away the day until Cara's arrival. When I woke up I was alone in bed, my penis calmly pointed towards me and not the ceiling. Getting dressed, I began to wonder what it was going to be like seeing Kimmy downstairs. I'd never had to worry about that with Jess' sisters after she shared me with them. I could never forget Jess bringing in her sister Lois into this very room to get her very first blow job. It wasn't me getting blown, of course, I found out soon enough that she was very experienced at giving blow jobs.
But the scared look I had seen in Lo's eyes quickly dissipated once I got down to work. And after the first time, she only wanted it more. No awkwardness to be had there.
With Jess' aunt Janet, I had seeked her out. We'd fucked on a beach, illegally without Jessica knowing. And the same thing with Janet's daughter Nikki. Both had paid the ultimate price for not having permission. Which made everything more enjoyable, I guess.
So as a descended the steps to the first floor, I still wondered how Kimmy was going to act upon seeing me.
The house was quiet as I passed through rooms. When I entered the kitchen, only Kimmy was present. My pace slowed as my awkwardness suddenly kicked in. The guy who had been between her legs the night before. What was I supposed to say? And where the hell was Jessica?
"Good morning, Stud," Kimmy said, her Southern accent cutting through the air. A small smile played across her lips as we both glanced at the other. Curious and playful lovers, maybe. I had only woken up to Lois and Nikki before so there was never a morning after. And with both of those, there was always morning sex.
As I looked at her, the only image, the only thought that played out in my head was her clit. I wanted it back in my mouth, sucking on it like the night before.
Now I just stood dumbly in front of Kimmy, my mind wondering.
Kimmy giggled. "It's starting to grow."
I moved towards the coffee maker, feeling what Kimmy could see. My penis was starting to inflate. Of course she would be checking me out down there. That thought didn't help either. I liked that she was looking at my crotch.
"Good morning Kimmy," I said while I poured a cup. I leaned against the counter and took the first sip of the morning. I looked at Kimmy over top of my cup. I had always said her and my favorite aunt of all time, Janet could have been twins. Their face structure and features so similar at a quick glance that mistake could be made. But the thing I liked the most, Janet's wide hips, were not a feature on her sister. Kimmy was slender in the hips and a little shorter than Janet.
And then there was their chests. The other major difference between the two.
I couldn't help but want to steal a look at Kimmy's. Especially since I'd gotten up close and personal with the south but hadn't even glimpsed what she had on top.
Where aunt Janet had B's, Kimmy had to have solid full C's. And now my mouth watered thinking about them.
Luckily for me, Kimmy was wearing a loose fitting tank top that her breasts had to choice but to press against. No cleavage present, but their fullness was evident. Her long hair which was normally done up in a pony, hung loosely around her face. God she was beautiful.
I moved slowly towards the table. My paced slowed considerably after noticing that Kimmy was wearing a short pair of mesh shorts. My eyes locked on while I tried continuing forward. The first observation was again another comparison to her sister. Thinking about Janet's long legs only led me to her daughter Nikki's equally long legs.
I let out a deep breath.
I knew exactly what Kimmy's legs felt like. My hands had been all over them last night. They weren't nearly as long as her sister's, but I knew what they up to. I tried exhaling without sounding like a bull as I reached the table. I sat down next to her and grabbed the sports page from the morning paper. I continued to steal glances at her over the top of the paper. She was too beautiful not to have my attention.
She giggled. She did that too easily. I wanted to pounce. Who gives a fuck, tip the table over and rail her on the kitchen island. I hadn't gotten to see her breasts the night before, and I suddenly coveted them now. But instead, I looked at baseball box scores.
"Boys!" Kimmy suddenly said. I lowered the paper once more to see what she was up to. Her eyes cut through me, sparkling playfully at me. If I hadn't seen what I had seen the night before, I would have thought it was I whom had satisfied the woman sitting next to me. And that's the look I finally understood beaming from her. Satisfied. Pleased. Pleasured. Use whatever adjective you wanted, there was an unmistakable look on her face.
"What?" I asked, a sudden claim to that satisfaction played out in a grin. I might not have been totally responsible for her mood, but I was going to take whatever I could.
"All y'all are the same. You give a woman an orgasm and suddenly you think you are the king of the world!" Kimmy sounded playfully exasperated as she finished her comment.
Kimmy had taken my shyness, exaggerated calmness, and nervousness this morning and turned it into some sort of smug, overconfident modesty. While she thought my ego was super inflated from what I had been able to achieve the night before, I sat there trying to hide my timidness. Apparently I didn't have to worry about her regretting what had happened between us. Otherwise she wouldn't have brought it up.
"I guess I'm just so used to giving women orgasms," I said and Kimmy instantly burst into laughter. "I take them for granted."
If it were possible, Kimmy was even more beautiful with a smile on her face. When her laughing subsided I said, "I was afraid I'd come down here this morning and it would be too awkward between us."
And then I playfully jiggled the worm.
"I didn't want anyone, or Jack, to notice you looking at me differently now."
A quick and sarcastic laugh spilled from her mouth. "BOYS! It was ONE orgasm." She was being playful but her eyes had given her away at the mention of her brother. There were so many secrets floating around us in the kitchen, it was hard to keep straight which ones each knew of the other knew.
"It may have been," I said softly, turning on my bedroom eyes and locking them onto hers. Super playful. "But I bet you haven't stopped thinking about me." Well, except for maybe when you were getting fucked by your brother.
She was speechless, which seemed impossible from my experience with her. But what she couldn't say was openly expressed through her eyes. And from what I saw, five seconds in the future and we could have been sprawled out on the island going at each other.
Kimmy reluctantly threw me a bone. "It was one of the better orgasms I've had. In awhile of course."
I touched her hand softly, thanking her for her thoughtfulness. Not quite a smile but more than a grin crept across my lips. "You're welcome."
"FUCKING BOYS!" she laughed easily.
I quickly folded the paper and went to refill my cup. If Kimmy wanted to see the bulge in my shorts, it would have been bigger than earlier. I could feel myself dangerously close to fully filled and ready to deploy. Thoughts of turning around and just standing in front of her so that she could see me only added to my problem. I made a move to head out of the kitchen. I needed to escape.
"There is one other thing that I can't stop thinking about," Kimmy said smoothly with maybe a slight hint of apprehension. I stopped and turned towards her, my interest peeked.
Her eyes moved over my body so I knew exactly what her next words were going to be.
Or I thought I did.
"Can I see it again?"
There was no question what she was referring to. Kimmy didn't have to come out and say what she wanted to see. Her lust filled eyes revealed all.
A little head and a good fucking later, I wondered if an animal had been released from it's cage. Was aunt Kimmy more like her niece Lois than just their clit size? Because once Lois got heated up, that animal couldn't easily be subdued.
Kimmy's eyes were now locked on south of my waist. A clown could have been dancing behind me with a Warner Brothers sledgehammer ready to whack me in the head and she wouldn't have batted an eye.
I felt my penis move towards her inside of my shorts, sublimely telling me where to go. Kimmy saw the not so discreet movement and her eyes opened wider.
I stepped towards her while my thumbs hooked the band of my shorts. I stopped short of her, a safe distance I thought, unsure if there was such a thing. Would the lioness pounce at the sight of meat? I was about to find out.
I was viewing distance away from Kimmy, not 'here I am, what do you want to do with it' distance. At that range, she of been able to grab onto me, or I could accidentally fall into her mouth. I laughed to myself.

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