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One Sunday afternoon in July there wasn’t much going on around the house and me and my wife were just sitting and watching a baseball game on TV and having a few beers. We were both bored to death and we were drinking more than we usually do. We talked about maybe walking over to one of the forest preserves near our house to see what was going on. We liked to do that to watch the other people who go there to get a quick fuck or some head. I guess it’s the voyeuristic side of us.

Leanne was packing a cooler with some beer when I heard a car pull up in our driveway. It was my best friend, Tyler. Tyler comes over quite a bit to get away from his wife…I guess she’s a real cunt. When he came inside I told him where we were going and asked him to come along.

The three of us walked down the street a few blocks to a forest preserve and picked out a secluded spot so that we wouldn’t be spotted by the others while we watched cars pull in and people fuck right in their cars. Leanne popped open three cans of beer for us and we talked about the way other people fuck in cars.

Tyler didn’t seem embarrassed by what we were doing, and I know that he’s a pervert at heart. He likes the kink as much as anyone. After some more beers I challenged Leanne to take her top off. She said “No…not in front of Tyler!” I told her that he’d seen tits before and that we were all friends anyway. After another can of beer I asked her again thinking that she would still say no; but instead she stood up and pulled of her top. What beautiful tits. I think Tyler was a little embarrassed…but not for long.

Leanne sat down on the grass next to me and we started kissing. The next thing I knew, I was unconsciously playing with her tits and she was rubbing my cock through the shorts that I had on. It didn’t bother either of us that our friend was only a few feet away as I slid my hand into her shorts and panties and started to gently massage her clit. We kind of forgot that Tyler was there.

More kissing…more fondling…more cock rubbing. Now we were both starting to get hot. We didn’t know how hot Tyler was getting until we came up for air and both saw him sitting across the grass from us…stroking his cock. Leanne and I looked at each other, and without saying a word, started to take our clothes off. When Tyler saw us there naked, he stopped jerking his meat long enough to get his clothes off too.

Leanne started to suck my cock and Tyler moved closer to get a better look while she was doing it. I think he wanted to get closer to get a better look at her cunt. As she sucked me, I fingered her. Tyler just kept stroking.

Before too long, my dick was as hard as it would ever be and Leanne got on all fours. No words were said but we all knew what was happening. I moved in behind her and teased her pussy with the tip of my cock. Rubbing the head in her love notch, then shoving it in to the hilt. I could hear a little sigh from her just like she always does when my cock goes in.

Tyler nudged up to her face and she started to blow him. Wow…I was fucking my wife and watching her blow a friend of mine at the same time. What an experience! The sight of her sucking Tyler’s cock made my dick harder than I thought it could ever get. In no time flat, all three of us were ready to come. There was so much motion in our bodies as we came about the same time. I must have dumped a quart of jizz in Leanne’s hole. When I pulled out my cock, there was juice running out of her cunt.

We took another beer break without getting dressed. After we finished the beers, Leanne said it was Tyler’s turn to fuck her cunt, and it was my turn to fuck her mouth. We did it again. It kind of pissed me off a little to see my best friend having such a good time with my wife’s cunt. But, after all, what are friends for?

We still get together with Tyler and other couples. It really turns me on to watch some other guy mercilessly fuck my wife. Just writing this and thinking about the times that we’ve had threesomes gets my dick hard.